2009-11-18: Living the Superhero Dream



Date: November 18th, 2009


Given a new job by Eric, investigating the source of the Hoodie of FILLINTHEBLANK's powers, they talk of a new friend, woes with America, and the eternal question that plagues our heroes… What would Captain America Do?

"Living the Superhero Dream"

Hideaway Apartment, New York

Currently on his computer, the young genius works on his laptop. He begins to research certain people. Having taken over two other laptops, he uses them to organize information. On the laptop on his left, there is information on Daphne Millbrook with a post-it note by it saying: 'Alive(?), try to find, warn if possible'. Some files on Portia are also up, as well as Elena and her step-mother. On the table to his right, he has various files on Ivory Wynn, mostly those found on the news. There is also a post-it note the side of that computer saying: 'Who the crunk is Marilyn de Souza? Investigate.'

On the front of his screen, Gene soberly looks up stuff on Anarchist's Cookbook, clearly in the words to plan…. Something. If it is a plan in motion, or merely ammo for a plan yet to be, it's hard to say. After all, fish are born to swim, birds to fly….And Gene to build.

"You've been busy," Eric's voice comes from off to one side of the busily working genius. The door wasn't heard to open so either he came in a different way or he was just that quiet and Gene was just that distracted. In his arms he has something wrapped up in a sheet. Though there is still a smile on his face as he sweeps over the post it note. "…Daphne was alive the last time I saw her. I don't think she would go down easy." He comments.

A glance up again towards the picture of Ivory Wynn and he shakes his head. "You got a moment, Gene?" He asks as he walks into the room.

"Daphne was…" Gene lifts his head up in shock. He didn't TELL Eric about her, so he can't really blame him for keeping that info to himself. "Did you get her contact information? I need to talk to her as soon as possible. I need to make sure she's okay, it's getting really crazy out there and if swift action isn't taken soon, it's…" Gene shakes his head, he pauses to put down his laptop. "It's gunna get ugly soon, I can just smell it. All it's going to take is the wrong Evolved getting angry and fighting back… And it's all going to explode."

Sighing, Gene runs a hand through his unwashed hair, which sticks up like some sort of sea urchin. "Anyway, I can spare some time… What do you need?" He looks toward the item in the sheet, figuring that he must be talking about that. Or expecting Gene to do laundry, which isn't happening.

"I ran into her while looking for a bit of dirt about my brother," Eric replies as he drags a chair over closer to Gene, his words a response to the shocked look on Gene's face. "We've crossed paths a few more times but no I didn't. She's likely worried about you though, so she might show up looking for one of your old friends. If she does then I'll get her too you." A pause before he sighs and nods, leaning back in his chair. "I know, this Agency or whatever it is. Its getting out of control, now that people know about it they are going to start fighting back." On that pleasant thought he sighs and changes the subject.

"You need a shower dude, you look like you've been at a con for a week." He adds before he sets the bundle on the floor. "I need you do do an analysis on some clothes. See if you can find out who they belong too or /whats/ been done to them. Don't touch them with your hands though. I met up with Sydney randomly in the Park and…" A pause as he tries to think of the right way to put this. "…and they did /something/ to the two of us."

"The amount of time it takes to shower, I could be pulling up information that could save the world. And considering that Elena said that she'd be back in a few hours, that gives me a few more hours before worrying about offending a lady with my Scent of Man." Gene gives a sigh as he moves toward a pile of stuff. He would normally keep everything in its proper place, but this not his lab. "You're gunna have to get me into my lab for checking this stuff out. I don't have the equipment to do much more than bombs, maintenance, and some random gizmos. High powered microscopes and the stuff are there." Usually he uses them for the ultra detailed work of some of his best inventions, but they can be used for a different purpose.

Taking a pair of black rubber gloves and putting them on, Gene moves over toward the sheet. He uses the gloves to carefully open them up, inspecting the stuff visually before he looks back up to Eric, giving a look of concern. "Did something? Are you okay? Is Sydney okay?"

'The stuff' would be a rumpled purple hoodie. Thats it, thats all. Not something Sydney would usually wear really.

