2008-03-23: Meet Future Man


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Summary: Kitty meets Future Man. He gives her an assignment.

Date It Happened: March 23, 2008

Meet Future Man

NYU Campus

While Kitty has returned to a somewhat normal life, she isn't exactly the most sane. Perhaps the Company will always have a scar on her psyche. The young woman is wearing a pair of dark shorts and a dark red top. Her feet are clad in black boots and she carries a messenger bag on her shoulder. Her hair is put up in a high ponytail, a pair of sunglasses perch on her head. She's currently sitting at one of the benches on the campus, she has a while before her classes start.

Telepathy can have it's advantages. If anyone happened to be watching her, they'll just see a young man, nondescript, walking over to settle down beside her. For her, though, she sees something different. Dressed in dark clothes, Peter's looking serious as he settles down onto the bench, glancing over to look at her face. "Hello, Kitty," he says. Boy McWonder no longer looks completely Boyish. There's something rougher about his expression, about the way his jaw is set. The dark hair is slicked back, rather than left to shift in the wind. And there's a visible scar slashed across his face. Old and partially healed.

She doesn't jump, but looks up at the man. Her eyebrow furrows and she tilts her head to the side. "Peter?" Her voice is soft, but her looks becomes one of suspicion. "What happened to your face.. you look.." Kitty doesn't know how to say it, ok yes she does. "Older." The young woman looks closer at Peter. "That scar.." she doesn't finish what she has to say.

"I'm from the future," Peter explains, getting that right out there. If she moves to reach toward him, though, he'll move away quickly. "Four years into the future." But it looks like he doesn't want her to touch him, so maybe it's a future he doesn't want her to see? It could be that. "I'm trying to change things, before they get worse, and I need your help to do it. Yours and everyone else's."

"Well then.. Future Man." A new nickname for now, "That's.. depressing." She says and looks at Peter up and down. She can figure out why he doesn't want her to touch him. She doesn't move to touch him, instead she looks out at the campus and the students going about their business. "It must be pretty bad then huh?" Kit sighs and looks back at Peter. "What do you need me to do? Does it have anything to do with the vision I had at the memorial, back a few months ago?"

"Depressing is one way to put it," Peter says, voice raspy. He glances away from her for a moment, looking off into the campus. People walk by as if nothing at all is happening. There's no man from the future sitting next to someone. No one knows what's about to happen. They have no idea. And he'd prefer it stay that way… "Not exactly that vision, but if you can have a vision like that, you might be able to get another— one that will tell us what we needed to know. That vision did tell us what we needed to know. It told us that the virus came from the future I visited, gave us more information to fight it. What I need now is… you to go to a building called Pinehearst. See if they have any jobs for students like you… internships. Anything. And I need you to use your ability to find out what they're hiding, what's under the surface."

As Peter speaks and explains to her, Kitty nods her head. "A vision, ok. Should be easy to find a job at a company, they always need an assistant or mail pusher." She almost says cake but then she figures it must be harder than that. "Why Pinehearst?" an eyebrow raises and she tilts her head up to the sky, her messenger bag is placed on her side. A look of determination fills her eyes and she looks at Peter.

"I'm sure they will, just do your best to keep your ability hidden at all times," Peter explains, looking back at her. The determination might make him smile, but it's faint, barely tugging on the corner of his mouth. "Hiro will also be grateful for your help in this. Pinehearst is a company that's standing between him and the mission that his father gave him. Whatever information you find will be useful for him." And the other time traveler too, but that's obvious. "They working on projects, things that will damage the world."

When Hiro's name is said. Kitty smiles warmly but quickly tries to hide it with her hand. "Ok.. I can do that." Kitty's expression quickly turns to something more serious. "How bad are the changes?" She looks at Peter and sighs. "Is the world going to end?"

If Peter notices the smile, he doesn't comment on it. Or look at it for very long. The question actually makes him stare longer than that did. "It's probably better if I don't tell you everything. I'm not even sure how much I should tell you. People keep talking about the bad effects of time travel. Butterflies and tornados and stuff." Only a few have, but there's still worries about it. "I can tell you what Pinehearst is trying to do, though." They already knew it in this timeline. Just not everyone got the memo. "They're trying to create a formula. An injection. A drug. That gives people without abilities what we have. It doesn't lead to the best world. Can you imagine what certain people… gang members, street ruffians, real terrorists… could do with some of the abilities we have?"

"Total anarchy." Kitty breathes and shakes her head. "What do they hope to gain from this? They can't think it's for the good of the world or something.." Kit looks up at Peter. "I'll do everything in my power to help."

Kitty brushes a strand of hair out of her eyes. "I.. you helped me a lot Peter, recently. Thank you again." Though she knows the present Peter won't know she said it. "I know you can't tell me.. but I have to give it a try.. what am I like in the future?" that's assuming that he even talks to Kitty in the future.

Now there in lies the problem. Peter looks over at her as she asks a question, and promises her help. And then thanks him. Her second question touches on quite a few things that… he's not sure he can answer. Which might be why she gets more out of the first one. It's almost dodging. "What they intended to do with it isn't what happens. It never is, really. People intend one thing, and other things get in the way, mess them up. I'm not sure how it got messed up, but if I can push the rest of you to stop what they're doing before they get it all together— then what went wrong later won't ever happen." That's the plan.

Moving to stand up, he might be intending to dodge her second question entirely. But then he looks at her for a long moment and says, "You're alive. And you're still you. Everyone changes a little. But you're still Kitty."

"The people that always think they are doing good.. always end up doing bad thing.. I just hope we are doing the right thing." The young woman nods her head. "Thanks. Big Guy." She says and tilts her head up at him. "I hope I see you again.. before you leave." Kitty stands as well. "Be safe." She says simply and re shoulders her messenger bag. "Is there a way to contact you? In case something happens."

"Yes, there is," Peter reaches into his pocket and pulls out a wallet. There's a series of cards that he had printed, plain, with a phone number on them. Holding one of the corners between two fingers, he hands it over. Hopefully the only thing she'll get off the card is the uneventful moment when he printed them out and tucked them into his wallet for later keeping. "You can call me if you need anything— and also if you find out anything that you think might need my immediate attention. If I'm still here, I'll answer or call back."

Kitty takes the card and grins as she slips it into her pocket. "Will do." Kitty begins to back away, "I'll let you know when I get in the place. You don't have any other contacts inside?" a last question before she departs.

"I do, actually," Peter says, hesitating. "But there's… Reason I can't tell you right now. I'm sorry. There people in those walls that I trust, though. I just don't know if I can tell you who, exactly." There's a pause. The problem with having spies, if you reveal them, they won't be spies anymore. And they have a telepath inside Pinehearst. The less she knows, the better. "Good luck, Kitty." With that, he starts to walk away, to disappear into the between class crowd starting to fill the sidewalks.

"Good luck to you too." Kitty says softly and off she goes, the woman has a mission to complete! With a final look behind her shoulders.. she turns a corner, disappearing from view.

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