2007-07-02: Marking Territory


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Guest Starring: Dwight the Counter-Culture Cashier

Summary: Trina and Kitty meet in an auto parts shop.

Date It Happened: July 2, 2007

Marking One's Territory

Small Auto Parts Shop in Queens, NYC

The middle of a day on Wednesday. Normally, Trina would have likely been found in the middle of a shift at the Den of Iniquity. With the bar being hopelessly under construction, however, this has left the bartender without anything to do. With Jack occupied elsewhere doing elsethings, that means she has doubly nothing to do. With her car finally back in action, that means she has *triple* the nothing to do. It's too late to be sleeping, even for her. It's too early to track down drinking buddies.

This has left her with only one option: to shamelessly suck up at a small auto parts shop in Queens. Best prices in town, mostly because they keep a minimal staff and you have to know your parts because they sure as heck ain't sittin' in the right places on the shelf.

Currently, Trina is sitting on the counter by the cash register, casually talking to the man in front of it. Her long denim-covered legs dangle down, army-boot-clad feet kicking lightly at the counter behind her with the backs of her heels. Meanwhile, she leans back on her arms, head tilted lazily back, and dark hair left to cascade down the back of her black boatneck sleeveless tee. "No way!" she bellows, a wide grin plastered across her face. "And he really bought it?"

"For full price," Dwight, the cashier with half-sleeve tattoos of devil girls and flames to perfectly compliment the little bit of flame tattooed over his right eyebrow and the huge cherry red PVC spacer in his left ear, offers in reply, biting his lower lip and nodding solemnly.

With no classes to attend and Dorian out 'working'. The young writer/mechanic Kitty is walking into the store looking for some parts to put the last touches on Roxanne, her baby. Her hair put into a ponytail and a few strands of hair fall into her face. She is showing a fair bit of skin today, with a black tank top that doesn't hide her midriff, a denim miniskirt with black boots with low heels on them. Of course she is also wearing her signature fingerless gloves. Today she goes for the black pair with yellow stripes on them. She spots Dwight as she walks in and waves and winks, she must come in here often. Kitty also sees Trina and smiles and nods. She pockets her phone, which she was just talking to her stepfather Luke. "Alright, yes I remember how to fix the struts you worry wart! Go and enjoy your vacation with mom. Alright, love ya too" she hangs up the phone, "I swear, you would think he forgot I've been working on cars since I was 12" She says to Trina and Dwight and chuckles.

"Hey." Dwight gives Kitty a curt nod and a small wave, and then goes back to what he was saying. "I mean, we are talking *huge gaping hole*." To indicate size (with a little exaggeration thrown in), the man in the mechanic blue collar shirt holds out his hands to indicate something roughly the size of a large grapefruit.

To that, Trina simply shakes her head in disbelief. "Moron," she comments, voice spiced by her amusement. At the appearance of another brunette woman talking cars, the slender woman arches an eyebrow. After all, there is something territorial in the breed of woman that seeks cars as a hobby. Especially one who'd know a damn thing about struts. Shaking her head to dismiss the negativity, she returns her attention to Dwight. "Anyway," I'll have to bring Baby back around. You'll totally dig what I slipped into that little hottie."

At that, Dwight laughs. "Fuck, girl. You make it sound like you got the fucking thing pregnant."

Leaning in, Trina grins back all the wider. "Maybe I *did*." It's hard not to be in a good mood. It's a lazy day, and she hasn't a care in the world. Not today.

"Hmm, found it!" She says as she grabs the air gun from the shelf. She walks over to the counter and puts it down. Kitty is careful not to put it down on Trina. She smiles again and takes her ponytail out, shaking her hair loose. "Roxanne is swaying and tipping, and we cannot have that" She looks to Dwight, "How much?" She can't help but overhear what Trina is saying to Dwight, "You into cars too?" She asks.

Trina watches the tool get put down, but she doesn't make any real effort to get out of Kitty's way, either. Instead, she just kinda watches with a funny, unimpressed quirk on her lips as she watches the exchange between Dwight and Kitty.

Dwight, meanwhile, has work to do. Scanning it, he looks at the register for a moment, lets it do its thing, and then scratches the back of his head. "Hundred forty three, 'fore tax. You need all these attachments? There was another kit back there, I think, that had less. Fuck if I remember where, though." Aww. He's being helpful.

His helpfulness elicits an odd look from Trina. If one were to translate it, it might find meanings such as 'Traitor' or 'What the Hell? Since when have you ever *down-sold* something?' Turning back to face the other female to find a question shot towards her, she nods a few times. "Yeah. Restoration."

