Portrayed By Adrian Pasdar
Gender Male
Date of Birth ???
Age ???
Zodiac Sign ???
Aliases Nathan Petrelli and Brayden Calvert
Place of Birth Uh.
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Politician; Pinehearst Affiliate
Known Relatives Nathan Petrelli (…); Arthur Petrelli (father), Angela Petrelli (mother), Peter Petrelli (younger brother); Simon and Monty (sons)
Significant Other Heidi Petrelli (by law); Niki Sanders
Known Abilities Flight
First Appearance On The Precipice

The sociopathic alter ego of Nathan Petrelli. He is all of Nathan's ambition and ruthlessness combined into one personality, without the frills of feelings, sympathy and guilt. Logan will do anything to get ahead, at the cost of anyone.

Table of Contents


2008-01-05: On The Precipice
2008-01-12: Beautiful Friendship
2008-01-14: Rightful Place
2008-01-15: No Longer in the Dark
2008-01-15: The Core
2008-01-16: Kind To Be Cruel
2008-01-16: Point Of Separation
2008-01-18: Seed Of Doubt
2008-01-19: When Family Matters
2008-01-20: Getting There
2008-01-20: Hour Of Trust
2008-01-20: The Lion Never Sleeps
2008-01-21: Given Time
2008-01-21: The Cookie Jar
2008-01-22: Eyes On The Enemy
2008-01-22: Father Knows Best
2008-01-22: The Hand That Feeds You
2008-01-26: Breakthrough
2008-01-26: The Dragon's Hoard
2008-01-27: Spot of Peace
2008-01-27: "Restraining Order"
2008-01-27: Rush Delivery
2008-01-28: Blind Date
2008-01-29: The Dream Logic
2008-02-05: Working Class Guiltless
2008-02-06: Back On Her Feet
2008-02-06: Spin
2008-02-07: Total Eclipse Of The Heart
2008-02-08: The Looking Glass


To come.

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