Matt's Relationships

Molly Walker

Molly was there when it all started for Matt, and has been an integral part of his life since they met again in New York. He balances his surrogate father role with his career and the strangeness of being among the Evolved as best he can. For a while, she went to India to live with Mohinder's family and get away from it all, until eventually it landed on her doorstep anyway.


Matt Parkman, Jr.

Thought to be the result of Janice's affair, until the boy was kidnapped by the government. Matt has only recently met him, and has no idea what his ability is.


Janice Parkman

The years of harping over Matt's lack of career advancement were bad enough, but the affair with Tom was the last straw. He'd written her off completely until he learned that her son was his and not Tom's; he'll deal with her for the boy's sake, but he's still a long way from forgiving her for anything.


Maury Parkman

Abandoned his family at a pivotal moment in Matt's teens. It took Matt the better part of three decades to stop unconsciously blaming himself.


Mohinder Suresh

Matt first met Mohinder in New York during the standoff over Molly. Since then, the two have filled in for each other in taking care of her - Mohinder isn't Evolved himself, but understands the dangers they present - and he's continuing his genetic research with Company backing, while keeping an eye on them from within. Currently back in India.

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