Maggie's Timeline

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2011 (Now!)

8th Hot For Teacher Laurie, Chloe, other people, Maggie it's educational
An Education Laurie, Jocelyn, Chloe, other people, Maggie …also, violent.
9th Happy Birthday Laurie, Maggie — is better than Christmas
Like a Predator Detective Ryan, Chloe, Laurie Maggie is not even in this scene but she is clearly like a predator
10th Unprofessional Conduct Detective Ryan, Captain, Sergeant Gartland, PR Guy, Laurie, Maggie this is a terrible day
All Day Long... Laurie, Maggie porn-vision
14th My Bloody Valentine Detective Ryan, Captain, Sergeant Gartland, PR Guy, Laurie, Maggie with this and this and this
Dec. 31st - Jan. 1st What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? Jocelyn, Rose, Kotowski, Jordan, Laurie, Maggie 2011!
3rd Fresh Start, New Faces Rose, Ben, Agent Dean Baker, Laurie, Maggie


2nd One Flew Over Dr. Miles, Neil, Laurie, Maggie
9th - 15th Very Merry UnBirthday Dr. Miles, Laurie, Maggie
16th One Flew Over Dr. Miles, Neil, Laurie, Maggie
Follow the White Rabbit Laurie, Maggie
The Italian Ladies Sing Dr. Miles, Laurie, Maggie
21st Free as a Bird Jocelyn, Nina, Laurie, Maggie
Freeway Laurie, Maggie
22nd Looking for a Christmas Miracle Jocelyn, Dr. Bonham, Kotowski, Jordan, Laurie, Maggie
23rd Let's Fly Away Laurie, Maggie
Into the West Tobias, Chief Bower, Laurie, Maggie
Cowboys & Aliens Tobias, Laurie, Maggie
This Town ... Actually Is Big Enough for the Both of Us John, Sheriff Harvey, Karen, Laurie, Maggie
There Was a Bear John, Jackie, Karen, Laurie, Maggie
24th Tracking John, Karen, Joan Curtis, Laurie, Maggie
Blazing Trails Tobias, Laurie, Maggie
Into the Woods Tobias, Laurie, Maggie
Hunting Hunters Hunted Curtis, Langston, Laurie, Maggie
Eye of the Storm Alice, Laurie, Maggie
Beyond Missing Persons Karen, Laurie, Maggie
Unwrapped Gifts Laurie, Maggie MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL
25th Maggie and Laurie Save Christmas Laurie, Maggie with chocolate
Maybe the Best of Things Laurie, Maggie
Into the Horizon Laurie, Maggie
26th Home Laurie, Kotowski, Jordan Maggie NYC!
Oct. 4th Home Sweet Threatened Laurie, Maggie
Appetite Laurie, Maggie
Reader Laurie, Maggie
Oct. 5th Wash Out Laurie, Maggie
An Oath to Help Dr. Francis, Maggie
The Destination Laurie, Maggie …!
Oct. 19th - Nov. 16th Life Goes On Kotowski, Jordan, Ryan, Officer Parker, Jocelyn, Maggie OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER
Nov. 27th Associated Press Nina, Maggie
Sin of Omission Dr. Francis, Maggie
Nov. 28th The Rabbit Hole Dr. Miles, Maggie
Nov. 29th Alice's Looking Glass Dr. Miles, Neil, Laurie, Maggie
8th Execution Style Agent Hamm, Maggie Maggie is called onto a crime scene and gets an impression of why tying up loose ends is taking this FBI agent so long: Laurie is the suspect in a series of gang member murders.
Pooled Laurie, Sergeant Gartland, Senator Roland, Dayton, Maggie Maggie hops from one crime scene to another. She's not the only one: Laurie has been called in to consult on the death of a young woman at a Senator's party found in the hotel pool. Maggie is immediately presented with several more challenges than she'd like on a case requiring discretion… for more than one problem. When the chance arrives, she tells Laurie her opinion on his absolving of her.
Wavelength Laurie, Teresa, Melissa, Mrs. Roland, Mr. & Mrs. Channing, Dayton, Sergeant Gartland, Maggie Party guests are questioned; only some questions are really answered. But various pieces of the puzzle begin to paint a picture of the victim's — Lisa's — particulars before the pool.
