2010-05-10: Lost (The Amazon)





Date: May 05, 2010


Amazon Day Six: The Amazon Expedition sets out for the starting point… only… there is a bit of a snag. Okay… a BIG SNAG.


The Brazilian Rainforest

Eyes flutter open and slowly focus on the world above him. Strangely the sky is dark and hazy above him, with black billowing clouds. It makes his brows furrow in confusion. Then the sound and scents comes rushing back, the crackle of a fire and nose rankling smell of stuff burning, the groans and pained cries of other passengers.

Mark moves to sit up, but gives a small hiss of pain as his head starts pounding viciously. A hand moves to press at the back of his head and comes away covered in blood. Not good. He rolls onto his side and stops, breath catching, his eyes wide as he looks around him.

All around him is chaos, broken greenery, bodies and twisted metal. What's left of the Boeing 80A-1 — which isn't much — is wrapped around a giant tree, the rest lays spread out over the forest floor. That tree has Mark slowly looking up, until he's on his back again, the rainforest canopy spread out above the wreckage.

Where were they?

Thirty Minutes Ago

"Are you REALLY certain this thing has been inspected since… 1930?" Mark asks the pilot, his voice lifted loud enough to be heard over the roar of the tri-engines, his hands gripping the edge of the seat. Not feeling at all safe and secure even if he is buckled in. Not that being buckled into the thin framed seats means anything. The seats didn't event look regulation and the seat belts looked newer and bolted to the floor.

When they saw the old silvery, rusted airplane, Mark had been about ready to call it quits then. However, it's been the sole way of getting to the resort for many many years, even Poco assured him he had flown on it a lot. Mark relented, but still didn't feel comfortable about it.

"Yes, senior." The pilot assures, a slightly yellowed smile given as he twist back to look at the adventurer. "She is the safest plane on the fleet." Not exactly encouraging.

Mark manages to loosen his death grip to wave the guy to look forward. "Keep your eyes on the sky." There might not be anything to hit up here, but it made him nervous, especially with all the clanks and rattles… and was that duct tape on that engine?!?

Glancing back at his team, Mark's brows furrow. "Anyone hear a chicken?" Indeed, the clucking of a chicken can be heard and shortly after a chicken pads down the center isle like a stewardess, pausing now and then to look at someone out of one eye.

Poco, however, looks totally relaxed. His head bobs to some sort of music blaring in his ears from his little yellow ipod. "Her lips are dev-il red…. Livin' La Via Loca!" The off key singing of the skinny man, is about like nails on a chalk board. A backpack sits by his chair, a small tan head sticks out of the top of it, shivering unhappily as it watches the chicken.

That's right folks, Poco brought a friend.

Dee has Yossarian snuggled in her carry on, which is also the only bag she has. He's comfortable in there, since meerkats are burrowing animals. While this is normally his time to be out and about, he's being quiet because of the dried crickets that Dee's promised as soon as they're in the air. Looking for living trees! Exciting.

She actually seems comfortable on the plane, though it might be said that she can make herself comfortable anywhere by now. She did live in a cave, after all, so this is kind of up-scale. Not that she entirely trusts the plane. Still… "Good thoughts, mate! Positive thinkin'! Makes a world of difference." Smirking, she rolls her eyes at Laurel after finishing her admonishment to Mark.

Looking out the window, she can see the ground so far below. It's kind of amazing every time she flies; at this height, she's pretty sure she's not going to get punted off the flight for having a meerkat on board, so she unzips her bag, and the meerkat blinks up at her sleepily.

Dee hears the chicken in her head before she hears it out loud. «One? One? One? One?» It seems to be counting. Most animals recognize one. It's going beyond that that becomes a problem. «Wings should fly? Loud noises? Planefarts.»

It makes sense, if you're a chicken, one would assume.

Dee arches her eyebrows, looking over Laurel and toward it. "Izzat our dinner, eh? I'd 'ave to protest."

It's not just Mark's group on the plane. A couple of others heading to the same resort are here too, including Jamie (who some may recognize as the star of the video telling about people with powers and the AP that aired across North America late last year), and her guardian, a Mexican man named Saul. Jamie seems to be very cheerful, despite the noisy plane and the chicken running around, (the latter of which makes her giggle). "Yep, there's definitely a chicken."

