2009-10-24: Lost Highway



Guest Starring: Matt Parkman, Jr. + more

Date: October 24th, 2009


After the train rescue, Kitty attempts to take one of the tinest fugitives to safety. However, she and Matt Parkman, Jr. have some more obstacles to face before the day is over.

"Lost Highway"

Rural NY

So.. after following Rebel's instructions Kitty was in the clear! With no clear idea of what direction she was going in, or where she wanted to go.. since she's like.. a fugitive now. Still dressed in the same clothes as when she helped rescue the kids from the train, her leather jacket is now laying on the front seat, her shoulder bleeding slowly, but not steadily. She has a few napkins bunched up behind her to soak up the blood.

"Ahh." She says and runs a hand through her hair, her eyes are dark as she scans the road driving, her gaze drifts to the rearview mirror and she spots the one thing that makes all of her pain worth it.

The thing that makes it all worth it for Kitty is an adorable sleeping baby. Actually, he's a toddler — a tiny handful of years old, as young as two, maybe three. He's still small, and he's still angelic while sleeping. A cherub in generic white footie pyjamas, scuffed up by who-knows-what during the rescue.

And then…

Then he wakes up. Bleary eyes peer around the car. Cue wails. Yeah. He's crying. And he's loud.


Kit mutters and she looks back at baby boy, he so cute! But now he's crying.. she keeps her hand with the injured shoulder on the wheel and reaches behind her with the other hand to wiggle his little feet. "Aw don't cry now little man. We'll stop somewhere soon." She says and smiles nervously at the baby in the backseat. "Come on.." she says, ok so she never took a Baby 101 course. But she knows that babies like funny faces. Cue, monkey face.

Blowing her cheeks out and making her eyes wide she tries to get the baby to look at her while she is driving. Ah yes, this isn't hard at all. Totally easy. Not.

The land Kitty drives through is mostly devoid of life. There's a dirt road and scrawny trees begin to replace the open farmland.

The monkey face might make the toddler happier, but he's got his eyes shut while he's crying and they're not opening. He flails chubby arms. The little guy has a small bit of the English language under his belt and he uses it to cry some conglomeration of "I want" and "MOMMMMMMMYYYYYYY!!!"

It's going to be a long drive.

…Or is it? Kitty's car suddenly sputters and abruptly shuts off in the middle of the long, dark, empty road.

Creepy Much?

Kit looks down at the car and hits the steering wheel.. no no no. She thinks to herself and then after the car is completely dead she unbuckles her seatbelt and crawls into the back of the vehicle and gets the boy out of the car seat, bouncing him on her lap she smiles at him and rubs his head. "It's ok.. it's ok." She can check on the vehicle later, no doubt she'd be able to see what the problem was and fix it to get it running.

Matt Parkman, Jr. knows that Kitty isn't his mom. And so he cries. And cries. And cries!

He stops eventually, only to look up at Kitty with those bright young eyes of his and sniffle, mumbling incomprehensible toddler garble.

"Ok, whew." Kit says softly and rubs Matt Jr's back. Her face breaks open to a nice smile and she looks around the road. It's dark.. and she.. could go see what the car needs to be able to run again but.. she has baby that just stopped crying so she'll have to wait until he is sound asleep for her to start the work on it.

"Don't worry, we'll figure this out little guy." She bounces him gently on her lap. Her shoulder still throbbing but not hurting as much as it did earlier.

As the little boy starts to calm down, despite his dribbling, he balls his tiny fists and kicks hit feet repeatedly against the car seat. Are we going for a ride?!

The engine suddenly roars to life, the headlights illuminating the dark road ahead.

"Would you look at that.." Kitty smiles down at the baby and straps him back in before hopping back into the front seat. Looks like they are going on a ride! She puts the car into gear and pulls away, going down the road in a steady pace.

Her eyes travel back to the baby, "Well that was weird, wasn't it."

The car manages to drive on in peace for a few minutes. Baby Matt is not peaceful, though — he reaches out toward the front seat. If his mom isn't here, and Kitty is the only substitute, well, he wants Kitty. It isn't until he actually starts crying that the car utterly and completely dies again.

The toddler stops wailing, looks innocently at Kitty and giggles.

Up in the distance, the gruff bark of a dog sounds, and the beam of a flashlight whisks across the dirt road.

"Why you little.." Kitty says and despite the circumstances she can't help but chuckle back at the baby, "So that's why they took you away, hmm?" she asks and then reaches back to get baby Parkman from the carseat and then he is sitting on her lap. When she hears the bark and sees the flashlight. "Uh oh." She says and then holds the baby close. "Ok.. we have to play the quiet game.." she say as she sinks down into her seat, looking over the steering wheel to see who it is out there.

Government agents? Police? Attack dogs?!