9th Tidal Laurie, Rookie, Agent Hamm, Maggie The next morning, Maggie, Laurie, and a poor innocent rookie piece together case information using roleplaying and markers. Agent Hamm delivers more news that Maggie is slightly avoidant of.
Washed Up Laurie, Teresa, Melissa, Maggie Maggie and Laurie further question Teresa and Melissa, gaining more insight than probably necessary — as well as insight into Lisa, Zach Dayton, and Melissa's robe.
Depths Laurie, Dayton, Maggie In the end, all roads still lead back to Dayton, Dayton, Dayton: Maggie and Laurie might get the answers on Lisa's fate, but their adventure is just starting.
As You Live and Breathe Laurie, Maggie Maggie is thrown into the depths of her fear — and she can't live, or breathe, without Laurie.
Make Me Crazy Laurie, Maggie A hotel room is claimed when Maggie is traumatized by her struggles in the water and by the memories they produce; as the second-time saviour of her from near drowning, she tells Laurie the source of her distress with the water.
Nothing In Defense Laurie, Maggie shirtless spying and staring contest
19th Entertaining Theories Agent Hamm, Maggie
Complaining Witness Agent Hamm, Agent Ritter, Wilbur Creevey (aka "The Weasel"), Maggie
21st And Nothing But Laurie, FBI, Maggie
24th Death Surrounds Her Technician, Officer Shumack, Officer Sung, Maggie also this
Past Midnight Agent Hamm, ???, Maggie
Perchance Laurie…?, Maggie um
25th His Enemy Vincent, ???, Maggie
One Minute Laurie, Kotowski, Jordan, Maggie
26th Is There An End Laurie, Jocelyn, Dr. Francis, Maggie
3rd Slipping Stanford, Maggie Maggie goes to the technological informant to find information that will help the police track down the Irish gang hideout She comes prepared with payment in the form of candy, but what she finds is worth more, and she finds herself on a slippery slope when she asks Stanford to hack into the FBI database for Laurie's ominous last wire transmission.
Pop Goes the Weasel Wilbur Creevey (aka "The Weasel"), Maggie …Maggie tracks down a gang member at a car lot thanks to Stanford's intel and hauls him back to the station, after which the car lot is destroyed. He is less than cooperative, except in confirming Laurie's demise; however, he lets the cops tail him to the hideout.
Shakedown Robin, Bo, Harley, Roberto, Det. Baleman, Wilbur Creevey (aka "The Weasel"), Tommy, Laurie An altercation at the gang's main warehouse culminates in an explosion that traps Maggie inside, where she runs into her friend the Weasel. After dealing with him with good old-fashioned violence, she's nearly burned alive in an instant by incoming fire, but is whisked to safety by Laurie, who happens to not be dead after all. Instead of heading for safety, she follows him closer to the danger-zone (and the crime lord), where she (somewhat forcefully) returns the favour as the floor collapses. They escape to freedom — of the whole case.
6th Something Missed Laurie, Maggie Something missed is nice to have back. On a rare day off, Maggie briefly checks up on Laurie in his apartment that he's now re-moving into, out of undercover. They also learn of Larson's death — things seem to be concluding all around. Circumstances (or stars) align enough for a few sentiments of sorts between the partners.
14th Xerox Bronsen, Sergeant Gartland, Laurie, Maggie "Imitation is the best form of flattery" comes into question when a murder victim is found under circumstances that resemble a series of murders from the past — prompting someone from that very past to be called in by Maggie: Laurie, who worked the original case when he was with the FBI's Behavioural Analysis Unit.
X-Rated Dr. Bonham, Jen, Laurie, Maggie …At the ME's, the body is IDed a theories on the killer are provoked; Maggie and Laurie take a trip to the apartment of the victim, whose double life leads them to a Viennese kaffeehaus where she met the suspect. There, a madame, a piano, coffee, cake, and Laurie doesn't want her to go with him to speak to the killer from nine years ago.
Exceptionless Rookie, Schaffer, Laurie, Maggie …but Laurie comes back, with apologies and limericks, and Maggie is whisked away from the pile of serial killer fan mail to the federal prison that presently houses Earl Schaffer, the copycat's inspiration. Their entrance is under false pretenses of identity when "Agent" Miles ushers in the detective as the ADA — and his wife — but their interview is worthwhile. However, it draws out some issues and insights in the process, not only about the inmate.
