Marcus Truman Brooks
Portrayed By Gareth David-Lloyd
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 3rd, 1987
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Medical Student/Intern
Known Relatives Parents, 2 Siblings (Tamara,River), Cousin Kitty Hanner
Significant Other None
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance Not all Broken is Fixable

The Boy Next Door & Company Man


Marcus Truman Brooks born January 3rd 1987. He was always an active and athletic boy, who doted on his youngest sister, 5 years his junior. As a youth he fell in love with the game of soccer, making his mom very literally a soccer mom. His parents were busy working most of the time and he had to watch out for his siblings, make sure they got fed and stayed out of trouble. He had an inquisitive mind, loving detective stories. He was a natural caregiver and fell in love with the trend of cop mystery shows, especially those were the detectives were also medical doctors. He studied hard, and got good grades with the goal of becoming someone who would one day help man kind. He got good enough grades to get entry in an Ivy league school, but his parents couldn’t afford it. He was set to attend a local community college, when he came across a scholarship program he qualified for. The Primatech Research Grant for Forensic Science almost seemed like it was written just for him. He applied for, and was accepted into the program, and was able to attend local Columbia University. The only stipulation of the funding was that he had to begin working for Primatech once he completed his under graduate work. He began attending college in the summer of 2005. He found he had a natural gift for languages, and began taking heavy language courses as most of his electives. He stayed at home as he went to school to save money on housing, and took summer courses each semester. By the Summer of 2007 he had saved up enough money to live on campus his last few semesters, and by December of 2007 he had enough credits to graduate a year early. He is now beginning his graduate studies in Medicine and his internship with the Company that has made his life so much easier. His Degree is a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science with a Minor in Linguistic studies.


  • Graduated Columbia University 12/2007 began internship w/ Primatech Research

Dark Future:


In two years Marcus is a changed man. His family is dead and his home town in rubble because of the actions of powerful mutants. He has decided that humanity is not ready for these powers, and has dedicated his life to removing them. He is a hard, stone cold field agent hunting down dangerous mutants, while spending his "off" time developing a virus that will eliminate the mutant gene from the human race. He is currently being held back by his attempts to make the virus nonlethal to mutants, for fear it might spread to the rest of humanity.


Omnilinguistics: Marcus has a limited form of Telepathy, with it whenever he hears a living person speak in a language he doesn't know, he unconsciously connects to thier brain and down loads the entire vocabulary of the language into his own long term memory. He doesn't even know he is doing so, and the range is only a few hundred yards. As such he can not learn languages this way from books or TV but when he does learn the language it is his permanently. There are two side effects to this power, the first being that if he hears someone who speaks with a heavy accent he may accidentally begin picking up the accent and using it without knowing he is doing so. The second
effect is that Marcus thinks in every language he knows, they all are his native
language, as such when telepaths attempt to read his mind, they have to cut
through this "Gibberish Shield" unless they happen to speak every language he knows.


  • "We are here to help!"
  • "Humanity is not yet ready to be Gods!"


  • Sisters: Tamara Brooks, River Brooks
  • Went to High School with Sydney Ransom the two traveled in very different circles.
  • Had a crush on Laurel Halifax in college when serving as her French Tutor.
  • Met Elena Gomez while volunteering at a local clinic in college.
  • Claudine Salonga's Graduate Mentor
  • Lives across the hall from Eliana Pasternack in a low rent apartment complex.
  • Speaks Twelve Languages Fluently: German, Spanish, Japanese, Farsii, French, Arabic, English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Tagalog, Russian, and Latin. He is also fluent in Tamarese.
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