2007-08-23: Manny's Got A Gun


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Summary: Manny discovers something about Ophelia's step-family and, in his infinite wisdom, decides to do something about it. Something of the biblical nature. And yes, Manny has a gun. And more.

Date It Happened: August 23rd, 2007

Manny's Got a Gun

Hunter-Medina Residence

The Hunter-Medina household isn't really much to look at. It's pretty well-worn on the outside and tolerable on the inside, but they are, by no means, rich. Especially considering that Theo Medina tends to spend his money on things that most definitely don't include the house but do include copious amounts of alcohol.

Tolerable … won't be a word to describe the place when Manny gets done. Not if he has his way. Hands tucked into his pockets, a car-grease stained beater tucked into the front of his pants, and sunglasses covering his eyes, the young man paces his way down the street, walking with an obvious purpose…whether anyone's following him on this little journey, though…

"Manuel Gomez!" The tone is not a happy one, especially as Ophelia Hunter sees where he's headed. Jogging to try and catch up with the teen, Phi's gaze is darkened as she glances towards the house. "I told you to stay out of it. Don't be stupid."

Whether it's the words of the girl, the situation, a combination of both, or just the hot-headed temper of the young Latino, Manny's expression is almost grimly serious. When Ophelia uses his full name, the tone is countered by a surprisingly calm voice from the young man, "Stay out of it? And, what, let it happen again? I know better than that." All the while, the teen doesn't stop, his pace carrying him rather quickly toward the Hunter-Medina home.

"Shit." Ophelia mutters, moving to try and catch up with him again. "Manny, you can't. It's not gonna happen again. I just won't go back here anymore." Her expression darkens the closer they get to the house. "Please, Manny.."

"You're right…it won't." It's all he says, his pace slowing as he gets nearer and nearer to the house. He stops at the driveway, tapping his foot briefly, muttering under his breath, "(By god, it won't happen again…)" That said…he makes no movement to get closer to the house just yet, just sort of staring at the door from the driveway.

A few feet behind Manny, Ophelia freezes in the driveway, just staring between Manny and the door. He was so close to doing it and it /scared the hell out of her/. She doesn't move, just watching Manny carefully. The door too. "Manny, please.." She murmurs, though at this point she doubts he's going to listen and she's terrified for what might happen next.

The young man just sorta loiters in the driveway, taking a moment to crack his knuckles as he stares at the door. He turns his head to look at Ophelia, clicking his tongue for a second, he finally says, "If you can guarantee—absolutely…guarantee that it won't happen again, then I'll stop here. If you can't, we do it my way."

Ophelia blinks at that, frozen in her tracks. She stares at the house for a long moment, then back at Manny. "I don't know that.." She trails off. "I mean, I can't.." A breath. "It won't happen." Her brow is furrowed. Mostly because she doesn't know. She doesn't know if it would happen again and she doesn't want Manny doing something stupid. "Lets go somewhere else."

Manny doesn't exactly seems satisfied. He pauses briefly, still staring at the door, trying to wrap his mind around what he's about to do. Usually, any episode like this is a crime of passion kind of thing. This time, Manny seems to know exactly WHAT he's doing…and as such, he actually seems to be hesitating.

"Manny.. it won't accomplish anything. Please, we can just go." Ophelia smiles a little bit. Or she tries. She's just so nervous even being close to the house. It brought so many memories, just being so close. "Please.."

An eyebrow quirks upward, obviously not totally believing that what /he/ has planned won't do anything. He glances from the door to Ophelia and back, looking back to Ophelia one more time, his voice still calm—he obviously knows what he's doing, "Stay out here. Promise me you'll stay out here until I tell you you can come in…"

There's a weak nod. She doesn't agree outloud, but she's worried. She'll stay out here until he says so or until she's worried that things are really bad. While he wouldn't approve of the last part, Ophelia was determined not to let him get sucked into the mess. She was already risking too much by even letting him be right there in the driveway.

Thumbs hooked into his pockets, Manny makes his way up toward the door. Lifting the sunglasses from his eyes, he takes just a moment before knocking on the door just once, not exactly looking…patient.

The door opens when he knocks on it, and a man is standing there, one not so much older than Manny. He looks at the guy calmly. "Yes?” The door opens when he knocks on it, and a man is standing there, one not so much older than Manny. He looks at the guy calmly. "Yes?" Joaquin asks.

Manuel smirks a little bit and, surprisingly calmly, Manny extends a hand, "Manuel Gomez. Might remember me, 'bout a year ago?"