A German Shepherd with a red-and-white paisley bandana tied to its collar comes bounding down the road, barking fiercely deep in its throat. It runs straight up to the car, scrambling to jump against the driver's side door, clawing with heavy paws. You can't hide from a dog's nose, no matter how quiet you are!

"You git back here!" a man's voice shouts. "Ya damn dog! What'd you find, Rube?" Attached to the flashlight beam, which shines onto the hood of Kitty's car, is a man. In his sixties, with a scruffy, greying beard and splotchy red cheeks, he's wearing an orange hunting cap and a plaid jacket.

Uh.. hello stranger. The young woman looks at the man and the dog and rubs Parkman's back so he doesn't get to scared. "Um, hello!" she says and waves at him, she has to be friendly right.. though her other hand snakes down to where her pistol is holstered.. she tilts her head at him.

"Puppy!" The toddler squirms and reaches out to the window, all smiles.

The "puppy" barks ferociously, gnashes its teeth and slobbers all over Kitty's window — until it's pulled back by the collar and the man in the plaid jacket leans down. He raps on the window, smiles genially and waves at those inside. "Car troubles?"

"Rolling down the window, yes it seems to have just stopped on me." She says, putting an extra brightness in her tone. She's gonna go for the uber happy go lucky chick look with this stranger. "Little Ray Bob here wouldn't stop hollering, until just before you showed up." Kitty pats 'Little Ray Bob' back and smiles down at the baby.

"Well that's some luck," the man says with a click of his tongue and a low whistle. He staggers slightly as he tries to keep the dog in check. "Sorry about the yammerer here, she got away on me when she got your scent. Listen, my wife and I live just up the road," he says, good-natured. "It's cold, how 'bout you come walk up to the house. I have a tow-truck, I can bring your car in under the light and have a look."

"Why thank you." She say and places Baby in the passenger seat as she grabs her jacket and slips it on, the wound in her shoulder could be seen for split second, the young woman rolls the windows up and after putting her pistol in her boot holster she opens the door and climbs out with the baby in her arms. "I thought I was just gonna have to stay here for the rest of the night, all alone." Kit says and smile down at the dog.

The fellow and his dog hustle back to give Kitty room. "Name's Shep. This here is Ruby." The dog, as it turns out, is just exuberant. Her tongue is lolling eagerly while her brush-like tail wags. Shep nods at Kitty. "You okay miss? You hurt?"

The toddler hangs onto Kitty, transfixed on the dog, laughing every now and then. Even after his ordeal, he's still a toddler. Joy can be brought simply by a dog in a bandana after being the world's tiniest fugitive.

"Oh.. yeah, it's a long story." Kitty says and waves her head, "We'll talk about it when we get to your place?" she says looking over her shoulder. "Why do you live in the middle of nowhere? If don't mind my asking." She says and looks at the older man with a gentle smile.

The man nods along to Kitty, not prying, but he does say: "Hope you're not in any trouble." Young lady out alone at night with a baby in the middle of nowhere, after all… "We like it quiet," he answers as he leashes Ruby and starts to mosey along down the road. "We own some land, a few miles east. Got a little farm, some horses. Take this slice of nothin' over the city any day."

True to his word, there is a house up ahead. Only several minutes away. Its shining light was obscured by the trees, but now it's prominent at the end of a long, narrow driveway, small and cozy with a garage attached. They have a small lawn but a lot of lawn gnomes. An older woman in a bathrobe is already in the doorway. "Did I hear barking?! Rube!"

"Well this is the perfect place to be for quiet." She says and rotates her shoulder with a hiss. Her eyes squinting at the bright light from the house. Her hands are holding the baby tightly and she says softly to the older man. "Name's Katboham." She says, the first name that came to mind.. why did that come to mind?

"Pleased to meet you, Kat. And little Ray Bob." Shep leads the way with his flashlight, as there are no street lights all the way out here. There are little solar lights leading up to the house, though, and the warm light from the windows and door soon means he can shut the flashlight off. A few old cars sit off to the side of the driveway, plus a newer car in the yard.

He lets the dog off the leash and she runs toward the woman at the door, all glee. "This young lady and her little guy were stranded, found 'em on the road!" Shep calls out. "C'mon, let's get you inside. Rita will take care of you." He veers off toward the garage.

The woman at the door jogs down. Short, petite, silver-and-brown hair pulled back into a tight bun, the terrycloth-robe clad woman is quick to fuss. "At this hour! Pumpkins! You must be froze— Ruby, get out've my way! — "Inside, inside. What were you doing driving through here?"

"Came from the city, the car just broke down all of a sudden and then that nice gentleman. Found us." Kitty explains simply and smiles at Rita, Kit plays with Parkman's hand as they follow the older woman into the house.

The house is small, warm; hardwood, mostly. Handmade wooden furniture. It's absolutely full of angel statuettes and religious-themed decorative plates and paintings. Rita and Ruby lead the way. "Can I get you some tea? Hot cocoa? You look pale! We have pie." She must like visitors!

