2009-12-22: Meetings of the 3rd Kind



Guest Starring Kennis Destiny Rose Rowe

Date: December 22, 2009


Kennis is a veganaryovafrenchfryian, Hallis is a milkshakian, and Emery? Well he's just shaking his head.

"Meetings of the 3rd Kind"

A Nondescript Fast ood Place -NYC

"I'm a veganaryovafrenchfryian now, Da." A small little golden skinned girl wearing a pair of black jeans, little doc martins and a black peasant blouse under her magenta colored coat pushes the door open to one of those local burger joints, a couple of classes up from McDonalds. Her curly brown hair is pulled back even though she wears a magenta beret and lots and lots of bangle bracelets, a headless teddy bear backpack in place. Kennis looks over her shoulder at her companion, hand on her hip.

She does not travel alone, oh no…Emery Rowe enters behind her, holding the door open for her. He wears dark shades as usual, black jeans…docs and some black turtle neck sweater+designer shirt of the same color combo under his black coat, hands gloved. "Well then luv, we'll just skip over the meaty parts of tings. Pick out a table, m'freezing me unmentionables off here in the doorway."

"Ewwwwwww." Kennis isn't the quietest little thing as she swishes and jangles over to a booth.

It's been a busy day, really it has, and while Emery is in line the door opens one more time. Stepping through the threshold, Hallis' body shudders violently against the cold and she takes a few steps inside. She is dressed head to toe in black, black turtleneck, black jersey skirt, black tights, and black knee high wedges. A few pieces of very sparkly jewelry glint off her wrist, ears and from a white gold chain around her neck.

As she steps up behind the Irishman she doesn't even recognize him from the back. A little bit of attention is paid to the little girl with the headless teddy backpack, but mostly to the backpack because it's a little curious. Only two people left until she can place her order, the small celebutante is simply famished and only a milkshake can satiate her hunger. So she uses the time to try to decide what sort she'd like. In front of her, Emery might be able to recognize her perfume as the same she was wearing the day before.

Hop, squirm, scoot. Kennis is getting in position to make herself comfortable as she rolls her eyes at something muttered by…Mr Noodles in over yonder booth. Not that anybody would know that. Emery eyes his daughter warily for a few seconds as he pauses and his nostrils flair as he looks around. "…oi ve." He looks behind him and starts humming Santa Claus is coming to town, an amused little smirk at his lips.

Hallis had been distracted by a buzzing of her jPhone when Emery looked around, so the first hint of recognition she has is when he begins to sing. The voice is one burned into her memory and as she looks up in shock, she almost falls backward onto her keister. "Oh… uhm… Hello." Hallis says, trying to stay calm and collected. She was just there for a milkshake, she can still get it, there's no problem here. At least he doesn't have the gun out, that's a positive thing.

Emery laughs softly and when it is his turn he cocks his head to the side. "Eh…fries, a couple of them salad thingies and really really bigass drinks lovely, sprite eh?" He makes his order in his 'upper class' accent. "Thanks, you're a doll." Then he looks back at Hallis. "Well are you ordering or not Pixie? Come now, this lovely fast food employee doesn't have all day now does she?" Out comes the wallet. "Yeah, whatever she order's on me tab as well."

Looking up at the man in surprise, Hallis clears her throat and manages, "I'll have a small orange milkshake please." Then she gives Emery a small smile and holds out her hand. "Hallis." she says in a low voice, "Hallis Van Cortlandt." She hadn't introduced herself the day before, but not that the man has decided to buy her supper, it's the very least of what she owes him. Her phone buzzes again, but she simply glances at the display and then drops it into her purse. Apparently it's no one important, at least no one more important than the people in front of her right now.

Emery steps aside after slipping the woman the cash amount to pay for the food and then he grimaces. "That should cover another order of fries." He gives her a chin-up and leans against the counter, eying Hallis thoughtfully at the offered hand and he reaches out to take the hand, bending over in a gentlemanly way to kiss the back of it before releasing it with a soft chuckle. He eyes the buzzing phone and the purse before looking over to where his daughter is idly writing in a notebook she's pulled out. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance then Miss Van Cortlandt."

