2010-02-23: Lobstergirl!



Date: February 23, 2010


Jo turns red. Cody notices.


Staff Room, Building 27 — Governor's Island

It's a chilly early morning in New York City. Fortunately, Jo is bundled in a thick peacoat and red wool scarf. She enters Building 27 and pads right to the staff room, removing her scarf as she goes. Her brown hair is pulled back into its usual tight ponytail, but she's dressed in a floral print skirt, pair of white heels, and a white blouse underneath a navy blazer — highly unusual clothing. Her cheeks are flushed, but not a pink hue. In fact, it's kind of blue-ish (perhaps indicating it's colder outside than she thought) and even borderline purple. She places the scarf on the kitchen table and sighs heavily.

Peacoats, what the hell is it with everybody and their bloody peacoats? Cody is in a rather foul mood as she lumbers in right behind Jo… in her peacoat. The curly haired blonde has on her well worn, thick down, and very brown coat. She's sucking snot back up her nose because she finished her last kleenex on the trip in (yes, she tucked it in between the seats). Keeping her hands jammed in her pockets, she runs up behind Jo and grunts. "Hey, mornin'… I'd say good but it's bitchin' cold out."

"Cold we can handle. There are worse things," Jo says matter-of-factly as she unbuttons her coat. She's trying desperately to look personable. It's the only way she can even help herself connect with anyone let alone the mark she's destined to talk to. Oddly, the blue-ish tone in her cheeks changes moments later to a fierce red… unusually fierce red, "Why is it so fucking warm in here! A person comes in from the cold to have their insides boiled?" She shrugs off her coat and sighs heavily. "Hey, have you met Justin Law yet? I was supposed to connect with him on a case."

Cody's eyebrow perks high up on her forehead and she narrows her eyes a little bit as she examines her friend. "You okay, Jo? hey I meant to say thanks for taking care of me the other night. After the attack I haven't been able to go home. You know? Gives me the willies that they know where I lived." The hazy fog of memories have been slowly creeping back to her, not that she can remember everything, but she does remember complaining about her stitches before passing out. Slowly, she leans in to Jo and murmurs, "Don't tell anyone… but I've sort of been crashing here when I can get away with stealing an office couch without anyone noticing."

"I'm fine…" Jo urges as she glances down at her blouse and skirt. She looks like she stepped out of a JC Penny catalogue. "And it wasn't a big deal. I'd have done it for anyone." Not. Especially not someone she's been mandated to kill. With a frown, she sighs heavily before she looks down at the back of her hand. All of her skin is turning that same reddish colour — it's not just her cheeks. Weird. "Where you been crashing then? Isn't there someone here all of the time in their offices like all of the time?" She hmms quietly, "Yeah, it's weird they knew where you lived. I didn't think the Protocol kept records like that."

"First night I slept in Swan's office… with his permission… he told me to get some rest after he stitched me up. Then after that, just wherever there was a spare room." Cody's other eyebrow joins its mate as Jo turns even redder. Slowly, Cody's eyes travels down to her own legs, is it possible that she forgot to wear pants today? Seeing the black cargos rolled neatly over her boots, the blonde woman peers at her cohort once again. "I hate to sound like that little ice princess, but you look redder than Ghallager's Grandmammy on a fourth of Joolai picnic." With a small smirk, Cody manages to perfect the twang of a Southern Belle with little effort.

"If I had an office you could use it, but I'm just not that important," Jo replies with a smirk. "But you're welcome to crash at my apartment whenever." There's a pause. "Actually, you should sometime this week." An easy way to off her prey. "I could get another cot or something." She shrugs nonchalantly as she glances down at her own legs which are also red. "That's… huh." It's weird. It's very weird. "I feel hot. That's probably all it is." Maybe. She picks up her scarf and tosses it towards a coat hook near the back wall — a particular target she misses every day. Yet today, the scarf hits and it hangs, drawing a smile from the marine. "That. Was amazing. Hot or not, I'm on my game today, Baker." She smiles smugly.

"You should check with one of the docs, you might have some sort of rash or something. Did you have contact with that walking disease after she died?" Cody looks a little concerned, she's also backing away from Jo very slowly. If Scott has some kind of infection, she really doesn't want to get it, not until her wounds heal up at least. "Maybe some kind of allergy? I've never had one, but…" The blonde shrugs and starts walking in the direction of the coffee pot. When Jo hits her mark, the other agents just gives her an easy going smile and raises her empty mug, "Two points. It is two… right?" Who knows what game they're playing, could be horseshoes, could be basketball. Could be something in between.

"You mean McCarty?" Jo asks as her smile fades. "No, I didn't come in contact with her dead body. She gave me this nasty cold when I bagged and tagged her, but the doctors said it was just that: a cold. And I'm not paranoid, but it was recommended I checked." She presses her lips together and nods, "Two points. Now… if I can get this jacket to land over it…" She bites her bottom lip and narrows her eyes as she holds her coat tightly. "Now, the question is… can I make this shot..?" She stares at the hook several moments before she throws it towards the hook again. "I GOT IT!" her eyes light up some. "I need to buy a lottery ticket or something…"

Cody gives Jo a rather suspicious glance, "Do you think she might have given you something else on top of the cold? Something that isn't acting as fast? Because, really, Jo… people don't just turn red. We're not lobsters." Though lobsters don't turn red until they're cooked and the brunette has said she's feeling pretty warm. "Unless you're part lobster, are you involved in some secret lobster formula program?" Right now, Cody wouldn't put it past the powers that be to have some sort of genetic research for turning their agents into half animals. All the better to fight the evolved.

"I doubt that," Jo replies as she stares at the awesome coat. That was amazing. She feels amazing. Actually, she's feeling oddly attentive, aware, and just good. Other than being unusually red. But it's not too red, is it? She presses her lips together. "No, I'm not a lobster, Baker. That's just ridiculous." But then, is it? She rubs her neck involuntarily before lowering her gaze. "And no, McCarty couldn't have done this. She had a dose of the solution before she gave me the cold — she was virtually depowered, just not wholly. And a cold is well… a cold." She shrugs.

"Still… You don't look so good. Even if you are completely on your game." Cody pours herself a big cup of coffee and takes a long drink. She closes her eyes as she takes the long drinks, like she's been deprived of the sustenance for much much too long. I reality, she has… at least 4 hours have gone by since her last cup. "Want a coffee? Or are you feeling more like a cup of ice?" The redness of her friend is giving the blonde the willies, to be honest. It's something really not natural for G.I. Jo, the all American hero.

"I'm not that hot, but it is warm. That's my point. It's warm in here. And no, no coffee today. I feel sharp enough without it," Jo says coolly. Yes, she's pleased to be so on the ball, but not so happy to be so red. With a heavy sigh she pads towards the door, "Alright. I need to get some work done. I need to meet Justin Law and try to tag team some takes." She smoothes her rather feminine looking skirt before turning on her heel and heading down the hallway.

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