Outside, some clunking around can be heard as Shep opens the garage door.

Matt Jr. squirms again. If only he could get on the floor.

"Your little guy reminds me of my grandson— oh, let him down! He can't reach anything!" says the woman, Rita.

"Tea please." She says and sets Baby Parkman down, watch him ZOOM off! The young woman sits down in a chair and rubs her temples, she'll need some sleep or something soon. The wound has to be taken care of. "His daddy.. well he didn't like me taking him away." Thus Kitty reveals her gunshot wound to the older woman. "I can't go to the cops, it's to messy and.. well considering my profession, I'd not like the police knowing I turn tricks. If you know what I mean." She says and raises an eyebrow at the older woman.

The little Parkman doesn't zoom off, but he tries. He toddles as fast as he can into the living room, footie pyjamas pounding on the colourful handmade rug. He's unsteady and resorts to crawling after a few seconds. He goes straight for the TV but it distracted by Ruby following after and licking his face. Squeal!

Rita fusses with the tea kettle. At the stove, she looks over her shoulder, owl-eyed at Kitty. She looks to the toddler and back to the woman. "Oh… oh I see," she says quietly. Her wrinkling face just about blanches. "I… I'll finish making your tea, m-miss, you look awful cold, you know, after what you've been through…" She slowly inches out of the kitchen. "…with your car breaking down and all, but after that I think you better leave. We— we don't normally allow people like yourself in our home." She reaches down to grab the baby.

Matt Parkman Jr. has other ideas. Actually, he's outright ignoring the lady behind him. He touches the antiquated TV set with his hand and it turns on. Lassie is airing on the local cable channel. He touches it again and it turns off. He does this over and over again, giggling; the dog thinks it's a game and starts barking every time the TV goes off and wagging her tail.

Rita stares. "DEVIL CHILD!!"

Quick draw, Kitty's innocent face vanishes and as she holds her berretta steady at the old woman. "Stay there, don't touch him." she says quietly. She shakes her head at the baby and smiles softly. "Couldn't hide it for a little while, guy huh?" she says and inches forward, picking Parkman up and facing him away from the old lady and the gun, she doesn't want him seeing this.

"I'm sorry.. that we came here. I just couldn't refuse your husband without looking rude." She says and backs up slowly, looking behind her towards the door.

Meanwhile, Shep, outside, is oblivious, and his truck rumbles out of the driveway.

Rita throws her hands up and backs away. "I've heard about kids like that! My daughter adopted a child who could— well, he could do things that weren't right! They were evil! It's because they come from people like you that indulge the devil!" She screeches.

Ruby barks at her, now, instead.

"J-j-j-ust get out," Rita says, legitimately terrified of the apparent prostitute with the gun and the seemingly otherwordly child.

"We are not demons and I'll have you know. It isn't our faults that we were born this way! What's your excuse for being a judgmental old witch, hm?" Kitty puts her hand on her hips as she stop at the front door and glares at the woman. "We aren't hurting anyone and it's people like you that have us in this situation in the first place! We aren't evil! We're just DIFFERENT." Kitty shrieks the last bit and bounces Parkman in her arm, she holsters the gun and begins to back out again. "I'm sorry." She says softly.. and then is out on the front porch. Now what.

The sound of the door locking can be heard behind. And stay out!

"Stay! STAY!!" What? No, Rita isn't shouting for them to come back after all. She's shouting at the dog, who weasels through the doggy door despite looking far too bulky to do so. Ruby powers outside and bombards the porch with her wagging tail. Kitty may not have Lachlan's skills in dog-whispering, but Ruby's dancing around seems to say: Hi again! Can I come with you?! Get me away from these crazy people!

"Puppy!" Matty is unconcerned with everything except that.

The garage door is open and empty. But there are those cars outside…

So.. which car to take. None of them have a car seat though! "Ok little guy, we're gonna go and choose this one." She says and she walks up to the car, if there are keys in it, sweet! If not, Kit's got to get in touch with her days working with her stepfather, he taught her a thing or two about getting into cars and hotwiring them.

Sliding into the car, she makes sure Parkman Jr is buckled up and then the dog hops in. "Oh well no, Stinkyface." She says and ruffles the dog before getting to work on starting the car, if she can get it right.. it's been so long since she's done this.

There are no keys, in the newest model of car hanging out in the driveway. Even if Kitty can't get the car going, there's a good chance Matty can, seeing as how things seem to turn on and off around him — but he's distracted by grabbing handfuls of the dog's fur. Just when ya' need him. It's up to Kitty!

And cross that wire to snap that one and.. voila!


And off they go! Backing out and then driving down the road, oh and hello full tank of gas. So cute so cute. Kitty looks back at her companions in the back. "That'll teach that old woman from calling us, crazy and weird. We are not weird.. and crazy.." she tries to assure herself. Hmm next stop?

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