2007-10-16: Love In The Time Of Not Quite Cholera


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Summary: After being locked out of his girlfriend's room for the night, Peter makes Elena breakfast to make amends. It's not much, but other things make up for it. Later, Elena gets a voicemail from her roommate and BFF, Nadia…not knowing that it'll be the last time she'll ever hear her voice.

Date It Happened: October 16th, 2007

Love In The Time Of Not Quite Cholera

Bat Country Labs, Brooklyn, New York

In the early hours of the morning, should Peter try to knock on Elena's door, she's….surprisingly not there. Odd, she usually slept like the dead through colder months, but the bed looks disturbed, and cool, indicating that the young woman had managed to not only just wake up on her own, but sneak around the lab while he was cleaning up the debris from the day before. Her robe is gone, maybe she took a shower? The small space shows signs of activity that only a teenage girl determined to do something with her time in her situation - there are a few sketches (most certainly not hers, they were too good and Peter knows Elena has the artistic skills of a drunken monkey) in display on her web browser in the open screen of her laptop. He would see her jPhone plugged in to provide it with Internet access. Books are strewn on the floor, and on the small desk where Elena's set up shop. Her book on Organic Chemistry text is open on top of the pile, with a handwritten note that says Call Ian on it. Complete with a sad face.

Down the hall where the bathroom is, Elena is, indeed, finishing up a shower. The hot water has been a much needed respite considering she felt…well, incredibly gross when she was sick. Wiping the fogged mirror with the flat of her palm, she looks at her expression, frowning at her reflection. Her eyes look bloodshot still, despite the incredible amounts of sleep she's been getting. She knows she's lost a little weight, and she pokes at the pronounced collarbones to test and make sure she isn't getting too bony. She needs to eat more, but it's hard when you can't exactly order out.

Exhaling a breath, she pushes her dark hair from her face, and drags her terry cloth robe on her, tying it closed over her and moving for the door. Opening it, she wrinkles her nose, feeling the cooler air outside hit her skin and causing goosebumps to rise. Shivering a bit, she turns to head down the hall and back to her room.

It's also difficult to eat when there's no kitchen. Peter's been making liberal use of the microwave the few times that he has had an appetite while staying here, and has even brought her soup more than once. Cleaning up the labs, placing orders by phone to have new things shipped so that Cass isn't left with a lack of inventory, he's spent most the night trying to make up for his mistakes. Which led to very little in the way of sleep. When he did sleep, it'd actually been in the examination room, laying down on the uncomfortable half bed in there, and catching a few hours of shut-eye. Upon awakening, he went into the staff room to check the microwave, Jack a can from his apartment, and make a soup. This soup isn't for him, though, because… it's not.

Instead, he places it on a tray, with a plastic spoon in a wrapper with a napkin, and a bottle of water from a fridge, and goes to check someone's door. The doorknob turns— good sign. But when he peeks inside, no one is in the bed. Glancing down the hall, he hears the shower being used, and decides to step on in, setting the tray down on a bedside table, and then sitting on the bed. Waiting.

When the door opens, Elena steps in, still pushing her hair out of her eyes and closing the door behind her. She doesn't seem to be aware of someone else in the room with her….until she turns around. She blinks at Peter's presence there, on the disturbed bed, and she smells….soup. She had given most of her breakfast to Nathan, so the sight of food that WASN'T from a plastic package causes some relief to enter in her face. Surprisingly, she doesn't look raging super pissed like Peter's seen her several times before. She just looks miffed. "You didn't have to make me breakfast," she says in lieu of a greeting, moving over so she could pick things up on the floor. Papers and books were everywhere, the sure sign of a frustrated academic. "Your brother's awake, I think he's getting restless."

At least she's talking to him.

She manages to retrieve her claw clip from the mess, and twists her wet hair around so she could secure it. She doesn't join him on the bed, not yet. But she's not yelling at him, or telling him to get out.

As soon as the door opens, Peter glances up, looking a little relieved, but then shifting back to a quiet and more serious look. Tired too. His skin is pale, and the last few days he's lost some weight. Muscle and body fat both— something he'll have to gain back once they're all well again, assuming they ever get well again. Once she's fully inside, turned to face him, he stands up, avoiding knocking over the tray, or her computer. "I know I didn't have to," he says at first, looking back down at the soup. Still with a hint of steam floating off of it, it hasn't cooled to the point it'd need to be heated up.