Shit. Ophelia doesn't want to move. She doesn't want to think, or breathe, or do anything. Instead, she just watches. Quietly. From the driveway.

"Should I?" he asks, his own right extending to shake with a firm grip and release. He eyes the man, sizing him up without letting on. "Oh. Yeah. You race cars. I remember." But the guy doesn't give his own name. He assumes Manny already knows it, what with being here and all.

Before Joaquin can release his hand, Manny pulls him out of the house…and directly toward his OTHER hand, balled into a fist and aimed at the nose of the other man, all the while remaining fairly calm. Well…calm for Manny.

The fist strikes its target, and his nose begins to bleed. A scowl comes over his features, and he reaches into his pocket. He's got brass knuckles there. It's his intention to slip them on and do this in the proper way. Joaquin aims for Manny's chin, while pulling his hand free to aim a blow at the midsection.

The shot to the midsection connects, and it's only by the grace of God that Manny avoids the brass knucks. Well…the grace of God and doubling over from the prior shot. A scowl passes over the expression of the young man, who gets in tight to Joaquin and drives his knee upward as strongly as he can.

That attempt also strikes its target, and has him bent over, coughing, fighting to catch his breath and grimacing in pain. Joaquin's wide open for whatever comes next, while he tries to recover from being kneed in the sac.

Ophelia is, in the meanwhile, trying very hard not to freak out. It was one thing for Manny to punch Joaquin like that, but a complete fight? And then there was her step-father to worry about. Biting hard on her lip, Phi stays fast to where she stands, glancing over to Manny and Joaquin. She won't intervene, not now.

The only thing that follows is an elbow. Nothing trained, nothing strong, but Manny drives his elbow down to the head of other young man. Content that he's at least got Joaquin down, he scowls and gets close, "Maybe you remember me. Maybe you don't. Long run, it don’t really matter—this is the last time you’ll see me anyway. Something I should warn you of, though…" He pulls Joaquin so that he sees his step-sister, "THAT…is a girl. I know you're not used to seeing them." Pushing Joaquin back to the ground, Manny scowls, "And contrary to what you seem to think, we DON'T hit them."

He's not much on the resistance to being pulled so he sees Ophelia. His eyes are still watering, though, and he continues to groan, because his balls hurt. When Manny pushes him over, he just lays there, cradling the injured area, and curling up into a ball.

There's a tiny smile on Ophelia's face at that move, her gaze shifting from where Joaquin lays to the doorway before she looks back to Manny. He's done alright, so far. Maybe.. maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

Calmly, Manny tucks his hands back into his pockets. Thinking he's done, he stops and reconsiders…then paces his way toward the house again, stopping just long enough to tell Joaquin (whether the other man can hear him or not), "If I so much as THINK you've touched her again…believe me when I say, this won't be nothin' compared to what I WILL do." Finally, he turns to cross the threshold of the house, switching languages, "Senor Medina? Estas aqui?"

He's aqui, all right. As Manny approaches the house, a figure in a window turns away and moves to somewhere else inside. And once the young man steps across the threshold, an aluminum baseball bat swings. "Si, soy aqui, pendejo. Tu es muerto!"

To put it mildly, a groan escapes the young man as the bat connects with his midsection, causing the young man to stumble back out of the house. And that anger that he's done so well (thus far) at controlling? Yeah, it's not exactly controlled. The attentive might notice Manny's eyes darken briefly as he stares into the house, only somewhat patiently waiting for the father to come into eyeshot again.

The smile that was on Ophelia's face quickly vanishes. Moving just a little closer to try and get a better view, she's /not/ happy that Manny's getting the bat. She's terrified, and it's evident in her voice. "/Manny/.."

Well, he was aiming for Manny's head, but he's drunk and angry, so his aim isn't that good. As the younger one stumbles back, the bat wielder stalks out after him, and takes another vicious swing with the sports implement. "Get up, Joaquin," he demands, "your balls will heal. If, that is, you actually have a pair." Well, he does, but Manny broke them. He's still writhing on the ground.

Thankfully, Manny's attention isn't divided. And that swing at him? Yeah, Manny manages to roll out of the way and pop back up to his feet. Taking advantage of the distance between him and either Medina male, Manny glances side to side. He's obviously hurt, clutching his ribs with one hand as he reaches behind himself with the other. Gritting his teeth, he pulls out a basic 9mm pistol, pointing it at the elder Medina, "Drop…the fucking…bat."

