2007-05-23: Making New Memories


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Summary: Peter finally takes Elle on her requested Dream Date. To Coney Island. They play games and make new memories. With a camera.

Date It Happened: May 23rd, 2007

Making New Memories

Coney Island, New York City

When Peter knocked on the door, he didn't tell her where they were going. In fact, the only instruction she got when she dressed was to dress cute and with comfortable shoes, hinting that she'd be on her feet for a time, and moving. The trip over is done simply, the cab driver seems to understand where they're going, even if she doesn't. When they arrive, there's a crowd of people. It's morning, and people are already in line, waiting to get in to one of the countries oldest amusement parks. "Here we are. Amusement park. I already got the tickets so we get to go through the ticketed line." The purchasing line is longer, so that's an advantage. "Feeling up for this today?" He could have asked earlier!

"Comfortable shoes" usually means non-heels, which is unusual for Elle. And -usually- doesn't go with "cute" as well, for most of her outfits. But the blonde has rallied valiantly, and she's in a pair of black sneakers, black jeans with silver accents, and a silvery-metallic scoopneck top. Elle can't help but grin as she sees their destination. "Sure!" Her ribs are recovered and she's in fine form. Plus, it's not like she'd turn this down unless she were confined to bed.

Besides his normal clothes, Peter's also carrying a carrier bag over his shoulder. Not completely unusual for him, but as soon as she agrees, he reaches into it and pulls out what looks like a brand new video camera. Digital, of course, but definitely a video camera. "Okay— I got the idea from Jane and Elena— the whole… record things so we'll always have the memories?" She'd been there when they did it with Jane, but why Elena would give him the idea… Once he plays with it enough that it starts recording, he points it at her, not needing to hold it up to his face because the view screen folds out. "There's a lot we can do here. It's still pretty early so we can even get on some of the rides without terrible lines— what would you like to do?"

Elle grins a little. Not the recording part…or the needing-to-record part. But the experiences. "Roller coaster." she says, smiling back at him. She's bright-eyed and all smiles, and looks younger than she is as a result. "Which way?"

"You're beautiful when you smile," Peter suddenly observes, moving closer to touch her face, hand going into her previously brunette and then streaked hair and drawing her in for a kiss. The camera catches most of it thanks to the angle. However, the line has moved on, and someone behind them clears his throat. Move it, lovebirds. He pulls back and touches his nose lightly on her own, before walking them to the booth and showing their tickets. Once they're inside, he turns in the direction of one of the oldest rollercoasters ever, The Cyclone. The walk will take a little time.

Elle smiles again at the statement, and the kiss. She does give the throat clearer a "be glad I'm not frying you" look, though. Do Not Mess With Date Time. The petite blonde starts off at a quick walk with Peter towards the Cyclone. Whee!

Yeah, he got THAT look on camera too. But that's okay. That's who she is. "This is actually one of the oldest rollercoasters in the world. Even older than your dad," Peter says, teasing as they quick-walk in the direction of the Cyclone. It's not great for the camera, but he'll keep it running as long as he can. "It's less intense than more modern ones— but you get airsick so it's probably best to start off light. You can try one at another park sometime once you're prepared." And he's just going to hope she doesn't throw up first thing on their date…

Elle grins a little. "Daddy's not that old." she says, protesting just a bit. "I promise, I'll keep my lunch down." She moves into the line with him. "So what have you been up to?" She hugs close to him as she asks.

"He's the same age as my mom, at least," Peter says, still joking, but his free hand rubs her back gently before they finally get in the short morning-sized line for the ride. There's some hesitation at her question, and he occupies himself with shutting off and securing the camera for placement in the 'store your stuff' areas near the ride. "Started working, for one. Worked yesterday and the day before until evening." First day had been when you showed up at my door dressed up for me. He'd brought it up at least once during their date. "Went out and talked to a few people. Including your father."

Elle nods. "Well, yes. But your mom isn't exactly ancient." She nods to the comment of the bookstore, and then STOPS. "You did?" Okay, that's a surprise. She was of the assumption that Daddy and Peter were definitely on non-speaking terms. "Why? About what? What happened?" That suddenly has most of her attention.

