2009-12-10: Making Plans



Date: December 10, 2009


Brayden summons Noah to talk and CONSPIRE.

"Making Plans"

Nathan's Hotel Room

Turning Noah's business card over and over in his hands, Brayden stares at Afterlife blaring on the television in his freakishly white hotel room (white walls, white carpet, white linens — only the pictures on the walls are different, and they're printed in black and white) while perched on the chesterfield none-too-comfortably. He'd called Noah for a meeting, although, he isn't exactly sure why. Other than the fact he has questions. Lots of questions. And not all about Claire — although those are present as well. And so he waits for said meeting, anticipating a knock at his door.

While needing to fly out of the US soon for work related issues, Mr. Bennet figured that he could manage a visit to Nathan. It would be a good time anyway, as most of Alpha Protocol's attention will be at the mission at hand instead of their usual Big Brother tactics. A couple raps at the door announce Noah's arrival and when the door is opened, Noah is waiting in his usual black suit. "Mr. Petrelli."

The door is opened almost immediately after the knock. "Uh — Nathan, please." He doesn't even request being called Brayden now. He immediately steps aside for Noah to come in. "Come in. I…" Pause. "… do you want coffee or something… I have tea also, but you don't strike me as a tea drinker…"

A simple nod is given to the name request, Noah moving into the door slowly as it's closed behind him. "Coffee is fine," the ex-Company Man replies as he moves through the room, giving it a scan over as he waits for his drink to be served to him.

The door is then locked behind Noah. Brayden has learned his lesson. "Coffee it is," Brayden states as he walks towards his small kitchenette and puts on a pot of coffee. "Alright, so I have some questions… I talked to Ma and she said you're a family friend and adopted my — uh — daughter, right?" He asks the question somewhat apprehensively as he attempts to remember his conversation with his mother.

A brow is arched at the term 'family friend'. It seems Angela's outlook on things is always a shade lighter or darker than it really is… Even on Noah himself. But his normal expression is swift to return. "I was told to take care of Claire for your behalf. Have been for over eighteen years," he replies as he finds himself a seat to place his aging behind in.

"Who told you?" Brayden asks as he waits for the coffee to finish dripping. "I guess that's not really a relevant question." Pause. "You said I needed to get into that Senate seat as quickly as possible. Why is this so important? I'm doing the best I can… but won't they just try to nab me from the inside or something? Ma seems to think so —"

"It is possible…" Noah concedes, more than willing to drop the topic of his daughter for a mutlitude of reasons. "But now I am on the inside. If you provide me with the political clout, I'll watch your back on the inside. Together, we may be possible to tone down the Alpha Protocol and transform it from a monster to a protector… Turn it toward our enemies rather than our allies. Right now, it is witch hunt, when it has the potential to actually help the world."

There's some silence as Brayden considers Noah's words, "Alright. At least I know the risk." He hmmms quietly to himself and then nods, "If I get this seat — which looks positive at this point — I'll give you any clout I can. What do you need from me? I'm working at getting Nathan's — my — memory back. Ma thinks that's the first thing." Beat. Swallow. "I mean… when I talked to her on the phone. She's in Fiji."

"Fiji?" A smirk is given, showing how much Noah believes THAT point… But for Angela and Nathan himself, he lets it slide. Considering where Nathan is, he knows EXACTLY where his mother is. But that's fine, Angela is a big girl, she can take care of herself.

Focusing on the AP matter with his words, Noah looks toward the coffee with his eyes."All you need to do is focus on getting your seat back. As a Republican with a somewhat liberal outlook, you will likely come across as a strong candidate to be on the committee for the Alpha Protocol… If it seems too forced, it draw attention to yourself and if you are being considered for the program, you will have enough of that as it is. The man currently placed in charge of the operations branch is Danko. If you are able to get into the position, between the two of us, we should be able to keep him in check. Otherwise, Claire, your mother, and all those that wish to do good maybe in danger."

The coffee finishes dripping and Brayden prepares two cups. "Cream or sugar?" He's almost positive Noah will take it black (not that he knows Noah), but he offers anyways. "Well we need to stop what's going on. That much is clear. Alright, if I get in, I'll be your political pawn. Who's on the committee? I'll have Helen arrange a casual lunch. Maybe there's a way I can get in without it seeming suspect at all…"

"A little of both is fine," Noah replies. Following Nathan as best he can from his seated position, Noah continues to offer his thoughts on the matter. While some would feel bad for taking advantage of a man who is trying to regain his life, he knows how stubborn Nathan could be… It is best to hit while the iron is mallible. As usual, Noah is unshakable and seems to have the plan already thought out. It's why he was given the tougher assignments during his past job.

"As I said, make it seem like you don't even know the organization exists. Try and get your seat back. Once you get it, state an interest in Homeland Security. The rest will take care of itself. Even if you are placed on Homeland without being part of Alpha Protocol directly, it would at least give you some snippetts here and there. Meet with the members from the Homeland committe, that's your in."

Brayden quickly preps the coffee (his own is LOADED with cream and sugar) before he carries both back to the sitting area. He hands the one with lesser cream and sugar to Noah. "Alright, so I need to pretend I know nothing about the Alpha Protocol. I think I can do that," after all, he really doesn't know anything. "I realize we have to deal with this issue from the inside or there will be more trouble for everyone. I'll make sure we adjust some of our stand so it deals more with homeland security. Do you think we can redirect it? Or is this a blind shot for us?"

"There are legit targets within Alpha Protocol we can go after," Noah begins, merely nodding his thanks as he holds the coffee with both hands. It was kinda cold outside. "If we don't get results, we will be replaced. However, it would be best to get those that are actually dangerous instead of innocent people. I have a list of Level 5 people, criminals that were around before the Alpha Protocol was created and by their foolish actions, a great many were released… Once you get in, you'll be able to support my desire to go for them first. That will buy us time for further planning for how to either cut of funding or get laws into place that would require them to commit a illegal act using their powers, such as manslaughter or robbery, which would strongly limit the Alpha Protocol, since that would require them to submit an investigation before going after a target."

"Alright then, I'll do what I can. I'll try to arrange a lunch with everyone from homeland security if I get the seat, and if not…" Brayden frowns as he sips at his coffee. "… well things look promising right now. Everyone I've talked to says so. Maybe there's someone in homeland security I could talk to anyways before I take the seat. My understanding is that Nath — I was very connected before I got amnesia. I'll call Helen and find out if we know anyone on the committee… in which case I'll just arrange a casual lunch meeting."

Drinking his coffee as 'Brayden' speaks, Noah nodes to the end of the former Senator's words. "Sounds like a plan," he states simply before he gets up. "While I wish I had more time, I really should be going soon. Only a couple more hours until my flight leaves." While most people would be in the airport right now, Noah rarely… If ever, has to check in. Another perk of his many shady connections. "It was good talking with you."

"I was going to ask you about Claire, but I guess, if you're strapped for time…" Brayden follows Noah's lead and stands to his feet. "Thank you for the answers. I'll be in touch as soon as I know anything about the seat or homeland security."

"I'll see about talking with Claire… She might be wanting to talk to you herself. But I'll leave that to her." After all, the last time Nathan and Claire spoke it was far from endearing. "Sounds good, Nathan… Keep in touch." Finishing the coffee in short order, Noah sets down the mug before making his way out the door. He would warn Nathan about not telling anyone that they spoke, but he figures like Angela and Claire, he knows the score.

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