Marilyn de Souza
Marilyn de Souza
Portrayed By Marg Helgenberger
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 10, 1959
Date of Death January 9th, 2010
Age 50
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Place of Birth Fairfax, Virginia, USA
Current Location Washington, D.C., USA
Occupation Secretary of Homeland Security
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other Mr. de Souza
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance A Terrible Thing to Waste
Last Appearance Bloody Repercussions

Marilyn de Souza is the Secretary of Homeland Security, appointed to her position by the former Secretary, Ivory Wynn. She is high in the chain of command for Alpha Protocol and both positions naturally have her in close communication with the President.

A very private individual, not much is known publically or even privately about de Souza's home life and her background is scarce but well-padded with the qualifications to do her job. She's not a lady to be trifled with. Ever.

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