2010-05-15: Mapquest (The Amazon)



Date: May 15, 2010


Mark is the man with the map and a plan!


Somewhere in the Amazon - Brazil

It's been a rough few days. Lack of shelter, rationing, Jo… Through it all, Cody's been relatively silent. The wreckage of the plane has been made into a makeshift shelter and every once in a while the fittest of the survivors is sent off on a scouting mission. There's three things they need; food, clean water, and to know where the hell they are.

To spare the others from the arduous task, the blonde soldier dragged the dead to an area well away from the encampment for burial. She's not too certain how well Dee's ability works when she's asleep and predators could come for the carrion at any time. So after a moment of silence, Cody buried the two men together in a shallow grave. Perhaps they'll be able to come back for the remains.

She's not actually sure she wants to go back to the camp just yet, she's hungry and she really doesn't want to gripe at the others for her own lack of food. All around them is lush and green.. and dangerous.

The voices from the campsite drift over to where she is and rather than trudge back toward them, Cody hefts her makeshift shovel and leans against a tree. Today, she's going to go hunting.

The snap and crunch of branches is a pretty good indication that someone is approaching. A glance would find the tall frame of Mark angling his way too her, his eyes cast to the ground as he carefully picks where to put his feet, hoping not to find something living. His canvas pack is hooked on one shoulder, the other strap broken from the crash.

When he's close, Mark's eyes lift from the ground, checking her over. “Hey there.” He offers softly, letting the pack slide off his arm and drop heavily to the ground. “How you holding up?”

Still wearing the same shirt, one shoulder Is stained and crusty with blood. Dee having had to pull a large sliver of metal from his shoulder and then stitch it shut… It made Mark miss needles and their pain relieving injections. The whole thing had not been fun… at all.

The shovel, if you could call it that, is dropped to the ground with a small thud when Mark arrives. She offers him a small and weary smile as he unloads his own burden at their feet and she shrugs. On hand moves up to brush the short stubble of hair on her head, not quite Soap Chemo (as Erin would call it) but it's close.

"Scared to grow it back in case I need it…" She comments quietly, not wanting the rest of the survivors to hear. "We don't have much food and I don't want to waste what we have on.. well…" She lets off a breath of a laugh, as though her needs are simply cosmetic.

Her blue eyes dart to his shoulder and then up to his, her eyebrows raising just slightly as she poses her own question. "What about you? Are you going to be alright?" She's almost afraid to touch it, in case she gives him some sort of infection, so she tucks her hands into the pockets of her shorts and holds them there.

His eyes are on her hand as it runs over the stubble, his expression kind of thoughtful, but then… the explorer hasn't really said much since the dropped out of the sky. “I'm… alright.” His word soft, before his eyes drop away, brows furrowing slightly and he crouches in front of his pack to rummage through it.

“Found this up in a tree. A locker on the ground next to that tree…” He looks up at her, closing one eyes to squint up at her, as he pulls out what seems to be a GPS… and a map. “Poco and I managed to get it open.” He straightens, moving to stand next to her at the tree, before he moves to sit again.

“Had a shot gun and a hand gun… some ammo.” His voice sounds almost neutral has he's been talking, possibly the reality of the situation hitting pretty hard. “Should be of some help.” Once settled, map unfolded across his lap, Mark starts fiddling with the GPS.

Taking a seat beside him, Cody examines the map with a well practiced eye. She ducks down to the ground and sits quite close to him, pulling the map halfway across her lap to share it. "We'll save the ammo, I was thinking about getting Dee to get Bashir to do a bit of hunting for us. There's only so long I can munch on flowers and leaves before I get cranky." She glances over at him with a smile and delivers a quick wink before turning back to the map.

Her expression smooths and changes, she's conflicted about so many things and it shows. Swallowing hard, she parts her lips to speak and then shuts them again before taking a deep breath. "Mark, I… I'm sorry. I should have been able to pull us out of that…" It's plain to see that she feels somewhat responsible, at least for the crash. "We didn't need to lose anyone."

His fiddling slows to a stop and he sits there for a moment staring at the screen of the GPS, unreadable for a moment. A heavy sigh escapes his nose. “And here I'm beating myself up for letting anyone on that damn plane.” The words are slightly bitter. “But it was inspected…” His head turns towards the camp, but it isn't all that visible in the greenery.

