Lizette Valois
Portrayed By Ashley Olsen
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 16, 1989
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases This IS an Alias
Place of Birth Croton-on-Hudson, NY, USA
Current Location Montmartre, Paris, France
Occupation Classical Musician, Sleuth
Known Relatives Jean Pierre Valois, Lizette Valois Van Cortlandt
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Atomic Transmutation
First Appearance The Angel

A harpist from New York, in Paris just to get away… Maybe to get into the orchestra there.



Paris, France

Lizette Valois was born over 85 years ago in the Alsace region of France. During the second world war, she moved into Montmartre in Paris along with her sister and brother. It was there she met a young man from America, Hollis Van Cortlandt. Though they came from opposite ends of the social scale, they were smitten and a love founded amongst the terror of Nazi occupation lasted for more than a half a century.

To a dusty apartment arrives a young woman who looks very much the mirror image of one from 65 years ago. Though she calls herself by the same name as the former, it is not, it is the original woman's granddaughter Hallis Van Cortlandt. Looking to rebuild an existence that's gone horribly wrong, she has fled to Paris to find some sort of purpose and glue the pieces of her fragile life back together.


New York, USA

After discovering that all of her bank accounts had been drained, her credits cards canceled, and her phone numbers blocked, Lizzie borrowed money to fly back to see what was going on. A confrontation with Sierra led to Lizzie being kicked out in the streets with no where to turn. Her closest friends, the ones she'd had since grade school, all sided against her with Sierra. The woman had done her homework, presumably by reading all of her originator's diaries.

With no where else to go, Lizzie turned to her friend (former therapist) Sydney for help. Unfortunately with the woman gone missing, her townhouse was abandoned and left to decay. For her first few days, Lizzie spent the time paying past due bills and cleaning. While undertaking that arduous task, the young woman practiced her ability; turning nearly every fixture and knickknack in the house to solid gold. Some remained that way, some were only temporary, it's just lucky that Sydney was away.


The Mystery of the Missing Clock

Date Title Summary Characters
07/02/10 The Invasion Gabriel finds his apartment is just a little more girly nowadays… Gabriel
07/13/10 Identity Theft How do you prove it? Sierra and Hallis
07/24/10 The Twin Dilemma George learns the truth. George
08/04/10 Homecoming Surprise! Homecoming queen isn't the one to get crowned. Sydney
08/07/10 Wacky Tabascky Who'da thunk it? Tabasco makes a perfect gift between strangers, fame isn't what a one person might want, another person just wants to be invisible while yet another can do just that. Aiden, Portia, Randall, and Sydney
08/07/10 You Can Take The Support Out Of The Group But you can't take the group out of the support? … unless you only rented the space for an hour. Cam, Charla (as Emma), Bert, Claire, Carl and NPCs: Annie, Birds' Nest, Possibly Homeless
08/11/10 Walls Don't Have Feelings …people do. Fred and Sydney
08/12/10 Hot Grounds She ain't pretty, she just looks that way. Aiden, Sierra, and Tyson
08/12/10 Smooth … and we're not talking about just the ice. Aiden


  • "So, are you allergic to anything? Don't say burned, I already fell for that once." The Golden Key
  • "It'll only take a few hours to get there by car, I can rent one… They have such tiny cars here… Do you like ABBA? What am I saying, everyone likes ABBA… We can sing!" The Golden Key
  • "It's making my ears bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed." Take A Chance On Me


  • Interesting miscellany.
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