Logs for Mark
Mark_V4.jpg The heir to a large, family run company, Mark learns by accident just how deep the family's rabbit hole goes. Secrets, kidnapping and slavery. He sees the dark secret his father is keeping and it will leave Mark reeling from the revelation.
January 2009
24th The Hospitality Of Terrorists Cody, Mark Mark is sent to Kuwait to over see testing for smart missiles that Lane Industries has developed for the US Government. He ends up the guest of terrorists and it's up to Cody to get them out of a tough situation.
26th The Terrorist Treatment Cody, Mark Mark's having a bit of a bad day as he's 'roughed up' for a picture that is sent to his father. Cody asks him about the human weapons and Mark doesn't hesitate to tell her the truth.
February 2009
17th Terrorist Retreat Cody, Mark Execute a plan or be executed?
November 2009
14th Back Into The Grind Mark Fresh off the plane from another expedition, Mark is slapped in the face with reality.
February 2010
11th I Saw Disappointment Mark Ignorance is Bliss
13th Letters Cody, Mark A series of emails sent back and forth between two acquaintances.
14th Joygasm Cody, Mark Mark and Cody do that Valentines dinner thing and talk about important stuff!
20th Brotherly Love Mark, Robert Robert comes barging into Mark's office to ask about his Valentine's Date.
March 2010
5th Woah! Cody, Mark, Micah Cody bring Micah to Lane Industries to Hack into the computers.
9th Pizza, Beer, and Plans Cody, Mark Mark and Cody make plans over a romantic dinner of pizza and beer.
23rd Conquest of Lies Mark, Tracy Mark follows a trail that's following a trail.
The Vault Mark, Micah Mark, with the assistance of Micah, checks out the contents of the Special Projects Vault. SCORE!!!
25th Mole In A Jar Cody, Dr. Ray, Mark Mark introduces his girlfriend to her new boss.
April 2010
2nd Sharing Space With Ladies Alexandra, Cody, Dr. Ray, Mark Mark's working overtime, by hiring Dr. Ray another lovely new assistant!
6th Over Our Heads Cody, Mark Cody channels Quasimodo to seek sanctuary, good thing Mark doesn't mind hunchbacks.
11th Corporate Theft Cody, Mark, Micah, Tracy They sneak into Lane Industries secret vaults to get plans and end up getting hacked and slashed by a little kid.
14th Little Skittle Cody, Mark He still isn't talking, but they're doing the best they can.
Mark_V5a.jpg Mark takes a group of girls down to the Amazon to show them a good time! And no… that isn't a pick up line! While there he learns about another of his father's secret projects and through the help of an old woman, called "The Mother of All', realizes that fate has dealt him a difficult hand, but now he knows what he must do. The journey has just begun…
May 2010
2nd Packing For The Amazon Cody, Mark Mark and Cody finish up packing and discuss the trip.
4th Passenger For The Crazy Train Laurel, Mark Laurel gets hired on as the Amazon Expedition's Photographer, and the girliest member of the group.
5th Wet Adventures Cody, Dee, Mark Amazon Day One: Mark tries to explain to Yossarian that he not only doesn't swing that way, but the meerkat just isn't his type.
7th Ladies Call Him Small Alexandra, Cody, Mark Amazon Day Three - Doubt is shines on the expedition when Mark and gang meet their guide.
10th Lost Alexandra, Cody, Dee, Jamie, Jo, Laurel, and Mark Amazon Day Six: The Amazon Expedition sets out for the starting point… only… there is a bit of a snag. Okay… a BIG SNAG.
15th Mapquest Cody, Mark Mark is the man with the map and a plan!
16th Solitude Mark Mark is off by himself and Poco decides to tell a bit of truth and shows there is a bit of a brain in that skull of his.
17th Crazy Coincidence Alexandra, Cody, Dee, Jamie, Laurel and Mark The unknown location on the map holds a surprise for the group and brings about many questions.
19th The Journal Cody, Mark Searching the medical wing of the lab… Mark stumbles across a journal that pushes him to act once more against his father.
24th Amazon Yeti Cody, Dee, Laurel, Mark Mark and Laurel go in search of Cody and Dee.
31st Creaky Old Bridge Alexandra, Cody, Dee, Jamie, Jo, Laurel and Mark Danger finds the expedition again, this time it's while suspended on a bridge!!!
June 2010
2nd The Blessed Man Cody, Jamie, Marks Mark shares the contents of the Journal recovered from the Lane Industries Lab they found in the jungle. While elsewhere a bulldozer is claimed by the jungle.
3rd Courage Under Fire Alexandra, Cody, Jamie, Mark Mark's team comes face to face with Dr. Norman Wallace, but then the unexpected happens.
No Promises Cody, Mark Cody takes care of Mark after he's shot by a sniper. Neither of them are good with words.
6th Worthy Cody, Mark, Wallace Wallace and the hunters bring Cody and Mark to the sacred place… Cody gets a rare look at a special member of the tribe.
7th What Is True Mark, Mother of All Mark delirious with fever, has a hallucination that hits a little close to home and opens his eyes to some truths.
10th Vote Team Mark Cody, Mark Mark finally makes an appearance after his trial and judgment.
11th Learning To Relax Jo, Mark Jo and Mark discuss whether she will stay or leave. Mark tells her she needs to relax. Is that even possible?
13th Earth Mover's Decision Alexandra, Mark Mark approaches Alexandra to find out if she is staying or leaving.
14th Validity Jo, Mark Jo and Mark talk about faith and belief or the lack thereof.
The Great Feast LOTS OF PEOPLE! The village celebrates an evening of just living.
17th In Case We Die Jo, Mark Sometimes it's better to know.
18th Jungle Warfare Alexandra, Dee, Jo, Laurel, Mark It's the final showdown in the Amazon Rainforest.
23rd Let's Not Waste It Jo, Mark Mark and Jo return back in New York and things just don't seem the same for Mark after what happened in the Amazon.
MARK_V5b.jpg Leader has been spotted and Mark is headed to Egypt to stop whatever the evil terrorist has planned.
28th Wireless Has Partially Disconnected Mark, Micah Hmmmm.
11th Hands Off Mark, Robert Robert tries to poke a little at Mark, unaware he's poking a sleeping bear.
Team Mark Jo, Mark Some decisions are made.
16th Bailed Out By The Boss Alexandra, Mark Mark shows up to bail his employee out of jail and brings her a gift.
20th Puddle Fail Jo, Mark, Tracy What do you get when you get when you unknowingly negate a puddle of water?!?
21st Worth More Then 5k Camels Jo and Mark Mark and Jo are on an airplane headed to Egypt.
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