“When it comes down to it Cody… it happened it's done, now we have to deal with it.” The cheery demeanor of the eldest Lane son, just isn't there at the moment. His gaze slowly swings around to her for a moment, “No ones fault.” He says the words gently before going back to the map, eyes narrow as he squints at it to make it focus.

One large finger runs along the map as he tries to pinpoint their location.

"I guess you're right. There were too many factors…." Cody says, her voice drifting off at the end as she stares up at the canopy above them. The sun is peeking through the leaves at irregular intervals, painting the forest floor in a camouflage pattern. If they weren't in relative danger, it would almost be pretty. "I'm going to blame the chicken for all of this."

Now, Cody may be many things but unobservant isn't one of them. A quick look at Mark and she's shaking her head as she tries to gently liberate him of the GPS and map. "Here, let the expert at getting lost figure this one out. We just need to find out how close the nearest town is… then we can… Huh…" She brings the GPS a little closer to her face as she tries to read it. "Damn sun, can you read this?"

“Don't jinx the sun.” Mark comments, glancing up. “After it rained all last night, I'm liking not being soaked.” Of course, a stray cloud wanders slowly across the sun, dimming the already low lighting. Lips press tight, but he goes back to the map. After a moment he glances at the GPS and then the map.

“If I'm reading this right… we're south some ways from the lumber camp.” His shoulder leans against hers lightly as his finger trails across the map slowly to tap where they are. Nothing for miles it seems. Then it trails up to tap an X in red on the map. “A good several days hike it looks like.” He murmurs softly, his eyes trail over the map.

"Don't complain about the rain, at least it's giving us clean drinking water," Cody retorts softly with a grin, "Besides, it's not like we don't have hollowed out plane pieces to keep us dry." She stares at the man for a long while and studies the squiggles of river and stream. By her estimation, they're not going to have an easy hike.

"When are you planning on moving us out?" She looks at him for guidance, he is their leader after all. The man in charge, also the one with the map and GPS. "Because we're going to need to make a sled for Dee, I'm not sure if her leg will manage that long of a hike." Then she looks at Mark's bloodied shoulder with a small frown, she keeps quiet though, but her worry doesn't really need to be voiced. "We'll need to salvage everything from the plane that we can… and try to find my bag. It's got to be here somewhere."

“A couple more days…” Mark says, his voice sounding a touch distracted as he looks over the map. “Give a little more time for us to recover and gather our energy. I just know we can't just sit here. Need to….” The man trails off as his finger runs over a tiny mark on the map.

Brows lift suddenly, “There is a place a days walk from here.” Mark grabs up the map and starts folding it into a much more manageable size. “Looks like a remote site maybe. Could just be an old village or something.”

Once the map is smaller where he can hold it, he leans over and shows it to her. His finger trembles slightly, a sign of exhaustion… or something more. “Look. Right there. It's….” He looks up and around them, before pointing east of them. Handing the map over to her, he grins. “We start out tomorrow… we could be there in a day or so…” He uses his good arm, to start to push to his feet. “Maybe there is a radio there.”

"A day? That's not so bad…" Cody leans over the map and eyes it carefully. Her eyebrows twitch together as she spies Mark's finger shaking and she lifts her hand to place it on his, steadying it. She looks over at him, tucking the map under her arm before she helps him to struggle to a stand. Aside from a few minor cuts and bruising, she's completely fine. Uncanny, really.

"I tried to salvage the radio in the plane, I really don't think it was working before we crashed. Thing doesn't even have a black box… and those are supposed to be standard." Then again, this is Brazil, safety isn't a concern most of the time. With the map in hand, she studies it for a few more minutes then licks her lips. She deftly slides it into her shorts for later perusal, maybe once they have a moment to rest. She hasn't quite had that yet.

Mark turns his back to the tree and leans against it heavily, head hanging slightly, eyes cast to the ground. "I figure that's why they haven't found us yet… Crappy airplane…" A hand grips gently at the bloodied shoulder that Dee had stitched up. "I'm firing Richard when I get him, he did a lot of the arrangements on this trip, while I was working to tie up loose ends at Lane Industries."

The eldest Lane boy, closes his eyes for a moment, brows furrowing. "I need to go tell the others the plan." He says softly, straightening. "Start organizing them to get everything gathered and ready. Poco found a shipment of Tequila in the til section." He finally looks at Cody and gives her a small smile. "Let everyone unwind tonight."

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