Alyssa Elizabeth McAlister
Portrayed By Drew Barrymore
Gender Female
Date of Birth June 6, 1983
Age 24
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Ali, "Midnight McAlister"
Place of Birth Newark, NJ, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Evening DJ, WYRK
Known Relatives Alex and Janet McAlister, Parents. Two brothers (one older, one younger)
Significant Other None, Currently.
Known Abilities Persuasion
First Appearance

A girl from Jersey. A radio pseudo-celeb. So straight-arrow it hurts, but willing to roll a joint if nobody's watching.

That's pretty much Ali, ayup.

Hailing from Newark, the nighttime radio-jockey on WYRK is among the nightlife fixtures in NYC. She's got a modicum of fame for her time at WNYU (and as a student there), from acting as a club DJ and performer on the local club circuit (specializing in rock and electronica, along with some homebrew techno mixes) to go along with the radio gig. Chances are, love her or hate her, if you're on the Scene then you've at least heard the name 'Midnight McAlister', even if you've no real idea what the chick looks like.

Morally uncompromising (though that's got nothing to do with 'law', mind you - ), smarter than she looks, and with a Jersey girl's determination, Ali's slowly becoming an influence among both the 'straights' and the Evolved, especially in recent days as she's gotten more interested in doing a lot more than just surviving and laying low.

The Radio Show:

The radio show airs five days a week on WYRK, 11PM to 6AM. It's eclectic and quirky, to say the least - cross Ali's love of all things music and her contractual ability to choose her own playlists (as long as she hits a few promos) with a serious command of the mic and her distinctive (and exceedingly quirky) sense of humor?

You've got a show. Sometimes it takes callers. It always takes requests. Songs range from the classic to the modern, from serious power ballads to random local comedy acts. Occasional guests are musicians, politicians, and local notables - she never dips to Stern's level of inanity, but she did land Miss New York from the Drag Queen circuit.

Combining all those elements probably wouldn't work for most people, but tied together with Ali's acid commentary and rock-and-roll attitude? It just falls together.

(The show is largely off-camera. HOWEVER: if you want to be a fan, an interviewee, or even a call-in! Poke me. We'll sort it!)

=The Midnight Monologues



It came as a shock the day Ali discovered she really was Evolved, and that her power was not only frighteningly dangerous but ultimately exceedingly subtle.

Ali is a Siren, you see - she has the power of Persuasion, the ability to convince others to do and think and believe as she thinks they should. Sonic in nature rather than telepathic, it's her voice that does it - a voice that subtly, subconsciously, realigns the thinking of others. Unlike Eden Moore, Ali's power isn't a thing that renders a slavish or robotic adherence to her will. Instead, she subtly rewrites motivations, leaving a directive that leaves the greatest part of her target's free will intact. Sometimes the actions she asks for happen at an almost subconscious level - if she asks for your wallet, for instance, you may hand it over without ever really consciously realizing you've done so - but more complex actions or beliefs just seem to be your own idea, after talking to this incredibly reasonable soul…

It means that strong-willed individuals last longer when faced with Ali's abilities than those who lack a certain sense of self. However - insidiously - the more Ali talks, the easier it becomes for others to listen. She can test that willpower multiple times with multiple suggestions, and unless someone knows what signs to look for, it can be very difficult to determine that she's even doing anything, much less the subtle reprogramming going on behind the Voice's directives and convincing. Add to that her lifelong (if unconscious) use of her power - and thus its remarkable strength to go with her relative lack of control? Well. So far, talk to her long enough, and chances are nobody will ultimately be able to resist the intrusion.

She can - and has - poured her own will into her Persuasion and achieved an 'Eden Moore' like 'robotic' action on at least one occasion, but the strain is tremendous and is somewhat alien to her ability; it is far, far more subtle, more insidious, more quietly dangerous… and it does, generally, take more time to be effective.


Ali's family lives back in Newark, and she's not exactly close. Oh, they're not bad people - but she's the first person in the family to graduate from college, votes Democrat most of the time, doesn't eat meat at every meal, and thinks people with a different skin color than her are just fine and dandy to hang around with. It makes for painful conversation at family gatherings.

But, even as a lapsed Catholic, she does honor her father and mother - visiting twice a year at the family picnic on July 4th and at Christmas, enduring the quarterly phone calls from mom, and giving her brother unsolicited love advice. But - that's about it.


  • Ali is practically fearless. No, no, not in that I-can-kick-everybody's-butt way, but more in the 'I'll do anything once' almost to the point of stupid. In fact, her co-workers often catch her out on incredibly silly dares and take horrible advantage of the situation.
  • She has a tattoo. Not that she shows it often. It's a dolphin. She's not proud of it. REALLY not proud of it. It was gotten in a fit of drunk in her freshman year and has haunted her ever since.
  • Ali is a bookworm. She doesn't look like it, being the terminally hipster bohemian sort, but chances are if it's got a spine, two covers, and pages in between? She'll pull it down, digest it, and even /remember/ most of it later. Her interests are wide ranging - if it's print, it's of interest - and she's a veritable fount of useless trivia and quotes because of it.
  • She's smart. Not supergenius smart, but it often comes as a shock to those who talk to her for any length of time. Perceptive and shrewd, she's adaptable where she doesn't have the background to cover it. Underestimate at Own Risk.
  • Not common knowledge at all - she wears contacts for very, very nasty nearsightedness. She's not legally blind without correction, but darned if it's not close. Without glasses, she has trouble reading or even discerning people outside of touching distance - she's, practically, never without some form of vision correction. But … she HATES her glasses. Go figure.
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