"I'm okay," Peter quickly assures, though that's pretty obvious. "Wasn't the nicest meeting in the world, but— no threatening to kill me. So it's okay. Just wanted to ask him a few questions. Not sure they got answered at all… but— everything's okay." There's nothing truly lying in the way he's speaking, as she knows him enough to see through it, though he is being vague enough he could be leaving out many important details.

Elle looks concerned. "I have been trying to find the files you asked me about. They're either not there, or they're really well-hidden."

"It's okay," Peter says, voice softened to a breathless tone as he leans in and kisses her on the cheek. No longer occupied with the camera, he doesn't have to worry about that. "You don't have to keep looking, you know. If you don't think they're there."

The blonde just hugs him tightly. "I just worry. I know that you and Daddy don't get along terribly well. I'd really like to know more about what happened." But she does start moving again, at least.

There's more hesitation, but then Peter gives a small nod and says, "I was asking him what would happen to you if certain things didn't work out. If you'd be allowed to keep your life outside. I don't want you to lose— this." He gestures around, towards the people, the rollercoaster, everything. "Not the memories, but the actual thing. No matter what happens. I want you to be able to continue to experience new things…"

Elle nods. She knows what her father had told -her- about that, at least. And she's certainly not failing to notice the hesitations. Not now with her full attention on it. "And what did he say?"

"I'm honestly not sure what his answer was," Peter says, shaking his head a moment, as the line moves forward a bit. It shouldn't be too much longer before they can get on the ride. Probably for the nest. "I think he'll allow it if it keeps you happy, but he seems to have a pretty low opinion of me, still. He thought I was accusing him of things, but— I guess I wasn't wording it properly. Not exactly a business man. Think with my heart too much."

Elle seems to look a -little- relieved, at least. "Well, it definitely makes me happy. Besides, I think all fathers are required to disapprove of their daughters' boyfriends. I think it's in the rulebook somewhere." she says, trying to make light of things.

"I know it does. And it doesn't look like he'll try to break us up either," Peter says, giving her a small smile, though that doesn't exactly give the whole story either. Luckily he has to break away to secure his bag in a cubby hole before he steps back to help her up onto the ride. Yes, she's tall enough. "All right, the key to roller coasters is to not be afraid to yell. Not out of fear or anything— well, maybe fear— but usually excitement."

Elle smiles a little, looking at it as she gets close. "He said he wouldn't." And though it may be misplaced, she believes that. She looks at the coaster excited, and gets in, securing the lap bar. "I'll yell." Her eyes are bright again. Kid in a candy shop.

"You can also hold my hand if you want to," Peter says, offering her his hand before the ride starts moving. It has to crank up a tall hill first, to use gravity as the main accelerator, so they have some time before the first drop. "It won't last too long, though, so if you do get scared…" He trails off, not wanting to accuse her, but wanting to assure her in case she does get scared once the first drop occures, and the twists and dips to follow…

Elle takes his hand, and up they go. She does get a little nervous; it's not really the motion part of flying she doesn't like, necessarily…it's the heights part. But when it goes over the edge, she lets out a squeal the same as many other normal passengers might. Hers is accompanied by a nervous static discharge from her hand, but hey! First time!

Good thing the rollercoaster isn't wet. She could accidently electrify the entire coaster and hurt people. But Peter holds her hand and accepts the charge, not yelling himself for the sheer reason of… he's looking at her. Listening to her. As much as he can when it start's twisting around and dipping, and going up again. No flipping upside down, or going /really/ high, so at least there's that. But he was right— it's over really fast. Before they know it, it pulls back in where it started to unload them. "So? How was it?"

Elle is breathless, some from the ride and some from the shrieking. "Oh, that was awesome!" She gives him a tight, impulsive hug, before continuing to walk before they block the crowd again.

"We can do it again in a little while. Not too many times in a row, though," Peter says, keeping a hold on the hand that shocked him after he retrieves his bag and puts it over his head so it hangs across his chest. "There's more rides, or we can try the games. There's also an arcade— you…" He stops himself suddenly, biting back the words. "We can take turns trying to win each other a stuffed animal," he says to cover up, pointing towards a row of games, with many stuffed animals hanging above. Most of them seem to be throwing games. Balloon popping, knock down bottles, throwing rings…

Elle grins. "Let's do both! I want to do everything!" She starts over towards the stuffed animal throwing games, grabbing for Peter's hand to tug him along.

