2007-07-10: Making A Point


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Summary: Agents Swan and Winters have a point to make about Company relations with new detainees.

Date It Happened: July 10th, 2007

Log Title Making a Point

Primatech - Hartsdale Facility

The cell isn't small, but it is not big either. Andrea is lying on the cell bed, dressed in the Company's standard clothes for their 'guest'. Her hair is sprawled out around her and she is breathing as if sleep. Slowly, she begins to awaken. As she looks about the cell, the events of the day before come flashing back to her. Her eyes widen in fear and she backs up against the wall hard.

"Clear the hallway."

Unaccustomed to taking orders from Agent Swan, the security and medical staff who are observing Andrea hesitate briefly before they depart. They've read the reports. They know what he's capable of. In the end, they obey. It's not like they have a choice.

Dressed in a dark blue three-piece suit with a blue and white striped shirt beneath, a matching long-hemmed coat, dark tie, and hand-polished shoes, Max is nothing like the mess he was when he was one of the Company's 'guests.' His beard and hair are once again neatly trimmed and his cuts and bruises have finally faded. He's standing in front of the observation window to Andrea's cell with his hands clasped and tucked behind his back. When she begins to stir, he speaks to the man standing beside him without blinking or taking his eyes off of her. "Alone at last. Shall we go and greet her?"

Benjamin is dressed in a suit as well, looking quite professional. As if he were ready for a day in the office. Accompanying Max, the former accountant has the keycard to the cell in hand. Unlike Max, he doesn't get a full look through the glass at Andrea. That just puts too much of a human face on things. Also, he's not fully accustomed just yet to freedom of movement within the facility. Yet, Max is kinda rubbing off in a way. There's more confidence than there was before. (Not by much though. Ben requires baby steps.) Before, Benjamin would have offered a protest about how wrong this is.. are you sure this is right? Not today. Moral greyness sinking in. He also has a manila folder in hand, which he hands to Max before stepping forward to swipe the card to enter the cell. The door is now unlocked and opened, both agents preparing to go into the cell.

Andrea stiffens and straightens up as she eyes the two agents walking in. She puts on her best brave face and tilts her head, "Who are you and why am I here?" she fires the two questions and glares at the two. She is /really/ pissed, but also scared. Her hands ball into fists, but she stays seated. She isn't /stupid/ obviously the men must have something to say to her.

Max accepts the file from Benjamin, flips it open, and scans several pages in quick succession. When he's finished reading, he drops it on the floor outside the door and follows his fellow agent into the cell. When he closes the door, the sound of locks automatically engaging can be heard. It's a harsh, metallic snapping that echoes through the tiny room. "I am Agent Swan. This is Agent Winters." Prominently displayed Primatech ID badges confirm this. "And you are here because I wish it to be so. If you do as I say and speak only when spoken to, you and I will have a very smooth and mutually beneficial relationship." He pauses to smile disarmingly. "If you don't, you're going to die. Just like your father." He glances at Benjamin. "But Agent Winters doesn't want that. Do you, Agent Winters?"

Benjamin doesn't miss that pissed off look on Andrea's face and he makes himself look at her. It's an internal struggle for the man to turn off his good hearted personality for this job. He manages to keep his expression neutral as Max speaks, even if inwardly he doesn't like what he's hearing. "No. So it's best that we ask your cooperation and get it. Death is never pleasant, needless ones more so." He stands alongside Max, hands in his pockets to keep from fidgeting with nerves.

This of course has a effect on Andrea. Tears flow from her eyes and she bares her teeth. "Don't ever bring my father up again. /Ever/" She tries to use her ability to slam Agent Swan into the wall but it doesn't work. What the hell have they done to her? She sighs and shakes her head leaning against the wall. "If you wanted to kill me, I'm sure you would have done it by now. So what do you really want with me?" Her brain is trying to figure out what is going on, but at the same time. Agent Swan has earned a 'future' kick in the nuts for bringing up her father.

