2007-06-14: Mall Psychics


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Summary: A Mafia Princess and a Latina walk into a mall…

Date It Happened: June 14th, 2007

Log Title Mall Psychics

THE Mall

The Mall…was crowded. Typical this time of day, in the city that never slept in where trends and fashion made up its collective lifeblood next to Italian food and alcohol. Elena manages to weave through the crowd, ducking an overzealous bride carrying a troop of bridesmaid's favors in her arm while gesturing wildly with her phone. She frowns over her shoulder at her, but she continues on…god. She's been here an HOUR and she hasn't found anything yet. And everything else she likes were way above the budget she set for herself.

She isn't one to indulge too much on clothes but considering she found out there was some sort of zoo dedication thing on the -same day- Peter decided to take Monty and Simon to the zoo (and she was coming along as backup babysitter), she realized she didn't have anything to wear.

Why do these stupid oversights always happen to her? She's not particularly happy about it. She grumbles….it was almost getting too hot for jeans and summer barely started.

She sighs, stopping at a Dolce & Gabbana store and staring at the display. She inclines her head. She could probably get away with a light blouse and a skirt.

And who else would be heading in the direction of Dolce & Gabbana, but Nadia Selvaggi. She's with a group of equally talkative and equally connected young women. Nadia is quicker to spot Elena than the other way around, as the small group breaks up and she walks away. "Oh my gosh! Elena! HI there!" Purse shouldered, Nadia's steps quicken in her heels as she beelines straight for the Latino girl. "Don't tell me you're thinking of shopping in there? Do you know how ridiculously overpriced they are!?" Cue airkiss of greeting before she gestures openly at the shop. "You Elena, are coming with me. Got it? What's your budget, what are you shopping for and I can help you out!" Does it matter the pair only met? Nope! They bonded! Or at least that's partly how Nadia sees it!

When her name is called, Elena turns around and she looks at… the mafia princess herself. Though she doesn't make the connection. She smiles cheerfully. "Hey, Nadia! I didn't think I'd see you again so soon," she says with a laugh. "How are you? You get your pasta okay?" Referring to the rather loud discussion she had with her mother on picking some up. She returns the airkisses lightly - awkward the first try, more natural in the second. She adapts quickly, at least. "And…I was just looking. I tend to do that, look at things I can't afford. No doctor money yet you know." She winks at Nadia, and then…. "Eh? What?" she says. Nadia talked -so fast- but she can't help but grin, watching her. She was so…so…-animated-. It was refreshing.

"Um…no more than forty dollars. I have to help a friend of mine babysit tomorrow," she tells Nadia. What? Shopping just for that. "We're going to the zoo and apparently there's some sort of dedication ceremony going on."

Nadia waves off the question. "Please. Of course I did. I don't think ma would have me back in the house otherwise!" She grins and takes a step back from Elena, looking past the girl at the display then back. "No shit huh? Dedication ceremony.. zoo.. Casual? Biz casual? Or we talking formal? If you're babysitting, I'd say business casual. Can't go wrong with that. It's a zoo for crying out loud!" She reaches to take Elena by the hand, "Only $40? Not gonna find it in there! Follow me, you're in good hands!" Unfortunately, she can't just walk Elena right up to cousin Alberto's discount fell off a truck clothing emporium, so next best thing! "Man, who doesn't look at things they can't afford? I got a cousin, Diana, she doesn't just look at things she can't afford, but she buys it. Drives her husband up the wall. They're always fighting about the bills, somehow they get paid though!"

"I was thinking more casual-casual." Elena actually didn't really like dressing up, she was a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. "I'd wear jeans and a shirt, but it's -so- hot these days. It's terrible, I'd like something light and breezy and won't kill me with heatstroke and it's the -zoo-. We're going to be -outside-." But nothing like a tailored dress or anything of the sort. She was going to be babysitting, she wasn't out to impress the zoo people that she thought of them and prettied herself beyond what's expected for the dedication. "Maybe some sort of sundress." She lets Nadia take her hand, and steer her through the mall. "Wha— Nadia!" She's laughing though, and she trots off after the energetic 20 year old. "Well thankfully all I've done is look, Papa would -kill- me if I went on and ….I don't know. Shopped at Tiffany's."

