2007-11-20: Make New Friends/Some Are Gold


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Summary: While in the park as it gets dark, some commotion can't help but spring up with the arrival of the Golden Aces.

Date It Happened: November 20, 2007

Make New Friends/Some Are Gold

Uptown, NYC - Central Park

Tyson is doing a couple things out here in the Central Park today. The first is to look for anyone worth recruiting for the Brawler's Headquarters with another being to make sure anybody he recognized from the HQ wasn't doing anything to give them a bad name. That being the case, Tyson wanders around the park as it gets dark, his hands in his pocket and iPod in his ears underneath his black skull cap with his springy brown locks hanging all around his head.

Alex is out and about in the park as dusk approaches; perhaps not the wisest thing to do but he needs the light just right. He has one of his simpler digital cameras with him and he's walking about slowly, looking for just that right shot - he's done several around this area already, and he has space for about 10 more on the memory card right now. He holds up the camera, adjusts his stance, takes a shot of this stand of trees with random passersby in the foreground - Tyson probably being one of them. He looks satisfied with the set-up and waits for a couple people to move on before he captures it a couple more times.

Tyson passes Alex unknowingly, seeing the camera and thinking that a guy that took pictures wasn't usually the type to go for a brawl. Of course that wasn't the only thing to do, but offering dancing to a guy often gave out the wrong message. At any rate, Tyson keeps on.

As Tyson goes on, a large man in a black padded vest steps onto the scene. He seems imposing, but really, what kind of trouble was he going to cause, especially not with a small following in similar attire, all with the 'ace' symboled emblazoned on their backs in gold.

Alex lets his camera follow Tyson for a second shot; the young man has an interesting look. And speaking of looks, he lowers the camera as the group comes into view. This could be good, or could be bad, he thinks. Somehow I don't think they're a bowling team.

The men in vest all look at the largest man who simply smirks and snaps his fingers. That being some cue, they begin to disperse; the apparent leader subsequently finding a bench and sitting down, his hand in what to come all ready played.

Tyson noticed this if nothing else as an expression of curiosity took form on his face. "Never seen that sign before…" He mutters to himself, spying a guy with a camera and subtly make his way towards him. Maybe a guy who had taken a lot of pictures would recognize them as some demonstration group or something. He just really hoped they weren't going to cause any trouble.

Alex looks at Tyson as the youth comes up beside him. "I have seen that symbol in several places, and usually.. there's one or more of these guys around. Gang tag, I think," he says calmly to the teen. He checks his camera, and gets a shot of one of the men, zooming in on him. "You ever heard of them?" he says, keeping his voice low.

There are some people who likely shouldn't walk through the Park alone in the evening. And Ian, the cheerfull oblivious, is one of them. He's ambling along, apparently in no hurry to get anywhere, earplugs in - he's giving that mp3 player thing another try, despite the disastrous results of the last few attempts.

Tyson eyes the pictures that are offered to him via camera and eyes both the men and the 'aces', "These are definitely those guys…" He whispers quietly not wanting to alert anyone to the threat at hand. In his head, he's all ready thinking about how to handle the situation. There hadn't been any trouble yet, so there was no reason to assume for the worst; just in case, however, he decides to make sure they have an out. "Do you have your cell phone on you?"

Spreading out through Central Park, the members of the Gold Ace Gang would be oddly placed here as well. Their numbers didn't help, but helping was as far from their intent as was not hurting people. That being the case, when Ian appeared in the park a good distance away from the other boys discussing things, one of the members noted his obliviousness and decided to make the best of it, granted his given mission.

Alex nods to Tyson, already picking the small device from his pocket just in case. "Yeah," he says. "There's a fair number of people around. What do you think they're going to do?" he says. He should run, or at least walk away but frankly he wants to see what happens now. Still, no use being a sitting duck, and he has this kid to think about, now. He urges Tyson back several steps with a cant of his head.

Well, Ian may not be a sitting duck. But he's close, though having someone head towards you in the darkened park is enough to make him scowl when he does finally clue in to the ganger approaching him. He doesn't stop, or run, but he does ostentatiously yank the earbuds out of his ear and offer the best 'Whadda YOU want?' New Yorker glare.