The plane hadn't been what Jo had expected, but had quipped, "That's what makes it an adventure," before finally taking off her sombrero and effectively losing the sombrero-hat-bet. There's no way either of them could wear their sombreros on the plane and after much arguing, she'd removed the hat from her head. Not that she cares terribly that she lost. Fortunately, her hair is all pinned up into a curly mess of a bun— no hairs are allowed to hang in or around her face.

Staring out the window, Jo can see the landscape becoming smaller and smaller and smaller. And as things become smaller she feels sleepier and sleepier and sleepier. Wearing a sombrero around for the last few days had certainly had their effect on her sleeping habits; she feels exhausted.

Unlike some of the others, the small plane doesn't make her wary; she's used some questionable modes of travel before. "At least the chicken's not the pilot," she murmurs lazily. "Chickens can't fly."

If Mark has a death grip on the plane seat, then Alexandra has…well, whatever's past death on the seat? Something. She sits in the chair, bolt upright, hands practically digging into the thin metal of the frames. Her eyes are about as wide as they get, and to say she looks apprehensive would be putting it very lightly. Terrified is more accurate, though she's not screaming. She is breathing very rapidly and quite loudly, keeping her attention focused on the back of the seat in front of her. Everything about the trip was cool…until they mentioned a plane.

In short? Alex hates planes. They're a necessary evil sometimes, though she's crossed the Atlantic several times by boat (who does that anymore?) and prefers to travel the country on the ground. Big shock there, huh? Even so, it's not a crippling fear…just a mildly debilitating one.

Saul doesn't seem uncomfortable on the play, just oddly annoyed at the chicken fluttering over his feet and Jamie's excitement. "Calm yourself, any extra shaking from your laugh might cause the plane to fall apart." In fact, he might not be far from wrong. He's bolted in and his hands are gripping the sides of his seats likely as tightly as Mark is.

One person not strapped in? Cody. She's chasing after the chicken and as it nears the pilot's seat, she sort of grabs the back of Mark's seat and eases herself between the space of his knees and the back of the pilot's seat. "Hey, what level you flying at? Are you sure we're clearing the trees in this bucket? And did you know you have a chicken running loose? They don't actually fly, you know. It's not like a hamster in a Prius."

She turns her head and gives Mark an easy going smile, this plane isn't much worse than one of the ones she began training on. Sure, it seems like it's been held together by bubblegum and tinfoil, but really… who hasn't been in a death trap or two? Statistics prove time and time again that air travel is much safer than land. At least they don't have to worry about being hit by a random moose in this plane, that's a fact that has Cody's mind at ease.

"You know, it's one of these things where— you'd think if he had enough money to pay me ten grand, he'd be able to buy a decent plane, with decent seats. And overhead compartments," Laurel complains under her breath, as she puts her hands over the camera case that she's holding on her lap from her seat next to Dee. The camera equipment can be carried in one bag, which is essentially a hard case, rather than multiple bags. All because she went digital. No film to lug, just little memory cards, and a bunch of batteries. The things are so exact now they are practically mini computers all on their own.

"Maybe they just don't have decent planes down here at all." That's the only explanation! "At least he looks more afraid than me…" Which— is only the smallest consolation. "Do you think I'd be fired if I took a picture of him like that?"

The plane gives a rattling shudder and a hard bounce, making everyone lift off their seats, unbalancing Cody who isn't. The chicken, gives a shriek of sound, wings flapping into the Co-pilots seats, which sends Poco's dog start to bark wildly. The pilot looks up at a display above his head, where a light shows a bright red and taps a finger against it, until it goes to green. "There's turbulence today." He shouts loud enough from everyone. "Better keep those seat belts on."

Mark has no problem following this order and even gives it a test tug as he's vibrated by the shuddering of the plane. Of course, the view gets distracting when Cody moves into his view… or the back of her does. The plane gives a heavy cough with another shudder, it pulls Mark's attention away from the view and he leans forward around Cody. "Does the plane always make that noise?!"

The Pilot gives Mark an odd look, then grins at him, tho something seems off about it. "Oh sure, senior. Alllll the time." A flicker of a glance goes back to that panel, black brows dropping into a furrow.

A hand drops to his shoulder, as eases the explorer back, so that Mark can look at his neighbor, Cory, their medic. "Be calm, brotha. I didn't bring anythin' for anxiety, besides… you've remember that one plane we had… this is much betta then that one."The hand pats his shoulder, before releasing it and setting back as the plane bobs again.