Nadia laughs aloud and over her shoulder at Elena. Hrm.. she can't take Elena straight to Uncle Guido's Off The Truck Fashion Emporium.. so… the latina is led to a nice shop, quality clothes and not as pricy as the snobby store. "Here we go! Hmm. Sundress could be do-able. I was thinking if it were me, I'd go with a skort and some fluttery like shirt." Once at the new store, she lets go of Elena's hand. "FEH! Honey, once you make money of your own, shop wherever the hell you want to! Lesse… too bad this is short notice.. I could get you a better hook-up on clothes, but this place'll do! NOW. Let's see what we can find for you!" Yes. She's taking charge of the situation! "So you're helping a friend babysit. Friend friend, or a /friend." The last is said as she makes little quotation marks in the air with her fingers.

"I can do that too, I think," Elena says. "Depends on what we see, right? And ….wait, what about -you-. You looking for anything in particular?" She pauses……and then she grins. "I have an idea. You tell me what you're looking for, and we can pick for each other before we head for the dressing room." Hey, why not make things a little more interesting. She needs a basic idea as to what Nadia's shopping for though. "And you don't have to do that, really, even if it's so nice of you." She starts looking through the racks, squinting critically at the selections there. Nadia looks like a six, maybe a little smaller… when she asks the last question, she looks over her shoulder. "A friend," she says with a laugh. "He has a girlfriend. His sister-in-law's a good friend of mine too, though, and the boys can be a handful, so I'm going in as backup."

"Me? Naaaah. I was just with a group of friends and family. Cousin Natalia's getting married and we were looking for gag gifts. I think dad would lock me in a closet if he saw what we were looking at!" Nadia seems very amused with herself on the subject! "SO. Papa's not getting told! Easy enough.. but I could be looking for something. It's more fun clothes shopping as a group! I could use a new outfit for clubbing.. for like say.. when we hit the clubs together! Drag the boys with, maybe I can grab Leo. If not, I'll just make him jealous." She too dives on into the racks, the next one over in fact! "Uh huh… a friend with a girlfriend.." is repeated back.. kinda.. but in a sly manner. She's teasing of course. She doesn't know the first thing about the situation. "OOOOH.. This would make Leo's jaw just hit the floor!" There's a girlish squeal of enthusiasm as she pulls a midnight blue thing considered a dress off the rack. "Oh damn, it's a size too big…" Then she grins impishly at Elena..

"…oh god! You mean -those- kinds of gifts? You know it might be a nice gesture to get something for the groom. Like….an inflatable sheep, that you can handcuff to his arm that he has to carry around during his bachelor party night." Because it would so random it's hilarious. And very guy humor. Elena grins, visualizing the poor Italian groom schmoozing with girls in his LAST NIGHT OF FREEDOM, drink on one hand, sheep tucked under one arm. "Clubbing huh? I wouldn't go with short dresses personally….too constricting if you want to tear up the dance floor. Rides up too much, and the creepy guys just come up to you from behind and start….you know? Kinda gross, wouldn't want to give them that much access…" She pulls out some slim-fitting, black pants that tie up the sides. "And then….aha." She grabs a shiny, silver napkin top from the rack. It would probably give most men in the club a heart attack, but she has a feeling that's the aim.

At the teasing, she gives Nadia a -look-. "He's -not like that-," Elena reiterates, laughing. "And neither am I, so you be quiet, missy." She shows both items to her, pairing them together. "What do you think? The better to shake your caboose with. Eh? Eh?" She waggles her eyebrows a bit.

"One step ahead of you! And boy is he gonna like his wedding night, but don't ask me how I know about those things. I'm supposed to be a virgin until I'm like 32 or something!" Nadia says conversationally as she holds the 'dress' up to Elena. "Looks like a better fit for you. I bet we could take in the sides a bit and it'll be /perfect/. Got a boy you want to send all drooling?" Grinning, the dress is put back onto the rack, then takes a step back, hand on her chin as if this were the pondering to end all pondering. "It's so.. J-Lo. But it'll work on you! Just don't let your old man catch you sneaking out of the house in it! As for the creepy guys at the club.. a well placed foot to the cannoli goes a long way."