"Really? I have to go look for it then. Saving money is a good thing", she chuckles and winks at Dwight and then looks back at the shelf knowing that she will have to really LOOK to find the cheaper of the air guns. It will be worth it though.
Kitty says, "Awesome, I just finished with my baby Roxanne, took me a couple of years to get it all fixed. With all this other stuff I had going on. Now I just have to do these struts and I will be done! Whew I'm excited to have my baby finally." She grins at Trina and then holds out her hand, "I'm Kitty, or Kat as my friend Jane likes to call me""

There's a look to Dwight, a small frown, and then — at long last and after an expectant upward flick of the cashier who betrays her — Trina extends her hand to take Kitty's. It's also totally not on purpose that she squeezes perhaps a little tighter than she should. "Trina." Then another look is cast to Dwight, this time under raised eyebrows. 'There. Happy now?'

'No,' his return glance seems to say. 'Be *nice*.'

There's an inward curse as Trina forces on an obviously fake smile. "Roxanne, huh? What breed is she?" There. Nicey-nice.

Kitty takes the handshake and senses something is off. One) with the extra squeeze that Trina puts into the handshake and Two) the obviously fake smile that the other woman gives Kitty. She inwardly sighs and hopes that she can win Trina over. It's hard to find a woman who is generally interested in cars and knows what to do with them. "She's a 1970 Stang, beautiful. What about yours?" She leans against the counter next to Trina and looks up at the woman.

Kitty takes the handshake and senses something is off. One) with the extra squeeze that Trina puts into the handshake and Two) the obviously fake smile that the other woman gives Kitty. She inwardly sighs and hopes that she can win Trina over. It's hard to find a woman who is generally interested in cars and knows what to do with them. "She's a 1970 Stang, beautiful. What about yours?" She leans against the counter next to Trina and looks up at the woman. She winks at Dwight, noticing the exchange between the two as if to say 'Don't worry she'll like me. hopefully'.

"'65 Mustang. Ragtop." The words are curt. Succinct. Utilitarian, even. They are meant to non-verbally communicate that Trina is not particularly keen on giving this woman any extra ground to claim as her own. Her territory. HERS. She might as well as gone ahead and peed in every corner of the store for how she's acting. The fact that Dwight's trying to push her into being nice isn't helping matters. It just makes her stubborn.

Of course, it is Dwight who steps in. "Trin' here is a wonder with a ratchet. You two would probably get along great." He clears his throat, and then continues. "Why doncha see if you can find that other gun? Don't need to keep you here all day. 'm sure you wanna get to business." And he is certainly not saying that because he's getting the Death Glare from Trina, who has taken to leaning back on her hands. No sir. And he is not at fidgeting. You know, unless of course one means that he *is*.

Kitty nods her head, "I've been looking for a fellow female that I can talk cars with. Most other girls wouldn't know a wrench from pliers," She is trying to make nice as well but it doesn't seem to be getting her anywhere.
Kitty gives Trina a look as if to say, 'Chill out Mama Bear, nobody is trying to step over you. I come in peace' and then turns around to find the gun. She pauses at one of the shelves and lightly runs her hand along it as she walks. She stops cold and takes in a deep breathe as she sees where Dwight put the gun in her mind. Grinning, she takes the gun and comes back to the counter. "You know I can find anything here Dwight" she smiles at Trina again, throwing positive vibes out there again.

"You don't have to be such a bitch."
"You don't have to be such a pussy."

It's almost like brother and sister in the way Dwight and Trina quarrel.

"Just be nice for five minutes. It won't kill you."
"Make me!"

Okay, it's a *lot* like brother and sister. When Kitty returns, however, Trina's attention sharply returns to the woman in front of her. "I'm surprised you can find anything in that shit pile," she mutters. More so she can get one more jab in on Dwight. However, it's a quick hop that gets Trina off the counter, and she starts to walk towards the door as the counter-culture cashier starts to ringing up the new item. "I'll let you get back to work, sugar," she shoots over with a blown kiss and a wave. To Kitty, she then throws up the 'V' for victory sign. "Peace out, chiquita. Nice to meetcha."

Dwight, meanwhile, just sighs and then waves Trina off dismissively. "Getcher fat ass outta here," he calls back with a grin. He doesn't mean it, but the last jab is his. …until he realizes that Trina is now holding her middle finger aloft in the air as she walks off.

He flashes one back.

She holds up a second one.

By the time he puts down the gun to offer a second one in his own defense… She's already partway out the door. Dwight just smiles and sighs and shakes his head before returning his attention to Kitty. "Sorry 'bout that."

"It's quite ok," she chuckles and hands over the money for the gun and picks it up to leave. "When I see her a second time, I'm sure we will become cool. Well I hope we will, she seems cool" She smiles sheepishly and waves to Dwight as she exits the shop, pondering cars, auto shops and why women can be so territorial about things. Including herself.

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