Maury Parkman
Maury Parkman
Portrayed By Alan Blumenfeld
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 4, 1943
Age 66
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Nightmare Man
Place of Birth Philadelphia, PA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Unemployed
Known Relatives Matt Parkman (Son)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Telepathy
First Appearance Fight or Flight

Nighmare Man. Boogeyman. A founder of the Company who is now one of their most wanted, Maury Parkman is an example of a power refined to an extreme degree and utilized in a selfish, morally ambiguous fashion. The father of Matt Parkman, whom he abandoned at thirteen, his motivations at the moment are anyone's guess …


Early History

Maury Parkman was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in an extremely working class neighbourhood at the height of the Second World War. He was, for all intents and purposes, a very average young man leading a very average life. That is to say he was until the day he heard voices and realized they were the thoughts of the people around him. He wasn't necessarily a bad man but his ability enabled him to go almost anywhere he pleased and when he learned it stretched beyond simply reading minds he started down the slippery slope towards using his power for his own benefit.

As he learned to use his powers, Maury cut a swath across the United States - travelling from town to town, using his powers to con people out of their hard earned cash. It was in Los Angeles that he actually tried to settle down, getting married and even starting a family. In 1968, little Matt Parkman was brought into the world.

Maury wasn't parental material. He tried to be but he failed. Abusive, he left Matt with a great many mental scars that would haunt him for years. In 1977, Maury founded the Company alongside eleven other people in the interest of finding and tracking evolved humans. He attempted to balance his double life, but the theories of Adam Monroe - who believed strongly in the superiority of evolved humans - began to reach him.

In 1981, Maury finally abandoned his family - believing in his own superiority over his apparently 'average' family. Leaving them with very little, he disappeared yet again and went underground. He led any life he wanted, his skill with his abilities enabling him to manipulate almost anyone he wanted. Eventually, of course, he would get bored and he would move on. Despite many attempts made by the Company to bring him in, Maury was more than able to avoid them.

IC History

Maury was an old man, still on the run, by the time Arthur Petrelli enlisted him as an Agent of the Pinehearst Company. He assisted him readily, believing in his philosophies and quietly revelling in the opportunity to flaunt his skill with his ability. He was there when Arthur killed Bob Bishop, another Founder of the Company, and also posed as Daniel Linderman - functioning as a recruiter of sorts.

It all came crashing down; however, when a trap laid for Company agents at the Primatech facility backfired. Shot and wounded, Maury was taken into custody and thrown in Level 5. After being rounded up by the government and loaded aboard a train, Maury seemed bound for obscurity when a group of 'freedom fighters' decided to bust him loose along with a number of others.

On the run, Maury had no intention of fading away into normalcy.


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