2007-09-06: Lunch Break


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Summary: Three NYU students spend their lunch break together at the start of the new semester.

Date It Happened: September 6th, 2007

Lunch Break

Main Quad, New York University Campus

The main quad, save for it being the choice meeting place for most NYU students, is set up a certain way because of that very thing. Blankets are strewn about for college kids trying to get their last summer rays, there are chairs and tables around where clusters of people hang about. A couple of skateboarders jump the rails down the lower levels. Contraband material is exchanged. All in all, NYU was pretty standard in terms of its student body dynamic.

This is how Elena takes a break. Sitting out in the sun at lunch, not reading her textbooks. But she is reading something, and this happens to be a collection of Medieval Epics. She's in the middle of the Song of Roland, her bookmark tapping absently in one hand. She looks around on occasion. Miki said he'd join her for lunch, but she doesn't see him around yet.

With a shrug, she puts her earbud phones back on, nodding her head to the music and visualizing the choreography cues in it. This wasn't really her style of music, but Latisha picked a Pussycat Dolls song for the next routine. Wrinkling her nose at the repetitive chorus, she gives up, and switches to somehing better to listen to.

~I was your girl, gave you my world
My everything
But you wouldn't see
I had your back
I backed you up
whatever I did
was never enough…~

She gets to one of the more interesting parts. Namely the deadly battle in the pass of Roncevaux where Roland's force is killed to the last man.


"Who ever took you for a romantic?" Comes the lazy and half teasing voice from almost directly behind her. A sudden shadow eclipses her sun as a figure leans over her to peer down at just what she is reading. A pause. "…and a bloodthirsty one at that." The figure adds cheerfully. Easily reconiseable said figure is, and the voice gives him away. Eric that is. A smile is spread across his face as he peers down towards her.

On his back is a black backpack, that is only looped over one shoulder. Its full though, and he carries it with an easy grace that comes from long practice of lugging heavy books about. He still doesn't look the part of someone working for one of the largest eletronic's firms in the state.

…of course. She doesn't either.

"…this a private reading session or can just anyone join?"


Lots of people outside. Lots of talking. This is one of the reasons why Mikhail didn't want to go and sit among the masses during lunch time. Still, he wanted to go and hang out.

Another art class let out around this time a couple of minutes earlier when things weren't as crowded. Mentally preparing, the artist staked out an area quickly to wait for Elena to show up. That place was a high wall with a ball lamp stuck onto it near a bent and gnarled tree, a place where he is now just observing his surroundings under the brim of his plaid fedora. The hood of his patterned sweat jacket covers the hat, a black fitted blazer with large gold trim worn over it. This totally goes with his fitted, dark denim jeans and boots. Tolly.

Having this view makes it easier to spot pre-er, friends. And there Elena is. But wait! Eric is here too! More fun! Miki waves, clinging to the ball lamp to steady himself. "Heeeeeey. Hey. Ele, Eri, up here!" His voice doesn't really project like the girl who's yelling at her friends across the quad, but he tries. "Hello?"


"….." Elena looks up when someone blocks her light. Seeing who it is, she grins, pulling out her earbud phones and stepping -on- the chair so she could give the taller man a hug…and so she could be taller than him for once. Then again, it's not hard. Elena was only 5'6" tall. "Song of Roland is more religious than romantic. And I am not bloodthirsty," she chides, releasing Eric and dropping down from the chair. "Besides, it's a medieval epic. Medieval epics usually consists of two things in the West: Courtly Love, and Battles. Sometimes both, sometimes one or the other. Unless you go way up north, then it's just burning things down and killing things that shouldn't exist." Her grin broadens. "Oh, those silly vikings."

When he asks to join, she nods, scooting over the long, bench-like thing in front of the table. "Sure. You got any more classes today, or…?" She checks her watch. "Was supposed to have lunch with Miki but I'm sure he won't mind if you join."

When her distinctive nickname is called, she waves. "Hey. You. Get over here, what are you doing up there?" she asks with a laugh.


Laughing Eric returns the hug, half lifting her out of her chair before releasing her. "…and you are bloodthirsty, but only when your formidible temper is roused." He adds with a teasing smirk towards her. He hrmms a moment at her description of the Epics and then he nods. "Yes, your right about that…I do like most of the battles though." He grins right back towards her as he slides into a seat next to her. "…and its funny to think that about ninty percent of vikings were farmers. Just a few guys gave the rest a bad name."