Excursion Laurie, Maggie …With the oppressive prison behind then, the prospect of baiting the killer on the horizon, but the next steps requiring time, well-meaning Maggie goes off-duty to give her partner something she thinks he needs: space. But not alone. The Central Park getaway finds them in a playful moment until the moment finds them in the grass.
17th X Marks the Spot Laurie, Jocelyn, Sergeant Gartland, Schaffer, Charlie Sales, Maggie A full house of authorities in the federal prison's Special Housing Unit watches and listens as Schaffer's copycat confesses, leading to a definitive arrest. However, Laurie has private business with the original killer and no one else is invited; Maggie and ADA Danvers reflect.
Repercussions Laurie, Maggie …Once the suspect is secure in the car, Maggie has a few words for Laurie regarding his behaviour. Her good intentions between the lines don't pan out.
24th Absolution Laurie, Maggie He says... they shouldn't be partners anymore.
27th The Distance Between Two Points Laurie, Maggie She says... nothing, but she has something on her mind.
31st The Epilogue Laurie, Maggie Roberto escapes from the institution and Maggie knows just where he'll be — and where Laurie will be as a result. Maggie arrives at the end, after the struggle: a crime scene not everyone exits in tact.
1st The Inquiry, Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 Laurie, Mandy, Maggie Maggie and Laurie are investigated by Internal Affairs following the unlawful events that led to Mandy Larson's arrest.
3rd Bitch Please Agent Nicole Fox, Sam, Maggie After the internal investigation resulted in Maggie's suspension, the FBI takes their turn at yelling at her for endangering their operation; on orders from Mason, however, they arrange her return to duty with the NYPD.
6th The Black Spot Irish Gang, Laurie ("Roscoe"), Maggie Getting away from her FBI shadow, Maggie follows an unlikely lead that gets her — and Laurie, undercover — into a world of trouble when she walks into a warehouse of illegal firearms being stored by a subsidiary of the Takahashis. That would have been all right if the shipments weren't being stolen by the rival gang at the time. Laurie gets her out of it with some rough moves, not without consequences.
7th Will I Ever Make It Home? Agent Nicole Fox, Sydney, Maggie Dr. Sydney Falkland was kidnapped and held by gang leader Roberto for months — now she's been extracted and placed in the care of the FBI. When she refuses to talk, Agent Fox sends in a familiar face, and Maggie comforts the broken therapist.
14th Detective New Age-y Officer Parker, Yusef, Maggie A new face at the precinct is met with mixed reactions. Maggie meets Detective Yusef ibn Dib, who gets his first look at office relations.
Orders or Excuses Sam, Maggie Sam drops in and delivers secrets he shouldn't: most notably, the implied news that a certain "asset" is dead. Maggie's attempts to get to the truth go nowhere, but she learns one of Sam's dark secrets in the process.
20th Worst/Best Agent Nicole Fox, Maggie After days of trying to reach her contacts at the FBI without success (you'd think they were avoiding her or something), Maggie resorts to cornering Agent Fox another way. She doggedly convinces Fox to listen and red-flags Sam's drug addiction; then the truth about his news eventually comes out. The information as painted by Fox is more vague than Sam's version and Maggie decides that "plan for the worst, hope for the best" is the way to go — and Miles always has a plan. Right?
24th Fences Mandy, Maggie Maggie goes to see Mandy Larson in prison with her own eyes. The killer continues to try her games, but Maggie doesn't play; she does, however, take her threats of escape seriously.
25th Something Which Warrants Importance Jocelyn, Maggie Maggie goes to ADA Jocelyn Danvers to press the importance of moving on their gang problem, having both been given the runaround by the FBI. For her determination, she gets a warrant.
Breaks Matt, Maggie …Detectives Powers and Parkman catch up, skirting the edges of certain cases.
Pigs and Cows Mason, Maggie …When Maggie goes to the FBI headquarters to inform the man in charge that the NYPD have the all-important warrant and are going to act on it, she winds up calling the director a misogynistic jerk, which is tame in comparison to Mason's low opinions of her. Suffice to say, it doesn't go well.
26th Counsel Maggie Maggie deals with the place events have put her in, finds an old message from Laurie on her phone — "I believe in you" — and, after two years, calls an old face from her past for advice on her case.
