2007-03-17: Little Sister


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Summary: Max's goose is, if not cooked, at very least plucked.

Date It Happened: March 17, 2007

Little Sister

Primatech - Hospital

She was a mess when she was brought in last night. Her clothes were ripped, there were sharp pieces of metal embedded in her legs, chest and arms, and there were cuts on her face. She was fading in and out of consciousness, and of course, she was really dehydrated. Hours of surgery later, Claudine's just resting in one of the hospital rooms now, stitched up as she looks up towards the ceiling. What did that guy mean in the end? At least he didnt know she was Company, or he probably would've killed her..

Sometime in the early morning, Anders makes his way to the hospital, past the guards in the secure wing and directly to Claudine's room, only stopping to find out which room it is. He is dressed in last night's clothes, scruffy sweatpants and an ancient t-shirt and similarly battered leather jacket.
The man stops at the door, frowns and knocks, "You awake, Salonga?" he calls through, "Claudine?"

She's awake, mulling over her own thoughts until she's snapped out of it by a familiar voice. "I'm awake.." she says with a week smile. "Hey Anders.." smiling warmly. At least she's not all emo.

The door is opened, slowly, and the man steps through with his eyes closed, "You decent? Those gowns they give you don't close at the back, last time I was in here there was screaming.." he asks, holding up a plastic bag, "Brought you some clothes, they're Angie's but they will do until you can swing by your apartment."

Oh..gothic clothing, which probably consists of corsets or something like that. Claudine cant help but chuckle softly at the offer and she smiles warmly, "Thanks..but I'm decent. Still in the hospital gown, probably shouldnt wear anything tight though, cause it'll irritate the stitches and whatnot.." She motions for him to head on in before looking at the ceiling. "Ya know..is it wierd that the only thing on my mind right now is my organic chemistry midterm?"

"That is probably for the best then.. and I should really give these back to Alvarez," Anders says, distracted by peering into the bag, "Oh, your midterm. We have had that postponed, you were in a "car accident" and can barely walk." he says as he looks back up at the girl.
"Politeness out of the way, do you know why I am here?"

There's a slight pause as she takes it all in and nods, smiling once more. She seems to be in a chipper mood considering what happened, and it's then that she sighs a little. "Well, either to say I'm an idiot for letting what happen, happen, and/or ask for a description of the psychopath that did it?"

"You're learning, Salonga, I am here to do both," Anders says, nodding and smiling, "Which part would you prefer first, telling me who did this so I can do worse to him or getting told off for acting like me, that is, stupidly?" He leaves that open, just looking at the girl.

"I didnt have much choice in staying. This guy had magnetic powers and lifted me up, and when I tried to fight back, he slammed me down. He knocked the wind out of me and I couldnt do much then. That and that I knew he had sharp metal things which he could control..yeah..I'm not going to turn my back on a guy if I can help it.." she explains while running her fingers through her hair once more. There's no hint of bitterness, and she's just treating it like business as usual.
"But this guy can lift cars, but apparently it strained him cause he was gushing blood, which is a good thing considering what he probably would've done with the car.." shuddering at the thought while chewing on her bottom lip. "Dont let Orion near him..he'd be putty in this guy's hands.."

"Metal things and lifting cars.." Anders frowns, wracking his mind, "This is that Swan fellow that Woods reported on? The report implies he is a psychotic and you are not combat ready." He shakes his head, sighs, "It was a very silly thing to do, Claudine, but I will report your commendable effort and recommend we step up your combat training," Anders continues, with a smile, "I don't want you to die, having a little sister may be fun."

"He was trying to get Company information from me. I told him nothing..he just gave me lies about the tracking mark on my neck and why I couldnt remember things.." Claudine says, definitely being the good little agent that she is, as well, she's loyal and all. "However, he said he got the information he needed and that I was a liability..that's probably why he did what he did.." she sighs once more while looking up towards the ceiling.

When she hears the little sister bit, her cheeks flush and beams brightly towards Anders. "And I'll be careful, but this guy was well..I think he wasout for the kill.." she says, not really sure considering what Max said in the end, but she'll keep that to herself for now. "And yeah..it's Max. One of the reasons why I didnt haul ass was cause that might give him an indication I knew about him. I knew him prior to hearing the report and he was always very sweet to me. I didnt want to give him another reason to try to kill me if he figured out that I knew about him.."

"We know all about Swan, Claudine, and we will have to have words with him," Anders says, nodding whilst the girl speaks, "Just now though, I need to head back and report to the office, I will come by later." and he turns to leave.

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