2007-12-19: Lucky Joe Stays Lucky


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Summary: Evening dinner in Lucky Joe's Diner is interrupted by a roberry attempt. Lucky Joe keeps his lucky streak.

Date It Happened: December 19th, 2007

Lucky Joe Stays Lucky

Lucky Joe's Diner

Evening time in Lucky Joe's Diner is usually their prime time. The time when they get the most customers. And also the time there happens to be the most cash on hand. Off to the side, in one of the booths, a blonde-haired mand sits, quietly munching on the sandwich and fries that he ordered. A half-empty (or half-full) glass of some carbonated beverage rests off to the side. Around the rest of the diner, patrons order or receive their food as the wait staff hustles and bustles.

Moving into the diner is none other than the oddity known as Gene Kensington. Moving through the diner, the young man makes his way toward the seat in the corner, trying to find the place furthest away from everyone possible. Gene's usual companion is following right behind him R2-D2, the famed droid. After holding the door open so it can roll on in, the droid stays behind Gene until he takes a seat. Only then does it moves a couple feet back to be against the wall. Gene gets a few stares more than likely, but this is New York, so odd things like this shouldn't be TOO out there at a late night diner.

When a waitress comes for his order, Gene just gets a couple cups of coffee and some fries. A simple snack and a pick-me-up drink it would seem.

There are a few stares, alright. And even a few 'cool' comments from some of the kids in the restaurant. Of course, the kids that want to come look at the robot are quickly pulled back to their tables by their parents. 'Not until you finish your dinner.' is usually the reason. In the booth directly behind Adam, two NYPD officers are just finishing up their meal and preparing to leave. Adam, of course, doesn't pay them any mind. Instead keeping his head down until they drift away towards the register to pay.

Unaware that evil is afoot, Gene merely pulls out an applicant from his peacoat, looking it over with a sigh. "Redwood… Is this really something I should be considering?" he asks himself, his brow etched with concerned wrinkles.

Adam knows nothing of whatever Gene is reading. Instead, he's intently watching the officers. Who soon pay and make their way out of the diner. Having already gotten his check, he slides out of the booth and heads towards the register. As he weaves among the tables, he watches the faces of the others. And some of the children receive smiles. But, he's going to try his best not to harm anyone.

The two officers make their way out, getting Gene's attention. He sees Adam moving up front, but he doesn't keep his focus on him for long. After all, he's just a guy whose gunna pay and leave. Instead, Gene continues his search for that nice waitress to come by with his food. He's eager to get his stuff and go, likely having a long night ahead of him.

Indeed, Adam is quite intent on paying and leaving. Though, his plan is a little more evolved than that. Pulling up to a stop at the register, he offers a smile to the young woman manning the machine. "That'll be $14.73." she says, taking the money from Adam and returning his change. "By the way, can I go talk to Lucky Joe? I want to compliment him on his very tasty burger." The girl smiles. "Sure, he's in the back." she says, forking a thumb to the double doors. "Thanks." Adam replies, slipping behind said doors quickly.

Still none the wiser about Adam's intent, Gene continues to wait. He pulls out his phone as he checks his e-mail. As he does, he pulls out something else roughly the same size as a standard flip phone, appearing to be a remote of some sort. He puts back the remote into his coat side pocket before checking his text messages and sending a couple of his own.

From the kitchen comes the sound of pots and pans clattering. A few of the patrons glance in that direction. A few more snicker. 'Sounds like someone dropped an order. Hope it wasn't ours.' they say. But it's more than that. Which becomes clear when the doors burst open, banging against the wall. Through the doors comes flying a body that looks remarkably like Adam's. "YOU'RE GONNA TRY AND ROB ME?! LUCKY JOE?" LJ shouts, as Adam starts to scramble to his feet. LJ is decently built, which explains the flying Adam. Inside the main part of the diner, people look shocked, a few even grabbing their kids and starting to leave.

Gene glances over toward R2-D2 as he witnesses the flying man (that is not Nathan Petrelli). "I think we chose a bad night, Artoo," Gene replies as he looks over toward Adam.

"Bweeeoooo" replies the droid.
Despite the flying man and Gene's concern, he doesn't do anything for the time being. After all, it seems Lucky Joe has it handled. No gun, the robber is on the ground… It looks like the situation is well in hand. Despite this fact, for whatever reason, Gene's hand slides into the coat pocket, keeping his eyes on Adam.

