Mara Damaris
Kaydence Lee N. Damaris
Eve Myles as Mara.
Portrayed By Eve Myles
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 5, 1978
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Mara, Bitch
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Police Detective
Known Relatives Hank Damaris (father), Brittany Cole-Damaris (mother)
Significant Other Nathan Petrelli (non-boyfriend ex-fling); Lawrence Church (not-boyfriend)
Known Abilities Psychometry
First Appearance Dark Hair and Nice Smiles

"Mara" Damaris is a member of New York's Finest, a homicide detective in the NYPD. She suffers from fainting spells, due to her recently manifested power of Psychometry. As a general rule, she keeps to herself the visions accompanying her swooning. Especially when those visions concern future events.


Kaydence Lee Damaris was born in New York City, where her Cajun father and UK-born mother were studying at the time. She was only three years old when her parents divorced. She spent the school year with her father in Louisiana and summers with her mother in Britain. In middle school, she developed a keen interest for the justice system, deciding she wanted to become a lawyer or a judge. After high school, Mara returned to England to live with her mother full-time with the intention of attending university there.

She rather unsuccessfully attempted to study law for a year at Oxford, but quickly discovered she had neither enough funding nor the attention span for the amount of research that went into the legal profession. Deciding her place was not in the courtroom, she shifted her pursuits to law enforcement. She relocated to her parents' alma mater in New York. There, she applied herself to her new passion with a renewed eagerness. Mara had decided to join the police force. She struggled as a member of the boys' club, but proved herself both physically and mentally capable of keeping up with her male peers, earning a begrudging sort of respect, and even admiration from others. Unlike some women in her position, Mara doesn't see others of her gender climbing the ranks as potential threats, but rather as good omens. She's very comfortable in her position as a homicide detective for the NYPD.

In December of 2006, Mara began suffering from fainting spells. They struck seemingly at random and no medical reason could be discovered. She was moved from active duty to the more clerical side of police work, spending less time pursuing suspects and more time fact checking and conferring with the medical examiner's office, as she's never been one to show any squeamishness when it comes to autopsies. Originally, Mara's fainting spells would knock her out for several hours. This "downtime" shortened over time, giving the illusion that whatever was ailing her was beginning to diminish. However, she made no mention of the visions that had began to coincide with each spell. Acquiring a copy of "Activating Evolution" written by Chandra Suresh, she was intrigued by the theories presented.

In February, a Japanese man claiming to have knowledge of who killed Virginia Gray, whose murder she and her partner had been trying very hard to solve, approached her at her station. He came to warn her of a man, a murderer who takes the abilities of others. Growing annoyed with the lack of any concrete proof that anything he was telling her was true, she demanded to know what was in the tube the foreigner was carrying. Touching the man's honest-to-goodness katana dropped the detective to the floor, unconscious from the most elaborate vision she'd experienced since realising what was happening to her. That day and that man would change Mara's life forever.

That day, Hiro Nakamura told Mara Damaris that she is a hero.


Mara's powers have only just begun to manifest in the past six months. Currently, she sees unbidden images at random when she comes in physical contact with an object. She appears to faint when struck by her visions of either the past or future of the object she's touched. She is unable to keep herself from having visions, though she has recently discovered that she is able to induce visions she wouldn't normally have on her own. With the help of an experimental drug developed by Mohinder Suresh, Mara is able to experience visions without passing out.


August 2007

  • 08/29/07: After a month upstate, Mara checks in after a particularly rough assignment. She decides to self-medicate at the Della Rosa, where she runs into Eliana Pasternack and a man she finds to be rather familiar, though she can't place his face. She introduces herself to him as her chosen alias of Kate Parker. Later that night, she finds herself sharing time with Matt Parkman. The time away from each other seems to have changed their dynamic for the better.
  • 08/30/07: Checking in at the Hartsdale facility, Mara discovers the man she met the previous night in the bar is actually Agent Lawrence Church. She informs him that she operates under the name of Agent Parker, though she does tell him her real name. She is also surprised to discover an old friend, Felix Ivanov, has found himself a… guest of the Company. After assuring him she'll take care of him, and sharing stories embarrassing to the both of them, she offers Lawrence a bribe for his silence. The two go on a date instead.
  • 08/31/07: Blessedly, Mara finds herself reassigned and no longer exiled to Schenectady. Her new assignment? Keeping Felix Ivanov in line. Waiting upstate to be killed may have been easier. The two discuss their demons, and he asks her what hold The Company has over her that she would work as an agent for them.



  • "I prefer citizen's arrest." -to Lachlan (Subway Shakedown)
  • "You used to be so terrifying. But without your powers… You're nothing, aren't you?" -to Sylar (Let's Play a Game)
  • "Gabriel? You aren't in here, are you? I'm really not in the mood to kill you right now…" (Amazing Flying Petrelli)
  • "So I did what any self-respecting woman would have done in my situation… I lied right through my gappy teeth."
  • "I seem to have lost my dignity, can I borrow some of yours?" -to Lawrence Church on the topic of dignity
  • "Maybe if you less bitch, I like you more." -assessment made by Mariska Dmitryeva
    • "Honey, if I were less of a bitch, I wouldn't be me." -confirmation of this assessment


  • Mara is actually a nickname derived from her last name, Damaris. However, the two are pronounced differently. (MAR-ah Da-MARE-is)
  • Splitting her formative years between Louisiana and the United Kingdom has afflicted Mara with a most unfortunate accent.
  • Rumours circulating around the NYPD have suggested that her partner, Judah, is gay. Mara cannot confirm or deny this, though she firmly believes that he is not. Of course, this may be wishful thinking, as the younger detective harbours a secret crush on her partner.
  • The ringtone for Mara's personal BlackBerry is Grace Kelly by Mika.
  • Favourite colour is purple. All notes that aren't submitted in an official capacity are taken down in purple ink.
  • Mara has a plan. And she's not telling you what it is it got shot to hell.
  • Favourite drink is a Tom Collins Jack and Cherry Pepsi gin and tonic a Harvey Wallbanger.
  • Has a list of things she would like to accomplish before she dies. (See below.)
  • Hates the sound of a ticking clock.

The Bucket List


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