Maya Herrera
Portrayed By Dania Ramirez
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1981
Age 25
Zodiac Sign
Aliases None
Place of Birth Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Current Location Running!
Occupation Fugitive!
Known Relatives Parents (deceased), Alejandro (twin brother)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities DEATH
First Appearance Four Months Later (show), Almost Found (game)

Maya Herrera is on the run from the police for the murders of her brother's entire wedding part and countless others. She is searching for Chandra Suresh.


With their parents gone, the twins Alejandro and Maya had nothing to do but cling to each other. Alone and unaided, they grew to know only one kind of support—sibling. But as they grew older, taking odd jobs and making what living they could, Alejandro branched out more. He made friends and allies, and then he even fell for a girl. Through protective, he was also innocent himself, and the wiles of Gloria were enough to turn his head. Maya seemed to understand the woman better, recognizing through her suspicions any questionable behavior that was going on. But Alejandro persisted and soon he and Gloria were even to be married.

But on the eve of the wedding night, the party was discovered– with everyone in it dead. The sole survivors, Alejandro and Maya were gone. They surfaced again at a convent in Venezuela where they acted officers of the law and fled. They have been on the run ever since, killing many more along the way.


  • Maya and Alejandro are orphaned.
  • Alejandro meets Gloria.
  • At Alejandro and Gloria's wedding, Maya catches the bride fooling around with her ex-boyfriend. She wishes her dead. The bride obligingly dies. So does everyone else.
  • Maya flees to a convent in Venezuela.
  • Alejandro finds Maya and brings the authorities to her. She nearly kills them. Alejandro uses his own ability. They run.
  • They cross country and borders. Meeting an old friend, they pass into Mexico and nearly kill their guide.
  • Alejandro is arrested for trying to steal a car. Maya goes to the jail to plea for his safety and poisons the guards. The twins and one other prisoner escape.
  • The car almost runs over a man in the middle of the road. He introduces himself as Gabriel Gray and he joins their wagon.
  • Derek dies of dysentery. Gabriel kills 200 pounds of squirrel.
  • Staying at a hotel just across the border, the group is pursued by authorities. Alejandro takes the chance to pull Maya away and hide. They do not know if Gabriel escaped.
  • The twins arrive in New York City.
  • Arriving in New York, Maya and Alejandro search for a way to navigate. They end up in the Subway. Meetings with Claudine, Rochelle, and Heather. The twins run off.
  • Reading a flyer, Maya decides she wants to visit Bitchin' Stitchin' but the twins are found by Claudine outside the establishment. She leads them to the Primatech Hospital where they are introduced to Mohinder and blood samples are taken. They refuse quarters at the hospital.
  • Sans brother, Maya returns to the Primatech Hospital to thank Mohinder for her apparent cured status. She finds Claudine there, instead, and speaks briefly with the other woman before hurrying out.


  • "Aleeejaaaandrooooo!"


  • Maya is an excellent cook!
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