"Manny.." Ophelia's more worried than ever, even if Manny's the one that pulled the gun. The gun? It just makes things way, WAY more serious. She swallows hard, not moving from the driveway.

He steps back, the bat poised in his hands for another swing, which he doesn't take. That looks like a real gun, and it might have real bullets, so he doesn't attack. But he also doesn't drop the bat. "What's this about?" he asks, his words slurring a bit. "You don't really want to use that thing. Oh. I get it. She," he nods toward Ophelia, "told you some sob story about me beating on her, right? She's done this before, likes the attention. She gets someone to slap her around, leave hidden marks, and convinces a guy her mean stepfather did it."

"Someone?" Manny smirks, taking a few steps forward while keeping the gun leveled at Theo. Manny glances, briefly, at the fallen Joaquin and smirks, "That 'someone' happens to be your son. And, from what I hear, you're not too far behind. So why don't you drop the bat and we can end this like men. Unless you'd rather slap your step-daughter again, and then I can make this a little easier on all of us."

Ophelia bites down hard on her lip. Glancing between Manny and Theo, she's still a little more than worried that this will end much, much worse. Especially since she knows her step-father and his temper, and then there's Manny and that gun.

As soon as Manny's head turns toward Joaquin, the man moves to one side and swings out with the bat. His blow is aimed at the hand holding that gun, the opportunity of distraction seized to what he hopes is his advantage.

Manny jumps back as he sees movement from the corner of his eye, but he doesn't…totally avoid the shot. The gun is indeed knocked away, but Manny's hand doesn't take much of the contact. A few steps back, and Manny's out of range of the bat again, "(Cute…)" Those REALLY paying attention might notice Manny's eyes darkening again, nigh on black at this point as he stares at Theo.

Theo, for his part, is going after the gun and not paying attention to his opponent's eyes. His bat is still brandished, though lowered a bit with the action of retrieving that firearm. "Go home, boy, before you get hurt, and stop being a sucker for lying little girls. I never laid a hand on her, and neither did Joaquin."

If Theo's paying attention to his own body, he'd notice that the muscles in his arms are tightening up. To the point of near uselessness. Manny stares at him as he goes for the gun, not sure what he might be doing but knowing SOMETHING's going on. "Maybe you should reconsider who you're talking to…" With the feeling of invincibility somewhere in his mind, Manny, still clutching his ribs, steps forward slowly, his eyes focused on Theo.

"Manny!" Ophelia cries as she sees him stuck. Clenching her fists, she glances between the group. She feels helpless, utterly helpless. She stares, watching the three with growing horror.

The man freezes, feeling that sensation and not able to move very well. His attempt to pick up the gun fails, mostly because he can't make his hands work well enough to do so. His eyes widen, and for the first time there's fear in them. "Oh, God," he comments under his breath. "I'm having a heart attack, or a stroke." That's what his mind says is the situation at hand, the reason for his stiffening muscles. The bat falls out of his fingers and hits the ground.

Confidence…if there's one thing Manuel Gomez embodies, it's confidence. There's never a situation that Manny doesn't feel he can handle. And with Theo's arms useless, the boy's only even more confident, stepping right up to the man and grabbing him by the throat, "Now listen…to me. Whether you care or not, I could give a damn; I don't know how you managed to get a wife, but I'd wager on her not being in much better shape." Manny's eyes return to their normal color, and the feeling in Theo's arms will slowly return, but in the mean time, Manny warns him, "I'm taking her out of your house. You don't get to argue this…you don't get to say anything. And if she decides she wants to come back here, and you so much as look at her wrong, believe me when I say I will find out…and there ain't a damn thing your boy, your bat…nothin' can do for you. Got me?"

There isn't much of a reply to Manny's instructions. The man just nods quickly and stays quiet, fear now in his eyes. Maybe he thinks he felt what he did from drinking too much, or something, but he believes that was a heart attack or stroke that hit him and started to go away. He no longer has the desire to tangle with the defender of Ophelia, or go near her again. Ever.

Manuel smirks and releases Theo, leaving him to heal. It wasn't long—Manny just hopes he didn't do MUCH damage. He bends over and grabs both the bat and the gun, tucking the latter back into its hiding place and making a few practice swings with the bat, "Glad we understand each other." He turns and heads back towards Ophelia, that slow pace kept up. He's in no hurry…wounded, but not beaten. The story of Manuel Gomez’s life.