He nods. "One, but its not till later so I'm loose ends for awhile. What about you?" He asks curiously before his head snaps up at the sudden calling of his name. If faint. He blinks and looks up and up before sighting Mik. Er. What the heck does he have on his head? A fedora?!

Eric want.

He raises his hand to wave though as he grins. "…forget what is he doing up there…/how/…did he get up there?" Eric replies softly towards Elena with a laugh in his tone.


'I was looking for my target.' No. Reword that. "I…was…well." The artistic sophomore shrugs, clambering down the wall with ease, landing in a crouch. Adjusting his messenger bag, he saunters over to where Elena and Eric now sit, pursing his lips and creating an odd pout.

"You know how hard it is to pick out people in crowds? It's sort of like that," Mikhail says as he settles down…on the table and not the bench. The bag is plopped there as he lets one leg bend sideways, the other propping itself on the seating part. He fixes the fedora a little before opening his bag and revealing that he did indeed buy that one book for East Lit.

Yes, his fedora. No, Eric. No.

Waving the book, Mikhail answers the latter. "I flew," he says, grinning.


"Well I guess you would know. I wouldn't be surprised if your ancestors are vikings. Eric is a pretty vikingy name, yeah?" Elena says. She doesn't know much about name origins, but she does remember hearing the name used rather often for kids with ancestries around that area. She can't help but laugh when she's lifted off the chair though. And when Eric asks about the rest of her day, she nods. "I have lab at four o'clock today. I'm going to see if I can wrangle Ian to be my lab partner." Who's Ian? And she's got STUFF to ask him about.

Should she ever be given a prompting look, she smiles. "I think he's in our year." She gestures between herself and Miki. "We've got two years to go before we're outta here. YOU, Mr. Junior, only got one more."

When Miki perches, she looks over at him and grins. "One of the days in which I wish I was taller," she tells him. "I like your hat." Because the plaid fedora was awesome. And when Miki says he flew, she laughs, reaching up to pull the brim down over his eyes playfully. "Kawa-i-i." She probably butchered the pronunciation.


"…oh yes. Thats my family. Out to pirate the software of tomarrow and pilliage other skyscrapers as we sail the great business seas eh?" Eric replies with a slight smirk towards her and a good natured teasing elbow to her ribs. "…well your in the same boat I am then…and Ian? Are you just going around collecting people this year Elena?" He adds with a shake of his head.

"…oh yeah…" He says with a roll of his eyes. "…a year and then I don't get to /relax/ here at school anymore. Full time business world where sharks roam in thousand dollar suits." He quips…though he doesn't seem that distressed about it.

He pauses, raises on eyebrow to let it rest for a moment on Miki's hat. "…alright. Its a nice hat." He adds after a moment before he grins towards Miki. "…and you flew eh? So fast we didn't see. Your arms tired?"

…it was a much better joke before he met 2 people that can fly…


Now he can't see. He needs his sight! "Thank you. At least you didn't say 'kowai'," Mikhail says, lifting the brim back up as blue gray eyes blink underneath its shade. He can be 'scary', but she just called him 'cute'. His nose wrinkles in response to this.

And now he's thinking of sharks swimming in the ocean with expensive suits. Shake it off!

Snorting, the artist shakes his head. "Very tired," he kids in return to Eric's remark, the neutrality of his tone sort of dissolving again. "Now to feed off of other people's energy….or not." Of course, he says this while staring at poor Eric.

Funny how he doesn't know about people actually flying when he has his own secret to handle. Being a student is fun, though.


She grins. "Software Pirates," Elena says with a nod. "The ultimate irony so far as you're concerned." She shrinks back a bit when Eric elbows her playfully at the ribs. No touchy there! That dark secret wasn't going to come out any time soon, shrinking a bit before she shrieks with laughter a the inadvertent tickle. He better not get any ideas or she will turn him into a twitching heap and tell Miki that he's asthmatic to cover up what she just did.

"…what's the difference?" Elena asks. Kawaii and Kowai sounded the same to her. Very similar at the very least. Though when Miki stares at Eric as he says something about feeding off other people's energy, she looks between the both of them.

"….do I need to get away from between the both of you? I need my energy, I have a two hour lab at four," she responds with a dry expression.


"Oh HO! Ticklish are you?!" Eric replies with a laugh, wiggling his fingers in her direction. However he ceases the assault before it even starts as he seems content to just sit back and enjoy the day. Eric has no desire to be reduced to a twitching heap at the moment, and he knows she would do it too. He also doesn't have enough control over his power to shadow-tickle her.