"But I thought you might need it. You ate a lot before… this started." It's one of the soups that he added to his kitchen cupboard just for her, in fact, since he doesn't eat meat, and this one has little chunks of chicken in it.

"I just— I'm sorry. For getting angry yesterday. I wasn't angry at you." With that said, he actually moves out of the way, looking like he'd leave at this point, if she wanted him to.

"It's taking a toll, I've been trying to keep up but it's hard to keep things down when I eat the way I do in this condition," Elena tells him. "Light stuff works, it's just….the choice between maintaining my weight and being nauseous all day, or eating light but losing it is a little difficult." She smiles a little bit, lifting her brows. "But hey maybe I'll end up being a size four after this and put some GLOSS models to shame." She didn't know what prompted the joke really, it was just the way she was. Plus the breakfast, and the fact that he looks so pale and serious is probably draining away what remained of her anger.

When the apology, she glances to the side and she shrugs. "You were out of sorts. Everyone is. I think….on top of everything else there's cabin fever too. All of us, stuck in a basement together for several days? Bound to get stir crazy. I just…." She scuffs her foot a bit on the floor. "…I think I got a little angrier than I should've been. I was tired and I couldn't talk very well, and I miss being out."

She reaches out, her fingertips resting gently on his forearm. "You ought to take it easy, you know?" she continues quietly. "You're sick too."

From the way he looks at her as she speaks and jokes, Peter's not really amused by it. He'd been pushing food at her since he got back from the future and noticed her dangerous drop in weight. And seeing how her future self ate hadn't helped with that, either. The serious expression remains in full, with an apology as his eyes lower and he does start to leave— only to get his forearm touched. This pulls him to a stop immediately, looking back at her and the place her hand touches his arm. The fact he's not changed his clothes since the outburst is apparently, and his fever remains persistant.

"I don't really know how to take it easy anymore," is what he finally says, voice whispered and almost gruff, and he shifts his arm so that he can reach up and touch her face gently, brushing his fingers along her cheekbones, down to her chin. A delicate motion, almost, admiring.

"Cass thinks we'll be able to leave soon… Her and Suresh are going to go down to Texas, investigate that lead you found, and hopefully find something that will work, since the past cures won't. She does want us to stay together, if we can. Nathan's mentioned using the mansion, maybe, but there's no guarantee that the boys or Heidi will be safe from this, even if it's not airborn. I suggested a hotel suite as an alternative, but we'll have to come up with some kind of excuse for Evelyn, since… I don't think her mom has any idea what's going on, or why her daughter isn't going to school."

The drop really isn't that bad, the fact that she was a few inches shorter than him and still around the average height of a young woman helped. At least, however, the area of skin that she has touched wasn't scalding - Elena would be even more concerned if that happened because then they'd be having problems on top of the strange Evolveds-Only virus. But one touch manages to stop him….she never had to force him to stay, at least, when she and he got stubborn.

The touch is welcome….going to bed angry didn't help and it only took her a few hours to remember how much she missed it. She quirks a slight smile, just one corner of her mouth, when he does, feeling callused fingertips trace over her cheekbone. But at what he says, she nods. "I know, but being stuck here while being as wound up as you are isn't helping." And thinking the way you do isn't helping either but those words remain unsaid.

"Papa can probably help…" she says. "Either he can have Heidi's boys stay with my younger siblings a while up the country, or he can probably pull some strings and find us a condo to rent a while so no one has to be away from the city. As for Evelyn…yeah." She exhales. "That's going to be tricky. Unless she manages to convince her parents that school friends of hers just moved closer to the city and invited her to stay a while so they can…I dunno. Go to school together. I don't know…I'm not exactly working on all cylinders here." She takes his hand away from her face, but only so she could link their fingers together.

It's pretty true that the way he thinks about things isn't helping in this situation. Peter feels he has to be doing something, or he's not doing anything. Just sitting around and waiting for a cure isn't really in his nature, but there's been no real chance that he can help with that, besides donating himself to the cause. He can take blood samples if he needs to, but he can't run the tests on them and theorize about them half as well as the young woman right here with him. He shakes his head a bit, moving his free arm up to run over his shortened hair, and then gestures towards the soup, "You better eat that before it gets cold."

This means he has to release her other hand after a short squeeze of her fingers. It wouldn't do to hold her hostage, even if the touch is something he missed having last night.