The Gold Ace member wasn't put off by his target's scowl or glare and when he got close enough, Ian would notice that the man only a little bigger than himself was smirking with anticipating and a touch of anxiety. "Hand over any money you've got and I'll let you get out of here without a mark on you, deal?" It was meant to be a demand, but lack of experience with the situation him falter in his tone and seem weak. What's more is that another Gold Ace member was now approaching Alex and Tyson, right for them.

"Oh great…" Tyson looks at the guy a moment and moves back, at first a little offended, but then understanding why. "Listen, can you fight any? If not, I'd just call 911 and go." He looks around noting that the vested men were now approaching people, rather directly, and when people tried to move past or get away they were physically stopped.

Alex nods to Tyson. "I can," he says, stowing the camera away quickly. He frowned at the man coming for them. "Don't have any cash on me," he says. "The kid doesn't, either. Go on, now," he says. At least later he can say he tried. Either way, he looks like the prospect of an ensuing fist fight really doesn't bother him.

"I don't have any money, but you can have this piece of crap player, if you want it," Ian says, removing the player's lanyard from around his neck, and offering the little bit of electronics to the would-be mugger. He doesn't seem particularly perturbed by the mugger, almost annoyed. "It does actually work."

Looking at the offered mp3 player, the Ace member shrugs and took them. "Thanks." He said happily, surprised his intimidation had worked. It really hadn't, but he believed it had and as such, his confidence bloomed. "You know, though? I'm still supposed to rough you up." With that, he awkwardly threw a punch at Ian's face.

"Like I really believe you." The Member approaching Alex and Tyson stated, reaching out towards the passing Alex and pushing him back. "It really doesn't matter, I saw you had a pretty nice camera on you. How about you give that up?" This really was less than a question but was made to sound like one out of disdain.

"How about you get bent?" Tyson shoots the guy a glare, rolling up his sleeves. "Besides, are you even sure you would know how to operate it?" Apparently the boy has a death wish as he gets ready to put up a fight if the gang member was any kind of threat.

Alex snorts. "Not happenin', man," he says, North Carolina mountain accent bleeding through a bit. "Just go on, and there don't need to be trouble," he says, standing his ground. He glances at Tyson, then back to the mugger, not taking his eyes off the man again.

And Ian's response is an eloquent, "Aw, fuck," He tries to duck under the blow, and comes in with a swift punch of his own - surprisingly precise, considering his general loose-jointedness.

At hitting Ian, the guy was pleased with himself, the surprise came when a punch was retalliated and the member was sent reeling from the blow. "You're not supposed to fight back!" He called out, getting himself under control and charging back at Ian to spear/tackle him.

"What?!" The Second Ace asks outraged at Tyson before staring down Alex for refusing him. "No, no. That's not how this works. In fact-" He pauses a moment raising his clenched hands above his head, "I'll show you, just so you get the message." With little time spent waiting, the fists were lowered quickly upon Alex's head and shoulders.

Tyson saw the sudden action and jumped off to the side. The camera guy said he could fight, a fact yet to be proven, but Tyson wasn't going to: a) Let Alex get hit, b) Let Alex have the fun of fighting such an ass. So, with the guy's hands coming down upon his no-name acquaintance, he lunged for the man's abs to quickly tackle him to the ground, if nothing else to make him lose his footing. "Call 911, guy!" He calls in his struggle.

Alex's prepped punch to the gang guy's abs is cut short as the man is suddenly moved by Tyson and all he does is give him a glancing blow. He steps back and gets the phone; #3 speeddial is the cops - hey, he's lived in NYC for long enough at least - and quickly says "Central Park, marker um 134, gang fight and civilians in the way," before he clicks off. No way is he letting this kid fight this guy alone, and he watches for an opening. It's a good thing he's paying attention, too, since suddenly he has his own gang guy to worry about! The man steps up and punches, and Alex blocks, reflexes born of bar fights and more. A reflexive punch sends the man staggering back, nose bleeding.

The tackle lands, and Ian goes down. But of his own free will, and with control - he rolls with it, and ends up using the man's own weight to accelerate him right over him, adding a double-footed kick, before he's back up on his feet. "Too bad I missed that memo," he retorts.