Eric just raises an eyebrow towards Miki then before he grins. "…what…psychic vampire are you?" He asks before he laughs. "…I have plenty to spare at the moment…you can have some of mine if you need it then Elena."


Psychic vampire? Well, close enough. He hasn't been doing anything of late with his stuff, anyway. "Yes, I will in fact transfer your energy to her, which will eventually lead to all of us passing out in some way or another," the sophomore replies, smirky-like. He then backs down, chuckling softly and looking back at Elena. "Kawaii has the 'ah' sounds and the longer 'ii.' That means cute. Kowai has a 'oh' sound with a shorter 'i', meaning scary," he explains, gesturing with his free hand. "Yeah, it does sound vaguely similar, but eh." Other than that, it's just there.

He does make some mental notes about tickling and relationships, however. Studying people is always more interesting in person than in books sometimes.


Ticklish? Her? "Me? NO. Of course not," Elena says, and despite her still shrunk back away from Eric, she manages, somehow, to sound convincing. "You just have a pointy elbow is all!" …pointy elbow? Well it's a JOINT, okay? Maybe she just has some really sensitive ribs! You wouldn't want to bruise a delicate gal, would you? But when he wiggles his fingers at her, she groans, and reaches out a hand to try and push or bat it away. "Oh stop it," she says with a laugh. "I'm not five years old, I don't automatically laugh just because you do that." …well, she sort of did, but more out of the absurdity than anything else.

She listens to Mikhail's impromptu language lesson, and she grins. "Aha. I gotcha," she says simply, leaning back against the table. "I didn't know that…" But she only knew Spanish anyway. And bits and pieces of Italian thanks to Nadia.

At the last she grins. "I've got plenty to spare," she says simply. "I've led a pretty active life before I met any of you jokers." And then, she'll clamber on the table. So she could perch on it. Like Miki. Besides it makes her feel taller. ._.


"…uh huh…" Eric just eyes her for a moment before he laughs, letting himself be pushed away with a shake of his head. "Yeah yeah, I guess it was just a pointy elbow." Pause. "…either that or I'll call for more experiments on it at a later date." He adds with a smirk. He settles down though, watching as she perches up on the table.


"…you realise, your not just about eye to eye with me." He tosses towards her before his attention shifts back towards Miki. "…well I think all of us have classes. So passing out would be bad. Hold off on the vampire thing till later eh?" He adds with a laugh before he rolls his eyes. "…yes you did Elena, and now you live an even more active life."

Oho, she's one-upping them. And she's sitting on the table. What to do, what to do. Oh yeah - look down at Eric. Slightly. Not even?


"Oh, fine then," Mikhail sniffs, pretending to be hurt for not being able to practice his staring habits. Just watch, he'll continue staring at people at different intervals. With his mind still here with the little group, he mainly listens in, enjoying that much as he slips out a bag of chips. "At least she's having fun? By the way, what other things are you guys involved in anyway?" Mikhail asks, bangs falling in front of one eye. It's amazing he hasn't heard of these two and their outgoing personalities.


She glowers at Eric. "No experiments," Elena says. "Experimenting is my thing. You can't steal my thing. Money is your thing. Experimenting is my thing. If anything I should be experimenting on y— " She pauses. Oh god. Thank GOD Jack wasn't here, he'd be eating her alive with that comment. So instead, she tosses a wadded piece of paper at him. "My thing," she insists, looking somewhat pouty. Aw. Look at that lower lip.

At Mikhail's question, she gives him a small smile. "Save for work and school and Dance Corps? Not much on campus. I go to the soccer games and basketball games a lot because Dance Corps needs to be there to perform. I was contemplating on pledging for Greek Week this year, get myself in a sorority like the popular girls. But with my schedule the way it is, I can't justify it. Eric plays for the hockey team." Go Violets! She'll wave a purple flag with a bobcat head if she could. And that reminds her. She looks over at Eric. "By the way when are your games starting? So I can round up the crew now and then and watch you play. And when's your first Columbia game?" RIVALS. RIVALRY. They're going down! RAAAR! Or something.

Oh well, it could be worse. At least it's not Boston College vs. Boston University. Those games were bloodbaths.


"…what do you MEAN its your thing? Is that like De TING? Is there blue involved?" Eric teases her with a smirk before he shakes his head slightly. "…and if you really want to experiment on me I can always make time." He manages to say it with a deadpan face too. Though the spark in his eyes give it all away.

