2007-11-24: Meeting With Hiro


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Summary: Peter and Hiro finally meet up after missed attempts to get together. He tells Hiro about some of what's been going on, and exchanges ways to contact.

Date It Happened: November 24th, 2007

Meeting With Hiro

Deveaux Building — Rooftop

The sun's well set. The cool late autumn air demands coats and scarves of many, but Peter stands on the rooftop wearing just the coat. His nose isn't showing the affects of the cold, not reddened or chilled looking. Breath still produces a fog as he glances back toward the pigeon coops. Unlike the future that they'd gone to, these cages still have live birds making noises as he looks at them. He called out a few times upon arrival, but his 'friend' who might be tending to the birds still never answered and he left it alone to wait, with the birds and the cherub statues the only witness. He hopes.

Hiro is there all of a sudden. No flash. No pop. Just one minute there is some empty air and the next it is filled with Hiro. He appears with his back to Peter, turning around swiftly to spot him and throw his arms out with a cheer.

"Peter Petrelli!"

The sound of someone saying his name loudly draws his attention away from the coops even faster than the popping of entry. Peter can't help but smile faintly, a tug on the corner of one side of his mouth. "Hiro," he replies, before turning fully so that they're facing each other. "Sorry I kept missing our meetings. It'd be useful if I ever got a hang of time travel, but I think that's one aspect I'll leave to you."

Here they are now, though. "We found out more about the virus. That painting of Isaac's, the one with the vial breaking— it started with that. I have a friend who has visions who saw it breaking."

Hiro nods his head, listening attentively as Peter explains what is going on.

"I can help?" asks Hiro, less of a statement and more of a question. He looks eager to be of service all the same, leaning forward slightly and adjusting his glasses.

"It happened in the future. I'm not even sure you could travel there and stop it from falling anymore," Peter says softly, though he seems confused, as if he's not entirely sure how the whole thing works. "I think Cass and Suresh are close to figuring out how to fix it, how to cure the outbreak, but I'm not even sure how much help I can give, much less tell you what you can do."

The eagerness wasn't missed, probably because he shares it. There's so much he wants to help with. "I did run into Sylar the other day too. That's why I missed one of our meetings. He went after… Claire again. The Cheerleader? I think you were right originally— we have to stop him."

Hiro nods his head curtly, looking around the rooftop for a moment before leaning forward to whisper in a tone of conspiracy, "Did he have a sword? Does he still have my sword?"

Yes, it is Hiro's sword. Don't listen to long-lived British men. At the mention of the vial breaking in the future, he looks thoughtful, "I could try … "

"No, it's better if you don't," Peter says, shaking his head. "Really. It's better that it broke out now, I think. We have the resources and the people to help cure it. If it breaks out two years from now instead, we don't know for sure if they'll be able to find a cure. If we cure it and control the cure, no one can use it again as a threat." It makes sense to him… and he already thinks he messed up by screwing with time. Better not to do more.

"I didn't see a sword this time, but he'd had one before— I'm guessing that was yours?" He waits for a nod, not even thinking of his British friend in this case. "The Company has held Sylar once after this. If he still has it, it's probably hidden somewhere."

Hiro frowns slightly. Not only is it hidden but it might not even be in Sylar's possession anymore. The distance between Hiro and getting his sword back seems to be growing ever greater. But he doesn't let that get him down.

"If I can help," Hiro says flatly, "I will help."

"If he still has it, we'll find it," Peter assures, catching the frown enough to guess what it might mean. He even moves closer as the other man offers help, reaching out to touch his arm. "You can help, I'm sure. You're probably one of the only people I'd feel confident going with me when I try to capture him."

Hiro nods his head curtly. Yes. He is a hero and stopping villains is what heroes do. He doesn't mention the fact that he isn't sure if capturing Sylar will do a lick of good next to permanently stopping him, but that is something to be concerned about when the time comes.

"I don't have a plan yet," Peter says, running a hand through his hair as he glances back at the pigeons. They probably don't have a plan to give him, either. "But I figure… I can find him and we can go there together and do what we have to to capture him. Then we can find out where your sword is and…" He trails off. There's something more to this 'capture' versus 'stop/kill' thing.

"I bought a cellular phone," Hiro says, reaching into his pocket and producing it. He flips it around to show the piece of tape that has been stuck to the back where the number of it has been written.

"You can contact me if you have a plan or want help making a plan."

"Oh good," Peter says, pulling out his wallet and finding a card on it, one that he made up just for this meeting. "This has my cellphone number, my work numbers, and a list of the numbers of some of the people I know. The ones I think you might actually already know, or have some need to contact. Cass, Elena— I think you met her once— also Nathan…"

He also pulls out his own cellphone and programs in the number.

Hiro looks at the numbers but, alas, English numbers are not yet his forte. He simply nods his head at the card and puts it away carefully in his pocket along with the phone, nodding his head once again, "Thank you, Peter Petrelli."

"You're welcome," Peter says, though he's not quite smiling yet. "Hopefully soon we can work together— stop this bad stuff from happening anymore. At least we've stopped most of it, though. Not likely to be any tornado now— and we know what the vial with the biohazard symbol was now too. There is this one thing… a company— not the Company— who were trying to spy on Cass. I don't have much on that yet— but it might be something to work on after we stop Sylar."

Hiro nods yet again, not exactly sure what to say at this point. He's already made it clear he'll help so he just looks enthusiastic before asking, "Where do we start?"

"I have a friend who's doing research on the Company these guys worked for— a computer repair company, Compusure," Peter explains, though there's a hint of hesitation. "I didn't give you his number. He's kind of secretive. I'll have to ask him before I give you his. But I don't know more than that right now. If you want to investigate Compusure, do it carefully."

Hiro closes his eyes for a moment and furrows his brow, obviously committing the name to memory for a moment. That done, he looks back at Peter and nods yet again, "Compusure. Yes."

"If you find out anything, tell me. As far as I know these guys are normal guys, but…" Peter trails off for a moment and then adds, "I read the mind of one of them. He was thinking about how all the… 'freaks'… need to die. And I don't think he just meant people who shop at my bookstore. I'm pretty sure he was meaning people like us."

Hiro cannot help but frown at that. But then again, sometimes heroes are not understood in their own time. But he nods his head, rolling his shoulders slightly, "Okay. I will be careful and will call you when I find out something useful."

"Just promise me you will be careful. Get out at the first sign of trouble," Peter says, giving the shorter Japanese man a careful look. "I should let you get going. I don't have an address or anything, but I'm sure they're on the internet. They're a computer repair place."

Hiro gives Peter a knowing look, as though to say they haven't got a chance of catching him - the Company thing was a once off! Honest! But he doesn't say anything to that end, instead he nods his head and takes a couple steps backwards. And he closes his eyes tight, concentrating …

While the other man closes his eyes, Peter tucks his cellphone away and watches him vanish, with nothing more to really say.

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