Whether or not Ian meant to do so, his attacker was sent flying into the side of a tree, hitting with a thud. He was down and out, the mp3 player ready to be reclaimed again. That is, unless the other gang member in the area didn't happen to see, but he did, "Hey, you!" The man says quickly making his way over to the scene and noticing his downed comrade, "You're goin' down, man!" He leapt towards Ian, his right fist reered back to hit him hard where he was on the ground.

Surprisingly, Alex's hit in addition to Tyson's tackle downed their attacker, for the time being, and as he groans mostly in surprise at the doubled assault.

Standing up, Tyson looked away from the downed man and then back at Alex, ready to say thanks, only to see him handling his own in another fight. "Than- Oh… Keep it up!" He instead cheers, spying out of the corner of his eye an older lady being confronted. "Can't let that go on." He shrugs towards his new companion in the brawl and takes off for the next gang member, jumping at the guy with his feet first to drop kick the guy away, of course, hitting the ground sucks from such things, but he was all ready up to fight some more.

Alex stands his ground with the second attacker, shooting the kid a fierce grin as he sees Tyson is up and going to take on another of the hoodlums. These kind of guys, he'd dealt with before up in the mountains. Wasn't so different here in the city, as it happens. He punches the guy in the nose a second time and the hoodlum goes down, clutching his bloody nose and scrambling to get away.

Meanwhile, another of the hoodlums has walked up to a park goer and punched him square in the face, putting the man on his butt; he kicks the man and then bends to take his wallet.

And again, Ian tries to duck under it. The blow that follows, to the man's midsection….less of a it and more of a touch, as if he were trying to grab a handful of flesh. IT's not physical force he's relying on this time, but electrical. Here's hoping he gets a literal shock.

The attacker Tyson drop kicks is up too and as Tyson grapples him, he grapples back, seemingly locked in place and equaled in strength. Despite that going on, the old woman was still there and upon seeing this, Tyson snaps, "Get out of here, lady. Your old enough to be hit and turned to dust."

Alex's attacker stepped forwards abruptly and brought his right elbow in a horizontal arc aimed at his face, ready, if anything, to follow his attack up with a left jab at his gut. "Do you really think you can handle the Aces? You aren't ready. YOU AREN'T READY!"

The attack upon Ian failed, why? Because something ran through his body making him go momentarily limp, hitting the ground, he spasms for a moment longer before starting to get to his feet. "What the hell was that, kid? You got a fricken stun glove on?"

Alex blocks the elbow and lashes out with a right cross to stagger the man back. "Yeah, I think I can handle the likes of you," he says, not breathing hard yet. "I reckon I'm ready for y'all," he says with a grin, fists up and ready to punch the man again. He glances, seeing Ian's attacker drop, but he doesn't pay much attention to it.

It's a vulgar display of Evolved power. Because Ian's cocked fist is crackling with electrical energy. His teeth are bared in a snarl. "No. It's me, you fucker. You come at me again, I'll do worse." But he doesn't attack - he'll let the man run, if he's wise enough to do so.

"You think I'm done? I'm going to kill you!" Alex's attacker says as he quickly pushes to his feet again to headbutt Alex in the face.

When confronted with a guy with an electric fist, it's not hard to decide what to do. So, the second attacker Ian had to deal with was long gone, damn near wailing his head off, "Freak! Freak!"

Hearing those words, Tyson can't help but want to look around, but seeing as he was currently engaged, he does his best to end it quickly. Stepping into the grapple, he manuevered his right foot behind his opponent's legs to trip him while forcing him down. It worked, the guy was down but not out. Tyson was pinning him, just waiting to put him out with a finisher.

Unfortunately for people not encountering dangerous people, the Ace who put a man on his ass ran straight towards Ian and seeing an opportunity for more goods, he was more than happy to step up. "Your wallet or a beating!" He threatened.

There's really no attempt to hide that, anymore - both of Ian's hands are covered in electricals arcs. And he reaches out to this new fool - again, it's more of a grasping motion than a punch.

And it utterly fails to do any good. Ian's power just….fizzles, and he's left looking chagrined.