Swallowing hard, Ophelia glances from Theo to Manny. She's practically shaking, gaze flickering between the three out in front of the house. Her gaze finally rests on Manny. She's not sure how he did it, but… he did it. As the Gomez teen returns to her side, she slides an arm around him to support him carefully and move away from the house. She doesn't look back.

The bat is discarded somewhere along the walk. Manny doesn't really care where. Hopefully it'll make a nice surprise for some kid starting little league baseball or something. All Manny's concerned about is that this little saga is over…at least, he hopes it's over. Following up on threats is never fun…

It's some time into the walk, but Manny'd still be able to notice Ophelia's trembling. It's mostly died down, but there's still that anxious, nervous energy that has nowhere to go. "I didn't think you could do it, Manny.." She murmurs, arm supporting him as needed. Once they're somewhere that she can take a better look at him, she'll examine how bad his injuries may have gotten.

Manuel was perfectly content to just walk with Ophelia, his arm around the girl's shoulders to keep her close. Even the silence, frankly, wasn't thought about by the young Gomez male. But when Ophelia does choose to speak, Manny grins a little and just mentions, "Guys like Joaquin and Armando, they talk a lotta shit…" Manny takes a seat once there's one nearby, wincing just a little bit, "When it comes down to it, though…they're nothin' but mouths."

"God, Manny.. when you pulled the gun and then Theo hit you..?" Ophelia tightens her grip on him gently. "I seriously thought it was going to get bad." She frowns. "Hell, I feel bad enough they got any hits in on you.."

Manuel shakes his head a little bit, still smiling—again, confidence. It's probably Manny's best and worst trait simultaneously. He looks over, just hugging Ophelia, "Trust me, I know when I'm over my head…" /Usually,/ he thinks to himself, somewhere in the back of his mind.

Ophelia isn't about to let Manny go. Not for a long while. Not after that. That was the confrontation she never had the guts or the ability to do herself. "You have no idea how much you've done for me, Manners." She murmurs.

Manuel smiles a little. Much as he hates the nickname, he knows better than to mess with her about it for the moment. Instead, he just lets himself be held, even if it is slightly uncomfortable, and mentions, "Just have to know how to handle 'em…let's face it, they're nothin' more than thugs. So, you face 'em down with honor."

"I know, Manny, but you did something that I never could have done for myself." Ophelia murmurs, leaning her head against him. "I owe you big." She lifts her head. "Let me see your ribs." She figures that's where he got hurt the worst.

Manuel smirks a little, lifting his shirt up and over his head. Yeah…there's a pretty pronounced purple-black mark on his side from where the bat hit him, and it's not exactly small…

That's a scowl on Ophelia's features. "Shit, Manny.. he got you good. Does it feel broken to you, or is this just a nasty bruise? I really hope it's just a bruise."

"Mm…" He gets back up to his feet, turning his body side to side. There's a notable wince on his face, but his range of motion isn't totally disrupted, "At worst, probably cracked. Don't think it's totally broken…"

Ophelia sighs at that. "Well.. it just means you get to rest and not strain that area." She proceeds to flop her head in against his shoulder. "I'm sorry you got hurt."

Manuel shrugs it off as though it weren't any big deal, though there's an obvious ache in the young man's voice…even as he tries to joke, "Rest? Is that like…not moving?" He grins a little, leaning his head against Ophelia's.

"Not moving can be good," comes the murmur from Ophelia as she relaxes a little more. Not shaking any more, at least. "Manny.. when I say I owe you, I mean it. If there's anything at all I can do or anything… and I mean anything.. you tell me."

Manuel chuckles, joking, "If you can get rid of the bruise, that'd be nice…" Manuel Gomez? With a sense of humor? What twisted world is this? "Don't…you don't owe me anything. It needed to happen, and I had nothing to lose in that."

Ophelia laughs. "Sorry. I don't think I have magic hands or anything like that, Manny." She grins, leaning in to kiss his cheek. "I still owe you, though. Even if you don't think I do.. I'm still going to say it. So even if you want to redeem the debt for something ridiculous.. you can. Alright?"

"I'll keep that in mind," the young man replies with a smirk, "while I try that 'resting' thing." He grins a little, leaning back comfortably, "As long as this thing healing doesn't involve a hospital. I had enough of that…"

"Oh no. No hospitals." Ophelia grins, glancing back around before focusing on him again. "As rough as your tactics were.. they worked. You're kinda my hero, Manny."

