2007-03-12: Little Moments


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Summary: Ethan drags the wife out of the station for dinner.

Date It Happened: March 12, 2007

Little Moments

Oldcastle Irish Pub

Shrugging in his jacket against the March chill, Ethan escorts his wife to the pub down near the station. "I think this damn case is getting under everyone's skin. It's hard to just turn it off when you punch the clock." And that disturbs him. Normally you leave work at the office. "Are you going straight back after dinner hon?"

When you're practically chained to your desk, it's nice to have a place close by that you can at least get some sort of food that isn't McDonald's. Ethan has cajoled her out on this little break and she's not sure if she wants it or not. "It's a train wreck. We /had/ him and we lost him. Now everyone's out for blood and I've got a damn Fed trying to stick his nose into it." She gives Ethan a look that should answer his question. Of course she's going back to the office.

Ethan opens the door of the pub for his wife then slips an arm around her waist, walking in with her. "It's more than a matter of accidental death here, something's just not right about the guy. Damaris baiting him aside." He sighs at Vi's answer. "You need to sleep sometime you know." If she's going back to the office, he's going too. "Jeez.. that's all we need, is the Feds poking their noses in, messing up our work."

"It's /murder/, baby." Viola leans against Ethan a bit when he wraps an arm around her. She'll admit, it's nice to be out with the husband rather than fighting tooth and nail in the office. "And he's going to do it gain. Of course he's not right, he cuts off people's heads." She sighs and shakes her head angrily at the mention of the Fed. "I know. They always try to come in and take the credit for /our/ work and make us look like jackasses."

"I know, I know," Ethan says placatingly. "It's just.. all we have on him here in our jurisdiction is his mother.." Inside the pub, he leads his wife to a booth, sliding in next to her. Wanting to leave work at the office, he plucks up the menu and changes the topic. Completely. "Did you see Parkman's little girl? Adorable kid, and no this isn't leading into a baby topic."

Viola lets Ethan change the subject somewhat gratefully. As much as her mind is mired in this case, it's good to just not talk about it. Picking up the menu, she looks over it at her husband. "Was that the blonde haired girl sitting at his desk?" It's kind of a rhetorical question. What other girl would sit at Parkman's desk. "She's cute. And, you're right, now's not the time for /that/ talk."

Ethan chuckles and leans in to brush a kiss against Vi's cheek. "Yeah. Cute as a button, seemed a little sad. Should have seen how her face lit up when Parkman came over." His eyes fall back on the menu as he settles an arm around his wife's shoulders. "Now is never the time for that talk… Although.. wait too long.." He flashes a teasing grin and lets that subject drop.

Viola gives Ethan a /look/ at the mention of waiting too long. "Now is /especially/ not a good time, honeybear." Because when she's neck deep on psychopathic killers is really the best time to talk about her ticking biological clock. "You know I want kids just as much as you."

Ethan gives his wife a squeeze with his arm. "I know, I'm just teasing you. I just /love/ watching that little look you get with your eyes." He sets his menu aside, most likely going to order his usual. "Besides, you're going /back/ to work, and maybe I'm trying to get a different topic going here. Usually I'm better at this."

"The look that promises pain?" Viola gives her husband an incredulous look, but there's a smile underlying there. "I know, baby. I know. I just can't stop thinking about it. It's like a neverending cycle of what went wrong and how I have to fix it."

Ethan laughs, "That's the one." He raises a hand at fellow precinct cops coming in. "It's a waste of my breath, but I'm going to say it anyway." The laughter fades from his face as he turns to look at Viola. "It's nothing anyone did wrong. This guy.. he's covering his tracks too good. Face it, we don't have anything on the Virginia Gray case. It's also dicey to get him on assaulting an officer as Damaris baited him."

Viola gives a quick laugh and finally smiles. It's the least tense she's been since she learned about Damaris being laid up in the hospital. When the officers come in, she gives them an acknowledging nod and then turns back to Holly. "I know you keep saying that, but I still feel like we're /missing/ something important. This guy knows how to get under people's skin. He's /too/ good. He's got to have slipped up somewhere. If not here than somewhere else."

Ethan raises his hand to start massaging the back of his wife's neck. "I know, we just need a lead to a case elsewhere. Tie him down somehow. I get it, he shouldn't be able to ruffle feathers so easily, and I /know/ Damaris is too tough for it." When the waitress comes up, he orders his usual and a glass of water. Too many sodas and bad coffee throughout the day.

Viola orders water as well. No alcohol if she's going to be going back on duty after this dinner. "I know. I think Parkman and Demsky can do it, but I'm worried. It was a gamble to let this Fed in on the case. But I didn't want it leaked that we're not cooperating to get this guy back in custody." She sighs and lets the menu drop. "Let's talk about something else. Seriously this time."

"You didn't have a choice sweetie," Ethan says quietly, his hand continuing to rub Viola's neck. "Mom wants us to head to Staten this weekend, have Sunday dinner. I can try to get us out of it if you want, or I can make you go just so you can take your mind off the case for a bit."

