2008-02-09: Lost And Found


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Summary: What's thought to be lost may still be found. Heidi gets taken someplace safe.

Date It Happened: February 09, 2008

Lost and Found

The Bronx

It's still night, and it's still raining. Heidi's got herself tucked under an awning in the Bronx, and finds it suitably fitting that she blends in almost seamlessly with the homeless people who also live in the area. At least she's fairly warm since she grabbed another sweatshirt before she left, but she's still feeling pretty numb.

And hurt. She's bruised all over, cut in multiple places - including a slash across her chest, and a puncture wound near that. Both are rather deep, and still bleeding enough that it's making her weak, but she's still on her feet, waiting. In her possession is the revolver; everything else, including her phone, was left in the hotel room. That in and of itself was a mess.

Tugging on her sweatshirt, she looks at the brownish-red stains spreading across the front. "C'mon, Pete," she mutters. It's getting cold, and she's not sure if she can last much longer.


Can't last much longer? Well, it's a good thing she has a brother-in-law with a copious amount of abilities. There's a shifting in the rain and suddenly someone else is there, standing in the cold downpour. Peter's already a little damp, but the rain means he hurries under the awning rather fast. He's carrying a bundle of things wrapped up in a coat.

"Jesus, Heidi…" he says as soon as he gets under there, kneeling down nearby. He drops the bundle, in her coat he shoved a bunch of things, her purse, her phone… other personal identifiers. "The police showed up while I was cleaning up your stuff, there was so much blood… but I think I got everything— they didn't see me." Luckily, she missed the panic stage, when he almost lost it.

Not that he's worried about himself right now. He reaches toward her to try and check on her, to look into her eyes. "We need to get you somewhere warm and dry… how much are you hurt?"


Despite everything, she's still surprised when Peter suddenly appears. Unfocused eyes watch his approach quietly, with all the detachment of someone who's severely shell-shocked. "Logan… sent someone to kill me," she says, swallowing roughly, licking her lips, which have lost some colour thanks to the cold. At least she thinks it must have been Logan. Jack wouldn't act on his own, and Logan did threaten to kill her last time they met.

Her eyes finally focus when Peter looks into them, but they're still dull, despite the water that's dripping into them from her wet hair. "It was Jack. Jack tried to kill me. He thinks I'm dead - I played dead and he didn't check on me, so I think he thinks I'm dead. I think. I don't know how much I'm hurt." She's not going to lift up her shirt here and check, but the extensive redness on it should indicate something, anyway. "You can't let them know I'm alive, Pete. I got lucky."


"Jack…" Son of a bitch. Peter glowers for a moment before he touches her face, smoothing back her hair. The healing follows soon after. He knows it won't fix everything, but enough to get her moved… "I'll bandage you when we get to…" Where? His apartment's off limits— if he takes her to Elena's… He doesn't want her to know what her nuncle is capable of. Against a seemingly harmless woman. Who stabbed her husband in the back. That's probably why. "I have an idea."

He says, closing his eyes, picturing something far away, but somewhere he's checked on a few times. They don't have a house sitter there right now… One hand shifts down to grab the bundle of her coat.

Upstate Home - Vernon, New York

Suddenly they're in a kitchen of a dark house. It's cold, but not as cold as the outside. Chilled enough to show no one's using the house right now. "We're in the house in Vernon," he explains, grimacing. They barely use the house even at the best of times. "This should work for a little while." It had been one of his back up locations, somewhere he could go to in case all else failed. Actually, while he was on the run, right after killing Kaito, he stayed the night in this area. Not in the house, though.


It's enough to give her back a little bit of her strength, and take away some of the pain. "Yeah, Jack." Breathing more easily now, she moves a hand to her chest to assess the injury. It's mostly the bruising that hurts - where he beat the hell out of her - and that's the first thing she feels.

Still, she can't help feeling some pride. She got out of it, she shot him - she's not sure where, but she knows she did - and then she fooled him. Then, she managed to hang onto a rope and climb down five floors.

Teleportation. Handy trick, really. One moment she's cold in the rain in the Bronx, and the next, she's cold inside the Vernon house. Dusty, dark. Sheltered, though. Nodding in acknowledgement, she leans up against the nearest piece of furniture and lowers herself to the floor. "We can't turn anything on," she says. "I'll just need lots of blankets. Maybe a space heater."


"If he thinks you're dead, he won't come after you again," Peter says, looking over her carefully. He knows he should be looking for a first aid kit, turning on the electricity, but she's right… the house is still in Nathan's name. They could contact him if there's a power usage. "Not very long, then. I'll find you a hotel somewhere— put you in there under a false name. I've been doing this a while now, I'm getting used to it," he says, touching her cheek gently before he stands up, moving in a hurry to get to the blankets.