"Good point, and I can get you back into your lab right now if you want. I sort of have a free pass there, even with dad sick as he is." The young man replies before he nods once. "Besides, I don't really need to use doors anymore." He says with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Sydney is…" Now he looks away for a moment from Gene and does his best not to blush slightly. "…yeah, Sydney is fine. Though…I think we might want to get Elena to check her over. She was talking about Ivory Wynn, just like Bert. I told her not to see him again, and hopefully she listened to the both of us. Anyway, she was wearing it, and I touched it. It affected the both of us like some kind of high powered designer drug or something."

Power of positive thinking. Or self denial. One of the two. Stay good Sydney. Stay good.

"No aftereffects though, and I've never heard of a drug that does that kind of thing just on contact without a side effect."

The young genius is tempted to say something on how having a nifty power doesn't mean you should use it all the time… But he really doesn't have room to talk about stuff like that. "I see…" Gene states with a frown. Much like the girl he 'saved' earlier, Eric's holding back, but he doesn't push the matter for now. "Well, let's get this hoodie figured out and we'll take it from there." Using one glove to remove the other, he takes of the post-it notes to stuff them into his pocket before transferring all important information to an online database he coded himself. Just in case they get some unwanted visitors while he is gone.

And with that, Gene walks toward the closet, clear expecting Eric to follow and do his thing. Provided Eric does…. When the pair finally get to the lab, Gene walks out of the elevator to see… The place picked clean of all that was 'Gene-like'. Well, Elena told him that they had moved here once and took out a lot of the stuff.

"I'll write down what I need from storage. Just bring that and nothing else, so we can put it back when we are done. No telling how long I'm going to have to live under a rock."

Oh Eric does do his thing, though it takes several short hops though darkness instead of one long one. Range is more limited for the shadow-walker than for a pure teleporter. It takes a few minutes but eventually they pop out of a small alcove in the darkened lab.

Geek God's Lair, EvoSoft Basement

"Alright, give me the list and I'll have it brought up. I'm also working on getting you a new and proper lab. Hiding it a bit so it won't be obvious, but getting you a new one at least. Won't be as big as this one." He adds. "I'll do what I can though, and yeah. Lets see what you can find out about the thing. You…don't have to destroy it do you?"

Gene is able to find paper and pen in his desk, writing down the list for Eric before giving it to him. "I shouldn't need to. Just need to get a trace of the substance and check it out it. I'll likely have to build the device to cross-reference molecular structures to the internet. I don't the education to really study chemistry. If I can't figure it out, I'll talk to Cass and see what I can do."

Practice makes perfect. Eric is getting alot more practice now-a-days with his powers, but he's still not exactly perfect. However he's good enough to get that list of things that Gene has sent him. He returns for a few moments later with his arms full of things. "…alright, hrmmm…can you get a trace on who is belongs too or is that too much to ask?" He asks curiously of the Genius as he returns with the requested items.

There is a long pause. "You are asking me to do… DNA testing?" Gene asks in total surprise. "If you got this from Sydney, why not ask her to use her police friends to do the study?" Gene sighs before he answers his own question, seating himself in his chair as he looks to the electronic-less expanse before him. His desk feels so… naked without a trio of monitors on it. "I suppose if the drug is unknown, it would be important to try and figure out for ourselves what is going on first. Don't want to draw any attention from the local law if there is Evolved at the root of this, more so considering the government being what it is."

Spinning around in place, Gene considers the options. "Maybe what we can do is pull the DNA using a private firm. They can keep the information hush hush and if one of us is right there, we can be sure that they don't investigate the drugs themselves. Otherwise it would be a week for me to build the stuff. I've made a lot of things, even for Pinehearst, but they never had me working on the top secret stuff that involved DNA."

"Well actually," Eric pauses a moment. "Skip the DNA testing. We can ask Sydney where she got it, and whose it is. Right now I'm just curious about this drug because its nothing like I've ever heard of before…and when things I've never heard of before start popping up around friends it makes me nervous enough to try to find out just what it is." He nods once. "If we need to do the DNA testing, then we can get a private firm. Right now though just looking at the drug and leave it at that, it makes things simpler and I don't want to distract you too much from saving the world." He pauses a moment. "…and just what did you need the Cookbook for anyway?"

