2007-07-12: Meatloaf


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Summary:Andrea settles in to Primatechs custody, and gets a checkup.

Date It Happened: July 12th, 2007


Hartsdale, NY - Primatech - Cells

It's boring in the cells time just seems to stop, so when something happens, it's a relief no matter what it is, even if its a man in scrubs with a tray of food and a blood pressure cuff.

The 'guest' of the cell here is Andrea and she is paging through the copy of Cosmo that Dr. Aldric had let her have. She has looked it all the way through for she doesn't how many times. She sighs and taps her foot against the wall. Making a light tapping sound. "Fucking bugger, I need something to do here!" she mutters to herself and stands up and starts to stretch and going through various fighting moves that she has learned over the years.

The door opens with the smell of meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and a bright cheery smile on the interns face, "How are we today?"

"Well, now I am doing very good. Meatloaf?" She asks and stops practicing her fighting. Andrea gingerly sits down on her bed and crosses her legs. She looks at the intern and smiles, let's play nice now.

Marcus smiles, "Yes, is meatloaf ok? with mashpotatoes, and a chocolate chip cookie, actually I swiped an extra cookie from the cafeteria for you, since your new around her" he puts the tray down next to your bed, "I am Marcus"

Andrea nods her head, "Andrea" and with that she tucks into her food and smilesin relief. Ah that is good. "Extra cookie? Hope you don't get punished for that" she teases Marcus and eats some of the mash potatoes.

Marcus takes a seat on the chair, and lets you get down to eating, "So any problems, anything I can do to help you settle in?"

"Hmm problems? Ah nah. I am so used to being kept against my will in a cell. It's no big. I'm five by five," she says sarcastically. Quoting her favorite character from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "Just waiting to see what these 'practical tests' are" She finishes the food /very/ fast and licks her lips as she lays the tray on the floor. "You have family Marcus?" She leans against the wall facing him.

Marcus nods, "I do, couple sisters" he pulls out the blood pressure cuff and nods toward your arm, "I'm sure once they figure out what going on with you, everything will be fine"

Andrea looks at Marcus closely as she offers her arm, "And what do they think about this whole operation here?" she raises an eyebrow and gives a small smile. "I do not know about everything being fine Marcus, but we will see" she puts her head against the wall and closes her eyes.

Marcus rolls up your sleeve some and attached the cuff, putting on the ear pieces, of the stethascope, "The operation here? We do a lot of good for mankind. But thats really no something we should be discussing, now is it? Any complaints? Headaches, stomach aches, any problems at all?"

Nope, not any Doctor Block" Andrea says and continues to lean her head against the wall with her eyes closed. "I just want to get some exercise time or something. Gee, I'm going to get out of shape, cramped into this cell"

Marcus says, "Doctor Block? I can see what I can do to ask about exercise time, but can't make any promises, I don't have the full details of your situation, I'm not that important, but I might be able to get a list of exercises you don't need all that much room for.""

"I can deal with that. I understand" she smiles and places her arm behind her head. " I can do exercises. I just want to see other things besides these cell walls" Andrea winks and closes her eyes again.

Marcus smiles, "Well like I said I'll do what I can but we little guys don't have a lot of voice in the Doctor's descions, so any requests?

Andrea opens one eye and looks at Marcus. "Just a book would be nice I guess" she looks over to the Cosmo issue. "I'm getting a little tired of seeing the same pretty girls smile up at me" she chuckles and then closes her eyes again.

"See I never get tired of pretty girls smiling" he grins and winks, "No food requests? No food allergies I need to pass down?

"None of those. I'm a healthy woman" Andrea then stands to get her blood flowing. "Dr. Aldric says I have a healthy brain" she smiles as she stretches her leg out and then sits back onto the bed. "No request here bub"

Marcus nods, "They'll be very happy to know you don't have an allergy to brussel spouts and creamed spinach, I know that the kitchen staff will be very happy, they have quite a large overstock in those areas, for some reason alot of people are allergic to them.

Andrea laughs and nods, "Well I'll see you later Marcus" she is wanting some alone time, maybe to think about what is happening to her right now.

Marcus nods and collects the tray, making sure to count the silver ware. "Any particular kind of book?" he asks as he is about to leave.

Andrea looks thoughtful for a minute and then nods, "Any X-men novels around or books on mutants?" She smiles and winks, "Have fun with the other 'guest' here"

Marcus raises an eyebrow at the request, a girl whose a comic book geek and looks like that? He takes a moment and pinches himself right there in the door way, then looks again, and shakes his head a little smiling, "I'll see what I can do….have a good day."

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