Admittedly, Hallis blushes a bit when he raises her hand to kiss the back of it. "Thank you for buying me the milkshake. I could have afforded it myself though." Her smile widens a little and she glances in the same direction as Emery, her eyes falling on the girl. "Is that your daughter? She's very pretty." Then she looks back up at him and a wicked glint twinkles in her eye, "She doesn't look much like you though, but that might be a good thing."

"Oh bloody hell, do they teach you high class little twinkles anything about manners and decorum these days?" Emery adjusts his gloves and smirks. "We men aren't to buy a woman someting because they can't afford it or because we want something or for any reason other than being polite." He squints at the people working on the order before looking back over to Kennis then to Hallis with a wry smile. "Aye, she looks like 'er mother." Then he taps a finger against his lips, finger sliding up to adjust his shades. "But how do you know what I look like, hm? You've never seen me without me glasses, now have you?"

"I didn't think we were on a date, Mister Enigma, or joining you." Hallis says a little slowly, her eyes darting nervously toward the food preparation area. "Because really, I could just be another stranger behind you in line. Or do you buy milkshakes for every woman behind you?" As he makes his challenge, a corner of her lip twitches up into a small half smile and she shrugs. "You're right, I haven't see your eyes, but I think I could recognize you without seeing them. For instance, in a sauna, or at a pool…" She's referring to something other than his face, and the little smile she's trying to hide practically screams it.

"Come now Pixie, we've got a different relationship than all the other women who be in the line starin' at my ass." Emery has to drawl as he rolls his shoulders and pauses for a moment. "…unless you have to go, of course you'd be joining me, where else would you be goin'?" He chuckles and holds up a few fingers to request a certain number of straws or something as he just looks at the little woman for a few moments. "Was somebody peekin' while Santa was in his knickers?"

"True, other women staring at your posterior haven't seen you play Robin Hood." The dainty woman admits with a small smile. She glances toward the child again and looks up at Emery nervously and raises her eyebrows, "Your daughter won't mind? I mean… I'm a stranger and all." Apparently the socialite might be a little nervous around children. She's never had to face them before. When the clerk brings back the straws and places them on the tray, Hallis grabs a few napkins and places them alongside the food. As they make their way over to the table, Hallis just smiles and lowers her eyes down and to the side. "Alright well, you caught me. I might have been looking for mistletoe. But you were right."

Emery snorts and shakes his head as he picks up the tray of food and milkshake and what not. "Kennis is used to strangers, granted she's not 'ad to deal with one in a while but…I'd be more concerned about you than her honestly." He heads over towards the booth and smirks gently. "No mistletoe but I do me mum and da proud, do I not?" Waggle of eyebrows and a laugh as he approaches the table. "Kennis, this 'ere's a Christmas Pixie, she's joining us."

Kennis looks up from her writing to stare at Hallis without blinking. She's friendly like that.

Hallis isn't quite sure what to do when faced with a child. She gives Emery a nervous glance and then raises her right hand to give Kennis a little ave. "Hi Kennis, I'm Hallis, pleased to meet you." A casual glance is given to the notebook, but she doesn't read what the young girl had been writing. 1) Hallis can't read upside down and 2) It's probably nothing of interest to her anyway. Then she slides into the booth opposite the young girl and scoots close to the wall. She places her purse beside her next to the wall and switches her phone off.

"I'm Kennis." Kennis introduces herself as she eyes her notebook and then lifts it up as Emery unloads items from the tray, including the huge drinks and she sighs softly. She has…a faint accent, as she gets older though she's losing it. "So, you're a Pixie named Hallis? Did your father think you were a baby boy at first too?"

Emery snorts as he slides into the booth beside Hallis, sliding a salad closer to himself as well as tugging his drink closer as well. "Kennis, don't be rude…eat your fries and salad now." Then he pauses and gestures towards the two. "And be nice."

The question puts Hallis at ease and she gives the child an easy going smile. "No, he didn't think I was a boy, but I think that's what he really wanted. I was named after my grandfather. Did your dad really think you were a boy at first?" The small woman's eyebrows twitch in curiosity as she engages the girl in actual conversation. A quick glance toward Emery has her head tilting a little in confusion. "She's not being rude, it's a perfectly good question." She says idly in defense of the man's daughter.

When her milkshake is deposited in front of her, the young blonde picks it up and lifts it toward the two of them in a mock toast. "To meeting friends for the first time." Then she takes a sip of the drink. "Mm! The milkshakes here are almost as good as the ones at Orangeby's, have you ever been there?"

