Mark Scotts/Marcus Thomas Lane III
Portrayed By Josh Gates
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 03
Age 40
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases The Guardian (Yamomami tribe)
Place of Birth Washington D.C., USA
Current Location Washington D.C. and New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Exploring the Unknown/Head VP of Lane Industries/Owner of The Mysterious Truth Website
Known Relatives Marcus Thomas Lane II (Father), Margaret Lane (Mother), Robert Christopher Lane (Brother)
Significant Other Has Possible Progress!
Known Abilities Negation. Holy Crap! How Did That Happen?!?
First Appearance Back Into The Grind
Themesong "Hero" By Skillet

Known as Mark Scotts to millions of people who visit the website The Mysterious Truth, he is a world explorer looking for the truth in all sort of things, including hauntings, myths, and people with strange abilities. However, his real name is Marcus Thomas Lane III, and he is one of the heirs to Lane Industries, a defense contractor for the government. They design, build and program what the government needs for their military and other security organizations.



Mark will be in the Amazon and Egypt this Volume with a band of merry players! So read the adventure!!

The Background

Hi there, my name is Mark Scotts… Or that's what the fans of my website, The Mysterious Truth, know me as, actually my name is Marcus Thomas Lane III… a mouthful am I right? I am the oldest son of Marcus Thomas Lane II and Margaret Lane. My dad, is the president and founder of a company that deals with the government as a defense contractor. Lane Industries designs and programs systems for the government and it's military. They tell us what they need and we designs and build it within a budget.


I was born about forty years ago…. my little brother was born on accident like ten years later… We don't exactly see eye to eye on things, I think it's an age thing. He was always getting into my stuff, tearing apart my books and stuff. I think I lost it one time when he drew in a book about the ancient Mayans. He used permanent marker on it. He was like six at the time and thought that I needed pictures in my books. I mean… when I look at it now it's cute, but when I was 16, it sure as hell wasn't funny.

I wasn't the typical rich kid growing up, which gave my parents no end of headaches. When rich kids were whining about the expensive things they wanted, I was in deep on our property hacking at bushes with a big stick as I explored the world in my imagination. I was bad about those damn suits they put me in, never could keep them clean. Books about the world were my entertainment, while other kids had the latest electronic toys. I mean.. I did have my own…. but I wasn't all that into it.


The coolest thing I remember was my dad was one of the first to get a computer with web capabilities.. I was a teenager around that time.. It was like the world open up to me more then you'd believe. News groups and searching the web. It was great and got better as the Internet began to grow into the monster it is today.

Anyhow, I was a headache. My little brother was always more like the rich kids were expected to be and he'll probably take over the business when dad retires… I'm getting off track though… We'd go to islands for vacations and I'd always get lost deep in the jungles looking for some lost city or rumored treasures. I think once or twice they had to rally the local authorities to find me. Even got lost over night in the jungles of Mexico… I got pretty sick from that trip, but it was worth it, I found a small set of ruins.


The Alter Ego - Mark Scotts

When Mark isn't playing rich company executive, he likes to travel the world looking for the unexplained and searching out mysteries. When he steps out of the office, he puts that world completely behind him, he just about becomes someone else.

No mystery is too idiotic for the stalwart adventurer and it's this open minded thinking that has allowed him to accept what he does find. He has accepted with open arms those people around him that displays unique ability and sees them as human, but just a little different then the rest of them.

Recent discoveries about his family has brought out this part of the man, more then the CEO. While he loves his family, he know what his father is doing is wrong and knows that he needs to be stopped.

While he can't stop his father outright, at least not yet, he will do what needs to be done to make sure his father's plans do not succeed. This means traversing the globe taking down each of his fathers projects, one at a time. It means being Mark Scotts, putting aside the fact that he is a Lane.

When you really get to know him, this is the true Mark.

The Adventures

  • The Amazon - What started out as a trip to find Ents, turned into a revelation that Mark's adventuring life is changing and he has a new purpose in life.
  • Egypt - Leader has been seen along with people wearing collars. So Mark and team must head to the heat and sand to stop whatever he is doing. (Current Adventure: ON HOLD)
  • More to Come…

The Surprise Ability


Mark doesn't yet know he possesses an ability. That will come to light here soon.