4th Breathe In O'Meara, Laurie ("Roscoe"), Maggie Maggie and Laurie collide for the first time since Laurie went undercover as "Roscoe" — in time to take down crooked cop Detective O'Meara. He winds up dead in the deal gone bad, but not before shooting Laurie in the back. He stops breathing.
Breathe Out Laurie, Maggie …But, through some improvisational life-saving, Laurie pulls through. Maggie performs emergency surgery right there on the docks with a pocketknife to remove the bullet. When he — somehow — manages to survive, she decides she can't let him just take off; he decides he can't go with her. Words are exchanged in this rock and a hard place, and handcuffs meant for Laurie wind up on Maggie. No goodbyes.
Don't Hold Your Breath Sam, Maggie …It's not jail, but she is in handcuffs; Maggie makes her one phone call to ex-fiance Sam Wright. Detective Wright turns out to be FBI Agent Wright, who is reluctant to let Maggie in on the real case (but does free her from handcuffs). A turning point in Maggie's past is called back.
5th No Compromising Agent Nicole Fox, Sam, Maggie …Following the previous incident, Maggie has a talk with an agent from the FBI that doesn't go smoothly; she's left with more questions than answers.
12th Prison Ink Porter, Vasha, Maggie Maggie meets a detainee in holding and hands him over to the woman posting his bail, only to recognize her as Vasha Kruger. Maggie suspects more than she states — but the two go on their way.
13th The Proof Of The Porn Is In The Viewing Officer Parker, Officer Lopez, Laurie, Maggie The police search O'Meara's apartment. Joe Parker happens to be back from leave. An odd note in a drawer leads Maggie to discover Laurie hiding in the bathroom, where he gives her a package supposedly belonging to O'Meara, and she covers for him while he escapes out the window. More information is found hiding in the dead man's video collection, some of it pertaining to the undercover Laurie; Maggie takes it before anyone else can realize what it is.
Authorized Criminality Laurie, Kris, Maggie …At home, Maggie reads the FBI reports on the undercover operation that took down Salvatore and learns some of the darker aspects of Laurie's past, and that the same identity — Roscoe — has been reinstated by Agent Sam Wright.
Circles of Secrets Sam, Maggie …Maggie calls Sam to let him know she has something she's not supposed to, and expresses concerns over the present day undercover op involving Laurie. Sam keeps secrets and hasn't let go of the past.
15th High Stakes Coli, Adam, Stefano, Ivory, Maggie Looking for a missing woman, the police — and private investigator Coli — follow a lead to a poker game in Chinatown. She's not there, but the police intervene before Coli becomes a missing woman, too.
18th Shut Out Sergeant Gartland, Maggie A meeting about what is most likely Mandy Larson's latest killing occurs; Maggie isn't invited.
19th Dirty Dancing Amber, Laurie ("Roscoe"), Roberto, Maggie …After Maggie's heartstrings are pulled by a near-victim of Larson's, Maggie makes the decision to take matters into her own hands — but not alone. She tracks down Laurie, aka Roscoe, at his nightclub by going undercover herself, and — with insistence from gang leader Roberto — has to embrace her role more than she planned. On the plus side, Laurie — naturally — agrees to help with Larson.
24th A Recipe for Justice Laurie, Maggie …Laurie's choice of venue for planning is Maggie's apartment. Over talk of the mind of murderer, dinner is made. But there's more to the story.
25th The Lost Triangle Sam, Mason, Maggie When she's asked into the FBI headquarters, Maggie meets Sam's boss, Director Thomas Mason, who wants her involvement when it comes to the troublesome case of a certain gang.
28th within The Inquiry, Parts 1, 2, 4 Laurie, Mandy, Maggie After influencing the police department to hold a press conference stating Mandy Larson is not the killer they're looking for, Maggie joins a fake sting operation on a false suspect. As it turns out, it's not meant to lure out Mandy, as planned, but to lure Mandy to Laurie; Maggie follows the directions left to her, yelling at the FBI in-between, to bring SWAT down on the real killer — just in the nick of time.
29th within The Inquiry, Part 4 Laurie, Maggie …Maggie goes to see a very cut-up Laurie in the hospital (!) where she tells him what she thinks of his real plan.
1st Do-It-Yourself Matt, Laurie, Sam, Maggie Maggie fixes her desk without the help of a carpenter when a forensics report comes in. She and Laurie catch up with a back-to-work Detective Parkman; Sam tries to make himself at home and everybody leaves, including Laurie, with the forensics report.
