2009-09-30: Lizard Lips



Date: September 30, 2009


Pucker up, Erin.

"Lizard Lips"

Afterlife Set

The day has arrived.

Erin hasn't exactly been looking forward to it - at least outwardly. She's pretty sure she's done a fair job of convincing everyone that she's just not interested in Taine that way. These on-screen kisses are usually a cinch, because she's professional, she's a good actor, and no one really wants to hang out intimately with the Set Bitch longer than they really need to. Taine makes her nervous.

When she's nervous, she's in a bad mood.

And the fact remains that there will probably be a handful of takes, each with time between them to re-touch Taine's makeup, and wash the green off of Erin's face. Dear god. Stupid dinosaur.

He looks ridiculous.

At least it's not her.

OH WAIT. When the lights are off and the studio's closed, it is her. Well, hell. At least she doesn't have to crew the set today, too - all she has to worry about is being fussed over by makeup and wardrobe. She looks fine, despite the fact that there's a little soap opera gash on her forehead that's already hidden under a bandage. Not entirely, 'cuz it'd be a crime not to let the public see the damn laceration under there, but enough so that she has to face both the discomfort of adhesive on her face and the discomfort of injury prosthetics.

All the really important scenes take place in the basement 'bunker' set, where Morgan's brother, the Mad Scientist, first created werewolves. Morgan has since taken over for her brother, only Morgan is the GOOD scientist, trying to undo all the countless evils her sibling unleashed upon the world! He still has many followers. In any case, Erin's sitting up on the lab counter, waiting for Taine, glaring at the bright set lights, which highlight her eyes a bit more than they would a normal person's.

The lights aren't all off, the set isn't closed. There are many eyes looking on, even if they're paying attention to things very different from the inner thoughts of the actors. They want to see the characters. Morgan's taken over for her brother, trying to undo the horrible things that he'd done, while Pryce has been the victim of so many of these experiments. Like now. Stumbling onto set, Taine's wearing ripped clothes, torn in various areas, with green make up giving the appearance of scales. It looks good on camera. Under the lights it looks like a cheap Halloween costume.

In many ways it feels like one. "Mor— morgan," he rasps out, in a voice deepened to sound grated, almost as if he's talking through pain, or after no sleep. It ruins his accent, makes him sound more and more… American.

"Tell me— tell me you found the cure. This… I can't handle this anymore." The tearing on his clothes had been self-inflicted, he'd been trying to claw off his chest. That'd been a difficult scene to film, considering his claws can't handle much, and the make up didn't need much at all…

But that's what the scene is. It's not just about the kiss.

And how better to turn back to his handsome self than mostly shirtless?

Okay. Cameras are rolling. Time to forget the bad mood and do what she does best.

Morgan's expression is horror. It's barely contained behind steely eyes that watch the lizard creature drag himself forward. There's pity in her eyes, too, because Ken Pryce has become her everything, and the fan-base for it is so high that someone would tear the studio down if Ken and Morgan ever broke up.

She pushes herself back on the counter, fingers grappling at the opposite edge, eyes not leaving the monster. Eventually, she slides onto the floor, crouching behind the counter, out of Ken's sight.

In a cutaway scene filmed before, she'd pressed a hypo to her throat and injected the cure into herself. In fact, it was part of the teaser after the previous episode, leaving people to wonder if, perhaps, Morgan's luck had finally run out. However, that's already been filmed, and the camera focuses on her exit, as she crawls out from behind her cover, keeping the counter between herself and the beast. "Listen, you have to be as in-control as possible for this to work. Do you understand? You have to be calm. I can help you, but you have to be calm, Ken."

And yet if Ken and Morgan could ever be truly happy, the show would probably fade off into the night. Cause part of the fun is watching the obstacles that try to tear them apart, and get them together even deeper than before. Occassionally a short triangle would start up, but it'd never last long, just long enough to insert the required tension.

But usually the tension came in this form. Pryce being the victim of so many of her brother's horrible experiments. Taine doesn't like his job sometimes, but with all the cameras rolling, for as many angles as possible so they don't have to do multiple shoots, he puts on his best face. He looks strained, stress as he looks up at her, only his eyes still human under all that make up. It flakes on his lips, he can taste it. He had to learn not to try to wet his lips, even if he wants to. That's discipline.

"It— it's difficult, Morgan. I can't… I can feel it wanting to— I'll try. I'll try for you…" At the end, his voice quakes a bit, suddenly a vulnerable tone seeping through the rough voice. A rough voice that leaves him hoarse for hours afterwards.

Man, if she ever really changes her name, it would be to Morgan. She likes that name.

Admittedly, the crew did a good job with this 'final' make up. Taine looks pretty scary in the low light. The admiration Erin allows herself to show for it doubles as Morgan's uncertainty to the camera. In any case, it'll work on TV when it's aired.

Back into the role, though. Not too into it, since both she and Taine both know what that does. There's more control now, but every once in awhile, she'll still slip, and a fair share of people have gotten sick lately.