Mark has the ability to turn off the ability of anyone with a special gift. Basically, he psychically reaches into the individual's brain and turns off whatever it is that makes that ability work. He can make it happen with a thought, but doesn't exactly 'feel' the connection. Once he learns about it, he'll just know it's there if he thinks about it. Which explains the occasional accidental negation. This ability, to start, will be a single target ability, multiple targets will come later after he's gotten good at the single.

A disadvantage to this ability, is that anything that is made or formed and has left the other person, is unstoppable. Such as if someone throws a ball of energy at him, it'll keep going til it hits him. However, he can stop them while they are forming the energy ball, making it fizzle and die, cause at that point it is still a part of them.

When it comes to single target, Mark has an easier time. When these people are in line of sight, within' a 100 ft radius, he can keep their power null.

The Logs

Character Logs

The Relationships

Some of the people he's met can also be found over on The Mysterious Truth Page.

These are the people that have told Mark that they will stand by him in the struggles against his father. It means the world to him to have people like that in his life.




The Quotes

  • "I need someone like you in my life, because… my life is not some game… it's dangerous and any woman with me has to be tough." It's a sad fact, but there you have it. There is a twitch of a smile as he adds, "And those other types of woman, just flat don't do it for me." - Said to Jo (In Case We Die)
  • "All these beautiful and sexy women on my team, I can't lose. Bad guys will be too busy staring and feeling envious of me." - Said to Jo (Learning To Relax)
  • "He's cute… but he has to buy me a lobster dinner before I let him get to second base." - Told to Dee when her Meerkat gets touchy feely. (Wet Adventures)
  • "This is seriously, some weird Lord of the Rings shit going on I'm telling you." Mark gives Cody a matter of fact look. "Never know, might find Gandalf wandering the forests… screaming 'You Shall Not Pass!'" His arms fly out as his voice deeps to mimic the part in the movie. "And like.. the trees going.. Rar!" - Talking about Ents (Sharing Space With Ladies)
  • "South America, where the trees eat you!" Okay, maybe not. "Well… your car anyhow." - More talking about Ents! (Sharing Space With Ladies)

The Trivia and Notes

  • While in the Amazon, Mark ended up with a tribal tattoo. It is a thick band of black – about two inches thick at least – running around the muscle of his upper arm. Above and below it, dots run around his arm. It was there when he woke from a dream and a healing.
  • OOCly Mark's PB, Josh Gates is TV Host of Destination Truth. They go out to investigate the unknown! Just like Mark does! In fact, the PB in general is the inspiration for this character. Though when I came up with Mark's website The Mysterious Truth, I totally didn't think about Josh Gates show. Kinda funny how that worked out.

The RP Hooks

I have created Mark in such a way that he can be pulled into just about everything. Hopefully, people will find a way to exploit the following.

  • Mark is the owner of the website, The Mysterious Truth. It is a website dedicated to the strange and unexplained (Supernatural, Paranormal and People with abilities). He posts about his exploits on the website.. There is a forum included. Wanna be a fan? One of the tip givers or someone that was pointed out? Or a Company/Government agent that gets information from his site? Or maybe you were captured as a result of an article on the site?
  • Marcus is the oldest son of the Owner of Lane Industries, a defense contractor for the government. They design, build and program what the government needs for their military and other security organizations. He's known to smooze with political figures, set up deals for the company and discuss the needs of an organization.
  • He's an avid reader of The Weekly Witness. It is a publication much like The National Inquirer, but a lot of the stories while blown out of proportion have a seed of truth to them. Mark likes to find that truth. Maybe you are also a reader? Or maybe one of the stories point towards your character?
  • Mark is a world traveler. He also flies frequently between New York and Washington DC. He like to investigate the unknown. Maybe you were on the crew of one of his expeditions! Maybe you also have traveled to many interesting places.. Maybe they ran into each other once!
  • Deep down the man is a geek… It's true! Why else would he travel the world looking for Loch Ness or the ghosts of London Tower! He probably also gets his geek on over Sci-fi movies… Lord of the rings and all that!
  • The possibilities are endless… Page Mark today if you have an idea!


The Other Icons

Staff makes some awesome icons! I must show them off!

Mark_V4Ricon.gif Mark_V4nicon.png


The Music Video

This really is the perfect song for Mark. It really fits the situation he's in. So I have made this his official theme song.

Another Song: Here It Goes Again -OK GO

The Gallery

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