Max dips a hand into his coat pocket and withdraws a thin, strong length of steel chain. "Tsk, tsk. I think you'll find that was very ill-advised." With a subtle twitch of his fingers, he uses his ability to lift the chain into the air it and spread it wide. Then he makes a shoving gesture with one palm, sending it whistling through the air toward Andrea's throat. Upon contact, it'll immediately begin to restrict like the coils of a snake.

Benjamin steels himself as Andrea tears up. Briefly, he thinks of his own daughter, but it doesn't last long.. Considering he can't ever picture Rose crying about /anything/. She's the type to just get pissed. So that's a short lived thought. "Agent Swan is trying to make a point. He can bring up your late father as need be," and boy does that hurt the man to say. It's an unpleasant tactic, bringing up touchy subjects, but it works. Lord knows it was used on him. And speaking of unpleasant tactics.. there goes Max. Instead of stepping in to stop the other Agent, Ben does nothing. It would be easy to drop the other man, if he had better control.. but he doesn't try. It's a consequence of Andrea trying to use her ability. This is something else Benjamin is all too familiar with.

Andrea grasps at the chain and panics for a brief moment, as it is now hard to breathe. She closes her eyes and relaxes inwardly. She can do this, snap out of it! They are not going to kill me. They could have done that without bringing me here, unless there sadistic psychopaths. She places her hands at her side and she glares at Agent Swan, and then looks at Agent Winters. This man is obviously not cut out for this. She rolls her eyes, "Will you just tell me what you want?" she winces at the pain caused by speaking. But she puts on her strong face.

Still mentally holding the chain in place around Andrea's throat, Max sizes her up in much the same fashion as a chef appraising a side of beef at the market. He doesn't answer her. Instead he turns to his companion and says, "Most people panic when airflow is restricted. This one could prove… troublesome. Put her out." He closes his eyes and touches two fingers to his lids in a prearranged signal.

Benjamin remains resolute, and shows no sign of interfering, or of making an appeal to Max. "You're here .." Well.. to be what? Studied? Tagged? Helped? Because what's happening now is clearly not helping. "Please stop struggling.. we don't want to harm you. You're here to be helped. This will be easier if you just don't resist. Trust me, cooperation makes things easier. I know." He frowns over at Max as he's put on the spot, but doesn't argue. Ben looks towards Andrea and focuses.

"What do you honestly expect?" Andrea looks at Max and Benji and sighs, "If you want to help me, why don't you tell me what I am here for? I haven't done anything wrong" Andrea's eyelids are heavy and she opens and closes her eyes. I wasn't sleepy a second ago Andrea thinks to herself but she falls to sleep anyway. Even more confused than ever. Her head lolls and her hair hangs into her face.

Max frowns and cocks his head first to one side, then to the other, studying Andrea's face from multiple angles. He unflinchingly seeks out her eyes with his own. "According to our intel, you're unconnected and alone among the Evolved. That means you're of limited use to us," he explains to her, his tone uncommonly gentle. "As such, we plan to experiment on you. Repeatedly. When you leave, you'll have no memory of the experience."

When she goes unconscious and her head sags, Max caresses her cheek with the backs of his knuckles. "If you leave." He glances at Benjamin. "I'm famished. Let's get lunch. We can check in on her later."

As Andrea slumps over asleep, Benjamin looks from the girl to Max. Now he offers a protest, "Now what? She's out? What was the point? This doesn't make me any better than Anders when I was brought in." He gestures to Andrea then just tilts his head back and looks up at the ceiling, an expression of disbelief on his face. "I don't get it.. how can you go from all this," another gesture of his hands, sweeping the room, pointing at Andrea, "To wanting lunch? I don't get it.. Fine.. No.. it's not fine.. but whatever." He throws a sympathetic look towards the unconscious girl before unlocking the door to let himself and Max out.

"How? I'm a professional, that's how." Max frowns at Benjamin. "You did good in there. Now. You like Friday's? The fried cheesecake is to die for."

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