2007-03-14: Massacre In Sandwich Hell


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GM: Ling

Summary: What starts of as just a fine evening of dinner and funs turns into a massacre…in sandwich hell.

Date It Happened: March 14, 2007

Turf Wars, Chapter One

Massacre in Sandwich Hell

Sandwich Hell, Chinatown

It seems that the people here in Chinatown have made an homage by making a little noodle house in a nice little back alleyway. It's a small mom and pop place, with the name just having recently changed to tease and mock the false advertising that is noodle heaven. It's a small place, with maybe 20-30 tables to seat maybe up to 60-70 customers. Off to the corner seems to be alarge group of ghettoed out Asian men. They're all dressed in bandanas, listening to gangster rap, and just talking like they were never taught how to speak proper English. Their parents would be so ashamed.

Not too far from them is a young woman with her parents looking over towards the group. "I dont know why they're like that, talking and dressing that way. Mom, that's Alex Nguyen..remember..he was valedictorian of last year's class!" she says pointing out one of the 'thugged' out AZNs amongst the group. She pouts as she sighs and shrugs her shoulders.

"Julia..dont worry..just remember that you were here for your Barnard interview. It's done now, so we should just celebrate, okay? My daughter is going to one of the Seven Sister schools. I'm so proud.." her mother says beaming brightly.

Lee comes up on the opposite corner, looking put-upon. He knows this is going to go badly. (He doesn't know how badly.) Leaning casually on that corner is a bandanna-wearing thirteen year old Asian kid keeping a sharp eye on the streets. "Jimmy. Hey. Hey, Jimmy!" calls Lee as he nears. Jimmy's 'tude goes from tough and flint-eyed to gloomily exasperated, he steps out and throws up a quick sign to the big group of men. He's not yelling 'five oh' but is giving the signal that a 'civilian' approaches. Lee certainly notices the sign, but studiously ignores it.
"What you want, Jones?" Jimmy demands.

"Excuse me?" Lee says, as if prompting him to be more polite.

Louder, Jimmy replies: "What you WANT, Jones?" Clearly the youth has no respect for his elder. At all.

"You left your iPod in class, and you don't attend often enough that I could just hang on and give it back to you, but if you don't /want/ it…" Lee says, turning away.

"Wait wait wait!" Jimmy says.

"Wait wait wait…" mocks Lee in his smarmiest voice, then prompts: "Wait wait wait who?"

Jimmy grumps and says, "Wait wait wait, /Mr. Jones/. /Sir./" almost under his breath.

Tonight, Max is on his best behaviour. Really. With his life finally settled down, he's taken an on-foot jaunt to Cherry Blossoms for one of his favorites. Walnut shrimp and lettuce wraps. Satiated and satisfied, he's just now stepping out onto the street as the restaurant's lights click off for the night. Patting his full belly and letting out a low, satisfied rumble, the youngish man begins his slow, peaceful trek back to midtown, and home.
It's not all Lee's fault; if he hadn't come along, then someone else would have. Several someones, in fact, filtering in by ones and twos over the course of several minutes; word-of-mouth advertising is starting to make its way around the city.

There's another middle-aged woman with three kids in tow, a couple of pre-teens and a five-year-old girl dancing around in a hand-made jacket. Over there's a black guy with a buzz cut and a laid-back tone of voice. Randall wanders into the restaurant as well, behind a pair of tourists who pause to look around the place like it's quaint and worth a couple extra holiday snaps, if only they can find the right angle.

It seems the restaurant is pretty crowded tonight with all the new people coming in. Well, it's not that big of a surprise, they do have awesome noodle dishes, and the pho' seems to be a crowd favorite. However, two more people come in, dressed rather sharply in two piece suits. Both men, seemingly of Italian descent as they have olive skin, and well..let's face it..they look like guidos.

Upon the arrival of the two men, Julia's father raises his brows and starts muttering a few things to his wife in Cantonese. Fortunately for Julia, she doesnt speak it or even understand it, so all this is normal.

