2007-08-01: Little Person


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Summary: Daphne brings a baby gift for Abigail. Hint: It's fuzzy and it moves and it eats bugs.

Dark Future Date: 1 AUGUST 2009

Little Person

Bat Country

Getting ready to transport those refugees to the zoo, Cass is making last minute check ups, figuring out who wants to go where and giving their security team time to figure out the route and gear up. "Alright, remember, stick with your group. If you get attacked, follow them. Keep your ID Cards close by." Obviously, they've been faked. "If you can lie and get out peacefully, do it. These people won't be afraid to surround and shoot you all." Yes, she's quite the motivational speaker. There's a piercing crying sound that interrupts her, coming from the direction of her office. Still talking, she makes her way back there. "And for God's sake, don't run until they start shooting at you. Nothing more suspicious than a group of running people with guns. You'll be in groups of three to four, stick with your group leaders." Then, she disappears into her office and picks up Abigail, petting and soothing her. "Shhh. Shh. The activity's almost over."


She has a password, really. It's just so secret it can't be mentioned in this pose. Somehow, though, Daphne makes her way into the base. There's something in her arm, cradled in a towel, little brown toes poking up through the folds. Obviously an animal of some kind.

Strangely enough, she didn't actually come to help these people get to the zoo, because if she is caught, it's pretty much all over. She'll be taking a different, unrelated path back along with a small entourage of scaly bodyguards that won't hesitate to bite if she asks them to. As Cass runs away to her office, though, she does stop to give a slightly more motivational … statement. "Good Luck," is basically it. Though there's a smile that accompanies it.

Finally, she reaches the office. "I had no idea you were sending them today." And she sounds impressed. That's a good thing; it means nothing was leaked and the transport will be as secret as possible. "I brought something for you. Well, it's for Abigail. I never got you anything."


As much of a surprise as it is for Daphne that the refugees are making it out today, it's just as much of one for Cass to see Daphne here. Slowly rocking Abigail back and forth to try and quiet her from all the crying and the yelling so that people can leave the clinic in peace, she gives Daphne a surprised and somewhat apologetic smile. "Yeah. We've been tightening ship." Sometimes that even means that even the people helping out don't get all the information. But, she trusts Daphne and knows that even if twelve odd refugees showed up at her doorstep throughout the day, she'd take them in and know what it meant.

The little girl in question doesn't seem all that happy to be getting a present, but Cass just smiles. "Oh, thank you Daphne. Sorry, I'm sure Abby'd be much more thankful, but she's cranky because her nap was cut a little short."


It's understandable, but she's not here to talk about business today. For once. At least at the moment. And while she doesn't come here often, she figures it'd be rude to make Cass come and pick up something for the baby, especially when walking around can be hazardous to one's health. There are people who'll know what to do with the refugees, too, and if nothing else… They smell like Bat Country, so the pigs will let them in, probably.

It's an odd gift, to be sure, but Daphne unwraps the towel to reveal the sleepy meerkat just opening her eyes. She's not an infant, but she's nowhere near an adult, either. Maybe a few months old. "They make really good alarms. And I figure they can grow up together. Her name's Rosa."


Pets are one thing that are golden gifts in the Aldric-Deatley household. They've got cats and dogs and now a meerkat! Soon their apartment will be like a zoo itself and Cass can't seem to mind at all. Especially when they work as alarms and pets and all sorts of useful things. Seeing the baby meerkat makes her melt a little and she smiles despite the still fussy baby in her arms. "Ooooh, she's adorable. Thank you, Daphne!" Bringing Abigail closer, she raises the baby up a little. "Shh, stop crying, Abby. Look, it's a meerkat! She's going to be all yours!" This doesn't impress Abby as much as it does Cass, unfortunately.


Daphne might have been hesitant to give a meerkat to anyone else, but with Lachlan's ability to speak to animals, she trusts both the family and the meerkat. This one's one of the sweetest of those who were born a few months ago, and she'll make a good (And interesting) companion. Totally against the law to own, but then again, they aren't exactly lawful people at the moment.

CRYING BABY ALERT. The meerkat seems startled at first, looking to Daphne for some reassurance before crawling across the towel and right into Cass' arms with the baby. Fur-pulling, baby-pummeling, whatever Abigail can throw out doesn't seem to faze Rosa in the slightest, though she'll most likely crawl up onto Cass' shoulder for a break now and again. A meerkat can only take so much.

"She'll eat meat. They love boiled chicken eggs if you can get them. Hamburger. Keep water close by. They're pretty easy to care for." With the distinctive alarm call and compact size no one will ever need to worry about the baby being in danger again! Maybe. Well, it's something, anyway.


Out of all the laws that Cass helps break on a weekly basis - stealing, killing, resistance - an unlawful meerkat is the last thing she has to worry about. At three months old, Abigail isn't much for grabbing and pulling. She's just starting to be able to wave her arms and legs around with any sort of force, so the most she can do to the little meerkat is wave at it. And kick it. But, really, it's in no danger as of the moment. There's a moment of tense overprotectiveness that floods Cass when she sees the meerkat approach Abigail, but she trusts Daphne and knows that the woman is going to give her an animal that could in anyway harm her daughter.

The furry critter finally, however, gets a hold of Abigail's attention and she blinks big, blue baby eyes at it, startled out of her tears. It's moving! And fuzzy! Is it another stuffed animal? With a baby in her arms and a baby meerkat on her shoulder, the mother grins. "Meat, boiled chicken eggs. I think we can handle that. What with three dogs and a cat, I think Rosa will be the easiest mouth to feed." Plus, the added bonus of an alarm call that doubles as a playmate for Abigail is just too good to pass up.


Rosa is just as interested in the baby as she is in Rosa, because the meerkat has never seen such a tiny person before. In her short meerkatty life, she's come to accept the fact that Humans are Big and Sometimes Medium-Sized, but never like this. She knows she can't play with the baby like she played with her littermates, but having someone her own size around is going to be the BEST THING EVER.

<I's gonna touch it,> Rosa says, reaching down to nudge Abigail's hand with a paw. <I is callin' it Little Person.>


<Little Person.>

Not having time to argue with a young meerkat, Daphne gives up. "She's really good with others." That sounds weird to say, but she knows how Rosa feels about the other meerkats, how she interacts with them. "Anyway, I should probably try to get back to the zoo before everyone gets there." Wouldn't want any accidents. Pigs chewing on refugees and all that.


A moveable stuffed animal that is about her size is probably the best thing in the world to Abigail, too. She's just starting to be able to discern between people and new things interest her to the point of fascination. So a new furry thing that plays back? Now that's entertainment.

Whether a little person or Abigail to the Meerkat, Cass can't actually hear the thoughts Rosa is projecting to Daphne. However, Lachlan probably will when the two come home with a new addition to the family. "That's good. I'll make sure the dogs and George don't play rough. Rosa, Abigail. This is Rosa. She's your new meerkat!" Not that Abigail had an /old/ meerkat, but it's not like Abigail can truly understand what Cass is saying anyway. "Yeah. I'll delay the first team's move out a half hour or so to give you some time to set up. Their arrivals are scheduled to be scattered anyway. You'll only have to deal with one team at a time." Absently, she cradles Abigail with one arm and pets Rosa with the other. "Thanks, Daphne."

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