"Oh god. It's not a ball and chain thing, is it? The bride will MURDER YOU," Elena says with a laugh. And at the next, she laughs again, quirking a brow at Nadia. "So you're -supposed to be- one, but you really aren't?" she teases. "Someone's being a baaaaaaad girl is what I'm hearing between the sentences." She looks at the dress criticall, inclining her head. "Well, it's babysitting, I don't think I need to have -more- guys drooling over me. Papa's protective and my brother's even worse, I wouldn't want to accidentally send someone to the hospital. But no, I don't have a boyfriend, if that's what you're feeling around for." She winks at Nadia. "And this would probably look better on you than me." She shakes both at Nadia. Tempt. Tempt. "So this Leo….why's your Papa all against it anyway, if you don't mind me asking? He from the wrong side of the tracks or something? It'd be so West Side Story."

"Speaking of cannoli, I sure could go for some. After we're done here, so taking you by this great little pastry shop nearby. Not as good as my grandma's, but it'll do." Nadia just laaaughs, amusement dancing in her eyes. "Damn straight. I'm telling ya, Catholic school and over protective father. Don't tell me you haven't snuck around behind your dad's back yet!" Then back to the more serious business at hand. Shopping for Zoo To Do. "Ha!" is the response she gives then gladly takes said outfit and drapes it over her arm. Diving into the cute sundresses that are more 'virginal', she answers, "Well, I'm sure we can fix that no boyfriend problem.. as for Leo.. Nah, not exactly wrong side of the tracks. He's from a good family." Good mafia family. "Papa just doesn't think he's good enough for me. Sure Leo's a bit of a screw-up with work, but who isn't? He'll shape up.. Aha! What of this one?" A pretty and quite casual sundress in pale yellow is plucked off the rack and shaken enticingly at Elena.

"I love cannolis, so sure," Elena says with a laugh. "We can make a day out of it….I feel bad though, stealing you from your other friends." Because she's conscientious like that. At the brazen declaration, she can't help but grin. "So what are you trying to say? In modern times I'm one of the only ones left playing by the rules?" She hipchecks Nadia lightly. "And no! I'd never sneak around Papa, he's…." He's a TELEPATH. How do you sneak around someone who could read your mind when you think out loud?! "….been around and was a rebel as a kid too, so it's like he can read your mind when you do something remotely rebellious." Wait. She had a boyfriend problem? "I don't really have the time for one anyway!" she laughs. "I have school, work, a giant crazy family….not to mention my other crazy friends, present company -in-cluded." She winks at her. "Labs, the Dance Corps…I don't know how I get home fast enough to cook dinner for everybody, though Papa's girlfriend's been doing that more often lately. She says I need a break on occasion." She grins. "And all fathers think that anyway. The 'not good enough for you' reasoning doesn't really apply all the time." She blinks. "Huh…that can work…" She takes the dress from Nadia's hand. "Let's see what else we can find…." She pulls out a flowy top. "Oh this is cute, kind of kimono-style but not really - I hear the asian thing's pretty big these days."

Nadia waves her hand dismissively, "Fuggedabout it!" Apparently, breaking off from the other group is fine by her! "Ah.. well.. that's good then, playing by the rules," she says with a grin, meeting that hipcheck. "Papa seems like he can read minds too at times." He's just scary good at interrogating. "Damn girl, when do you have time to sleep!" She stares agog at Elena in amazement, "I'm never complaining about cram time again for exams. Never. .. and your dad's girlfriend? HOpefully she's not your age." Is the last grumbled? You bet. "ANYWAY. Girl! Hurry and try some of this stuff on! My thighs can't wait for the cannoli to hit them! And we'll grab some espresso too. Not the stuff from Starbucks, but /real/ Italian espresso. Hurry!" With that urging, she's off and trying on her own selection!

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