Portrayed By Chris Warren Jr
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 19, 1990
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Chai;Edi
Place of Birth Liverpool, Pennsylvania, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Odd Jobber
Known Relatives Jane Doe (mother; deceased), Jim Doe (brother)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities NA
First Appearance Genesis

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Malachai was born on June 19, 1990 to Dae and Marla Jamison in Liverpool Pennsylvania, Harrisburg being just on the other side of the Susquehanna River from them. Malcom is the youngest of six children which consist of 4 girls and 2 boys. His early childhood was pretty average, concidering that it's so close to Harrisburg, he never really got into trouble. His older siblings on the other hand were costently getting into trouble. He did pretty well in school, in the early years.
When Malachai was ten years old, Dale had moved the family to Jamiaca where Dale was from. Figuring they would get into less trouble there, and he had a job lined up there. The school years progressed, though the older siblings actually got worse. Once he was a teenager, Malachai was finding other things, like the beach and other such better, fun things to do in Jamaica then school work. He got the basics, so other then reading which he loves to do, he never really payed too much attention in school. He ditched a lot.
At sixteen, Malachai dropped out of school. Then after his eighteenth birthday he returns to America where he re-applies for his citizenship and moves to New York City. There he gets a job as bagboy at one of the local grocery stores. Then a year later he switched to one of the local gas stations. He had several jobs durring his time in New York.
For the last year in New York, Malachai has been working toward finishing his education and getting his G.E.D online, along with his current job at another local Grocery Store stocking shelves. He's doing a lot better grade wise, but he is planning on going to college for Leisure Studies, when he can afford to do so and, if he graduates. But prospects are looking good. Hopefully nothing will happen to mess that up. But it's not as easy as he thought it would be either.
In his spare time he also likes to hang out in Central Park, check out some of the local museums, when he can afford the entry fee, or he'll just sneak in with a bus load of high school students on a class trip. Also in his spare time, he is also seen either on the internet, hanging out at some of the dance clubs. Now he's 21, still stocking shelves at the store. He's got his G.E.D but now it's party time. He frequents the dance clubs more, drinks especially his favored, rum, when he can get it, though usually it's just beer. Still does the other things he likes to do in his spare time, but other then the dance Clubs, hedoes less of it.


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