"Nathan didn't want to kick Heidi and the boys out of their own home, so if we can't stay there with him, we'll probably get a hotel— I'll leave it up to Nathan if he wants to call upon your dad for help in this, but I think he can handle it if we go that path. "Don't worry about Evelyn— it's not your responsibility to figure out what to do about it."

It's not like they can do much now, at least not when Cass comes back from Texas and see if she and Mohinder found anything. And with the other villains running rampant, that was difficult too in their respective conditions. She nods, however, when he directs her to eat. She should - this is one advice she's not going to fight. Elena knows it's for her own good, and she needs the brain food. So she leaves him where he's standing and takes a seat in front of her desk. She picks up the plastic spoon and twirls it around her fingers absently.

She isn't really hungry, but she'll force herself to eat. She knows she needs it. "Did they test Heidi and the boys yet?" she asks. All she did for the past few days was sleep, with a few breaks in between to eat and catch up on homework and e-mails.

She nods. "I don't know….if we ought to get a hotel. Even if we're not airborne contagious, housekeeping will be compelled to touch our things while cleaning up. I don't think we ought to risk infecting more unsuspecting people. But Papa and Nathan are pretty good at planning for contingencies anyway." She rubs her eyes, and takes a few spoonfuls of soup.

There's always something that people can do, but it's rarely as easily presented as 'this is what you need to do.' Peter's still not quite figured out what he needs to do half the time, but he knows he needs to do something. Especially since so much of this he can blame on himself— which would be exactly why they fought recently. "Not yet. Cass wanted to do that before she leaves. Hopefully she will. If not, I can at least take a blood sample and you might know enough about lab work to do it, or I can call Dr. Applebaum and have her run the tests."

The problem with house keeping is one he hadn't honestly thought of, but he does have to nod, moving to lean against the wall near the door. It's a hint that he'd be ready to leave soon, but he doesn't actually step outside, choosing to watch her eat instead. Or drink. Since it is soup.

"Maybe it's a good idea to take your dad up on that, then, so we can at least sanitize the place before we leave and not worry as much about outsiders. I don't think it spreads easily, though— since your father was okay."

"I'd be more comfortable if Sam did it," Elena says, looking over at him. "I've been reading up on virus replication and mutation when I can but….we don't know a lot about all this. It's hard to go on one direction when we don't know anything for sure." It's his self-blame that's been driving a bit of a wedge between them lately, partly because every time she tries to refute it, he gets stubborn….as if he needs to do it in order to function. It was pretty self destructive, but what Nathan told her earlier about his younger brother made sense: he can't do anything, so he blames himself, and beats himself up over it because that's the only thing he could do.

"That's the thing," she tells him, finishing her bowl of soup. She always finished her food quickly, and she stands up, picking up her tray so she could take care of it herself. Mundane tasks that she takes for granted are now clung onto to keep herself from succumbing to cabin fever. "We don't know how it spreads, which means we really ought to be extra careful." She nods. "Though I was really glad Papa's test came out negative," she confesses quietly. "I don't want…he and Dezi just got engaged. I didn't want this put on them both on top of everything else, at least they could sort of enjoy their engagement."

"All right— I'll see if Dr. Applebaum'll handle that then," Peter says with a nod. "Cass might be able to do that before she leaves, but it might be a good idea to get blood tests on all of us every couple of days, to make sure that it doesn't mutate further than it already has." Not a doctor or a lab tech, he knows a little bit about viruses in general, and he knows that some patients need blood work quite often to make sure that there aren't any situations with medication or diseases— and this could be one where it'd be a good idea to check on things every so often, upkeep.

When she stands to take care of her tray, he begins to move as if to assist, but backs off after it seems that's what she wishes to be doing. He glances toward the door, and actually opens it for her, since to really dispose of everything, she'll have to take the tray to a sink, wash it off, and leave it in the room where the microwave happens to be. "Really? They got engaged finally? I'm glad— I'll have to make sure I give them that painting once this all settles down." There's a hint of a smile tugging on the corner of his mouth.

"It would probably help track the progression," Elena tells Peter. "I mean…if the virus can mutate…and we don't know if we did or not, regular monitoring can definitely shed some light in how it actually spreads. And if we can figure that out, then maybe we can figure out how it's passed on." She chews on her bottom lip thoughtfully, pausing at the door so she could think. "Might also give us an advanced warning with how it's going to affect the body. I don't know, Peter…" That frustration is back. Not like she didn't have her share of doubts. Not being smart enough to help. Not even being able to help at all. All she has are theories based on what she's learned in her studies and she knows that wasn't even close to being enough. And what if the virus was man-made like what Samantha was suggesting?