The two men scan the restaurant while muttering to themselves. "Hua Yan's men are in here. They're suppose to be celebrating.." and well, the group in the back are men, ranging from ages in 17 all the way to 28. They're raucous and loud and are all thugged out, and several even have criminal records.

It's then that the second man just nods and heads on over towards the back corner. Fortunately, the waitresses are busy trying to get all the others seated when shit hits the fan.

Those two Italians? They just pulled out guns and started shooting at the gang of men and chaos ensues.
Lee holds the iPod out to Jimmy. "Here you go."

Jimmy takes it. "Thanks." he says instinctively. Not all vestiges of propriety have left him.

"You should be in class more." Lee says.

"You give me back what's mine and you think…" Jimmy's surly retort and Lee's instinctively uncaring response are both cut off by the pop pop pop of gunfire from inside the restaurant, and the shattering of the window they're standing next to. Those instincts take over again and both the younger and older in the conversation revert to roles that have been the same for so many hundreds of years that nothing but drugs can ever change them: Jimmy's brown eyes go wide with boyish terror and he freezes. Lee grabs the back of his collar and yanks him, and drags himself, out of the line of fire, Jimmy's $500 sneakers dragging their gel-filled heels on the dingy sidewalk.

Gunshots? Time to find somewhere else to be. Still, Max grips both hands into tight, white-knuckled fists. Better safe than sorry. In respose, a near-invisible, humming energy field springs into existance, clinging to every inch of his body. He pauses just long enough to peer through the door. Curiosity killed the cat, after all, why not Max?

Randall has no such saving grace going for him, nor do most of the other bystanders. Some of them, those with more presence of mind, hurry up and grab the others - Randall with the tourists, Buzz Cut and the mother with the kids - and hit the dirt, trying to either crawl out to safety or just hide behind a table. At least the gunmen aren't /deliberately/ aiming for them, but the sheer number of bullets flying leaves this as cold comfort.

Pow! Pow! Pow! The shots are fast and they're deadly. Each and everyone one of their targets gets shot in the head, and soon there's a large pool of blood in the corner, all save for one man who's trembling as he's just pissed himself. It's Alex, the former valedictorian and he's covered in the blood of his friends. "FUCK.." he trembles as tears well down his cheeks. "I..I didnt do anything..what doyou guys want?"

"Boris says this is a message of Hua Yan. Give it to her. He wants the formula for soma and if he doesnt get it, more of you will die.." one of the spooks says matter of factly

Of course, people are trying to run out at this point, and one of the men just shoots a passing woman as she tries to flee. It was also for the head. Dead. These guys mean business.

Julia, is on the floor, just chewing on her bottom lip, not quite sure what to do. Her parents told her to get under the table and so she has, but now she cant find her parents. She frantically tries to find them, when she realizes that her parents have both somehow managed to sneak up behind the two men and they pull out guns as well.

WTF? This seemingly innocent family has a dark side. "So..you two found out about us? We'll deliver the message instead..by giving your heads to Boris.." Julia's father says…

Lee says, trying to keep his voice down, "Jimmy, get the hell out of here and put that fucking rag in your pocket." He grabs the bandanna and shoves it in Jimmy's coat pocket.

"My colors?" whines Jimmy, dazed.

"Oh shit, you're bleeding." Lee says. Glass, thankfully, not a bullet.

"My colors!" says Jimmy, finally actually getting up enough breath to protest out loud.

"Keep your voice down! And keep that in your pocket." Lee hisses, he and the boy pressed up against the wall, trying to stay out of sight of anyone looking out the now-broken window.
Identity has arrived.

Another day, Max might jump in to take on two gunmen for the challenge alone. He certainly wouldn't do it for the sake of the bystanders. Not today, though. With a quick headshake, he pulls his head back out of the door and slips away. Most intrusive = soonest killed, after all.

Sliding into place just outside of the restaurant, Phillip is already speaking remotely to one of his coworkers, his deep authoritative voice awkwardly hushed as he calls in for backup. His free hand hovers over the firearm at his side as he watches his fellow officer move into position not far away. It's only passing chance that the two came this way, Phillip having been well on his way to calling it a day. Part of him is rather disappointed and irked at the shift of luck. This isn't even his territory. He reaches gingerly for his gun and crouches down to peak inside of the restaurant. Swiftly, he bobs back down out of sight, his jaw flexing. He pants a small bout of profanity under his breath. "Put the guns down," Phillip shouts, his booming baritone clearly blasting through the restaurant just as police sirens begin to sound in the background. Only a cop could have that voice.