"There is a possibility, I will need to take out Building 26. Hopefully, we can just handle matters by dealing with the head of the snake, but if they are pulling a Pinehearst, we'll have to make sure that they don't have any research which could harm the American people," Gene states as he turns the chair to face Eric. "Promise you, I'm doing everything I can to ensure Captain America tactics win the day It's just… I am seeing the problem more than I am seeing the solution and we have to be proactive. It's just hard to think of an answer that doesn't make things worse before they get better."

"Right, chemical testing it is. Just get me the stuff, I'll do some research while you pull it all together and I should have it for you in a couple of days. I'll get a sample from the inside and if something funny turns up, I'll have you send it to the specialists… Just have me as the contact personal and I'll work with them if you want." While he would handle it all himself, if issues of identity or billing came up… Paper trails are Gene's enemy at this point of the game.

"I'm not sure there is a answer that makes things better right off the bat," Eric says after a moment of thought and a jerking shake of his head. "You think we need to remove this Senator then?" He asks as he sits down to look towards Gene. "…and I'd rather be Cap than Nick Fury in this. Fury Plans always end badly for someone, and if they end badly then things are just going to escalate." Thats the last thing any of them want.

"I'll get you the stuff, shouldn't take long. Minimal paper trail, and I'll set set something up so they contact you but they won't be able to trace it. I've gotten pretty good at that confusing paper trail bit. It'll take a few days then? Alright. I'll tell Sydney if I see her again that I'm having it worked on."

"Captain America would say to have faith in the system until gets too far. Then he accidently got involved with the Civil War. From what I can gather, the President is the one issuing the orders, Wynn is the one that is following orders. But why is would the President do this now? I mean, what information has changed things? If I find that out, I might be able to figure out who needs the most stopping. Senator Wynn is just the one that seems to be pushing things along and getting support from… Unexpected places. If there is no hope of nudging the government, it might have to come to fighting them head on until they come to the Evolved with treaty." Like his friends that are girls and Peter, if it is Ivory that is doing the tampering.

"Just let me worry about Alpha Protocol for now, I'll let you know if and when we need to move. Right now, need to deal with the possibly devil we don't know before we deal with the one that we do," the Geek God states with a sigh. Being a hero is a lot of work.

"So we are Cap and Wynn and his group are Stark eh?" Eric asks before he nods once. "It does seem sudden, to just start rounding everyone up like this. Its pure fear, unreasoning fear. Its entirely counterproductive and they can't see that." He nods once. "…you want me to try to get a hold of Cass or is Elena handling that sort of thing? I know she was wanted to try to rescue Peter, but if he's working /with/ them then that's going to be problematic at best."

He nods though. "Right, you plan and I'll funnel you money and equipment." A shake of his head. "Low budget Avengers is what we are." A smirk then before he adds. "I'll go get you that equipment."

"In a way, yes," Gene states as Eric makes his comparison, a weak smile given. If this is living the Super Hero Dream, it is not all that Gene had hoped for, that's for sure.

"I thought Elena might, but she's likely got her hands full keeping her family out of trouble. If you can reach Cass before she can, have her contact me. She has a list of resources, as do I. Might be able to make something happen," Gene states as he pulls out a custom made PDA and begins to pull up the needed information. "Stay safe… I'll have to try and contact Sydney soon. Make sure she broke things off with Ivory. Don't want her getting caught up in all of this like Bert did… Children getting caught up, now my friends." The Geek God frowns as he looks distant in thought, but then he just shakes it off before going back to work on his PDA.

"I'll see what I can do to get hold of people then," Eric says as he raises to his feet. "If I can we'll get our resources together and try to possibly come up with something that doesn't involve a rather large explosion." He adds with a sigh before he nods. "I'll stay safe, I'll get a message to you if anything happens." He adds as he turns to go. "Tell Sydney hi for me when you do, and…" He shakes his head slightly. "…I don't think there is any way to avoid our friends getting caught up in it now." He says with a shrug. "I'll see you soon with the stuff though Gene."

"See you soon…" Gene states before he looks at the PDA. While he wanted to look up how chemical analysis works, he admittedly got sidetracked to a newspaper headline that catches his eye.


"I forgot that's how the Civil War ended for Cap. Nick Fury didn't have a problem living through it," Gene says softly before he goes back to his work.

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