"Okay, okay," Peter says with a laugh, amused at being dragged around. This would be one of the things Bob doesn't realize his daughter missed out on… childhood. She's acting as if she's half her age— but that doesn't seem too bad to him. She deserves it. Reaching into his bag for a stack of dollars he got especially for this, he passes over enough for the best discount number of attempts, and then pulls out the camera. Once he gets it recording, and pointed at her, he says, "Okay— you go first."

The blonde is acting a little childish, perhaps. But then, as he noted, she missed a regular childhood, and on top of it, if you can't act childish at an amusement park, where can you? Besides, Elle is childish in other ways when NOT here. She looks over, and decides to try the first classic. Baseballs and bottles. She picks one up, and then whips it at the stack of bottles.

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY+ATHLETICS and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY+ATHLETICS and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY+ATHLETICS and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Peter has rolled SYLAR and got a result of AVERAGE.

The first ball clips one, but doesn't knock any down. The second misses entirely. The third one… for a moment it looks like it will clip and fail to knock it down, but then it hits a little harder than it looked like it would and sends a good amount of the pins falling down. Hopefully no one noticed her boyfriend incline his head slightly as she threw the last one… "Winner!" the man calls out, waving towards the prizes she gets to choose, but also presenting her with another offer. "You can attempt a second match, free of charge, and if you win you can upgrade one level higher, but if you lose, you don't get a prize." One level higher has bigger stuffed animals.

Elle beams! She thinks about it. "I'll give it another try." She's looking, specifically, at a giant stuffed puppy that looks a little like Snowy. A fine present for Peter, she decides. She passes over a couple more dollars, and once again, three baseballs go lobbing out at the target.

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY+ATHLETICS and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY+ATHLETICS and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY+ATHLETICS and got a result of GREAT.

And the blonde looks to have the knack of it now. One…two…three! She fastballs her shots right into the target. "I guess it helps to have experience throwing things." Lightning, in her case, but hey. Nonetheless, she won, and she picks the puppy. The thing's 2/3rds as big as she is, but she carries it to Peter. "For you."

The giant puppy prize will definitely weight them down for a while, but Peter accepts it graciously, surprised that he didn't need to help much. Still, it makes holding the camera very awkward— but the sight of her carrying the puppy over to him… that's worth a digital capture later. "Thank you. I guess it's my turn, though…" Which means he has to put down the puppy… "How about I do the… balloon popping one," he says, gesturing them over to another booth, much to the cryers shagrin. "Will you hold the camera?" He asks, holding it out to her.

Elle nods. "Of course!" She takes it and backs up a couple steps, so she can get a good shot of Peter with the darts. There's still a happy smile, and she seems confident in his abilities to win.

Buying a full game worth of darts, Peter sets the large puppy prize down and resolves to not cheat for himself on this— he did that for her so it's okay— and she proved she could do it just fine on her own anyway… How hard can it be? He just has to pop balloons.

GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY+ATHLETICS and got a result of SUPERB.
GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY+ATHLETICS and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY+ATHLETICS and got a result of AVERAGE.

The first one actually lands really well. So well it might have surprised him. The second also pops a balloon, while the third comes very, very close. Still gets a prize though. Peter looks at the line of stuffed animals, small in comparison to what she won, but far more mobile… If there's one thing he can cheat at… he really wants to see if she /wants/ one of the higher ones, without /asking/…

Elle is very much eyeing one of the stuffed unicorns they have. That shouldn't be a surprise. They've got them in all different sizes though, and the one she's most looking at is actually fairly normal sized. The kind of thing that a kid might put in their bed. The other thing is that once inside her head, what an honestly good time she's having. Unlike most adults, for whom this might be a little corny, Elle is honestly having a blast. Happiness, joy…general squee. Things that are rare in her head.

With the mental cues, Peter almost forgets to look away from her, admiring her genuine affection for the entire thing. She's so much like— The man calls out again, reminding him there's people waiting, and he looks back and nods towards the more normal sized stuffed unicorn, "I'll just take that one, thanks." Accepting it, the white unicorn with silvery hair and blue eyes is handed over to her, before he bends down to pick up his stuffed puppy, which he practically throws over his shoulder. In an affectionate way. "All right— let's check out the arcade." He does try to take the camera back, so he can point it mostly at her, trying to capture what he felt from her on the video, somehow.