A smile towards Miki and he nods. "…what she said. Hockey, work, and trying to survive with all my frat friends." He adds after a moment before he laughs towards Elena. "Should be soon actually…your actually going to come this year are you?" He adds with a grin. Then…a pause before he starts to get a smirk on his face. Ah…the things that he knows his friends are planning as pranks this year should at least be a welcome distraction.


New note: don't get on Elena's bad side, even if you're joking with her. But what exactly was she going to say after that? It flies over Mik's head, double-meaning and all. A chip is popped into his mouth, crunching, crunching. Mmm, spicy nacho doritos.

Although it's not much, Elena and Eric are still doing a lot more than he ever did so far. He does notice the numerous flyers piling up on wall space and hallway bulletins, and he's only heard so much information on some of those things people recruit for. Half of the time, it doesn't appeal to him.

Mikhail nods, trying not to laugh out loud with the 'DE TING' comment. "Wow. You guys really are into things, then," Mikhail coughs, downplaying his grin. "All I'm involved in is…what, art classes. Nothing else." Greek life sounds interesting, but he's not sure of it. He still wants to do the dancing.


"It means what it says!" Elena protests. "It's my thing. Not De Ting. De Ting is totally different. De Ting is geeky. Experimenting is nerdy. I'm okay and comfortable with being a nerd." She pauses. "…alright fine, I'll admit to having the T-shirt. But still! It's NOT like De Ting. And no, in this case, there's no blue involved." She nudges Eric's shoulder with a finger, but she's grinning all the while.

"And yeah I think so," Elena says agreeable. "Me, Jaden, Gene, Miki…we'll all go. Watch you play," she says. "What position are you playing this year, or are you guys still trying to decide that?" Lacrosse wasn't exactly a winter sport and it was about headed there, no wonder Eric switched. "And what do you mean actually come this year? I didn't really know you last year. Last year you were just some cute boy in class who knew how to do math in his head. But yes. I'll go." She leans over, and gives Miki puppy-eyes. Can haz Doritos?

Her lunch was gone in 10 seconds.

"Dance Corps takes up a huge chunk of my time too. I'd like to pledge this year but…I don't think I'll have the time. I'm spread thin as it is," she says with a wince. "Though…." She beams. "If we're doing Prank Wars with Columbia again this year? I'll totally d— "

Her jPhone goes off. Binary Sunset plays. All geeks everywhere knows what Binary Sunset is. She digs out her phone from her back pocket. "Joe's Pizza," she answers cheerfully.


"You dork," says the young man on the other end of the phone, laughing a little at her answer. Peter's amused by it, and rather used to it as well. "I was just calling to see if you wanted to do anything tonight when you're done with lab. I'm stopping by the bookstore— to see if I still have a job, so I may get wrangled into working…"


"…I knew you had the shirt," Eric replies with a shake of his head and a soft laugh. "…though, nerdy or geeky, whichever one…doesn't really matter. You knew what it was, that qualifies you as /both/ a geek and a nerd. Congratulations." He adds with a wink towards her as he slowly stands up, unfolding his legs. "…oh that's all going to be hashed out later. We'll get it all settled soon enough." A raised brow then. "Cute boy eh?" He teases towards her.

He laughs then and shakes his head. "…of /course/ we are doing Prank Wars. That's tradition, and who am I to defy tradition!" He says piously.

At the ring tone though he just shakes his head. "…always so popular." He murmurs softly before he pulls out his own jPhone and dials a number on it, starting to turn away from the little group. "…I need to talk to dad for a moment, promised him I'd call and all. I'll be back later…you know how it is."


Ah, so that's how they met. It all comes together. And he'd also be a part of the cheering section for Eric? Cool. Mikhail laughs quietly, finding all of the information amusing. And useful? That's if he tried using it against them. Not going to happen.

Puppy-eyes. WHY. The artist quirks an eyebrow at the girl when she leans in, the open bag of chippy goodness tilting so that she can help herself. He looks back at Eric, blinking. "You can try if you wanted to, man. But, go ahead, we cool."

And now Elena's on the phone with someone. Hm. He feels like he's missing a trend here. Staring at nothing, Mikhail shrugs. Oh well.


