2007-03-09: Loose Cannon


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Date It Happened: March 09, 2007

Summary: The other shoe finally drops. The rebel detective gets a stern talking to from her by-the-book lieutenant.

Loose Cannon

Mount Sinai Hospital

It was not a good night for Detective Damaris. X-Rays, surgery, stitches. Mara's broken nose has been reset and the nastier gashes on her forehead and cheeks have been sewn up. Currently, Mara lays in her bed with an IV in her arm, dripping blissful painkillers into her system while equipment monitors her vitals with soft blips. Without her name on the chart, she might be unidentifiable if it weren't for her chart, for those who don't know her well enough.

Luckily, Viola doesn't need an invitation nor does she need an introduction to the detective laid up in the hospital bed. This isn't really one of those visits that she relishes in. Not only is one of her detectives beaten to a pulp, it was done under circumstances that were not exactly than company policy. Disciplinary actions are never good meetings, but they're even more awkward when the person is in such a state. Unfortunately for Mara, Viola doesn't seem to think that should be any sort of factor in this meeting. There's a swift and decisive knock on the door before the lieutenant enters the room, badge hanging from a chain around her neck. "Detective?" she calls out into the room to make sure the woman is awake. If she's not, she's going to be very shortly.

Mara lifts her head from the pillow from her semi-reclined position very slowly. "Bugger," she mutters under her breath. "Lieutenant," she greets more audibly. "I had really hoped this could wait until I was discharged…" As much as she would like to believe Lieutenant Viola Holcombe is here just to check in on her detective, Mara knows better. Nothing else has gone right lately, why should this be any different?

"Hello, Detective." Viola's voice is neutral as of yet. There's no hint of disapproval or reprimand there. "How are you feeling? It looks like you took quite a beating." Walking over to the side of the bed, she grabs a hold of chair and pulls it along with her as she walks. It grates a little on the floor, but the lieutenant pays no mind to it. She place it in a position close by Mara so the detective doesn't have to raise her voice too much, but far enough away that the woman has her space. See? She cares. Once it's set in a place she approves of, she takes a seat.

Mara turns her head to offer a very weak smile to her superior officer. "I've been be'er. No' sure I've been worse." All attempts to keep the British accent from bleeding into her voice are abandoned in favour of thinking less before speaking. Not that this is entirely a new concept for Damaris. "How do I look? I'm afraid'a look in a mirror… Do I have a face lef'?"

Leaning back in her chair slightly, Viola gives her detective a tight smile. "You've looked better. Not sure you've looked worse," she replies. "Don't worry, you'll heal up nicely." The niceties are out of the way and now is the time to talk business. "Though, honestly, I've got to wonder what you were doing down in the pens talking to a suspect without his lawyer. Not to mention talking to a /dangerous/ suspect without your partner. It's something I've been trying to puzzle out as soon as I heard what happened. After I inquired about your health, of course." Now is when her voice becomes steelier, the tone that she uses when she's certainly /not/ pleased with someone.

"I've really cocked it up this time, 'aven't I, Vi?" Mara closes her eyes heavily and presses her lips together. "Gray's candid with me. I was.. I was trying to…" She stops and opens her eyes again, meeting Viola's gaze. "I thought I knew better. That's what it boils down to. I thought that I could handle the situation, and I was wrong."

"That's /one/ way you could put it." Viola replies sourly. "This is a nightmare, Damaris. If the press gets a hold of the fact that we have a detective trying to single-handedly take down a suspect, it'll be years of bullshit forms before we get out of this. You were more than /wrong/, Mara, you seriously injured our case against Gray. The minute his lawyers get a hold of his they're going to scream police brutality and unprofessionalism and we're going to have to release him because we'll never be able to get a conviction." The woman crosses her legs and stares straight at Mara. "I'm taking you off the Gray case and once you're recovered, you're sitting a desk until further notice."

"I'm sorry… I am so sorry." Mara inwardly sighs with relief. This could have been much worse for her. She was afraid she was going to have to give some sort of impassioned speech about how the force is her whole life. She opens her mouth to speak again, but then closes it. She won't make promises she cannot keep. She can't promise it won't happen again.

Viola crosses her arms to go with her crossed legs. "Yeah, well, you're going to be sorrier when you're chained to your desk for awhile." Not one for impassioned speeches or lies, her lips form a straight line of displeasure. She watches the expression and reaction of Mara before she speaks again. "I'm going to make myself very clear, Detective Damaris. If you endanger this investigation any further by seeking Gray out, I will have you discharged and you'll be working security for the rest of your years. Tell me that you understand the precarious position you've placed both yourself and this precinct in."

"I understand," Mara responds truthfully. "It was never my intention to harm the integrity of-" Her voice cracks and she turns her head away entirely. "I understand," she repeats.

Viola nods, satisfied by Mara's reply. "Good." This meeting over in her mind, Viola stands up from her chair. "Some detectives from the precinct chipped in for some flowers. They should be delivered shortly. Act surprised." It's an order as well as a kind gesture.

Mara smiles faintly. "Thank you, Vi." She nods her head in as respectful a farewell as she can manage before her head droops back to the pillow again.

"That's Lieutenant Holcombe," Viola replies, as gently as she can. She just all but demoted and reprimanded the woman, telling her to call her by her proper name can be done with a gentler hand. "And you're welcome." Leaving the chair where she dragged it, she leaves the room to let her detective get some much needed rest.

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