Blankets first. There's bottled water, a small generator, space heaters… he can get those together, at the very least. It's far enough out of the way that letting a generator run won't do too much.

When he returns, he's already carrying blankets, towels, a female's bathrobe and a change of clothes (that's either for Heidi or Angela), and he puts them down. The final thing on top is a first aid kit.

"He was drugged. He doesn't know what he's doing…" But he tried to kill her… Just like he tried to kill him. "I'll stop him."


While Peter is getting the blankets, Heidi pulls the sweatshirt over hear head. The tank top underneath is torn to near ribbons. Bruises are easy to see on her chest and shoulders, though they're not as bad-looking as they were before Peter healed her. There's a good amount of blood, but it's mostly dry by now. Currently, the place where Jack stabbed her is by far the worst looking of her injuries. Little bits of debris still cling to it, which she attempts to pick off. "Eventually, he'll know I'm alive," she says. Heidi isn't completely content with hiding, especially when she knows Nathan needs his family right now, but enough is enough. She can't keep storming in and getting herself hurt, and this is the second time now.

Turning toward Peter when he returns - hey, he's a nurse, so he's seen stuff like this before - she reaches for the first aid kit. "I don't care if he was drugged," she says flatly, and that's really all there is to that. Drugged or not, he tried to kill someone, and Heidi has less forgiveness in her heart for someone who's addicted to drugs than for her husband, who's suffering a disease. "Don't go after him, Pete. I don't want him accidentally learning that I'm alive. Just… give me a little while. I'm tired."


In ways she'll never know, Peter has sympathy for both. Mostly because he killed Kaito on what could almost be considered similar to an addition and a personality disorder in one. Don't go after him… he's getting tired of people telling him not to act and then wondering why he didn't later. It grates his nerves. Especially since him NOT going after Jack would be more of an indication that she's alive than anything else. Still, he nods. He's concerned about her more. Leaving her on the kitchen floor, he goes to the cabinets and opens them up until he finds bottled water. It'll be cold, but it'll help clean her up at least.

"We'll get you cleaned up, bandaged— and then I'll bring some things for you… We can assume that Logan knows anything and everything that Nathan does, so he might think I'd take you here, or stay here myself. We'll have you in a hotel room somewhere else soon…" If he has anything to say about it, he'd put her in a hotel in freaking Brazil, but he doubts she'd allow that to happen…

With the water, he does his best to clean out the wound, using his training. "I still need to go by Nathan's apartment before he gets back…" he adds, though he looks at her. That's probably not something they can do together anymore.


She just doesn't want to take the risk. If Peter goes after Jack, Jack might figure that someone had to tell Peter he was there, and the only person in the room was Heidi. And Spica, but Spica can't talk. Well, perhaps she could, to Peter, but it's unlikely that the cat remained behind. That's kind of sad - all this, and she lost her cat, too.

Heidi hisses through her teeth as Peter cleans out the wounds, fingernails digging into the kitchen floor in an effort to keep herself from yelling. She can't suppress a grunt or two, though, because it hurts, partially healed or not. "Nathan can't know, either." That's a given, of course, though Heidi wishes she could get the message to Nathan and not to Logan. It doesn't work that way, though. And, unfortunately, there's no body to be identified. Then she has an idea. Reaching out, she takes his arm — the power he used not too long ago…

"Pete? Can you look like me? Dead?"


"I don't think it works like that," Peter says in response, looking at her with a grimace. "And I don't know how well I'd hold onto it." There's a pause before he looks at her. He understands what she wanted him to do, but he can't do that… He wants to apologize, but there's no way he can bring himself to fully fake her death. Jack and Nathan can believe it for a while, but there's a line there that he's not sure he can cross. A line that includes her sons, and everything else that matters to her.

"If Jack thinks your dead, that should buy you a few days— Jack knows what to do with bodies, and he's on drugs. He might think he cleaned you up and just doesn't remember it…"

And if he could get to him before he meets Nathan, he could make him think he did that too. But he doesn't think he can. Unless he goes into his dreams. But he's not sure he could FIND his dreams…

"I'm sorry. I can't help you with that," he says with another grimace, as he continues cleaning her wounds to be bandaged.


Yeah, she probably wouldn't want it to be that extensive, either, honestly. She's not exactly thinking clearly at the moment… It seemed like a good idea when she said it, but the legal ramifications from being officially 'dead' would be extensive. Besides, Heidi's said it herself, she only wants a few days so she can recover. Maybe a week. Two. Leaning back on the cupboards, she laughs. "I'm just tired," she repeats, closing her eyes. "Just tired, Peter. I can handle myself if I just have a little time to rest. A hotel sounds good." Problem is, people recognise her. She's been on TV before with Nathan. She might get lucky with that, though, or perhaps she should consider a hotel a couple states over.