Elle grins, another happy smile. She takes the unicorn, and yes, it gets a momentary hug, and then Peter gets a longer one. "Sounds good to me!" She offers him the camera back when he tries to take it.

The arcade here is much as the other one she would have remembered if things had gone different. There's another line of photo booths, even, far more advanced, with options for digital backgrounds. Even a special one with a big blue screen that's offering digital /videos/ of you and your group riding on a magic carpet through exotic locations. But mostly there's games. Flashing lights, skee ball tables… games. No need to exchange for tokens here, they accept quarters. "Okay— we got shooting games and more throwing games, or skee ball— or there's fighting games. Where— you control a little computer guy, and so do I, and we try to beat each other."

Elle laughs a little. "Somehow, I get the feeling that us fighting would be more impressive than any game of us fighting." When one can throw lightning, and the other's got more powers than Baskin-Robbins has flavors, yeah. She considers it. "How about that?" She nods to an air-hockey table.

"You'd win every time if we really fought," he says, giving a hint of a smile. Most likely he'd avoid hurting her, even if he can heal her, but at the same time… she's just a better fighter. "Air hockey, that works," Peter says, giving her a warm smile. The best part there is… he can even set up the camera on the window sill next to the table and film them playing. Shrugging off the giant dog, and the carrier bag, he steps over to set up the camera (woe to anyone who tries to steal from them) before putting in the quarters and starting the game up. The hum of the table starts, and the puck is slid across towards her.

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.

Elle does her best, but in the exchange that follows, Peter finally gets it through on her. That's okay, it's first to five. She grins a little, and then knocks the puck towards the side, trying a banking shot on him.

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.

The bank shot is blocked, barely. Peter almost didn't see where she was going from, but after a short exchange he decides she's definitely not someone he should take for granted— she could beat him. So he does a few easy exchanges he knows he can defend against, waiting for an opening…

GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GREAT.

And Elle's paying attention to this one. And it looks as if she's pretty good. Probably be good at pool, too, figuring out angles seems a knack for her. She manages to block the puck, slap it off a side and *ding*! One-one!
There's an impressed now, and Peter looks to be a rather good sport as he fetches the puck and lays it back down on the cushion of air. "You're doing really good," he says, to compliment her, waiting a moment so he doesn't take advantage of the aftermath of that, before he tries to go for a tie-breaker… Hopefully for him.

GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GREAT.
GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of AVERAGE.

No such luck! She lunges over to try and stop it, but too slow, and it dings into her goal. She laughs a little. "So are you." This time she tries to fake him out, moving her body fast as if she's going one way while slapping the puck the other.

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GREAT.

For a change, Peter actually sees her feint. Perhaps he has a better eye for this kind of game than most the others. He blocks it at the goal, using her own momentum to send it at an odd angle towards her side, to bounce off the wall in an attempt to knock it in and add to his lead.

GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of AVERAGE.

And…-ding-! A third point for Peter, as it goes in. However, -unlike- her last arcade trip, Elle doesn't seem to be getting all worked up this time. "You've got too much practice over me on this!" she protests good-naturedly. She tries one fast, straight down the middle this time, hoping speed might work for her.

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of AVERAGE.

The speed, or perhaps her good hearted retort, with how different it'd been from last time, contribute to him failing to stop the puck. Still, just as she's good natured, so is Peter. "Just means we'll have to find a place to practice so you get better. You're still really good, though." Much like before, he goes for angles, not straight shots, hoping to slide past her defenses.

GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of AVERAGE.
GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.

Elle smiles, as this time she catches it off the angle, and once again whips a straight shot at him. "You tend to work out trajectories when you do what I do."

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GREAT.

Not taking another point in the lead, Peter at least stops her from matching his current score by blocking her shot, and sending it back, applying a bit more force than before to speed it along.

GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

Well, this one is going a while…Elle manages…barely…to knock it aside, and it goes side to side over on her side of the table. She leans in and lunges, trying a bank shot as she leans over the table. Of course, the cleavage could be either an intentional or unintentional distraction.

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of AVERAGE.