"But at least that one flew smooth." Mark grumbles softly.

Poco glances over at Mark and Cody, a grins toothily, his gaze moves to the explorer and wags his brows. "That is quite the view there… I am jealous." Of course, this is shouted very loudly since he has that music blasting.

Mark's eyes roll and he looks at Cody with a barely tolerant look.

"Jaysus!" Dee mutters as she's lifted from her seat, and Yossarian burrows further down into the bag. Meerkat is not fond of flying, evidently. Dee, thinking it best if Yossarian stayed put, too, zips up the bag again before he can escape and go chicken-hunting.

Putting the bag on the floor, she grips her seat, giving an uneasy look in Laurel's direction. "Y'think she'll shake apart b'fore we get where we're goin'?" she asks, half-jokingly. Still, the noises that the plane's making are fairly disturbing, to say the least.

"Cameras all ready?" she goes on to ask, to take her friend's mind off the rough ride.

Jamie tries, really tries, not to laugh… but the jolt as the plane hits the turbulance has her laughing just a little again. "That shook the plane a lot harder than my laughing," she says to Saul with a grin. She, at least, doesn't seem the slightest bit afraid. To her, it's all adventure! To the photographer, she comments, "Bet you'd only be fired if you posted it on Facebook."

A lazy glance is given to the front as Jo ensures her seatbelt is fastened even tighter. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) her sleep-deprived self dozes off easily enough, drifting in and out of the waking world, even as the plane rattles and shakes. Flying doesn't terrify her, and her eyes are so tired.

Turbulence is getting to the point where what composure Alexandra has is harder and harder to keep. If this one is much better than the old one…what they heck were they flying before? Macguyver-style planes with duct tape and trash bags? Wait, she doesn't want to know, so she doesn't ask - the answer might be exactly that. Bouncing out of her seat at the violent air, she gives a little yelp, and looks around the plane at everyone else (how the hell could you be sleeping at a time like this?? Don't you know we're going down in a firey ball of DEATH?!). Ok, so that all stays inside her head, but seriously, Alex is practically hyperventilating.

Giving his young ward a look that barely passes for tolerant, Saul reaches over and places a strong hand on the girl's shoulder. "Stop, Jamie." By the sheer tightness of his grip, it's plain to see that he might be just a little bit worried about their current state of affairs. The tightness around his eyes, the clenching of his jaw, it can all be put together into a very tense package and labeled Saul.

The last jar of the plane actually has Cody casting a worried glance toward Mark. Then quicker than an Aussie or Englishman can say "Bob's yer uncle" she's tossing a chicken over her shoulder and buckling into the co-pilot's seat. There's no headgear for her, she just quickly manages to scan over the equipment and memorize what goes where. Looking at her face, Mark might be able to surmise that yes, she's a little worried after that last one.

"Ack!" Laurel says at the jumping, holding firm to her precious belongings. Digital cameras and all the memory cards she brought are expensive! Though they're all ones she had before. "I— yeah, I only brough the digital ones. Since I didn't have Rudy to lug around my stuff like in Africa." There's a shuddered inhale. "The plane we took to Bots whatever that country was wasn't this rough! And that was Africa." Like Africa is less civilized than the Amazon, in her mind.

As Cody slides into the the co-pilot spot, the guy flying the plane, gives her a worried look, but doesn't protest her taking the spot. His arms vibrate from the rough running of the engines and when Cody grabs the yoke, she can feel it too.

Of course, when Cody tosses the chicken, Mark gets a lap full of the squawking bird, which he shoves off his lap with a wrinkle of his nose. "Why in gods name would a pilot bring a chicken on the plane?!?"

The pilot leans back and says, "She's my lucky charm, senior… can't crash with her on board! She was blessed by a holy man."

And that is about the time the engine starts to sputter and cough, an alarm starts to blare and the red light is back with a few others. The people on the right side of the plane can see oily black smoke start to pour out of the engine.

Mark looks out his window and presses his lips together in a look that saws he is not surprised. "Oh great… he jinxed us."

"I don't understand! It passed inspection this morning, senior!" The pilot is now panicking, as he pushes at buttons and both him and Cody and feel the plane resisting their guidance. The plane lurches again and there is the sound of metal groaning. In front of them, the greenery is looming into view and the pilot gives up on what he's doing to grip the yoke with both hands as he shouts. "Hold on!"