2nd Worth the Price We Pay Kristina, Laurie, Maggie Maggie meets with Laurie's old FBI handler, Kristina Torres, to investigate anything she ought to know; not only does she learn a thing or two, she intercepts a private text to Kris from Laurie, who has wrecked his motorcycle. Maggie goes to confront him about his motives and actually gets some insight— and supper.
4th No Man is Stone Sam, Maggie Maggie and Sam have different ways of dealing with each others' company for as long as they have to work together. Two years ago, things were different.
5th Fortune Favours the Bold Laurie, Sam, Gigi, Kris, Maggie After rallying her colleagues to find a Takahashi gang member, Maggie gets a call from Kris, in light of apologizing for momentary breech of ethics. The former handler has some words to share.
7th Couples Counseling Sydney, Laurie, Maggie Sydney sits Maggie and Laurie down for a joint session (although only one of them sits down). It doesn't exactly go smoothly, and the therapist has her work cut out for her with both of them in the same room; Maggie is told she's being evasive and is glad to leave.
Driven Together Laurie, Maggie …More is shared in the car after therapy than during as Maggie drives Laurie to a coffee shop before going to track down a suspect — like her observations over how Laurie's former undercover gang work has seriously affected him, and that Maggie might not really mind his hovering around. What she doesn't know is that after she drops him off, she might not be seeing her partner again for awhile.
The Only Thing Keeping You Safe Matt, Detective Fuller, Maggie …After questioning a suspect (Goro Hiroyuki) brought in from a Takahashi gang member's funeral, Maggie is surprised by a buzz around the station concerning a video containing a bloody message with an M.O. looking a lot like Mandy Larson's. She talks to Detective Parkman about the investigation and when she comes to learn he's keeping a few secrets, she tells him how it's going to be. Meanwhile, Laurie hasn't returned.
The Mark We Make Laurie …Laurie leaves Maggie a note that she later finds. We are none of us alone.
10th The Line Sam, Maggie Sam takes over Laurie's desk and gives Maggie the cover story that explains where Laurie disappeared to: FBI assignment in LA, and says he's not coming back. Maggie does not exactly take the news well, and Sam's delivery of it brings up sensitive issues from the past that might not really be in the past after all.
12th No Disclosure Vasha, LaToya, Maggie When Maggie overhears some cops talking about a tricky case involving a South African woman and a car wreck, she lends her assistance and meets the mysterious Miss Vasha Kruger.
14th Flashpoint Fred, Sam, Aedan, "Roscoe", Maggie Maggie teams up with Narcotics to bust a warehouse connected to a drug-running gang connected to her Homicide cases. Tensions immediately escalate, resulting in a hostage situation and a gunfight between sides; after the warehouse goes up in flames, Maggie chases down a fleeing suspect she has no idea is her partner undercover, a close call which Sam tries to avoid.
20th I Am Connected "Roscoe", Maggie While the lives of the undercover "Roscoe" and Maggie don't intersect, they're nevertheless connected.
25th Kidnapped Kind of Way Coli, Maggie A businessman at an ad agency is killed and Maggie investigates; there she meets private investigator Coli Anthony, who turns out to not only be connected to the case, but has a valuable lead involving the potential disappearance of a young woman.
26th Dangerous Bets O'Meara, Maggie In the middle of her heavy workload, Maggie finds her first partner at the NYPD, Detective O'Meara, who has since been desked, lurking around her files. He brings up her apparent "curse" — that is, the habit of those around her to disappear — and places his bet for who's next to go. She does some sneaking around of her own and discovers that O'Meara has been signing off on things he is not supposed to — things that could have led them to the Irish gang faster.
29th Looking for the Same Jocelyn, Maggie Maggie meets the ADA, Jocelyn Danvers, who is looking for case-breaking evidence.
30th Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary O'Meara, "Roscoe", Maggie Good cop tails bad cop to a particular spot, incriminating him further. Best not underestimate Detective Powers, O'Meara; she's onto you.
24th The Warning Sergeant Gartland, Maggie She might be cursed. Gartland informs Maggie that she has to go to a psych eval in light of recent events, and forewarns her that the trend of colleagues she's meant to work with being pulled from duty (her supposed partner O'Meara, Officer Parker…) may continue (Miles).