"God, Ken…" she mutters. Morgan is unable to help backing away, her hand closing around a convenient scalpel that just happened to be on the counter. What will she do? Put Pryce out of his misery by killing him??

There would be a commercial break at this point. But there's no stop this time.

When Morgan hears that break in his voice, she throws herself at him, arms wrapping around him, though she can't help a sob of terror from escaping as she presses her lips to his. The cure, delivered as a kiss, for no discernable reason other than ratings.

And still, her eyes are open, just enough for Taine to see, though not likely the cameras. And they have the faintest blue glow to them. Try anything, and I will end you, they say wordlessly.

Try anything besides kissing? Cause that's in the script. Taine has no choice but to do that. There's no other physical contact on his part, though, because, dramatically, his clawed hands reach up, as if wanting to grasp at her face, but one claw just barely touches her hair, before they drop away. It's a deep kiss, mostly through her own power, but it can't last forever— mostly because…

The make up smudges.

"Cut! Cut! Make up!"

A woman runs over as Taine pulls away, taking in a slow breath. She begins to touch up his make up, wash off the paint from her face. This kiss is going to take a while.

"That one was good, but stop looking at him as if you want to rip his head off! I can see that, Erin. Leave your personal problems off set!" What a bastard. Taine gives a sheepish smile, and a bit of a shrug. "Take it from… 'I'll try for you!'" The make up lady runs out of the way, so they can resume their positions.

"I— I'll try for you." Vulnerability in full.

OH GOD DAMMIT. Why couldn't they get it in one take!?

She tries not to act spoiled and stuck-up. It's the nervousness, really. She doesn't want it to be this way, but she'll never admit that. She's just ANGRY. Why? Why is she angry?

When there's no one around to overhear her, she whispers to Taine, "I'll give him SARS. I'll do it."

It might even be too quiet for him to hear.

Getting back onto her mark, she waits. Why is she so angry? Okay, personal problems off the set, nevermind the fact that she is god here when it comes to making the set. That's not today, and she has no sway or pull at the moment, when she's just one of the lowly actors. She does curl her lip up at the director, but he doesn't seem intimidated nor amused. Fine. Fine.

They want real? She'll give them real. And Taine will never know what the hell hit him. It's all in the script, right?

The lead up is the same. She throws her arms around him, but it's something different this time. It's not like he's kissing a wall. Perhaps, for a moment, Erin's allowing a clearer picture of what it would be like if she wasn's such a stick in the mud all the damn time. Her eyes are closed, and while she's mindful of the makeup, it's… pleasant.

The kiss is different. It feels different. Taine's eyes close after a moment, so much of the tension starts to fade out of him. Those claws reach up again, wanting to touch her, but they hover instead of actually doing it. He's not supposed to touch her, but they hover a little closer than he intended, brushing her cheek gently with the fake claw before falling away. It could be worked in, though it wasn't heavy enough to leave a mark or make up behind. Luckily.

It's the draining of tension that helps with the filming, the relaxing into the kiss. The transformation is supposed to be freeing. But it can't happen during filming, that's for camera fades to take care of, but it works well for this situation too. The kiss was supposed to break.

"We got it, great job you two!"

It takes a second for Taine to remember to pull back. There's a hint of a smile, before he says, "Give him herpes instead." It's almost a joke, but it's not. "He's leaving after this arc anwyay." Something to remember them by. Though he'll think it was the food-stand girl.

And then it's over. And Erin waits for the 'cut' and then spits.

It's mean, she knows it. Maybe he'll assume it's because of the make up, but she's not sure of anything at the moment - whether it was because she wanted to kiss him, or if she just wanted to get the scene over with. It's a kind of blurry line she's not ready or willing to explore.

It was just good acting, that's all. Looking away from him and dragging a hand across her face, she shrugs. "I'm supposed to be the good guy, remember," she notes, sticking out her tongue and making a disgusted face. Why does make up always have to taste like chalk? It's green. It should be minty. All her thoughts are just distractions as she tries to figure out what to say after that kiss that would just pass it off as nothing.

Eventually, without looking back at him, she just walks away.

Oh come on, it's not that bad! He has to taste it— all right, it's that bad.

Still, Taine doesn't look pleased as she makes disgusted face and sticks her tongue out and walks away. The make up lady moves over to him and starts to work on removing his make up even before he begins to walk toward her trailer.

"She really doesn't like you… It's ruining my hopes of an offset hook up," the woman pouts as she walks. There's a quiet moment from the Australian, as he lets her wash some of the make up off, but he glances toward Erin's back, before turning and going to the make up seat.

In some ways, it's ruining his hopes too.

But! He's not going anywhere. There was a moment!

"You got more fanletters again, from that one fan?"

"Oh bugger," he mutters as he reaches out to touch a new stack of letters. A stack. "Now that's one I wish would give up hope."

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