Jimmy calls out, somewhat belatedly, but adding to the chaos of Phillip's move, "Five oh! Five oh!" before Lee manages to shut him up.

There seems to be a showndown at Sandwich Hell now. Two seemingly Italian spooks with guns to their heads, and two who were just a normal couple until all this mess happened.

"Hua Yan will not give the formula for soma.." Julia's father says matter of factly.

Julia, under the table just watches with a WTFOMGBBQ look on her face. Who's Hua Yan? Why are her parents involved?

The blood from all those who have been killed continues to seep on the floor as it spreads out and soon all four mobsters look towards Phillip. "No.." they all say at the same time.

Down below table level - those that didn't get knocked over in the initial fray - Randall and the other bystanders near him are staring with disbelief at the door as Max briefly blocks it. How are they supposed to bravely run away now? As he steps aside, though, they sigh with relief and quickly duck back out to the street, doing their best not to draw the attention of any itchy trigger fingers within the restaurant.

In all honesty, he prefers arresting hookers. It's a lot less stressful. Phillip's eyes squint at the response and he shoots both an amused and bitter glance over his shoulder, "Motherfucker - Put those mother fucking guns down now!" His muscles tense as the only other officer to his left along the main window dips in to fire a shot.

Lee wraps Jimmy's gang color bandanna around his bleeding arm. What other choice does he have? "Hold it down." he says. "Now crawl to the corner of the building and run for the corner of the block. Find a place to sit down where you can see the street. There's going to be an ambulance here soon. Wave to it when it comes."

The media makes Jimmy disregard this excellent advice and says, "Hell with you, Jones, I've got to represent for…" Lee's expression is that he clearly thinks Jimmy is insane - not anticipating the potent combination of youthful hormones, adrenaline, and an exaggerated sense of invulnerability. The thirteen year old dye-haired youth steps up, on the opposite side of the window from the officers, clearly intending to dive inside, but as he rises, the gang colors are visible to the gunmen, and he hesitates as the carnage becomes clear to him…

Phillip's partner hits Julia's mother in the shoulder and she cries out in pain as she ducks and pulls out another gun. This housewife is a badass as she has two guns out now, one pointed at the guidos and the other at the cops. "Stay the fuck out of this!" she screams.

Meanwhile, guido 1 (Tony), spies Jimmy with the same gang colors as those whom he just shot and sends a bullet in the kid's direction. "We want the soma formula!" he says before he jumps back and throws some tables up for a bit of cover.

Sandwich Hell, has become something out of a Tarantino movie now with all that's going on.

Julia's father ducks down and grabs his wife to pull her towards the kitchen, not wanting to get shot, and of course, the last guido (Alex) goes behind the tables with his partner..

The bullet intended for Jimmy, though nobody could possibly see it, whips through the air directly for his skull, Lee's hand reaching out to yank his student back down, a fraction of a fraction of a second too late, but the bullet suddenly understands 'down' too, and obedient to the twisted laws of physics suddenly operational around it, earths itself harmlessly in the sidewalk as Jimmy is yanked back, trembling, from the window. To all observers, it just looks like a lucky miss, though a crime scene unit will be hard pressed to figure out how a bullet came in at /that/ angle. Lee, overcome with fear as much as Jimmy (now) is, is at least relieved to see police arriving to cordon off the scene and help him and his student get away.

Randall turns around, sitting up and wedging his back against the door long enough for a couple of the others to make good their escape. Right when that last shot rings out, he hits the dirt again, looking up slowly to see whether anyone else has started bleeding. He's still slumped against the door, holding it open without consciously realizing it in his shell-shocked state.

"NO!" Comes a simulteneous shout from the two officers. Silly criminals. Walked right into that one! The other cop slips up to fire again after the shot in Jimmy's direction. In quick succession, Phillip pops up momentarilly to take his own shot. The tricky part is likely not getting hit, himself.

