2009-09-24: Long Distance



Date: September 24th, 2009


The Senator calls Tracy while she's out of town and she somehow gets out of town faster.

"Long Distance"

Washington, D.C.

From the depths of his office and over the slight thumping of some low hip-hop music coming from the radio, Ivory Wynn has taken up residence in his seat. His laptop is open and on his desk and one hand is idly fiddling with the keys and the mouse, while his other hand is punching up numbers on the speakerphone. He's smiling to himself as he clicks through documents on his screen… that don't belong to him. That's for damn sure. No words are said at the moment, as he's just idly waiting for the ringing to stop and someone to pick up on the other side.

New York, NY

"Tracy Strauss," comes the recipient's voice through Ivory's speakerphone, an automatic reply, automatic as if it were pre-programmed even though she knows exactly who it is. Granted, for a person as prompt and always close to their phone as she is, it took her awhile to answer. At present, the owner of the voice is sitting in a quiet corner of an upper end restaurant by herself, doing a lot of nothing. Killing time. Thinking.

"Tracy, daaahhhhlink. I miss you." The words are very condescending and patronizing, if only because he's trying to do whatever it is that being like that does. He's not even sure. But he's busy going through important information that he probably shouldn't even be going through. Oh well. "I'm sad you left me here, all day, by myself. Do you know what I've been through today?"

The Senator's words cause Tracy to roll her eyes, but at least it gets her to stop staring despondently at the untouched glass of water in front of her. "Senator," she says in a voice that exudes a faux 'oh, it's you' demeanour. She even smiles, even though it edges more towards a smirk. "Meetings, I hope. I have your calendar, remember."

"Yes. Boring meetings that weren't the same without you." Ivory sighs over-dramatically, before leaning up to peer at things on his screen. Some more sliding of his finger and clicking around happens, as more documents are pulled up and such. "So. How'd your vacation go? Find something better to do than babysit me?"

"It's not a vacation, I'm working." Just not for you, says the subtext. "I used to get a consulting fee from Hanner Enterprises back when the current CEO's parents ran it. Their daughter wants me back on board." Tracy settles back in the booth at the New York restaurant, tipping her head back and honing in on the other line. "Is there a reason you called, Senator, or do you really just miss me?"

"Just checking on you. Wanted to hear your voice." The subtext of his own statement has quite a bit to do with making sure Malden's voice isn't in the background or anything like that. But then he's smiling, not that it can be seen, as he leans closer to the phone. "I suppose you want my blessing to continue your consulting work. Just, let me ask one thing., I don't pay you enough?"

"I consult for a few companies." Tracy's used to having a full schedule. Something tells her working for Ivory Wynn is going to fill her schedule fast. "I'm…" she trails off, but only because there's a light chuckle in her voice, smile evident. "…sure you will. I've been working for you for two days."

Ivory may or may not have plans to help Tracy fill up fast. Who knows. But the important thing at the moment is that Ivory Wynn is growing tired of this conversation. "Well. I need you here. At my house. In the morning. I need to write a speech. And i'm going to need your head."

There's a small pause as Tracy considers her plans for the night and morning, but she's quickly on board. "I'll be all yours." And glad to get back to Washington. She runs a finger along the rim of her glass. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go try and catch an earlier flight."

"Should I wait up? We can get a late start?" Ivory's taken his eyes off the computer's screen and seems to be peering at the phone that's on his desk. He even takes a moment to lick his lips.

"You assume I don't already have plans. That's time off the clock!" Tracy's voice, however, is mostly joking, even if she does have plans — which, for the record, she does. That said: "I'll see what I can work out between Hanner's airline and this generous expense account."

"Fair enough. If your plans change, a car will be waiting for you at the airport." Ivory sounds kind of business-y with that statement. It lacks his usual charm. This getting shot down is really starting to work at his ego.

Ivory can't see the unexpectedly troubled look that crosses his new advisor's face. Is it strange that Ivory's lack of charm is what prompts Tracy to look worried? As usual, she's quick to collect herself. She's not even sure what it is she's even collecting herself from. "Good evening, Senator." Cue the disconnect — and Tracy eyeing her phone.

After a few moments, the screen of Tracy's (Sprint) phone lights up once more. It's not Ivory she's calling back as she brings the device to her pearl-pierced ear yet again, however. "Hello, Governor. … It was fine. Listen, I'm going be late getting out of here. I won't be able to see you tonight…"

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