Adam dusts himself off as he picks himself up off the floor. There's a twisted grin on his face as he glances back at LJ. "Who says I was going to try." Adam answers back, his voice cool and calm. Bystanders are quickly moving out of the way, some even dropping money on the table as they join those departing. "One way or the other, I'm leaving here with your money." LJ laughs heartily and shakes his head. "PENNY! GET ME MY PISTOL!" he shouts, intending on teaching this thug a lesson. Adam laughs in return. "Trust me, that's a completely pointless acti…" he starts to say, stopping as one young man nearby attempts to knock Adam out with a stack of several plates.

The 'Geek God' watches in concern, unsure why a man would fight these people unarmed. Does Adam have a death wish? Does he WANT to go to jail? Something doesn't add up. Like most scientists or people fear fighting, Gene remains still watching wide-eyed as the struggle goes on.

It becomes clear exactly why he would do such a thing when the plates crack over the top and side of his head. Eyes dart to the young man who tried. "Sit……down." he orders, watching as the man obeys. Turning back to LJ, the owner gets a chance to see the cuts on his face heal up quickly. "WHAT THE HELL?! WHAT ARE YOU?!" LJ exclaims, backing away. Penny appears with the gun, but LJ doesn't take it. "Penny, empty the register. Give it to this FREAK so he can get out of here."

There is a silence after the request to Penny is made and the viloence has occured. Finally, from where Gene is sitting there comes a firm voice as a young man stands.

"Excuse me."

Adam extends his arm, finger pointing in the sound of the voice. "I thought I told you to si….." But as he glances, he realizes it's not the same man that decked him with the plates. Over at the register, Penny works quickly to gather up the rather large sum of money they had amassed this evening. LJ remains behind the counter, almost as if silently urging Penny to move faster. "What?" Adam asks, glancing at Gene as he stands.

"Just because you have your gift…" There is a pause as Gene tries to choose his words carefully. After all, while Adam is willing to show his abilities during a simple robbery, Gene seems to be unsure if he wants to follow suit. "It does not give YOU the right to abuse them."

"And I suppose you know all about these 'gifts', right?" Adam asks, glancing between Gene and Penny/LJ. Both the owner and waitress now seem almost at ease, with Penny holding the bag of money. That's a clue to Adam that something isn't right. "You're not in a position to tell me what I can and cannot do with my 'gift'. So, unless you've got your own 'gift' you can use to stop me, I suggest you just sit right back down. The money please." The last part being directed towards Penny.

"Why are you doing this? For simple money? Don't tell me someone with your ability is reduced to this," Gene states, not moving really making a motion to stop Adam. Not yet at least. The hand in Gene's coat pocket tenses slightly.

Adam cast Gene a wicked grin as he notices the man's hand. "You think I'm doing this just for the money? Well, actually you're right. And if that's a gun, I'll tell you now it won't do you any good." he says, one hand reaching for the money. Penny slowly stretches it out, almost deliberately. Which brings Adam's attention back to her. "Let me guess. Silent alarm." And about that point two NYPD cars pull out outside the diner. "Bloody hell." Guess it's time to run. Money or not.

"I'm sorry you feel it has come to that. Perhaps one day you'll be able to use your gift for something better," the young Geek states in a sad tone. "Because you didn't get the money, I'll let you go. If you want to do something better with your life, let me know. Ask for Gene at Lancaster Electronics if you're ready for a better life."

Why would Gene befriend a guy like Adam? Well, if it's a simple matter of money, Gene's got that. And the man has regeneration like Mr. Petrelli… A useful talent to be sure.

Well, it's for certain that Adam doesn't get the money. Penny's slow movements have allowed the cops to show up. Through the glass, Adam can see four officers getting set up behind their car doors. LJ smirks. "Oh, you're in for it now buddy." the large man says, but Adam shakes his head. "I don't think so." Gene's offer, causing Adam to raise a brow in question is noted. "I'll take that under advisement. But for now…" he motions to the cops, "…I have to tuck tail and run like a scolded dog." Turning to LJ and Penny, he grins. "I suppose it's your lucky day." he tells them before moving for the kitchen doors to escape out the back.

Gene doesn't make any motion to attack or unleash R2-D2 as Adam makes his escape. Fate has smiled on Gene and his ability has yet to be revealed in public. This is good. Sighing as he knows he has another night of police reports ahead, Gene just takes a seat at the diner once more. He has a feeling it's gunna be awhile before he gets that coffee.

Gene will give a complete and accurate report of what he saw this night to police. Will it allow them to catch this mysterious man? Gene doubts it. It's clear though, that something is special about that man. Whether or not it can be used to Gene's advantage is something else all together.

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