Really, everything's going to be absolutely fine. Until it's not. Dee notes with some worry that Cody's in the co-pilot's seat, though that's only precautionary, right?

«My head feels funny,» the chicken notes, which is the first sign - to Dee - that something's wrong. Perhaps a depressurisation in the cabin as the plane drops; a moment later, she feels it, too. And a moment after that, she sees the smoke.

In situations like these, Dee always thought she'd be the calm one, bravely keeping the others under control, praying for a safe landing. She does give it an effort, actually, and even manages an 'It's gonna be aw'right,' before shouting as the butterflies creep up in her stomach. This is followed by digging her fingernails soundly into Laurel's arm.

Maybe it's Saul's grip on her arm, or maybe it's the screaming alarm or ther yelling pilot, but Jamie suddenly grows very serious, gripping her own seat a little tighter as she looks up to Saul and then towards the front of the plane. She bites her lip, but now she's silent. Ready to change at a moment's notice too, if necessary.

"Oh shit…oh hell…oh damn, oh damn, oh shit…" is pretty much what spews out of Alexandra's mouth about the time the alarm goes off, the engine sputters, and the smoke begins to pour out of the engine, quite visable through the windows where she's sitting. Her fear of flying is now suddenly very, very justified, no matter that this is some rigged-up looking little plane and not the big, comfortable jetliner sorts. Either way, they're going down, and she's gone deathly pale. She peels her hands out of the metal tubes of the seats long enough to slap them over her eyes, putting her head down and forward - crying AND assuming the crash position.

Like King Protector, Saul reaches over Jamie and gives her the stop short move that many parents do when they hit the brakes a little too hard at a stop light. Then his hand moves to the back of her neck as he reacts quickly to shove the girl's head between her knees. He can see the tops of the trees, he knows this isn't a good thing. Leaning closer to her, the Mexican murmurs into her ear. "Don't hesitate, if you need to, just do it."

Gripping the yoke tightly, Cody clenches her jaw as her muscles strain to pull it back. Her arms literally vibrate and the sweat begins to pour down her forehead. A quick glance is thrown back to Mark, her eyebrows knitting together, one of her eyes even twitching before she looks forward again. Taking a deep breath, she works to calm herself, no use scaring the chicken when her hair begins flying back into the cabin in clumps. They're going to crash, she knows it, and the thoughts running through her mind are in sequence. I forgot to call Dad before I left… I hope Mark knows to duck and tuck… I'm hungry… Damnit Max is going to be pissed if I don't come back…

"Um— Dee— I can't…" Laurel starts to whine a little as things start looking dire. And it's not just because she suddenly has fingernails digging into her arm. As people start going down over their belongs with her, she does too, but she still hisses against the camera case. The hiss actually comes off more as a whine, but she sounds both frustrated and terrified. But unable to let herself be truly terrified. Last thing the plane needs is invisible walls that don't move popping up around them.

They can all hear the first of the tree top, scrape along the bottom of the plane. It gets louder as green starts to fill their view from the window. There is a jerk that throws everyone forward in their seats, the squeal and tear of metal as the wheels are ripped off the plane.

After that it just becomes a blur and flashes of this and that. One wing getting torn off, pitching the plane to the side, it starts tumbling through the canopy. The other wing comes off about the time the start seeing the ground. Branches whack along the sides, breaking windows.

One particular branch looms in the distance, Cody sees it, eyes wide she ducks, just in time for the front window to crumple, sending a spray of glass back over everyone.

The pilot is crushed instantly.

Bouncing along the ground, the tail end splits taking some of the passengers with it, from there the plane disintegrates. Mark finds himself tumbling out of the plane, and with a sharp pain at the back of his skull and his world goes black…


Eyes flutter open and slowly focus on the world above him. Strangely the sky is dark and hazy above him, with black billowing clouds. It makes his brows furrow in confusion. Then the sound and scents comes rushing back, the crackle of a fire and nose rankling smell of stuff burning, the groans and pained cries of other passengers.

Mark moves to sit up, but gives a small hiss of pain as his head starts pounding viciously. A hand moves to press at the back of his head and comes away covered in blood. Not good. He rolls onto his side and stops, breath catching, his eyes wide as he looks around him.

All around him is chaos, broken greenery, bodies and twisted metal. What's left of the Boeing 80A-1 — which isn't much — is wrapped around a giant tree, the rest lays spread out over the forest floor. That tree has Mark slowly looking up, until he's on his back again, the rainforest canopy spread out above the wreckage.

