2007-05-23: Little Earthquakes


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Summary: When two women bitter over being drawn to the same man cross paths, it's enough to make the earth shake. But only a little.

Date It Happened: May 23, 2007

Little Earthquakes


Life doesn't seem like it'll ever get back to normal. There are things bothering her still, like the fact that she can't look at Nathan without feeling /sad,/ the uncomfortable feeling that she's being lied to, the lack of the ability to be happy… It all really hurts. She won't kid herself and tell herself that she should just get over it, because what happened was, and still is, major. Lately, she's taken to getting out of the house just to sit somewhere, and today, it's Starbucks. There's a laptop open in front of her and a coffee off to one side that's still steaming. At least she /looks/ a little better today, even if she hasn't bothered to dress up or do her hair except to run a brush through it.

As she navigates to CNN, there's an article on the front page about the scandal in the Senate, which makes her think of Nathan, which… Heidi buries her face in her hands. Sighs.

Heidi Petrelli isn't the only one broken up over a man. In fact, she isn't the only one broken up over her husband. Sitting at a table by a window is Mara Damaris. She's got her usual white chocolate mocha, soy milk, extra whip, and she's staring out at the world beyond the glass with an introspective sort of forlorn expression.

Somehow between the time Heidi got here and the time Mara got here, they missed each other entirely. And since Heidi's been engrossed in her websurfing, she hasn't really been paying much attention to the patrons. She doesn't want to think of Nathan at the moment, though, so she closes the laptop— Only to spot Mara sitting at a table across the cafe. Doesn't look like she's going to get away from thinking about Nathan, after all. Sigh. Sliding the laptop into its bag, she stands, picking up her coffee and heading over to where Mara's gazing out the window. After a moment, she says quietly, "Looks like it's going to rain."

It takes Mara a few moments to realise that anybody's spoken to her. And at first, she doesn't want to even lift her head to respond, except to grunt. But then she glances out of the corner of her eye to the speaker. Her heart drops straight to her stomach and Mara straightens up to fix Heidi with a stare that's nothing short of terrified. "Missus Petrelli."

When Mara looks at her, Heidi isn't sure what to do. There's a frown, her eyes are unfocused, her brows lowered over her eyes… And yes, there's an incredible amount of anger. An insane amount of anger, in fact, something she hasn't felt in a very long time. What's lashing out going to accomplish, though? Especially here in a public place; all Heidi wants to do is /understand./ Reaching forward, she rests one hand on the table. It's still wrapped, though the bandage isn't quite as heavy as it's been before. It still hurts. She's put it there on purpose. "Can I sit down?"

"I'm sure you're perfectly capable of having a seat," Mara responds stiffly. She scoots just a little closer to the wall and gestures to the seat on the next corner of the table. Then, she reaches to pull her coffee closer. It's a weapon! You know… just in case.

Looking at this from all angles, Heidi knows that Mara has a reason to be angry, too. Is this even going to help either of them? Should Heidi keep walking and continue ignoring the fact that Mara even exists? It would be easiest. It would mean she could continue hating the girl in her own mind, but she'd just be kidding herself, because she's incapble of hating anyone. Another second passes before she takes a seat, setting her cup down in front, and her laptop on the floor. "I'm sorry I found out like that. I'm sorry you were there. It would have been a lot easier if Nathan had told me." Her voice is… controlled. She's angry, but anger's not going to help. Heidi needs closure.

"It was over," Mara insists. "You were never supposed to find out, because it was over and neither of us wanted to see you hurt." She falls silent and this would usually be the time where she would look away uncomfortably. Except that she's a cop and Heidi is the equivalent to a suspect in her mind right now and you don't take your eyes off a potentially dangerous suspect. "I don't know what to tell you, Missus Petrelli. There's nothing to excuse what either of us did."

They didn't want to see her hurt. "Why did you do it at all?" she asks, a little of that anger slipping through, enough to make her voice crack as she resists raising it. Blue eyes stare at Mara for a time even as the other woman looks away. It hurts. This hurts. "There was always a chance I'd find out," she says quietly, voice becoming even again. She isn't going to do Mara the insult of talking down to her - God knows that wouldn't help. "I don't know if it'll help either of us, but— " Maybe it will. She wants it to. "I forgive you." That said, she starts to stand again. What more can she say?

"It just kind of happened… We never meant for it. But it happened." Mara presses her lips together. She still doesn't flinch. Not until Heidi offers her forgiveness. "You what?" It's as though the other woman has punched her in the gut. "Why the hell would you do a stupid thing like that?" The blonde pushes away from the table, planning to stand up and leave. "Don't forgive me. Forgive your husband."

It just kind of happened. Well, that doesn't make her feel better, really, knowing that Nathan had no willpower to say no. But at least it wasn't for some reason over which Heidi had no control… Like the fact that she has no power. Though still not entirely convinced, she nods.

She surprised at Mara's strong reaction, but Heidi can understand why. It's not her intention to make it seem as if she's taking some moral high ground here, and there's really no reason for it, except that it's going to help her move on. As for Nathan… Heidi can't comment on that at the moment, because while she's trying to forgive him, the trust is just /gone./ Heidi turns, picking up her laptop, looking over her shoulder before she starts to head back to her table. "Take care, Mara."

Mara grabs her coffee, expression stormy, and hurries from the building before Heidi can even take her leave from the table.

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