Those sirens that could be heard earlier arrive in no time at all. There are paramedics and a portion of the ESU — seven officers armed and in full gear. The armored van carrying them halts about a block away and the men move in on foot, utilizing any cover they manage to come across in the process. Among them is Namir Dayan, who comes to a halt just around the corner of the noodle shop and keeps low with his back to the wall. He is armed with an assault rifle and pistol as well as a tear gas canister and various other sorts of weaponry. He's dressed in full gear and his face is hidden within the confines of his protective helmet. "What are we looking at?" he inquires into his radio, which has been conveniently tuned to the same frequency as Phillip's.

Phillip is a much better shot than his partner as even though Tony's already behind the table, it doesnt provide much protection against actual bullets when Phillip's shot strikes true, hitting him in the arm. He hisses and grits his teeth as he looks over to his partner while shaking his head. "You fucking said that gang was Hua Yan's men! They were celebrating! I didnt know we had a fucking Mr. and Mrs. Smith on our hands!"

And well, they dont. Instead, they have Mr. and Mrs. Chan, two of Hua Yan's prized enforcers, who are now in the kitchen. "Julia! we have to get Julia out of here!" Wei (the mother) says frantically to her husband. She's bleeding from her own hit in the shoulder, and she's worried about her only child.

"Dont worry.." Li Hao (the father) says, trying to reassure his wife. "She's innocent and doesnt know what's going on..that's why we put the test batch of the new soma in her bag, remember? No one would search her.." he says matter of factly while peeking out back into the kitchen. "And fuck! There's more police officers..we have to get out of here. If Julia cant find us, she knows to go to Hua anyway.." and with that, they try to exit out the back door to safety, to hopefully meet their daughter later.

Poor Julia..she's shellshocked, and is completely unaware that she has a bag of dangerous illegal drugs in her purse, nor does she know that her parents just ditched her. Oh well, she can always go to Auntie Ling in the end…

Randall stays low to the ground, slowly extricating himself from the doorway as the police close in and begin to take charge of the scene. Once he makes it outside, he straightens up to a crouch and looks around, heading over to check on one of the others who looks to be in rougher shape. "Hey, can you hear me?" He may not remember much about first aid, but giving them something else to focus on probably won't hurt, at least.

"Suspects towards the back of the restaurant. Going in." "Cover me." Phillip's partner falls into place to shoot through the window again as the man peels his way in through the doorway, thrusting his weapon out in front of him as a warning to any who might threaten him. His locks onto those in the corner initially, ready to shoot, "Drop your weapons! Hands in the air!" "Hands in the fucking air!" "They're going out the back!" He calls into his radio.

As the cops move in, Lee takes the opportunity to get the hell away from the restaurant, Jimmy under his arm protectively. They reach the hastily-formed cordon and Jimmy gets medical assistance. "It's glass." Lee says, unnecessarily. "It's glass, the window broke when the shots…" "Just sit down, sir." says an EMT. Lee does not argue. He knows the feeling of his own shock at this point.

At the call of some going out the back, several ESU operatives converge on the spot, guns raised and ready in the hopes of catching the fleeing criminals. As backup for Phillip, Namir sidles around the corner of the shop and glances in briefly through the window to get a good idea of where everyone is and who they are. Then, he swings around, assault rifle shouldered and aimed at the men in the corner. "Put them down!" he repeats the other officer's command. "Hands in the air!"

Pow! Pow! Kapow! Gun shots can be heard in the back as Li Hao and Wei are definitely trying to escape, but the surprise of several other officers in the back makes things more difficult. There's cursing in Cantonese while shots are exchanged, and both sides do not come out unscathed either. All their arms have been knicked at some point, but in the end, the three ESU are able to overpower the seemingly normal suburban couple. Li Hao and Wei have been out of practice for this sort of thing afterall..they're pseudo-retired anyway.