Manuel grins a little bit, "Hey…I said you come at them with honor. Doesn't mean you don't do what you have to to win." He shrugs a bit, smiling but reminding Ophelia, "I just pulled a gun on your family, Phi." Yeah…he knew the nickname. He just liked to tease her. "And you're calling me a hero?"

"You pulled a gun to my /step-family/, Manny, and they've been terrorizing and taking advantage of me for twelve years. I'd say yeah.. you're a hero." Ophelia smiles. "So get used to the idea, hero boy."

Manuel smirks and shrugs a little, "Mm…always worse things, I s'pose." He settles back briefly, shaking his head before asking, "So…why didn't you tell me about this before?" He doesn't like the notion that Ophelia possibly didn't trust him knowing…but he'd rather hear it, if that's the case, than just assume.

That causes a soft sigh. "I didn't tell you because I wanted to protect you, Manny." Ophelia glances to the ground. "I didn't want you to get hurt because of it and I didn't want you to hate me because I couldn't do anything about it.”

There's a little frown on Manny's face as he nods a little bit. He seems to understand, albeit not totally agreeing with the assessment…and then, a though occurs to him: "Is that…was that why we broke up?" He never could figure that out…

"Yeah.. that's pretty much it." That and the fact that she's a freak and can do freakish things, but Ophelia wouldn't admit that to Manny. Not when she had no idea what he would think. "I didn't want you to find out. You were getting pretty close… so I did the only thing I could think of."

Manuel quirks an eyebrow upward, "Well, now you know how I'd react…" Manny runs a hand over his head, wincing as his body's extended, "But trust me…with some of the weird shit I deal with, this is just as simple as call the cops…although, I admit, I don't deal with the police."

Ophelia glances back over at him. "Hey. No hurting yourself." She peers back at him. "Yeah.. now I know. What would I do without my Manny to look out for me?" She laughs. "Neither do I. They don't tend to be so compassionate and understanding about.. certain situations."

Manuel chuckles and nods a little bit, "Sometimes, it's just easier to, uh…take the law into your own hands." And sometimes, it's easier to paralyze your opponents…"You're telling me." Ophelia laughs. "Don't think I'd last half a second in the world if I obeyed all the laws. I'd be long dead by now. I don't see how people can really obey every law when it's ten times harder to actually live by following them. It's like.. a punishment for those who actually do the right thing. Kinda makes you wonder."

Manuel grins a little bit, nodding and shrugging his shoulders, "Lot more fun to see what lines you can cross." he taps his foot for a second before hooking his thumb under a belt loop, "Curiousity, any other secrets?" He smirks a little bit, obviously just teasing the girl as he hugs Ophelia again.

Ophelia actually nearly jumps at the question. She then proceeds to laugh it off. "Hey, now it's your turn to reveal some deep dark secret you've been keeping. Besides, I had one secret, isn't that enough?" Well, she didn't lie. She doesn't like lying to him.

Manuel laughs a little bit, clicking his tongue and thinking, "Some deep dark secret…" /Screw it. She can't freak too much./ "Ya wanna know why Theo dropped the bat?"

"Because you're a damn scary man when you get angry?" Ophelia laughs, looking back over at him. "Why?" She asks, curiousity growing. He's not going to get away without telling her now.

Manuel grins a little bit, "Yep. That's it exactly." He stays quiet for a minute before laughing, shaking his head, "Alright, alright…all seriousness now…you remember Pablo, lived down the street from me, we always played soccer?"

Peering back at Manny curiously, Ophelia nods. "Yeah. What about him?" She's all seriousness now, her gaze studying the Gomez teen's expression.

Manuel clicks his tongue for a second, "You remember he went into that coma for about two weeks or so?"

There's a bit more curiousity on Ophelia's features as she listens. "Yeah. What about it?" She doesn't really voice the 'what did you have to do with it' question that's in her head right now.

"Yeah, that was, uh…that wasn't exactly how everyone suspected…" Manny thinks for a minute about how to explain it, "I, uh…I found out somethin' that weekend…apparently, I…have some…" He stops and laughs a little, shaking his head, "It sounds like somethin' out of a comic. Short version, apparently I have some power over anything living…it…falls apart, I guess…"

"Shit. You're serious." Ophelia blinks for a long time. Then, suddenly, she laughs. "God, and all this time I thought I was crazy."

Manuel quirks an eyebrow upwards, "Que?" He looks over at Ophelia, quiet except for the one word.