She laughs when she's called a dork on the phone. "Hangonasec," she tells the caller with a grin, just so she could turn around….and do this: "Pbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt to you too," Elena says petulantly, covering the receiver so Peter doesn't think she's blowing the raspberry at him. No, she's blowing a raspberry at ERIC. WHO DESERVES HER GEEK/NERD HYBRID WRATH at the present moment. "I hate you," she grumbles. And when he teases her, she laughs. "You shut up," she says, lifting a finger and doing The Point. "I just call it the way I see it. And we are? Awesome." When Eric starts to get up so he can place a phonecall himself, she smiles at him, and gives a little bit of a wave. She'll see him later. "Let me know about Prank Wars," she says as he goes.

WRYYYYYYYYYYY? She beams at Miki, and helps herself to some Doritos, but she doesn't munch on them yet. It would be rude to eat while talking. "Tonight? S— oh wait." She rubs her heel on her forehead and closes her eyes. She had to do something today. What was it. What was…oh. Yes! "Ugh, I'm sorry, I don't think I can. I promised Jack I'd visit him at some point this week, and Papa requires my presence in the new house this weekend. So I was thinking I'll drop by on Jack, hightail it to Evosoft and ride with Papa upstate." She nibble-faces on a chip, but she doesn't horf it down noisily. "And ….of course you still have a job." She laughs. "I think Cass hired a temp while you were away."


"Oh," Peter says on the other end of the phone, sounding vaguely disappointed, but… "All right, that's important. I don't know how often you get to see your dad these days." There's a pause, almost as if he's hesitating. "I'll call you this weekend, check and see how things are going." It sounds as if he really wants to do something other than call her a bunch of times this weekend, but— no need to smother her completely by following her up to her father's.


It's like watching a bunny eat carrots. Yes, his attention went back to Elena in a short span of time. Of course, now he just looks bored and clueless as to what's going on at the moment. His chips are still available, though.

His mind decides to wander off again, eyes darting back over toward some other people lazing about or walking past the table. Expressions and motions are registered, Mikhail suddenly thinking of a herd of bison-looking creatures running through the quad chased by fantasy-armored hunters on dinosaurs. All of the chaos that could happen in one scene. He just nods to himself.


Aw. Elena can detect the hint of disappointment. She rubs the back of her neck. "Well….I don't know when they're going to let you work, but….if you have the weekend free, maybe you can stop by the new house. You'll like it I think. Dezi did a really good job decorating the place. And don't you have something to tell Papa anyway? Besides…he'd appreciate the word….he's been going through camera footage nonstop since he asked Gene to look for you-know-who. And he keeps pointing out about how you never stop by anymore." She turns around, so her back can rest against Miki's as she talks.


"He did know I was… on a business trip, right?" Subtle— though not much. Peter does pause for a moment, "I'll see if I can get up there, but I do have a few things I need to do, involving you-know-who, for one. Go ahead and go up there without me, and if I have the time— you'll just have to give me directions." It's pretty likely he'll find a way to make the time if he can. Too bad he can't just abuse time manipulation for this sort of thing. Dating— and all that. "I'll call you after your class— let you know if I'm working." There's another pause. "Thanks for the invite."


His dazed look is interrupted as Elena makes herself comfortable sitting there. It's Mikhail, the portable backrest? He looks over his shoulder for a second, not really sure how to go about this. No, it's not like he's allergic to girls! His mother is a girl and he hasn't seen her of late…he just never had one lean on him. He most certainly never met the more lively, wild ones up close, either.

Yesterday's events had that much of an impact on the poor boy. Now he has it on his mind again. Think of something else, quick!

Teethy things. Lots of them. Um…piranhas? Wait, there isn't wat- flying piranhas! WHOA. And a cow. What. Although he thinks this, Mikhail still has a light shade of color on his face. The fedora is tipped down over his eyes again. It's easier this way.


"I figured you could tell him that. But if you can't make it up there I'll tell him." Elena makes herself comfortable on her portable Mikirest. "Besides, I haven't talked to him since telling me that he was going to….help with Niki. I wanna make sure he's okay." Of course she'll be livid when she sees her father strapped with an ice pack on his back, but she'll find that out when she's up there. "And yeah if you let me know, I can give you directions." Er. Not like she drives, but thank goodness for Google. "And you're welcome." She pauses, and adds. "I wish I could see you tonight though."


