2011-03-16: Marketing Strategies



Date: March 16, 2011


Domino keeps track of what the boys like.

"Marketing Strategies"

Chinatown, NYC - Cherry Blossoms Restaurant

Where do you go when you're trying to woo potential clients? Upscale bars? Fancy restaurants? It depends on the client…and that depends on the film! Today it's some trendy teen star who insisted on some real authentic New York cuisine. Thankfully, Domino's one of those people who's made good with the owners of the tiny Cherry Blossoms restaurant enough to manage a booth, even at the lunchtime rush hour.

That's where she sits now, yakking with said client. Mostly-finished meals sitting on their plates, the little tray with the bill and the fortune cookies sits unheeded at the end of the table. Apparently, they're oblivious to the growing lines of people who want into this place, and who also wouldn't mind a bit of privacy in a booth.

Seth seems to have been waiting in just that line. It's been a while since he has come to this establishment and when he gets to the head of the line he looks around as he nods at the waitress. "Yes, table for one…" He then seems to look back at the small woman shaking his head before saying loudly, "No, I don't mean someone else is joining me. I'm here to get lunch… alone…" He crosses his arms as he follows the woman leading him to a table that just so happens to be near Domino and their client. When he sees the teen star and pauses near their table before pointing towards the star. "Wait, haven't I seen you before?"

"Yes! Yes of course you have! This is the biggest teen star of all time! Famous TV star about to turn world's greatest movie star, OF COURSE," Domino interjects, literally leaving said star with his mouth hanging open and about to reply. "And we're trying to hash out some of the details here, so that you can keep being a fan. Be sure to go see the new movie when it comes out. You'll know, because there will be posters all over the city." While she talks, marketing reflexes kicking in, Domino's already digging around in her purse for her case of business cards.

Seth looks over at Domino as she speaks looking shocked and confused before looking back at the star for a moment. "Sure? I guess I could see the next movie… unless it's some kind of child's film. Then it'd be hard to explain…" Seth travels off as he seems a bit confused. "Um… you sound really passionate about your marketing for some reason." He then looks around at the others around before back at the woman searching for their business card.

When the business card comes out, it's pretty clear why. "Domino di Vincenzo. Marketing Executive, Evo Entertainment," she announces. It's all there on the card, too. "And no. No it's not a kiddy movie. It's to get away from kiddy roles. Kid's almost 19 now, and some company with a rodent problem's trying to keep the vice grip on him by the multi-million dollar hairs on his ass. Isn't that right?" Well, she certainly pulls no punches!

Seth looks sceptical as he watches the woman offer her card. He reaches out to take it while saying, "Oh, I see." He then looks between the two people chuckling as the exec speaks so freely. "Well I'm not much of a performer myself… I'm much better at being a Social Science student and soon to be professor…" He examines the business card closely before saying, "Well good luck on the film, guy. I hope to see it when it's released."

"Speaking of, we really need to focus on advertising this thing around campus. Maybe sponsor some giveaways, some sweet swag - you college kids like the free stuff, right?" she asks, turning her head between the two of them. "Whatever, probably. Some water bottles, keychains, posters, cheap stuff like that. Maybe some t-shirt contests and some ticket giveaways. Yeah…yeah, that could help." Even if the movie sucks, it'll put people in the seats, and college kids won't turn up anything that's free.

Seth looks around with an excited look upon his face. "Free stuff?! They live on free stuff. It's like water… or even beer!" He laughs seeming to find this talk entertaining. "Those certainly could help in promoting on campus… I will give you credit there. Actually if you need help reaching the audience of college students, I could maybe give you a few pointers." He then looks around before reaching into his messenger bag before handing his own simple business card expressing his contact info and the fact he's a college professor at NYU. "Had them made for next semester…"

"I just need to know the kinds of stuff they want most in giveaways. One, I'm too old for college, and two, I never went in the first place, sooo…t-shirts? They're still cool right? Knick-knacks and tchotchkes, for sure. We don't want to spend a lot of money, but we want to look like we've spent a lot of money. Do they let you toss up posters in the classrooms? Hmm…yeah, I'm sure that'd get some guys watching. If I came and hung the posters myself, I mean. Or…OH. Hell yeah, we'll hire some models to work the booths and hand out the junk. Oh good lord Gertie, you're too damn good," she says with a smile tugging at her lips.

"T-shirts work well, yes. Though we definitely like water bottles and practical things…" Seth says as he looks between the other two. "Posters are awesome too if they are eye-catching or have a good slogan." He then nods before looking directly at the exec. "Um, you might even be more impressive if you get our opinion leaders on campus to sponsor handing out things on-campus. I know a lot of students have sway among the various parts of NYU."

"I think boobs will sell it better, probably. Who needs the student body, when you've got the Bunny body?" She nudges across the table at the star of the film who's gone a pretty pale shade by now. "Amirite?" she jokes, grinning from ear-to-ear. "Boy's just weirded out by dealing with someone who knows her shit. I don't wear cartoony white gloves, and I don't have an image to protect. Unlike those jokes in Florida, you know we want your money right from the get-go!"

Seth looks at bit confused before shaking his head. "Well you certainly would be blocking off part of your potential audience by aiming just at the heterosexual male community…" He then chuckles looking at the star. "Are you alright? I think your talent agent is a little… shall we say over passionate?"

"Oh, I'm no stuffy agent. I'm representing the production company. We cut out the middle man, or at least, I do, whenever possible. Makes it a hell of a lot easier to talk straight. We'll give you X, we'll make Y, we'll keep Z. Take it or leave it. Anyways, we were finishing up here, really. I'm sure you'll know the movie when you see the advertising on campus." A black card is pulled out of a designer wallet and dropped on the little tray with the cookies, in preparation of payment plus a hefty tip.

Seth nods slowly as the woman goes off about being a production agent. "Right… right." He then looks back at the hostess still waiting for the man to follow. "Yes, well good luck with production ma'am." He then smiles at the teen, "It was nice to meet you in the flesh…" He then waves and moves to follow the hostess to his table.

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