Viola closes her eyes and tries to relax into the shoulder rub. Really, it feels quite nice. "I know," she sighs. "No, it's fine. We'll go see your mom. But warn her if something comes up I'm going to have to cancel." She likes the Holcombes, but they should be aware of how important this case is to her. "Speaking of, we should stop by my family's soon. They're gonna star to think we forgot them."

Ethan shifts around some in his seat so that both hands are working Vi's shoulders. "Alright, we can do that. Can't let your dad come after me, and think that I've spirited you off someplace. Dad was a beat cop for years, he.. well I would say he knows about cases interrupting you at home, but he was a Staten cop. NOTHING happens there."

"He's retired, but I think he can still benchpress his weight." Viola lets her head loll down to her chest under the shoulder rub. Man, it's illegal how good that feels. "That's where I'm sending Damaris if she pulls anything like what she did with Gray again. I'm hoping I won't have to. She's a good detective."

Ethan laughs, but doesn't let up with the shoulder rub. "Damn honey, you're way too tense. Maybe we should call it a night as far as work?" His brows raise and his beard twitches with humor, "That's the worst threat ever honey. Seriously. I hope you don't have to either."

"Yeah, right. And Gray's just going to walk into the department and give himself up." Viola's voice holds a lot of sarcasm there. "Until we get him again or the Captain tells me not to, we're working overtime on this." She can just hear the humor in voice and it pulls her lips up into a smirk. "You and me both. But I can't just let people think it's okay to bait and provoke suspects."

"Alright now, there's no need for sarcasm," Ethan stops with the shoulder rub and drops his arm to settle again around Vi. "I know, if you have to make an example, you can and will." About the overtime, he groans as he reaches for his glass to have a drink of water. "We're so not having sex again are we?"

Viola frowns a little and then rolls her shoulders a bit once Ethan stops. "Aw, that was feeling really great, hon." See, this is where sarcasm gets Viola. "Hey, now there's no need for that tone, either. I've got to run my department and I don't want rebel cops." Taking her glass of water, she takes a sip. "If you keep talking like that, it's looking slim. But, don't worry, baby, there's always my office."

"There's more where that came from.. but later… Woah sweetcakes.. abuse of public property! Are you giving permission?" Ethan's brows raise as he's back to teasing the wife. "And I know about the rebel cop deal. Takes just one to drag the whole department down. Especially on something so sensitive as this case." Finally, the food arrives and is set down. Holly's tempted to ask for everything to go, but no. The point of coming here was to get Vi out of the office for a meal.

"It's not abuse of public property." Viola's grin is finally back. "It's say it's a pretty good use of it." When the food is set in front of them, she picks up her utensils and starts to dig in. While it's nice to have a break, she can't take too long of one. "Exactly. I can't have it happening again."

Ethan snorts and leans in for a kiss. "You know what I meant." Further teasing will just have to wait for later as he tucks into his own dinner. "Nope. Maybe the threat of Staten will drive it home."

Viola takes the kiss with a smile. It's good to be able to be somewhat lovey-dovey in the middle of all of this. "I do," she replies softly. Then, it's back to her dinner. "That's the hope."

And to think, Viola hated him on the first date! Ethan's just the luckiest guy in the country. "You're not pulling an all-nighter. Midnight. We're going home." Uhoh, he's putting on the mother-hen husband tone.

It's true, she did. But Viola certainly doesn't hate him now. "We'll see about that," she replies with a raised eyebrow. Just because he can use a mother-hen husband tone doesn't mean she's going to listen to it.

Ethan can certainly try and he jabs a finger playfully in Vi's side. "Uh huh. You get stubborn and I'll start calling you.. you know what.. in front of the guys.. should it right from the bullpen." Oh he doesn't say the pet name now, but she should know the one he's talking about.

Viola reaches down and grabs a hold of Ethan's finger. Two can play at this game. "Hey, remember that sex you were wanting to have?" She raises an eyebrow in a meaningful way. "That pet name makes it drift farther and father away." Oh, she knows that pet name. And should he call her that in front of the guys, she'll just have to kill him.

Ethan just laughs at Viola and being the brave sort that he is, angles for another kiss. "You're just too gorgeous, you know that right?" He just can't bring himself to being serious at the moment. Serious can wait a bit until he's back on the clock.

Viola is not below allowing flattery soften her. Smiling, she allows Ethan to kiss her and even moves forward a little to deepen it. "So I've been told," she tells him, a smile growing on her face.

Ethan grins and raises a hand to cup Vi's cheek before breaking off the kiss. Teasingly, he says, "Oh yeah and by who? I wanna have a few words with him."

"So you like to talk to yourself, huh?" Viola smiles at Ethan and kisses him on the forehead before turning back to her food. As much as she would like to, she doesn't have all night.

Ethan laughs and shakes his head, "If it comes down to it!" He returns to devouring his meal, lest he get tempted to drag this out. (Although he'd like to.) It may be awhile before he has another little moment like this with the wife.

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