Where were they?

"Cody?!" He calls out, his voice rough, "Jo!?" His moves to lean against a tree, a hand going to his head again as it swims. "Dee?! Alex?!"

It's Jo that he sees first, unconscious laying like a limp ragdoll on the ground, a hunk of the plane playing on top of her, Mark starts shuffling his way too her, his eyes search for the others.

It's awhile before Dee comes to. She's not actually sure how she managed to pass out, actually - that part's all a bit of a blur. At first, when she opens her eyes and gets a good whiff of the damp amazon soil under her, she's sure she somehow made it out unscathed. That's when she feels the sting of something in her eyes, and realizes fairly soon after that it's blood. Pain follows as she realizes that she is, indeed, hurt. Common sense dictates that she should find out where and how badly, but the idea of moving seems pretty appalling.

«Yossarian?» No answer. «//Yossarian!?»

She can't help it. Despite being the toughest poacher-hunter in Africa, she's now blinking back tears. Of pain, mostly, but also… Well, she has absolutely no idea what the hell they're going to do now.

"I'm… I think I'm okay," the Australian voice comes through the cries of the others. Probably not the first voice Mark wanted to hear, but at least it's something. Pushing herself up is difficult; she's all cut up thanks to the glass, her knee is sore to the point where it's impossible to put pressure on, and she's got a killer headache from hell. "Laur? Laurel?" Limping over to the nearest person, she checks to see if it's her friend.

There's not a single scream from Jamie. Probably because the instant the crash starts, as the pilot is being crushed, Jamie is turning into water, splashing ahead and onto the others ahead of her in the plane. Thankfully, as her seat goes tumbling out the plane as it splits apart. While the others are blacked out, she's taking time to bring herself together into one large puddle again, making her way back to search for Saul while still a liquid.

If it weren't for that whole plane crash thing, this would be moderately enjoyable. Oh, and the heat. And the humidity. Lying chest-down in that damp earth (oooooh thank you thank you thank you), pinned by the seat she was sitting in and a sheared piece of the fuselage, Alexandra comes to. Something warm and wet is running down the back of her neck and over her shoulder on one side, and from the temple and forehead on the other side. "Owwwwwww," Alexandra groans out, not hesitant at all sinking her fingers into the earth and (with a little help of her powers) pulling herself out of the wreckage. Her legs are numb, but she can move them, like she hit her funny bone. It should be loud enough for Mark to hear, along with the scraping of metal as she pulls herself out…and winds up smearing some dirt on her face as she rubs the wound to check out. "OWWWWW," she says a little louder at that!

Saul is nowhere to be found. Not among the debris, not among the foliage.

Up in the canopy above, the nose of the plane balances precariously from a tangle of branches of the Kapok trees. If Cody doesn't answer right away it's because she's being held almost 200 feet in the air and likely can't hear the man on the ground below. She's frozen in place, almost too afraid to move, even to breathe. Turning her head slowly, she eyes the dead pilot beside her, almost thinking he's the lucky one. There's the jarring motion as one of the branches begins to snap and the self appointed co-pilot stops breathing. Yep… Max is going to be sooooo pissed.

"D— dee?" Laurel says, stirring where she still clings to her metal case. The chances her camera might be undamaged may be small, but for the moment, she looks remarkably well put together. Visible abrasions, but no deep gashes. As she gets herself sat up, she doesn't notice anything broken. There's tears running down her cheeks from her eyes, running through the dust trails. Her hair's wild. "Are you okay? Is— is everyone okay? Where's— where's Yossarian??"

"I found him!!" Comes the reedy voice of Poco, as he holds up his chihuahua, it's black and white tail tuck tightly under, one ear half gone, but he looks intact. Poco gives Mark a grin, who is turn stares at him strangely, while trying to make Jo comfortable. The dog is lowered slowly and Poco suddenly really looks at what happen. "Dios Mio…" The words are breathed out softly.

"Cory?!" Mark straightens, from Jo glancing around for the medic. "Cory!!"

There is a sound of branches cracking and breaking, and a large object smashed to the ground several feet from Mark. The explorer recognizes it as a body right away, and quickly move to it, leaving Jo for the moment. Gently, he grips the shoulder of the body, but just by the red sure he's wearing, the Lane heir knows who this is. Gently, he pulls on that shoulder to see the bloodied face of their medic, Cory.