GAME: Ophelia has rolled IT'S RAINING MEN and got a result of AVERAGE.

There's a moment, and Ophelia looks back at Manuel before her eyes glow, briefly. All of a sudden, the whole area, a good two blocks around them, it starts to rain. Nothing too heavy, but enough rain for it to be a little odd to come up so suddenly. "That is the other reason I broke up with you."

Manuel sits up, looking around curiously. Rain…rain…rain. "…Wow…" The young man's obviously intrigued, shaking his head a bit, "Impressive…anyone know about this?"

"Not a soul." Ophelia murmurs, glancing back to him. "But.. it's not just rain." She murmurs, looking around cautiously. "It's a lot more than that."

Manuel looks over curiously, but mentions, "Might could tell Ella…she knows people who deal with stuff like this…" The look just says "I wish I was kidding."

Ophelia purses her lips as she looks at Manuel. "Don't know your sister very well, though. I suppose I could try."

Manuel nods a little bit, thumbs tucked into his pockets, "Worth a shot…up to you, though."

"Seriously, I thought I was going to scare the crap out of you with that.. kind of glad you're just as weird as I am, as awkward as that sounds." Ophelia looks over at him. "So. I guess I'm out of excuses, Manny."

Manuel chuckles a little bit, shrugging, "After facing down Armando…yeah, which is a story for another time…if you can make it rain, that's just…" He shrugs a little bit, "Odd, not scary."

Ophelia glances down a little. "Manny.. the rain just just the easy stuff. You haven't seen the cyclones.." She shakes her head. "Blizzards, hail, fog.. could even tell you when the weather will change."

Manuel chuckles, "And I can't promise Theo's ever gonna use his arms again…" He says it like it's nothing…but given the context of the conversation…"Unfortunately, I don't know if I can undo the things I do…"

There's a nod. "Well.. I can understand how it is. Normally I can try and undo them.. it's just that sometimes it's hard to control. Especially if it gets big.." Ophelia frowns. "That's kind of why I didn't want you to know about any of it. I didn't want to risk you being hurt.. either by what was going on with Theo and Joaquin or what was going on with.. well.. the rain."

Manuel nods a little bit, "Makes sense…" He spends a moment looking around, tongue clicking a little bit before shrugging and turning back to Ophelia, "Well, now ya know." He grins a little bit, taking the couple of small steps back over to her.

"Well. Now I know." Ophelia echoes, glancing back to him. "So." The girl grins, glancing back to him. "What happens now?"

That…has Manny stumped. He's not totally sure. He knows what the question means, but he decides to answer in…somewhat typical Manny fashion for the type of question, "Now? We go get food. I haven't eaten today." He smirks a little bit, offering a hand to Ophelia.

Taking the hand, Ophelia shakes her head. She can't help but grin. "You're an ass, Manny."

Manuel grins and wraps that arm around Ophelia's shoulders, "Well, if you've got a solution…" He winks playfully, grinning and hooking his other thumb around his belt loop again.

Sliding an arm around his waist, Ophelia wrinkles her nose. "I'd have thought that Elena would've been a good influence on you. But I think you need a little more of a womanly influence."

Manuel laughs a little bit, "Thanks. 'ppreciate the vote of confidence." There's a playful smirk on the face of the young man as he starts to walk further from the Hunter-Medina home. He has to ask, though, "But you had a good question…what now?"

There's a bit of a grin, and maybe even a tiny bit of a blush behind it. "Well, I don't know. It's up to you, I suppose. I'm the one that broke up with you, Manners. But I'm out of excuses now." Ophelia watches him carefully. "Though considering what you did for me, I'd think you still cared pretty damn much. So I think the odds are good in my favor."

Manuel chuckles quietly, "Tough to argue…" The young man's expression turns a bit more serious, actually giving thought to it. He stops his steps, shrugging a shoulder and leaning over to steal a kiss from Ophelia, "If that was all it was…"

Leaning in and stealing a kiss back, Ophelia smiles, moving to slide both her arms around him now. "So you'll take me back then, Manners?" She can't help but grin at him.

Manuel grins and leans his head against Ophelia's, having to joke, "If you'll drop the nickname." Smiling, he starts to walk down the road again, not really…bothering to know where's going.

That causes a little whimper from Ophelia. "Aw, but Manners, you know you like it. It's /cute/." She murmurs, continuing to move along with him. Does she even know where they're going? Who knows.

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