Cake or Death Laurie, Maggie …Maggie heads to the gym only to be interrupted by sparring of a couple kinds (and cake). She tells Laurie that he's been ordered to take a psych eval, tries to convince him it's a good idea for the sake of his job, which she admits he's good at; she gets questionable results. A physical fight meant to be practice takes a turn for the dark.
25th Looking in the Face of Death Sydney, Laurie, Maggie Maggie has a session with her new police-appointed therapist, who officially clears her for duty.
26th Curiouser and Curiouser Laurie, Maggie Maggie searches the Evidence Room for what Laurie had been looking at weeks ago, only to find him instead; questions are answered with more questions, including the question of the importance of the box.
A, S, T, O, N, I, S, H Detective Fuller, Sam, Laurie, Maggie …A visitor sheds light on Maggie's past; Laurie is literally caught in the middle. That visitor happens to be her former fiance, Sam, who appears to have moved on from Cheyenne to interview with the NYPD. When Maggie doesn't take the reunion especially well, Laurie intervenes.
29th Heads Will Roll Gigi, Laurie, Maggie+ When a news crew makes a gruesome discovery, Maggie — along with new detective "Gigi" Darcy and Laurie — investigates the Harbour, where a number of skeletons are being pulled from the water.
Guys and Dolls Gigi, Shen, Maggie …Maggie interviews a witness to a shootout in Battery Park (Shen Liu) and comes up with results. Detective Darcy continues to look up to her.



April 2010
2nd Fishing Maggie, Officer Parker, Laurie When rumours abound at the station that Laurie is going to be sent on his way. Meanwhile, Maggie bewildered by a gift from the consultant. Her attempt to find out if the claims of his "firing" are true is cut short when the body of a young woman is found in the river. The investigation begins at the docks and on the vessel James Joseph.
Overboard Laurie, Maggie …Maggie tracks down Laurie, who is somehow already on the case, on another boat, the Sushi Bar, where, amidst games and drink, he happens to direct her straight at a suspect, the murderer's submissive partner in crime. Back at the station, Maggie confronts Laurie about his skirting of the rules.
Catch Laurie, Maggie …Maggie and Laurie pay a visit to the victim's place of work, Iggy's Legendary Karaoke Bar, where Laurie uses an unusual tactic to draw the murderer out. A song, dance, and chase later, Maggie almost catches the suspect but freezes when he jumps into her phobia: the water. However, Laurie saves the day and fishes him out so that Maggie can make the arrest. LATER: Sergeant Gartland informs her that Laurie's involvement in the case was a test to determine whether or not he'd stay on as a consultant. Faced with the offer to sway him away from her specialty, Maggie tells the sergeant to do nothing and curses herself with Laurie's presence forever.
11th Somebody's Watching Me Laurie, Maggie Laurie gets a desk at the station — across from Detective Powers. While she wonders about the productivity of that choice, she opens a mystery package she assumes to be from him and is ready to warn him against gift-giving, but the truth is more ominous. It seems Maggie has a stalker.
13th Lovers Quarrel Officer Parker, Laurie, Maggie Officer Parker surprises Maggie by asking her out for coffee over a dead body. She turns him down, saying it's not a good idea. With Laurie, she investigates a homicide that may or may not be part of a love triangle, leading them to the abusive, but not murderous, boyfriend of the deceased.
14th Of the Frying Pan Officer Parker, Laurie, Maggie …It is a love triangle, one that Maggie was involved in without her knowledge. She's surprised to discover that Officer Parker has followed her home after work; she hasn't been the only one he was too truthful with. She meets her delusional stalker, who was responsible for the latest murder — to get to her. A confrontation ensues. Laurie intervenes only to get hit. Three times. Once with a frying pan. By Detective Powers.
And Into the Fire Laurie, Maggie …After coming to her senses, Maggie has climbed the fire escape to chase after the stalker. Her reluctance to shoot him or let him step off the high ledge culminates in him pulling her down with him to both their imminent deaths. That is, until Laurie becomes an anchor. To summarize: twist twist twist confusing frying pan drama drama ice in pants. Case closed, with Maggie worse for the wear.
March 2010
7th Repentance Emily, Maggie The police station gets a surprise when a woman named Emily Caulfield comes in with a confession, stating she was responsible for the Tabla murders and the suicide of Officer Mendoza. When questioned by Maggie, Emily states she did so through her supernatural ability.