Letting go quickly, Mark scoots back from the body, eyes wide… though his head swims again with the quickness of his movement. "Damn… Cory. I'm sorry man." He whispers, moving back to the medic. Carefully, with a grimace he starts to peal the medical backpack off the man, they are going to need it. He can feel his own bumps, bruises and cuts.

More groaning above his head, has Mark looking up where he sees the nose. "Oh shit." Stumbling to his feet, he slings the strap of the bag over his shoulder and starts shouting. "Everyone! Move!" He move to point up, but a sharp pain his his shoulder prevents it. His other hand, moves to feel a sliver of metal sticking there… Oh great.

It's not something he can be concerned about, since he needs to move Jo. Normally, one wouldn't just move some one like that, but right now Mark doesn't have a choice. He hooks hands under her armpits and starts to drag her away from the planes nose, Poco moving to help him by grabbing her feet.

Dee seems to be all right. There's a huge bruise on her leg right around the knee area, but as time goes on, she's able to put more and more weight on it. Maybe it was just sore from being under stuff. More likely, it popped out somewhere along the way, popped back in, and is going to give her a hard time for the foreseeable future. There's also a gash somewhere above her hairline, as well as the more minor cuts from the flying glass.

The hug she gives Laurel is really more of a pat on the shoulder, mostly because Mark is shouting and she looks up to see the plane about to fall on Mark, Jo, and their tourguide. "Laur, I know yer spooked, but they need a forcefield now. Can ya manage?" Dee would run over and help, but she isn't running anywhere right now.

With one hand still on Laurel's shoulder, she's looking up at the plane, when she sees… "Oi, is that someone up there?" Cody. But she can't tell just yet, despite the squinting. They'll worry about that one later. Giving Laurel's shoulder a squeeze, Dee offers silent encouragement.

While Jamie has no luck finding Saul, she does, at least, manage to find a piece of clothes that had tumbled from her bag during the crash. Her least favorite piece of clothes, but the yellow sundress gives her something to wear at least as she changes back to human. As soon as she's human again she calls out, "Saul!?" Still, she hears Mark's words, and quickly scrambles away from the plane.

Quick is subjective. Alex does move away from the plane, but it's very, very gingerly and with a distinct limp; her ankle is really right inside her boots, twisted all to hell, but thankfully not broken, since she can at the very least stand on it. "What the hell did we get ourselves into…?" she wonders to herself, before dragging herself away from the plane enough to rest against a tree, head her on her. She winces as she moves, sore all around, bruised across her chest and ribs no doubt, and gimping on that ankle.

Closing her eyes, Cody uses all of her concentration to grow and wind her hair out of the plane. the nose jars again as another branch breaks and drops to the forest floor below. She can hear the crash and her heart stops, this really isn't the way she wanted to go. One, there's nothing really fun about plummeting to your death. Two, there's no food involved. Three, the only man around is dead…

Very slowly, her hand moves to unclip the belt keeping her in the seat. All the while, her hair weaves and winds through the branches around her until…



A heart stopping series of branches free themselves from the tree and go crashing down to the floor below. Without their support, the nose of the plane teeters and then makes its plummet to the ground.

They're scared, and—

The plane is falling. And they may not be able to move fast enough. Laurel closes her eyes. The plane that's about to go crashing down on top of the injured woman suddenly impacts something. It's solid, whatever it is, and doesn't budge. Debris flake off and impact the solid invisible structure. There's a groan, but not from those under it, but from the brunette who crouches inward on herself again. The impact seems to have gotten to her a little. There's a shudder, and she reaches up to touch her nose, a bead of blood. "They need to move— I don't know how long it'll last."

And she just outed herself to her boss. Will she get fired now?

There is the sound of rustling leaves near Alexandra, like something is running. With an unhappy squawk of sound the chicken break out of the brush and sprints over the telekinetic legs and onward, wings held out as if to say, 'I am out of here suckers.' When the nose hits the ground with a resounding crash and a puff of dust, the chicken changes it's direction of flight, and disappears into the jungle again… it's too dangerous around there!!

Mark and Poco both drop to the ground and cover Jo's body as best they can as the rest of the plane drops from the trees with a loud boom as it impacts. Mark's head slowly turns and he looks up, eyes go wide at the sight of the plane suspended above them. "Poco…. we need to move." He says, ignoring the pain in his shoulder to grab the unconscious woman.

