2010-06-11: Lunchtime Chat (The Amazon)



Date: June 11, 2010


Mark discusses with Jamie the prospect of her going back to civilization.

"Lunchtime Chat"

Brazilian Rainforest

Sitting in the shade of the hearth, Mark Scotts is crouched next to small hearth, that is part of the teams home for the time being. Hammocks seem a bit crowed in the small area, but there are fewer then one or two of the families. A bunch of bananas hangs from one of the rafters along with the teams packs.

As a group of children run past giggling, Mark looks up to see a familiar face among them. "Jamie!" He calls out, lifting a broad leaf he's holding cupped in his hand as a plate for the meat and fruit he's holding. A smile plays on his lips as he says, "Take a break and come get a little lunch, kiddo."

Jamie almost skids to a stop among the local children. Waving to the others as they continue on (since she hasn't the slightest clue how to say anything to them), she turns and hurries over to Mark. She's a bit sweaty and flushed from the activity, but smiles brightly as she takes the offered food, "Thanks, I'm starved." She sits down, picking up a piece of fruit to take a bite.

"Looks like your fitting in alright, huh?" Mark offers with a smile as he moves to settle sideways in the lowest of the hammocks, making it more of a seat. "Wallace says they call you Water Spirit." One foot pushes to make him swing gently.

"How are you holding up?" The concern plain on his features. "It's been a crazy month or so, being stuck in the jungle."

Jamie nods quickly to the first question and says, smiling, "It's nice to be around kids again. Especially not having to hide who I am! I hate hiding." She brightens a little more at the name, "I like that. I've been called Undine before, which is kind of the same I guess." She takes a hungry bite of another fruit, but she shrugs to the next question, "I'm ok. It's not the craziest month I ever had." Which says a lot about her life.

"I'd hate to see a truly crazy month is for you." Mark comments lightly, watching the little girl eat.

"Hey…" Marks smile fades a little and he stops swinging to lean forward, elbows resting on his knees. "I have been talking to Wallace and the Elders. They know of a village a day or two walk from here. They said it has communication with the outside world.

"I think we can get you back home again real soon." Mark's gaze moves from the girl to the clearing where people are gathered, chatting, working their crafts and such. "After the big feast they are having, I'm going to have them take you and any other of the team that wants to go."

Jamie shrugs, and says, "There's the months I was strapped to a table in the AP, with a tube up my nose. And the month after I escaped, hiding out and everything. There's the time a really bad guy made me break into places for his guys and unlock the door for them to come in and steal stuff. Oh, and once I got rescued by a man from the future and he flew me around the city, except that was just a day, not a month, and it was good, not bad crazy. This has been great, except for Saul disappearing and the whole shooting stuff."

After another few bites of food as she listens to Mark she smiles "Great! I bet Saul's back at the hotel waiting for me." Then, the way he put things registers and she looks to him curiously, "You're not coming?"

"No… I'm not coming along just yet." Mark confirms, his mouth pulling to one side in an apologetic smile. "There are some things I have to do here before I can go home. Those bad men are out there still and they are after someone.

"So I'm going to stay here for now and help protect this place. Cody and Jo too." Mark glances up as a group of hunters walk by, he lifts his hand in greeting, before turning back to the little girl. "Not sure about the others yet."

Jamie blinks at that answer, "Oh." She frowns a moment, looking down at her food, and asks, "What about all the kids here? What'll they be doing while the fighting's happening?"

"They will be safe, I imagine. The women will take care of them." Mark states matter of factly. "In places like this, kids have to grow up much faster, then say…" He motions towards her with a hand. "..then like you.

"It's a different world here and I want to make sure your safe. Don't worry. The kids will be just fine." Mark gives her a gentle smile, reaching over to ruffle her hair gently.

Jamie smiles a bit in return, and says, "OK. As long as they won't get upset if they think some spirit's not siding with them." She's joking about this, of course. "But you guys better all be safe too!"

"I've got Jo and Cody watching my back." Mark exclaims, brushing off her concern with a wave of his hand. "We'll be just fine. Come on. They are a two woman army on their own." He flashes Jamie a toothy grin.

It slowly fades though, "I am sorry you ended up having to go through all this Jamie." The words are sincere. "A girl your age shouldn't have to go through what happened… or anything that my family helped with before that."

Jamie giggles a little at that and says, "Yeah! With them you'll be fine. Hope maybe Alex stays too, to make you walls and stuff." Then to the appology she shakes her head emphatically, "No! Except for Saul and the shooting, this has been the best month ever! This place is nice and wet, and warm so never have to wear too much clothes I might lose. And I could be myself, not hiding what I can do at all. Adults always make me hide at home. Never seen Saul so mad as when he found out about my and Micah's video."

"I remember that video." Mark says softly, his head nodding slowly. "Rather risky on your part considering." His head tilts a little as he considers her for a moment. "You know Micah? Not surprising I guess." He adds after a moment.

"Kid seems to know a lot of people." Hand lifting it, it scratches at Mark's scruffy jaw. "But Saul has it right, tho. You all need to continue to lay low for a time, at least until it's safe. You've seen some of what happens when people know about you." He gives her a sad smile. "I'd hate to see a collar around your neck."

Jamie nods quickly and says, "We met at the orphanage where we were all hiding, in Germany, after the rescue. Micah was gonna make the video himself, but for *him* it'd be too dangerous. Not for me. Everybody who *can* catch me already knew about me. And everybody I met who believed the video after that has been really nice like you."

"Just be careful." Mark says with a touch of concern. "People like my Dad would like to enslave you and make you work for them. Just remember all the stranger danger stuff." He gives her a grin and a wink.

He looks past her to a group of kids that run up, the leader of them says something that makes no sense, as he gestures to Jamie. The kid then looks expectantly at Mark as if he's the girls father. "I think they are wanting to play." Mark says with a chuckle.

Jamie nods a little and says, "I know. But, people like that knew about me before the video. They *caught* me. They knew the only way to catch me too, those stupid tasers. I don't tell people that, except you, so they found out somewhere. Can't catch me any other way. Well, Joe did by threatening my dad, so I guess you can some ways." She looks back to the arriving kids, waving with a grin. To Mark she says, "Better go! Specially if I'm not gonna have a lot of time left here. Thanks for warning me, and not just sending me away." Putting down her plate, she goes to run off with the kids.

Mark lifts a hand in farewell to the young girl, a small smile on his lips. "Have fun, kiddo." As the hand lowers again, Mark leans back in the hammock turning thoughtful as he watches them run off.

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