Emery slips a small flask out of his inner jacket pocket before opening the lid of his drink and pouring some in with a roll of his eyes. "I 'ad no idea what she was gonna be, but I changed teh diaper and nothin' squirted in me eye and I knew." He puts the lid back on his drink and lifts it to match the toast. "Here Here!"

Kennis takes a sip of her drink, holding it to the side to…nobody but she pauses for a few moments and then laughs a bit as she looks back to Hallis. "Yes, yes he did see? But he says my ma was a dozy tricksey cow who didn't tell him anything." She participates in the toast.

Hallis gives the girl a startled glance at her revelation and then gapes at Emery. "Seriously? How.." Then she just shakes her head and takes another sip of her milkshake. The fries the man bought for her go untouched for now, perhaps the woman is trying to watch her cholesterol or something. The girl's odd behavior at the nothingness is attributed to exactly what it is, an imaginary friend. Being an only child, Hallis had plenty of those in her youngest years. So she stares at the blank space and smiles, first to it and then the girl. "Who is your friend?"

Emery stares at Hallis for a few moments. "…I was her father's butler luv, you be tinkin' she was going to tell me the sex of the wee babe she sent to me?" He snorts and rolls his eyes before his eyes go wide and he quickly double takes at Hallis when she asks that question about the friend. He even pales a bit before quickly taking a sip of his drink and resting a hand on Hallis's arm. "Don't ask." He murmurs softly.

Kennis however just tilts her head to the side as she picks up a plastic knife and fork, cutting up her salad and smiling slowly. She bats her eyelashes a bit before just laughing.

The explanation causes Hallis to give Emery a double take, "Really? You were a butler?" Certainly he has some manners, but! She blushes suddenly as the thought of her father's butler or her Grandmother's flashes through her head. Then she shudders. Both men are old enough to be her grandfather and they were both at a venerable age when she was in her teens. "Wow… That's quite a story." Her romanticism takes over and she stares off out the window for a moment as she imagines a few of the details. The young woman hitches her breath as the man's hand comes down on her arm with the warning. She simply nods at this.

"I am a specially trained butler…got certifications and all luv." Emery murmurs softly as he eyes his daughter as she near-cackles and he clears his throat. "Kennis here likes to draw pictures." Kennis does! She does as she cuts up her salad. Daddy now has time to pat that arm thankfully and go back to sipping his drink. "Eat your fries Pixie."

The order to eat the fries almost gets a childlike whine from the deb, almost. She manages to contain it and just eyes the greasy things for a while before slowly reaching and pulling one out of the container. Looking up at Emery, her eyes are a little pleading in the 'do I have to?' manner, but she keeps her mouth shut in order to not give the child any bad habits. It's hot, so she twirls it between her fingers, the fry bending in half and looking much like a helicopter blade. "Really? You have certifications? I've been sort of looking for someone. I have Andra, but she's not exactly a butler. She teaches me things."

Kennis looks between the two thoughtfully before offering carefully. "Do you know you can die in over a million different ways…I haven't figured out them all though…"

Emery laughs softly at that and shakes his head slowly, still watching her to make sure she eats though. Watching both girls with a small smirk. "Hm? Yes. Went to a special school and everything, perfectly trained to take care of anybody who might need it." He gestures vaguely at nothing in particular. "Looking for someone…"

Giving a somewhat confused glance to Kennis, Hallis shakes her head and parts her lips. "Uh… No, I can't say that I knew that. Are you writing them down? Because I think I'd probably start counting the same ones two or three times if there are a million."

Looking back up at Emery, she nods somewhat. Certainly the man has some rather unconventional ways to garner donations at Christmas, but maybe his butlering isn't so unconventional… save the production of a child. "Yes, well, I'm not exactly the best at taking care of myself. I'm trying, but a person can only do so much. I tried to make waffles the other day… it was pretty horrible. I ended up serving some toaster strudels instead."

"Yes. I have…two 'undred and seventy two now. It'll take a couple more years or so before I am able to get them all." Kennis munches on a fry and giggles at something only she can hear. Emery shrugs a shoulder as he drapes an arm along the back of the booth, smirking gently and frowning a bit at his daughter with that uncomfortable 'oh that's my daughter' expression. "You should take time to learn how to take care of yourself…waffles eh? Waffles aren't that 'ard, I could show you waffles."