Alex drops back as his attacker surges to his feet, threatening, and he then steps inside the man's guard; his fist lashes out and lays out the would-be mugger on the ground, groaning. "That's for you," he snaps, then eye-widens as he sees the dancing electricity around Ian's hands. He moves back towards Tyson, glancing to see which of the attackers are still up and around.

Ian's new opponent saw the cackling die, and where once he was curiously fearful, he was now ready to pound the guy. "I don't know what trick you've got up your sleeves, but I'm going to lay you out before you can do anything else." That statement was put to the test as he lunged to attack again.

Much like the guy Alex had been fighting, Tyson's opponent was down too with a hammer of a punch that knocked the guy out. "And stay down." Tyson spits, getting back to his feet and looking around. It seemed like any other gang members in the area had been put down… Except… well… the one that he and the photographer put down together, he was gone. "What?" He asks himself quietly before turning towards Alex, "Did you see where the guy went?" He all ready looking around for any glimpse of him.

The answer to that question is simple. Where does a henchman go when they've been beaten? Back to the boss and that is where both the Ace fearing Ian ran to along with the one Alex and Tyson fought. They told their stories, especially interested in the boy with the shocking hand, and with that, the big boss stood up. "Let's just see how bad these boys are, huh?" He says getting up from his bench and following his subordinates towards where all the fighting was going on.

Ian abandons any attempt to use his power, and contents himself with just trying to whale on the guy attacking him. Mere mundane fists will just have to do, apparently.

Alex shakes his head at Tyson, rubbing his knuckles. He looks at Ian, and decides the younger guy has things well in hand but he heads over that way to give him some help if needed. "Alex," he says simply to Tyson, by way of introduction. The young man brushes hair out of his eyes, and rubs his mouth. "Three against one, dude; you like those odds?" he says so the remaining hoodlum can hear.

Keeping a sharp look out on things, Tyson looks back over to where Ian was as he spied the guy Ian /was/ fighting go down like a rag doll. "Alex? Cool, I'm Tyson, Junior Brawl Commissioner for the Brawler's Headquarters in the Bronx." He smiles with pride, before laughing with serious surprise, "Seriously, what are the chances there were two other guys who likes to get fighty, and one of them is fellow Brawler Proper?" Getting over the joy he was feeling, Tyson begins to make his way over towards the other guy, "Hey Ian, if you're done get over here and meet Alex!"

It takes Ian a moment to snap out of the adrenaline-edged haze he's in. He gives the pair of men left a rather blank stare, before padding over warily. "That's nuts. What was that about?"

Alex raises an eyebrow at Tyson's title, then looks over to Ian to make sure the young man was OK. "I have no idea," the man says, brushing his hands off on his pants. "Ah'd heard about random street violence, but this is really nuts…" He holds out his hand. "Good to meet you, Ian," he says.

Tyson shakes his head at their shared question, "I couldn't tell what's going on any better." He shrugs, "They aren't with me and the Headquarters, but I apparently they're a gang… Whatever the case, at least you guys were around to help." His tone becoming expressively jovial, "I'd hate to have had to waste all of them. That would have definitely killed their reputation."

Ian snorts, and brushes himself off, still trying to slow his heartrate, calm his breathing. "Like something out of goddamn Batman," he opines, with a scornful look around at the few left lying.

Alex checks his camera to make sure it's OK, then shakes out his hands in a loosening-up motion. "Man, been awhile since I've been in a fight like that," he says, flashing a smile. "Reminds me of being back in the mountain country." He pauses, looks to Tyson. "So the two of you are.. in some kind of fight club or something?" he says.

"Whatever the case is, I think we're going to have a problem in a second because if it is like Batman, we're going to have some boss coming up in a moment." Tyson jokes, knowing full well that was how something like this usually turns out. So, he opted for enjoying this time at least and turns towards Alex, "Yeah, well, Ian can choose his affiliation, but I'm co-owner of the Big BHQ in the Bronx. Where are you from; because it isn't your accent or talk remembering being in the mountain country, but by some magical aura aound you that you are not from New York…"

"You don't look all grubby and cynical," Ian supplies as an explanation. Nevermind that he has that magical gloss, too, being an affluent Angeleno.