Meanwhile, the Camparelli-Zukhov goons wont go down without a fight, and so from behind their table they both point and shoot towards Phillip and Namir. They're willing to die for their cause it seems as curses in Russian and Italian can be heard. These two would rather die than be brought into custody, but then again, they dont have a seventeen year old daughter either…

Powerful leg muscles launching him forward, Phillip moves for a dive with a masculine grunt. All the while, he pops away with his own firearm. His gunfire only ceases after he shoulders over a table of his own to take shelter behind. Sweat tampening his attirce and glazing over his face, he takes on the defensive to cover Namir should the other man need it.

No man is fast enough to dodge bullets; he's just lucky if he manages. As soon as a gun is pointed in his direction, Namir swings about behind the wall again, but one bullet grazes past his arm, ripping open the shoulder of his fatigue. There's a faint burning sensation, but if he's bleeding, the man doesn't even seem to notice. He purses his lips angrily and spins around again to spray the corner containing the Comparelli-Zukhov goons.

Tables from a restaurant arent the best cover and with the amount of shots fired, the Camparelli-Zukhov goons are just not having a good day. The shot towards Phillip missed, and that same guido (Tony) gets grazed in the arm, adding more blood to the floor as he winces in pain.

His partner isnt as lucky and as he stood up to shoot, he was struck in the abdomen, hitting a vital spot as he cries out in pain and falls down to the ground. Tony's eyes widen and he standsup shooting like a madman now. They've been best buddies since he can remember, and the fact that his BFF looks like he's down for the count causes him to just shoot like crazy towards Namir and Phillip again. "You mother fuckers!" he cries out as he starts shooting like crazy.

Meanwhile, in the back, Li Hao and Wei have been taken in, their firearms taken away and their hands behind their back. It seems the good guys brought those two in rather peacfully compared to the other two.

Officer Katsambis grits his teeth, popping up to shoot only to be forced into a premature retreat back behind his table sheild as bullets come flying. "Shit," he hisses under his breath in a pant, spitting to the side.

Wild shooting is never, ever good, especially when there's the threat of civilian casualties. Namir frowns as he bounces back behind the wall again, receiving another graze to his suit and heaving a sigh. First day back on the job after taking two weeks' leave, and this is the fun he gets. He waits for another break in the bullets before swinging around again to return fire.

Fortunately, no civilians are harmed this time, at least not the ones in the restaurant. They're all crouched down low, letting our high pitched screams and squeals of fear as Julia's curled up into a little ball, not quite sure where her parents are. She's going to try to get away though and crawls along the ground towards the kitchen. That's where her parents are,right? And she needs to get away…

Meanwhile, Tony's partner is still shooting like a madman, cackling the entire time as it seems the grazes her gets from return fire are being numbed due to his adrenaline rush. The love of his life is on the floor and dying damnit! He's an angry, angry man. "Fuck you all! I'll see you all in hell!" he laughs like a maniac.

Phillip snarls as his ear is clipped by a bullet on his way down. He might also wait for a more definate opening, but upon seeing what he would assume to be an innocent girl crawling her way across the floor in his peripheral… he knows he can't remain idle for much longer. The police officer rises up for a better target, firing again.

Ping! A bullet grazes Namir's protective helmet as he dodges behind the wall again. This is starting to get harrowing. He can't see the girl crawling across the floor, but he's still doing his best to take down Tony. After punching out his clip and reloading, he once again returns fire.

"NOOOOOOO!" Tony's partner cries out as all the bullets that have been hitting him finally brings him down, ontop of his lover. He cries and kisses him gently, "I..I'm sorry Tony..well..we'll see each other again.." and he closes his eyes. The theme to the Godfather now plays…

Chest heaving beneath his sweat-soaked uniform, Philip stands back. The side of his face and neck splashed with crimson, he rolls his shoulders back and rises to his full height. He offers no witty retort - only silence as he crab-walks forward with a gun trained to the two men. Gently, Phillip kicks their weapons away with the toe of his boot.