Though the bit of happy news causes her to smile. She looks down at her tray, but she's grinning, and despite the fever, she's glowing with pride. "It was really cute, Papa was so nervous. In fact that was why he had me up that weekend so I could look after the kids while he took Dezi away for her birthday. He didn't get her a diamond, because he said….it wasn't really Dezi. He got her an onyx because he thought it suited her better. As macho as Papa is when it comes to girls…" She laughs a bit. "I guess he really knows what he's doing. He keeps saying it's luck but I don't believe him."

Stepping outside, she turns to walk towards the staff area where the sink and microwave are.

Following her out the door, Peter closes it behind them and joins her toward the staff room. Despite the fact he's no better than two days ago, he's moving easier than he'd been at that time. Perhaps it all has to do with that self blame that she knows he's heaped on himself. It keeps him busy, even if it's just in reminding himself how much he messed things up, and why he wishes he could do something to fix it. It's not easy when the most that he can really do is come up with blood testing schedules. "Rotating blood samples, then— if there's four of us, we'll each get checked every four days."

It's one of the few things he can do still, take blood samples. They'll need to set up a schedule with the doctor, though, so they can be sent off to a lab— maybe they could set up a temporary lab whereever it is they end up staying.

"Lachlan bought Cass a ruby engagement ring. I— I'm honestly not sure if he's given it to her or not yet. He should have picked it up by now. Gemstones seem to be a big these days for engagement rings— though I think I'll always lean more toward traditional diamonds myself." No, he's not exactly dropping a hint, but… Maybe he is. Or maybe he's just talking about engagement rings since it's the topic of choice.

"I think that's a good idea," Elena says, flashing Peter an approving smile. Approval, not encouragement. As helpless as Peter seems to feel half the time since he discovered his special abilities, it didn't change the fact that some of his ideas when pressed to make them are actually very good and practical. Not enough encouragement, perhaps, back in the day - he mentioned his father had been disappointed with him most of his life. "…..and truth be told I hope it stays the four of us," she tells him with a small frown. "Though I wonder…what Sam's blood test results are going to be. If she was one of the doctors, it'd be hard to tell if we did get this in the quarantine or not because she was probably wearing a hazmat suit like the doctor that talked to us."

She rubs her face when she finally deposits the tray and bowl in the sink. "I told Sam what I could, by the way. When you left last night. She was right, if she's helping Cass…she has a right to know what's going on." She lifts her shoulders a bit. "I like her though. She knows her stuff."

At the last, she inclines her head at him and smiles. "I'm actually surprised it didn't catch on sooner. Color's big these days, and birthstones still have a significance. Even the Hollywood types are going with colored diamonds because they could afford it…." If he gets a look, she grins at him sheepishly. "I read GLOSS, okay? Don't spread it around," she mock-grumbles, hip-checking him gently as she runs water into the sink. "Besides…" She winks at him. "I pegged you to be pretty traditional when it comes to that stuff anyway." Her smile takes on a shy cast, even if her eyes are focused on the water. "I like that you're a classic romantic though. It's cute."

"Me too. Fewer people with this, the better," Peter says, seemingly glad for the approval at the very least, though at the same time, still lingering toward seriousness. The doctor of mention earns a small nod, "I bet she was in a suit, so she might be safe. Though she is one of us, so if we're the only ones who can get it… she also had been around your blood. Hopefully she's alright." If she's not, they'll just have to add her to their group, and have their own on hand doctor for the progression of things. Not that he wants that.

Staying close to her while she bumps him with her hip, he smiles faintly and looks at her, reaching over to touch her back, and run his hand along her clothes. "I'm not about to poke fun at you for anything you read, you should know that." But— there's that smile again. Half smile really. She likes his classic romanticness, does she? It's enough to make the smile more than a hint, actually moving his pale and flushed face slightly.

"What about your tastes in jewelry? I know your favorite colors, but…?" He trails off. Is this too forward a question? He already bought her a bracelet recently, and he's hinted more than once that he wants to buy her more things. Having an idea on her tastes would be a good start…

"Well then she'll provide medical attention and entertainment. She and your brother get along splendidly. …in the not-really-but-totally-frenemies sort of way," Elena says, smiling over at Peter and trying to get him to at the very least move his face to something a little more lighthearted, putting those talents of hers to good use. "I told your brother earlier if we didn't get into a bigger space soon, we'd have enough tension to make our own reality television special. Though he did mention that he was going a little stir crazy being cooped up here. I visualized him having a Sin City moment. Goose would be pretty cool looking black and white….except the tie of course. The tie has to be in color."