Poco can't help but look up and… well… scream. Sounds a lot like a girl too. There is no help form the guide as he takes off, scrambling to get out from under the hovering plane. This leaves the elder Lane boy, to work on dragging Jo out from under it himself. Already he's feeling worn out from the effort and the injuries. He doesn't know who is doing that, but he's not about to look a gift horse in the mouth!

"I know, just hold out for a second longer…" Dee says, looking over her shoulder as Mark continues to drag Jo away. "You bloody moron! Geddouttathere!" is shouted at Poco as he screams his fool head off. As soon as (she THINKS!) everyone is clear, Dee turns back to Laurel. "Okay, it's okay. Let it fall, Laur, that's good." Hopefully everyone's out of the way, because that's going to be a heavy surprise, if not.

Shifting her weight on the leg that isn't killing her, the vet tries to focus on the animals in the surrounding area. They're obviously confused as hell, and they're very territorial, angry, and frightened. Dee's trying to calm then down in an attempt to find out where they are.

A relief to her is that she can hear the tiny voice of Yossarian above the cacophony of angry native fauna. The bugs here are apparently delicious. Plane crash? WHAT plane crash?!

Jamie blinks as the plane stops so suddenly, but then rolls her eyes at the screaming Poco. She makes her way quickly over by the others as they get out from under the plane, and says to Poco, "It's ok, it's just someone saving your life, and theirs. Should be happy, not scared." She turns her attention back to the jungle around them for a few moments then, not calling out this time but looking for any signs of her guardian still, at least until the others are fully out from under the plane.

The quiet little reverie there against the tree is broken up by Poco's shrill girl scream. "What the…?" Alexandra says, spinning around in time to see the plane falling from the trees…and then stopping suddenly! She's oddly nonplussed about the situation since she has seen some strange stuff since coming to New York (and now the Amazon). Maybe…she should nudge the plane over? Maybe? Nothing like cutting a tree only to have it turn and fall right into the house, right?

She gimps a few steps toward the group under the bubble of…whatever the heck that bubble is made of. "I'm going to tip it! Just…be ready to back out, I guess?" Alex's voice is a little shaky, and so is her hand, but she's back on solid ground now, which is definitely the best thing that's happened to her today. The soil here is soft and damp, quite easy to manipulate, but it doesn't have a lot of density or force behind it unless it's very compacted. Either way, she closes her eyes and focuses, making a pillar of earth, just enough to reach up and nudge the part of the plane and tip it in the right direction. It hits the thin metal with the soft patter of, well, dirt on metal, before it shores up a little, and starts to tilt the top of the torn piece of place away from those under the bubble.

Among the wreckage of the now defunct nose, the pilot's seat comes loose and slides off the forcefield. His unseeing stare pointed at the survivors, as if accusing them, blaming them for his death while they endure. It's not fair.

The co-pilot's seat is empty, Cody wasn't in it.

Still 200 feet in the air, the now bald woman rests inside a web woven of her own hair. "Fuck I'm hungry…" she murmurs. Looking to her side, she finds a strange flower and without thinking, she reaches out to pluck it from its mooring. There's no hesitation, it could be poisonous but at the moment she's just too hungry to care. Flower after flower is pulled from the tree, along with leaves as the woman grazes like a giraffe at the top of a tree. Not until she's somewhat sated does a short stubble of blonde hair crop from her skull.

Well, seeing a pillar of earth rise up makes things a little less 'look at me!' for Laurel, so she makes a sound of relief as she lets the forcefield fall down, sending the plane crashing the rest of the way away from the group that she was trying to protect. Thanks to that additional help. Maybe no one will care about whatever managed to stop it in the first place! With it down, she's able to breath more steady, and shakes her head. "I haven't had anything actually hit it in a while— certainly not that big." And it was suspended in mid-air! Defying the laws of—

A world that defies many laws already.

Once the two of them are safe, Mark gently lowers Jo to the ground, before he drops to the ground knees, then twists to lay down, being careful not to jar the sliver of metal in his shoulder. Her finally allows himself to groan, head dropping back to rest on the ground, the medical pack next to him.

Who knows where Poco is, but his little dog, waddles over to lick at Mark's cheek. A hand weakly moves, to push the dog away. "Go away you little yappy… thing." He grouses, but the dog goes back to licking, which forces Mark to sit up.