Wild World Laurie, Maggie Maggie goes to Laurie's apartment to tell him about the odd twist in the Tabla case. She has questions about what these apparent "abilities" and Laurie becomes an odd sounding board — while baking cake.
25th Be(w)affled Laurie, Maggie While Maggie buys art supplies in the East Village, Laurie is suddenly there, causing her to become unduly guilty over her hobby. He encourages her to get a waffle from a waffle truck. Because those exist.
The Calm Jo, Maggie Trying to sort her thoughts, and thinking of her father, Maggie goes to the East Coast War Memorial in Battery Park. She's not the only one. Jo is there. The former friends speak on that which defies logic.
February 2010
18th Doing Something About Mental Health Laurie, Maggie After being on a forced leave of absence to get better again, Maggie is asked to see a psychiatrist before returning to work. She's unhappy with this decision and Laurie takes her to interview a witness anyway.
19th Questions for the Concerned Taine, Maggie Conditionally back-to-work (condition: agreeing to see the psychiatrist), Maggie questions a TV actor, Taine Whitaker, who was the last person to see Erin McCarty before she apparently went missing.
January 2010
11th One Question Too Many Georgia, Laurie, Maggie Detective Powers is surprised by the return of Laurie during the investigation of a multiple homicide at a restaurant, fitting the same M.O. as the "acid" killer that's been leaving a trail of bodies that has led nowhere. Georgia, the cook who confronted the murderer, doesn't feel like answering any more questions.
16th Smoke Signals Aaron, Maggie Aaron comes to the police station convinced that someone has it out for him and Maggie takes mercy on his troubles with a potential stalker giving him what seems like symbolic threats.
17th Questioning Can Wait Aaron, Maggie …Maggie is called in when Aaron's apartment burns down. At the hospital, he reveals that a man named Tom Wilkes was responsible, tried to kill him, and is to blame for the fire that killed many people awhile back when his band was on-stage. Maggie vows to look into it, unaware that her day is about to lead from fire… to ice.
Detective on the Rocks Mandy, Maggie Mandy and Maggie are on each others' minds. A murderer plays a game with a detective. There's only room for one winner. Maggie comes face-to-face with her greatest phobia when Mandy melts through the ice of a frozen lake and leaves her to drown.
Looking for Blue Skies Mandy, Laurie, Maggie …Laurie suddenly intervenes to save the day!
Stay Here and Get Better Laurie, Maggie …Maggie is treated at the hospital after her near death experience, and despite her attempts to leave, Laurie makes sure she stays there. And gives her a suspiciously well thought-out lollipop.


MaggieV4.jpg … It's a dangerous time to be Detective Powers. With hard work, determination, and the timely interventions of NYPD behavioural consultant Laurence 'Laurie' Miles, Maggie makes it out on the other side.
December 2009
20th Flaws in a Flawed Plan Sierra, Maggie, Mandy, Gillian Maggie investigates the scene of a murder at a mall, where a man fell through the skylight, burned by some sort of acid. As she hunts down a few clues that lead to morbid messages from a killer, she deals with reporter Sierra.
November 2009
26th Thanksgiving in the Park Robin, Maggie Maggie spends some time reading in Central Park while waiting on some news from an online gallery auction her (secret) art. She meets Robin when he helps her figure out the website and chats with the chess master teenager.
Conspiracy Theories Bobby, Lena, Tiago, Maggie After attempting to prevent a possible altercation between Bobby, Tiago, and Lena, Maggie hears a little of Bobby's conspiracy theories.
September 2009
25th Welcome to the Jungle Emma Spencer, Maggie Detective Powers arrives on scene, along with forensics expert Emma, after their own Officer Mendoza took open fire on a restaurant (Tabla), killing many. Police tapes show there might be more to the story.
October 2009
5th If She Doesn't Scare You Laurie, Maggie Maggie finds Laurie, apparently a behavioral consultant for the Tabla case, in the interrogation room analyzing 101 Dalmatians and eating Snickers bars. It's an interesting first impression, to say the least. They have a Cruella to find.
August 2009 (RETROSPECT)
1st Subway Murder Jo, Maggie Two bizarre deaths on the subway result in an investigation and two old acquaintances unite: Maggie and Jo.


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