She dries her hands with a dish towel, closing her eyes when she feels his fingers drag up her spine through her robe. She turns slightly towards him, dropping a gentle kiss where his neck meets his shoulder. "I know. But you're so used to seeing me with intellectually heavy stuff I'd hate to tarnish the image." She's clearly joking though.

The last causes her to pull back her head to look at him. "Um…." She laughs. "I never really thought about it. I like accessories, I'd wear anything. But since you asked…I like silver. And white gold. Yellow gold is okay but….I think I only like it on my crucifix and nothing else."

"He has those kinds of relationships with a lot of people," Peter has to respond with that hint of a smile again, moving his arm a little further around her when she kisses his neck— which is pretty warm thanks to his fever— and holds her close for the moment. He's paying attention to everything she says, probably more than she even suspects, but he doesn't respond to everything with more than a tease of his fingers. Course with her wearing a robe… there could be some issues— if he didn't feel so exhausted from lack of sleep.

"I'll keep that in mind— I prefer white gold and platinum in general too, though some of the other colored golds are nice with some… I really shouldn't show off that I know much about jewelry…" He trails off with a hint of a laugh. "You'd have more reason to make fun of me for that than I did to poke fun at you over GLOSS."

Before she can poke too much fun at him, though, he leans in and presses his forehead against hers, closing his eyes. Forhead is definitely a few fractions of a degree higher than hers, possibly even a whole degree, but his breath is forced to be steady. "So we're okay, right?"

"I think he enjoys it. I can't blame him, it keeps things interesting," Elena says, though when she's partly enveloped by his arm, she steps closer and leans her head against his shoulder. She exhales quietly - though she doesn't really doubt that Peter's listening. Unless he has that look on his face, something distinct when he's preoccupied, he was more content with listening than anything. It's always been that way, even when they were first just starting to get to know each other. And the soothing drift of his fingers causes her to close her eyes some.

"And I KNOW, what's up with that?" she asks with a laugh, reaching down to tickle his side, but not much - she was too weak to fight him off and she shouldn't tempt fate this way. But the hint of a laugh is encouraging. "Either you've thought about that stuff a lot or you've had scores of ex-girlfriends I don't know about who were all about getting the shinies for presents." She knows about Elle, she knows about Simone. But Peter had been a teenager at some point. She had to wonder if it's always been his gift of choice since the beginning.

When his forehead rests on hers, she can't help it. "….you're so warm." she murmurs absently. "…but yeah. We are. ….we always will if we try, I think. Besides, I'm not about to leave you. Not now." She nudges her face closer, kissing him tenderly.

The hands sliding over her bathrobe don't exactly stop, until Peter finally pulls away from her. Doesn't happen til they exchange a kiss, thus giving him some permission to pull away and look down at her. She answered the question he needed answered— they're all right. Reassurances are sometimes necessary in a relationship, after all, and right now is one of them. Backing away a little, his hand disappears behind his back.

"Actually I've only recently started looking— I wanted to get you things, after all, something to put in those music boxes I keep getting you." Since they also happen to be jewelry boxes, it's important to actually have something to put in them…

"I was… going to give you this a few days ago, but you were so tired and I didn't exactly have it with me…" And he was supposed to be taking it easy, but we've seen how well that's worked the last few days. "It's been a month now since… since… you became my girlfriend." His eyes slide away for a moment, not quite as embarassed as he would have been a few months ago, probably, but it's still there. A twinge of thought later, his hand comes back out, holding a pendant. "Hopefully you like colored gold at least a little bit…" The pendant itself is a single chocolate colored pearl, and rose gold pendant in a spiral, with a necklace made of the same material.

She knows the signs….maybe later. But when he pulls away and draws an arm away from her, Elena tilts her head at him, confusion set on her features. Where was he going? She brushed her teeth! Did the Listerine not do it's job? Before she can get in that same, self-conscious sort of panic girls tend to do, he starts talking to explain herself and more confusion clouds her eyes. What's he getting at? Started looking? Started looking for WHAT? "Peter, you….?" What?