"I hope he didn't try to do that without me…" Peter says with a grimace. He'd really meant for the older man to have him there to hold her back if he had to— she's dangerous, after all, but… There's nothing he could do about that. He was in the future trying to save the world. He'll just have to deal with the consequences if things went badly while he was unavailable. It's her wish that causes him to hesitate again. "I'll see what I can do. Maybe you should give me the directions later anyway." He can always get a driver. "I'll let you go now— good luck in class." Not that she needs it. "Love you." Slipped in declaration. Ahem. Hang up time, though she gets a polite pause to sputter-respond.


Within the past few minutes, Mikhail has gone over everything from comparing fantasy worlds to reality, listing phone numbers for emergency and those he just knew of, his favorite homemade recipes, street addresses that sounded funny, and what color he should try dying his hair next. Not in any particular order, however - all of it connected to each other somehow. Darn those tangents.

He sighs, giving up. He can't unfeel Elena leaning against him. Both legs are now drawn up, knees near his chin as his arms wrap around them. Now he really looks like an emo kid with company. Time to retaliate. One hand reaches into his pants pocket, pulling out his cell phone. He does nothing else with it - the time is checked, switching over to the camera to take random pictures. CLicK.


"It's Papa. He probably did," Elena says with a groan. "That's what he told me, but I think he recruited Cass to help. I honestly don't know what happened, he hasn't called. So I'll be stopping by the Evosoft building today. I haven't even had a chance to ride in his brand new Mercedes yet." She can't help but look upwards and grin. Her Papa, moving up in the world. He's going to exploit it so much. "And I will. You might as well know anyway….that's where I'll be some of the time. I'll text it over later." But at the parting words, heat colors her cheeks. "I…..'ll see you soon." CHICKEN. BAWK BAWK BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWK. "Have a good day at work. Hug Cass and Lachlan for me— …okay maybe not Lachlan, but Cass definitely. Mwah." She drops a kiss on the receiver, before she hangs up.

She holds onto the jPhone for a bit, and look. Clicking. GOOD IDEA. She switches the jPhone to Camera mode, and she scoots away from Miki, leaning back. "Photo op!" she calls with a grin. And yes, she's even giving him time to pose.


Click. "Ah?" Oh - she's off the phone…and aiming it at him. Photo op? "Why not," Mikhail shrugs, smirking as he fixes the fedora's angle. His phone is set to the side for a moment as he goes to take up the other half of the table, posing like no other. Oh goodness, he's posing. What is up with this guy? "How's this?" he asks, practically sparkling with an added shimmery background if it was animated.

Oh, if only Eric is paying attention.


"Perfect! The camera loves you, baby!" Elena says, in a mock british accent - that sounds absolutely terrible, by the way, as she snaps the photograph. She can't help but laugh. "Who knew you could be such a ham?" she teases, nudging him. She's got lab in a couple of hours, but she crawls over so she and Mikhail would be in the other end of the table together. She lifts the camera, so both of them could be in the shot. With him and his crazy plaid fedora, and her….making a kissy face towards the lens. Click! She checks it out, and grins, sending a copy over to Mikhail's phone. "So what else do you have today?" she asks.


Yes. He has potential. And he just looks that awesome. "Oh come on, it's not that bad, is it?" he says, sticking out his tongue a little when the jPhone clicks. Chuckling, Mikhail sits back up, fixing the hat again. His phone beeps, saying in its little computery dings that it has received one (1) new picture message. "Nice," he comments, looking at its contents. "Ah…let's see…" Pause. "…Nope, nothing else today. I just have to work on stuff. Artsy junk." Another shrug, the bag of chips now empty when the young man reaches for it. He'll have to chuck it then.


"Lucky," Elena grumbles. "I have lab." She runs her fingers absently through the loose strands of her hair. "Though I really should go to the library and do some work before then, but…..it's such a nice day outside." And she doesn't want to spend it indoors. She can't help but grumble a bit, so she extricates herself from the table, rolling off it to land on the ground. "…oh, hey. I meant to ask. Do you dorm or do you stay with the 'rents?" She looks over at Mikhail. They've been hanging out more often lately but she has absolutely no idea where he lives.


He scoots off the table, waltzing over to a nearby trashcan to dispose of the bag. "You definitely need a break," he grins, dusting off his hands. "But if you have to do things, go do it. It wouldn't be good just lagging in crazy classes like that." He comes back over to kneel next to Elena, tilting his head to give her an odd look. "Nah, the parental units live a ways off. Not too far, but I don't keep in touch with them all of the time. I do live on campus, though." He proceeds to tell her where exactly his current place of residence, crossing his arms.

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