The bank shot meets with success, and the electric score board ties them. 3 to 3. The next two points for one side will win it. Retrieveing the puck, Peter glances towards the camera to make sure it's still there, and still recording, before he smiles across at her. He pauses, before he just goes ahead and says what he thinks, "You're really good for your first game. I mean that." With less of a pause after the compliment, he slides the puck across, not quite slow, but with a goal.

GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of AVERAGE.

But not as good as he is. She moves to block, and again, she's not quick in time. This time the puck dings in and puts him one point closer to victory. "It's a fun game. Plus, it lets me hit things." she says, teasing, as she smacks the puck back across.

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of AVERAGE.

Let's her hit things. He'll keep that in mind. Peter goes into the lead again, but apparently it's short lived. As the puck is smacked back across, she lands it in and he's standing there staring as— they're tied. Again. Next point wins, no matter who gets it. Before, he might have tried to let her win, but right now… the competition is actually calling to him, when he smacks the puck across, he's not /trying/ to do anything except win himself.

GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.

And the blonde is a competitive person by nature. Plus, in all honesty, the thought of throwing the game never occurred to her. Not that she isn't nice enough, or wouldn't do it for Peter. Just that the simple concept of "you should throw a game for your SO" requires more experience with SOs than she has. She catches it at an angle, banking it back towards his goal…

GAME: Elle has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of GOOD.
GAME: Peter has rolled DEXTERITY and got a result of MEDIOCRE.

And apparently, even when he tries to beat her— she still wins. Peter kind of stares when the final point lands, the digital scoreboard clicks over and flashes, and then the air stops humming on the table. It takes a few moments before he lets go and steps back. "You won," he says, sounding so surprised that it's obvious he did /not/ let her win. "Good thing we didn't play a bet on the match…" he says, flawed smile lopsided, genuine, and putting wrinkles in various places.

Elle smiles brightly at Peter. "That was awesome." Because it was right down to the wire. She probably wouldn't have enjoyed it so much if he'd let her win. "MMmmm…maybe we'll just have to bet on the next one."

"We can do that," Peter says, leaning down to pick up his bag first, and his dog second, before retrieving the camera and checking for various warnings. No low battery, plenty of minutes left… he lets it run as he approaches her, "But lets rest for a bit. Maybe we could… make some new pictures," he nods towards the photobooths. They're even bigger here, obviously made to accomidate larger groups. Which is good. He can have his stuffed animal inside the curtain.

The blonde girl smiles. "I think that sounds like a -great- idea." she says, and starts over towards the nearest. "C'mon!" She seems to have a similar thought. The unicorn is definitely coming with her.

Getting in first, so he can cramp in with the puppy against the wall, Peter starts to poke through the options with one hand, while filming them at an odd angle with his other. He could stop at this point… but he doesn't want to. Part of him thinks he should capture every moment possible, and to him this is an important moment. "Okay, it has various backgrounds that'll display behind us, on the blue screen there," he gestures behind him, and then looks back. "They have… places in New York…" Of course… "Niagra Falls. A mountain. The ocean… any preference?" Based on where he lingered, he might prefer Niagra Falls, visually.

Elle moves in to sit down on Peter's lap, and cuddle up close. "Not New York. We can go see those places anytime. Someplace with water." She'd wanted to see the ocean, before. "The falls." She noticed the lingering.

"Those are for tourists anyway," Peter says, flipping pass the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, places in Central Park… and landing on the Falls again. The angle is even one they could possibly be taking their picture at. The railing is visible, even, all they'd need to do is pretend they have a bench to sit on, and the stuffed animals are allowed along. Once he's picked the option, he pays the money and then wraps his free arm around her, while filming an upward angle of them. "We should get at least two of these. One for each of us."

Elle nods. "Let's get lots. Neither of us have pictures. And I think we both want them."

"Yeah— I'm a bit on the sentimental side," Peter admits, leaning his head against her for the first picture, arm snuggled around her, the stuffed dog's head flopping against his shoulder and into the picture. Only his arm holding out the camera keeps it from falling into his lap. There's still three more pictures— and many more to follow.

The girl cuddles up. She reaches out a hand to ruffle faux-Snowy's head, and turns her head at the right moment to kiss Peter's cheek. It isn't the same as before, but that's all right. They can make new memories.

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