"Two hundred and seventy two, that's a lot." Hallis is at a loss for words, really. She can't say much to add to that kind of conversation, really. Mostly because she hasn't actually sat down and thought about how many ways people can die. The waffle offer though, that makes the woman forget her fries completely and she drops it unceremoniously on a napkin in favor of the conversation. "Really? You can cook too? I can bake, kind of. I started making people cookies and things for Christmas but…" Her voice drifts off before the man's daughter adds Hallis' cooking to her list.

Kennis is thankfully busy recording more possible ways people can die as her father just waves a hand and sighs. "Don't…think about it. It is for the best." Then he clears his throat and looks down and away and back to Hallis. "I can cook, clean, bake, arrange flowers, shop, deal plumbing…dress people, undress people and speak multiple languages amongst other tings luv…waffles aren't hard…"

"Well I don't exactly need help in the dressing department, just the general living parts." Hallis says mutedly, her head is lowered down to take a sip of her shake that's melted just enough to make it still creamy but easy to sip through a straw. The fries? Well, that one that was plucked from the container is sitting on a napkin in front of her and the rest are growing cold very quickly. "Though, I did learn the other week that you can change light bulbs and not have to throw the whole lamp away."

Emery's eyebrows shoot up as he pauses in sip of his drink to stare at Hallis, glaze flicking to the fries with a sigh before looking back to Hallis's shake. "…you just learned that?" He has to take a few more sips to avoid laughing at the poor girl. He just nods slowly. "Oi, you do really need alot of 'elp then wee one…you've got a number though to contact me if you ever want or need."

Digging into her purse, Hallis produces a bit of paper and a pen and scrawls down her number in big loopy numbers before pushing it toward him. "I can pay, if you wanted. I mean, you shouldn't have to teach me how to do things for free." She takes another sip of her milkshake, draining the last of it with a childish little slurp. "And yes I just learned that. I've never had to learn how to do anything like that before. You're lucky, you went to school for things like that. My school… they just didn't teach us that sort of thing. I learned how to keep my head up and act properly."

Emery picks up the piece of paper and with a sleight of hand almost too fast to see, the paper is gone as he nods. Probably up a sleeve or into a pocket…who knows! He pushes a napkin over to his daughter before offering one to Hallis as well. "We'll talk about teh payment at another time." He just chuckles softly. "Lucky? Oh luv…if you knew. Any 'ow, you're not a complete idiot so your school did good for what it 'ad to do."

The sleight of hand has Hallis completely fascinated and she just stares at the man for a moment before shaking her head and taking the napkin cordially. "Not anymore, at least." She adds a little sullenly to his compliment. "I still need a little work so people don't give me incredulous stares every time I admit to learning something that I didn't know before." Like the changing of the light bulb, her inability to use a coffee pot, and the discovery of how to make tea. The small woman shakes her cup a few times, possibly checking to make sure there's nothing left in it before she places it down on the table. "But I know where to buy practically anything anyone could ever want, so I'm not a total loss."

Emery mmhms softly. "Money isn't anyting, I think you that's why you've learned you have to learn more than the types of designers and cards to use and what not, eh? Swipin' a credit card takes skill aye, but…" He shrugs and starts to scoot out of the booth, gathering up trash as needed as he scratches his chin and sighs softly. "You'll get the 'ang of the honest living ting, trust me."

Hallis slides after Emery out of the booth and then reaches back in for her purse, almost as an afterthought. "But…" she repeats after him in a softer tone, the corner of her lips twitching into a semi-smile. She plucks a pair of black gloves out of the enormous bag and pulls them onto her hands. "Thank you again, for the milkshake." Then she pulls her hair back from her face and knots it into a messy bun at the nape of her neck. Turning toward the young girl, she gives her a smile and a finger wave. "It was very nice meeting you Kennis. Have a merry Christmas if I don't see you before then."

Kennis slips out of the booth, tucking her notebook away in her backpack and squirming and wiggling and her bracelets jangling away. "Very nice to meet you too and Merry Whateverholiday you celebrate." She smiles brightly and waves before skipping towards the door as her father works on cleaning everything up. "Anytime you need a milkshake, just let me know luv, I'll be happy to buy it."

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