She sighs. "You know, I just want Nathan back. That's what all this is about… Why'd it have to happen to him? As if things weren't messed up enough before that."

And Jack. There's a lot she doesn't know about Jack, apparently. He knows what to do with bodies, he's addicted to drugs, and also Nathan's best friend. It makes her wonder if Nathan was keeping more from her than she knew. What if this has been going on for awhile?

She's starting to feel the tension that comes with hate, and it's not just directed at Logan, anymore. It's Jack, too.


"I can take you as far away as you need to feel safe," Peter says, cleaning out the wound, drying it with a towel, judging whether it needs stitches or not— he finally decides it does, and gets that ready. Why did this have to happen? It shouldn't have. None of this should have. By trying to change the future, he may well have jumpstarted it more quickly than he could have ever imagined.

"I don't know, Heidi—- I don't know why any of this is happening." Everything is wrong… everything is so full of anger and hate and blood…

"I love you, Heidi," he says after he gets the thread ready. He looks up to meet her eyes. The pain dulls out somewhat, as he uses his girlfriend's ability to help numb her so he can sew her up without any flinching. "I just want you to know that…" Family love. Platonic love. But love. In light of all the horror and pain… it's one thing he thinks needs to be said. "You did good— staying alive. I don't know what I would have done if I lost you too."


After steeling herself for the stitches, she's quite grateful when they don't hurt at all. "Maybe Pennsylvania. Or Ohio, or Michigan. Somewhere where they won't recognise me." And some small town, too, with a small hotel and no city traffic. Somewhere where she can stop being so angry. "I think everything's going to turn out okay. You think so?" Something has to give sooner or later.

With her body on the mend and the pain diminished, she's starting to feel sleepy. "Think it's okay if I sleep?" she asks, not knowing much about when it's okay to rest when you've lost a lot of blood. She's always been in the hospital before. Taking Peter's hand, she smiles. "I was taking a chance. Didn't know if he'd…" She doesn't want to think about what would have happened if Jack hadn't relented. Heidi just played it like she saw it in the movies. "I love you, too, Piglet."


"I'll get you a hotel room tomorrow— somewhere far enough away," Peter assures quietly, as he sews up the remaining opening of the knife wound so it heals better. It doesn't take too long. He's done before she puts her hand on his and he looks up and meets her eyes. "Yeah— you can get some sleep. I'll help you get to one of the beds," he says, watching her. She loves him too… but she didn't know. She had no way of knowing if she'd be okay. No way at all. In some ways that makes the horror even worse. It twists his mouth, visible around his eyes. He could have lost her. He almost did.

Nathan almost lost her too, and then… what if he had nothing left to come back to? If Logan destroyed everything Nathan needed most?

"We have to stay safe. The two of us." For each other. For Nathan. He leans in closer, pressing his forehead against hers as his eyes close. He's warm, but still damp, his hair tickles against her.


Considering everything that was going on, and Jack's state of mind, Heidi felt that playing possum would be the best course of action. There was no way she could have fought back. Jack was stronger, better-prepared, and obviously crazier than Heidi was at the time. Never get between and insane man and his endeavour, right?

She just made that up, but it fits.

She allows Peter to help her up, after ruffling his hair. "I'm tough," she says in the sort of tone that Simon or Monty would use as an argument, though she's attempting a weak smile, as well. Heidi isn't indestructable, though… Not like Peter, and she can definitely die.

"It'll turn out okay," she says again, taking a few deep breaths, and pulling on the robe over her shoulders. So cold in here, but there are plenty of blankets. "Can you just stay for a couple hours, Peter? Just to make sure no one shows up?"


"I know you're tough, but I'd like it if you don't have to prove it anymore, you know?" Peter says with a hint of a brotherly tease on there, one that gives way to a genuine form of concern. He isn't saying it cause he's angry with her for what she did do, he's worried that she'll have to do it again.

"I can stay a while," he adds, moving to help her stand, with the blankets. "It'll be warmer in one of the bedrooms," he adds, specifically choosing to manuever her to one of the smaller ones, since they hold heat better in general. Carpeting. Two bodies in the room will also help warm it up, while she dries off and gets under the blanket. Lucky for her, he can see in the dark, so she doesn't have to worry about not being able to see.

"You need to dry off completely before you get under the covers— they're a dusty so they might itch, but… you'll be safe." And he'll stay here for a couple hours, like he promised. He does need to go check out Nathan's apartment… but that can wait til she's sound asleep, and he can do it as quickly as possible to get back and be with her in the morning. Hopefully.

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