Alex quirks a smile at Tyson then chuckles at Ian's comment. "North Carolina," he says, "But I moved here a couple years ago when I got a job here." He looks back over Tyson's shoulder after the 'boss' comment, and he hmms. "You think they'll come back?" he says.

"I'd bet my-" Tyson begins only to stop when he hears:

"Really?" A booming voice laughed from the direction of an apparent statue of a man with balloons holding a kid's hand. "You six guys couldn't take out three punks? Okay, well, you two are definitely in, but those guys, nuh-uh." Anyone turning around would see a large man apparently six foot four inches with bulging muscles wearing the trademarked vest with a black bandana with the same symbol on the front quite visible to the boys from where they were, a good thirty yards from each other.

Tyson turns to look in the direction of supposedly intimidating voice. "See?" He starts moving towards them, streching his fingers for a moment, "Is it wrong if I want to call dibs on the big guy? Oh- and I was kidding about the aura-thing, by the way…" He winks.

"Do we level up if we beat him?" That's Ian's first thought, and it tumbles right out of his mouth without any delay. "We are the punks, sir," he offers, brightly. "Do we still get to join? Are there club dues?"

Alex licks his lips slowly, eyeing the returned punks. His fists ball up into hard knots and he rolls his shoulders, following Tyson. He concentrates, looking at the big man, and holds himself ready, seeing what the others are going to do, first.

"Oh-ho-ho, they're so going to get their ass kicked." The Boss starts in getting ready to put a beating on the three boys, two accomplices to help him out with the smaller details. This, however, is halted by the sound of police sirens and a helicopter's propellers approaching. "You know, what? Screw them. We've done what needed to be done." Before departing, though, he shouts, "Lucky bastards, get in our way again and it's going to be you who gets put down, for good!"

Tyson simply stares, a little upset the guys were leaving, but only because he wanted to shove his fist down that guy's throat. "He sucks." He sighs, "But at least it's done and we've just got to wait for the police to show up. Is anybody hurt?" He examines himself and finds himself fine aside from being just a little tired. His fists hurt a little, did that count?

Alex relaxes, glad he hasn't used his power on these guys; he was prepared to, but only as a last resort. He rubs the back of his neck. "You are one crazy kid," he says to Tyson, shooting him a grin. "Nah; skinned knuckles, a little, but that's it. You?"

Ian takes stock of himself, after a moment's thought - shaking each limb to make sure it's all on working order. "I'm good. That was nuts," he reiterates, and then grins. "Look at that. We -won-. And the odds were two to one. How about you guys?"

"I'm more than good, aside from being a little disappointed that they left… but congratulation guys, we're the heroes of the day." He chuckles a moment and starts to get his mellow on. "Just letting you know, you guys should both sign up for the winter tourney going on in the Headquarters the fifth through the thirteenth of December. Five-thou to the winner…"

Alex shakes his head. "Nah, I doubt I could get past the first couple of rounds. But I'd like to photograph the event, if that's possible," the young man says. "I've never been to anything like that."

Ian snorts. "I'd get beaten to a pulp. But I'll come watch, because I am bloodthirsty," he says, with an utter lack of shame.

Tyson shakes his head at their rejection of his proposal. "I don't know… from what I've seen, you both have a lot of moves that would be worth something in the ring… but it's fine. I won't force you to fight." He shrugs, "At any rate, feel free to watch and take pictures, or eat, drink, or dance if that's what rocks you."

Alex scratches his chin. "I might. Fight, that is," the photographer says. "But I can't promise anything. I'm strictly an amature." He digs into a pocket and hands Tyson a card. "Phone numbers and stuff; let me know when and where this thing is, OK?"

"Man, I'll catch you there," Ian says. "But for now, I'm gone. Let's hope we don't run into more comic book thugs, huh?"

"All right, no pressure." Tyson takes the card and looks it over before slipping it in his pocket. "Still, I'll definitely let you know. We'll could get you a proper Brawler audition in a ring and get you paid from the getgo. I don't let anybody fight in the ring unless they fight me first any way." He nods with a bit of pride, waving Alex and Ian off as he departs.

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