Well she would point out that she doesn't need to fill all of them. They were all collection pieces, enough to stand on their own in a display case to toy with on occasion and admire the craftsmanship. "Peter you…I mean after the cruise, I didn't think…" After the bracelet and the exorbitant amount of money he spent on that date, she thought gifts and dates were suspended for a while. And when he reveals the gift, she gapes at him, and the beautiful piece in his hand. When he explains why…

"I…" she says, still semi-speechless. "…has….has it really been a month already…?" She walks over, and reaches out to touch the pearl with her fingertips, a little disbelieving over the fact that it was hers. For her. She had never really noticed or paid attention to pearls before, but the one he selected was lovely in its simplicity. And the rose gold…she's never owned anything like that before. "I…Peter it's beautiful," she says, her throat going tight for a moment. Her eyes moisten a little bit. HERE of all places, ravaged by some weird sickness, but he still…

She sniffles a bit, and she laughs, lifting a finger to wipe at the corner of her eye. "I'm sorry," she says. "I just….things between us haven't exactly been easy lately and now you…this is…" Her fingers close over the gift, though she doesn't take it from him. "…put it on me..?" she asks, her eyes averting a bit and the color of her cheeks heightening from something other than fever. She still has her crucifix but she didn't care. She'll wear them both. Layering necklaces was pretty trendy these days anyway.

It actually hadn't been as exorbitant as she thinks it'd been— the cruise itself cost about the same as one of the music boxes he bought her, and the bracelet hadn't been as much as the cruise. All together it cost a good chunk of money, but this pendant, as nice as it happens to look, actually cost him less than even one of the tickets on the cruise, or the bracelet. Peter knew better than to spend too much right now, but he could afford that after a month of restricting dates to movie and dinner nights. And it's a good thing he'd already spent it, because now he's spending a lot of his budget on replacing the supplies that he broke in the labs, whether it'd technically been his fault or not.

Insurance probably won't cover something like that, and he won't make her file for it. He'll let her take it out of his pay check for a few months if he has to do it that way.

"I'm glad you like it. I mean it's… just a cultured pearl, it's not… as fancy as some of the others… but it— it kind of reminded me of your skintone, and your eyes…" There's that hint of a smile again, as he undoes the clasp and puts the chain around her neck, leaning in to clasp it into place and let it drop down to settle into place.

There… and now— he'll prove that it wasn't her mouthwash, or even the chicken-laced soup she drank, when he leans in and kisses her.

She's happy to get anything at all, even if Elena keeps telling Peter that he doesn't need to get her anything. She enjoys the small things, the simpler things - she still has all those notes that she found tucked away somewhere. But for once there's no associated guilt getting a gift from him now. Perhaps it was because things had been so rough on them lately that the sudden gesture was enough to unexpectedly repair lasting tensions from the last couple of weeks. She couldn't help but feel somewhat warm and fuzzy all over, and for the first time since the onset of the virus, she didn't feel like utter crap.

"Cultured or not it's beautiful," she tells him, reiterating her words and her words quieted by fondness and appreciation, and certainly no small amount of wonder. She's still looking up at him when he clasps the necklace around her neck, and lets the delicate pendant drop a few inches underneath the crucifix resting on her collarbones. "I think if everything started reminding you of me your wallet would be in serious trouble…" she teases him softly, but she's silenced when she's kissed.

She curls her arms around him after, pulling away but not too far. "Come to bed?" she asks softly. She just got out of it, mind. But she didn't necessarily mean sleep. Or maybe sleep after because Peter looks tired. She can hear the distant ring from her phone in her room. Madonna's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (really, only one person in her directory deserved such a rtune). She can't help but smile when she recognizes Nadia's ringtone…she'll have to call her back once Peter gets a decent sleep.

"You're probably right— I'd probably have a pretty huge credit card debt by now— but luckily I know a bit about how to save money and buy things wisely." Peter says, keeping his arms around her, his face close to hers. He's still tired and exhausted, feverish and suffering from cold chills and various aches and pains, but for a change he's not feeling like total crap either— just partial. Which is probably good because when she asks her question, he smiles a little wider than before— actually touching his eyes this time, and leans in to kiss her on the mouth, before pulling her in the direction of the door leaving the staff room.

Stomach empty, he's not worried about his appetite, because he honestly doesn't have the right kind of appetite to put food anywhere near his stomach anyway… maybe after he gets a decent amount of sleep. The source of the ringtone gets closer as he leads her along, but by the time they reach the quaratine room they've been sharing (every night but last night), the message has already been left. And they'll probably be a little distracted for a time. Certainly too long to return the call anytime soon.

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