Without his glasses, Mark has to squint to see the others. "Everyone okay? We need to get some sort of shelter…" He glances upward to look at where the sun might be and then blinks. "Cody?!?"

Dee's eyes narrow as she looks toward Mark, then follows his gaze upward to where she was looking before. Is tha Cody? "Cor, what the hell's she stuck in??" she asks incredulously, trying to get a better look. It kind of looks like one of those tangly spider-web cocoons you see in the forest when you're going on a long drive through the middle of nowhere.

As she steps toward the sight, she notes the dead pilot on the ground in front of them. Far from being repulsed, she bends down to touch a hand to his neck. He's… Obviously quite dead, but it's respectful to check anyway. Her eyes close, and she wrinkles her nose just a little as she pulls his eyes shut.

Her attention turns upward again, toward Cody.

«Can you tell me if she's okay?»

«What is okay?»

«Alive, moving?»

«It-she is eating all our food! We will starve!»

Monkey is not happy. "She's okay! Dee says to Mark. "She's eatin'— God, 'ope it's not poisonous…" Now how do they get her down?

Jamie nods quickly to Mark and says, "I'm ok. But dunno where Saul, my… guardian is." That's the term Saul's always using, even if it's a bit weird for the twelve-year-old. She looks up as the others do to see the woman way up in the tree, eyes widening, "Wow!" She looks then to the tree, thoughtfully, and says, "I can climb that. I can take a rope up to her… if we got one."

"Oh good lord," Alex mutters out as she looks up into the tree to get a sight of Cody up there. "Hope there's plenty of food to be had," she notes, having seen Cody's eating habits when it comes to being hairless and all. She'd offer to go up, but as just established up is not always good for Alexandra, so for the moment, she's just looking around and thinking over the options. Maybe someone else is better suited to help…even if Jamie's suggestion to climb up there gets a raised eyebrow.

As she's reaching for another bunch of flowers and leaves, Cody comes face to face with the monkey. There's the guttural snarl of an animal protecting its meal, that doesn't come from the animal. Blinking, Cody sits up in her web and slowly takes a bite of the flowers and leaves in her hand. Then, the bit that isn't chewed is slowly extended to the creature. Maybe as a little offering of peace.

"Sorry little guy… I get a bit…" Why is she talking to a monkey? And if there's a monkey here, where are the bananas. Those would be much better than flowers and leaves.

Lacing her fingers through the web of hair, Cody clings to it tightly before looking down to the little ants below. "HEY!" she yells, 200 feet is a long way to fall. "I'm going to be a little bit, I think… Uhm… I'm freaking hungry!" She knows that at least Alexandra and Mark will know what she means. Send food, ASAP please.

"I'm fine," Laurel says quietly, avoiding looking at the dead body, lest she faint, and instead looking wide eyed at the kid, missing her guardian. "Oh no!" she suddenly yells, before scrambling back to the place she landed. Lost her seat and everything else, she managed to hold on to the box with her camera, and she scrambles to get it open, check it over. A crack in the casing, but the fragile screen appears to be intact. Camera's okay, best friend is okay, best friend's precious pet…

The pilot may not be so lucky, but— it could have been a lot worse! "Does anyone know where we— … crashed?"

A glance to Dee and then Mark's gaze drops to Jamie, brows lifting high on his head. It is one thing to have the adults on the trip, but this was a young girl… this jungle is dangerous for someone so young. He can't help but stare at her for a long moment.

The shouting from in the trees has Mark looking up, then he carefully pushes himself to his feet, giving a hiss of pain as he puts too much weight on his shoulder. "She'll be fine for now guys. It's…." He glances upward, brows furrowing. "It's complicated."

Leaning down, he grips the young girls shoulder. "Stay here with Jo, I'll be right back." Mark limps towards some of the wreckage and starts moving it. "My pack is around her somewhere — I hope — there was a GPS in it and a map. I think we can hunker down under part of the fuselage for the night. "

The sun is starting to work it's way to the west, there is a lot of work to do. They are in the middle of the jungle, it might not be the vast ocean, but it's just as hard to find a plane in the deep jungle.

They will be searched for, but not very hard. It's not the first one to fall victim to the rainforest and it won't be the last. By the evening news, there will be new reports back in the states about a plane carrying so many Americans fell off the radar.

Welcome everyone to the Amazon, folks, your adventure has begun.

Let's hope we all survive it.

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