Once the gunfire dies off, Namir glances into the shop again and, finding the men down, he puts a call into his comm: "They're down — two men down; we need paramedics." Criminals get the same courtesy that any person would when they've been shot. As the paramedics and the rest of the team start to converge on the building, Namir hops through the destroyed window and moves forward behind Phillip with his rifle trained on the two men. It's only after the other officer has kicked away their weapons that Namir relaxes a little, sighing. "Fine day in Chinatown," he remarks blandly under his breath, his gaze sweeping the rest of the shop. Julia is spotted, and the Muslim moves toward her. "Miss? We've got them, miss, it's all right. You've got to stay here with us." All civilians will need to be debriefed and interrogated.

Once she's approached by Namir, Julia just starts to bawl her eyes out as this day has not been good. She has no idea where her parents are, she saw people get killed and of course, she saw the former valedictorian of her high school pee himself. This was a badday.

Meanwhile, all the civilians look around trying to get up, to be cooperative with the police officers and detectives as well, they have nothing to hide. Once the paramedics get in, they'll find that Tony and his partner have suffered from extreme amounts of bloodloss, so they'll be in critical condition, and maybe might even die this night.

As for the twelve of the fourteen gangstas/gangsta wannabes, they're dead as Tony and his partner shot them straight in the head. Overall,it was a massacre in Sandwich Hell.

As Namir consoles the girl, Phillip holsters his gun and steps back. For the first time, he surveys the scene properly. The sight causes him to go quite numb inwardly, a deep crease forming between his brow. A bad day, indeed.

Paramedics are soon swarming over the two downed men while one or two go through the crowd of civilians to assess the damage. Even bruises will be looked after. Two ESU operatives stand by the downed gang members — even passed out, they are deemed at least a minor threat and bear watching — while two others start to round up civilians for questioning.

Namir's priority right now is Julia. He slings his rifle around his back and moves to wrap his arms comfortingly around her. "It's all right," he informs her quietly. "You'll be all right. Are you hurt?" Meanwhile, his eyes continue to glance around and he stares over at Phillip. Behind the facemask and goggles, his expression seems to read, "What a day, huh?"

There's blood splattered all over the walls of the restaurant, and that corner where the gangbangers were partying..well, it's just a mess. brains oozing out of their head, vacant expressions, and of course, it reeks of piss and poop, considering you crap yourself when you die..assuming South Park is to be believed.

As Namir hugs Julia, the girl just continues to cry as she's practically in hysterics. "My mom! My dad! What happened to them!?!?!" she says, freaking out now…

"You said it," Phillip offers quietly, sighing and shaking his head. His own humility forces him away from taking things on very lightly. Towering high over the heads of those who now filter in to offer aid, he meanders through the wreckage until he is inevitably ushed to sit while a paramedic inspects his wounds. As he's fussed over, he continues to stare into the restaurant.

"Your mother and father were in the restaurant?" Namir inquires of the girl, maintaining his embrace as he peers over at the crowd of civilians. This whole place is a mess. They all need to get out of here soon, and as soon as the officers are done corralling the people, they'll move them out to the vans where questions can be asked in a quieter, less hectic setting. "Who are they? We'll find them."

Julia starts to calm down a little as she wrinkles her nose a little, "They..well um..had guns and kinda sorta went out that way.." she says while her cheeks flush a bright tinge of red. She doesnt want to think her parents are criminals, so she's definitely leaning towards them being heroes..

Phillip winces as his ear is tended to. He keeps his eyes trained to Namir and the girl. With his ear rather preoccupied, the conversation doesn't quite reach him all the way, but he knows enough to find it interesting to watch. His attention is torn away as someone pauses to thank him repeatedly before being ushered away.

But Namir knows better. News of a couple with guns being arrested as they attempted to escape out the back was blared over the radio not long ago, and the Muslim's lips purse behind his facemask. "All right," he intones, rising to his feet and, hopefully, bringing Julie along with him, "you should come with me. I know where your parents are." In custody! But he doesn't mention that. No need to upset the girl further. As he starts to guide Julia away, he shoots a look at Phillip. "You all right, Katsambis? It looks like you got a bit of a scratch there." His free hand moves up to indicate his covered ear.

Julia nods, just sniffling as she goes all quiet and chews on her bottom lip, following Namir along. "Okay..I just want to see them.." she says in the end…

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