Megan Deatley
Megan Lorelei Deatley
Portrayed By Kelly MacDonald
Gender Female
Date of Birth September 3, 1976
Age 31
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Meg
Place of Birth Possilpark, North Glasgow, Scotland
Current Location Hoboken, NJ, USA
Occupation Secretary
Known Relatives James (father), Alice (mother), Lachlan (brother)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Bodily Possession
First Appearance Contingency Plans

Megan is the younger sister of Lachlan Deatley. Shy, easy to overlook Meg is kind of a wallflower.


Born the youngest child of the Deatleys in Northern Glasgow, Megan is four years younger than her only (and elder) brother Lachlan. Growing up was not the easiest for the Deatleys. Her short five years in Scotland were spent in an okay neighborhood, but there was tension between Lachlan and their parents - something that loomed over the household.

Shortly after Megan turned five, the family moved to United States, New Jersey specifically. Trapped in a loud house filled with siblings and another set of adults, she learned the value of privacy and secrets. Also, the constant fighting between brother and parents did not get left behind in Scotland. She was known as the quiet Deatley as she attempted to make herself as scarce as possible from the house, sneaking out of the house at nights and whenever she thought she wouldn't be missed. She grew quite adept at it.

The opposite of Lachlan in school, she was a bright child. Soon, however, she learned that always raising your hand and having the right answer led to ridicule and name-calling. Even after she stopped calling notice to herself, the bullies had already marked her as an easy target and were relentless in their torment. This only demonstrated more how she should hide away anything that made her out of the ordinary. She often came home crying from pranks that were pulled on her, hiding outside the family house until she'd stopped and felt presentable enough to go back inside.


Even if she didn't have the same problems with her parents, the family member she really identified the most with was Lachlan. The two were always close, confiding in each other. They balanced each other out and Megan always was grateful for the way Lachlan protected her and never made fun of her for all the things her classmates did. The two trusted each other so much that she was the only one to know about what Lachlan could do with dogs. And after the incident where bullies provoked Lachlan into using his beloved dog Rusty to defend her, she became just as protective of her brother as he was of her. She just did it in a much less physical way than her older brother.

Remembering all the perpetrators of that day, she slowly and eventually paid them all back for the pain they caused her and her brother. Whether it was by setting it up for them to be expelled, embarrassed in front of the whole school, or even making sure they were arrested for drug charges, she made sure each and every one had what they had coming delivered. It took her until she was in high school for both all the opportunities and her own maturity allowed her to pay them back properly. But, while she may have Lachlan's pension for revenge, she has an abundance of patience that he lacks. In her mind, revenge really /is/ a dish best served cold.

At 13, Lachlan fled New Jersey. It broke Megan's heart, but she understood his need to get away from their somewhat suffocating parents. But, it left her without her most trusted companion. That's most likely why she focused more on revenge of those who tortured her as a younger child. She had no one to confide in any more.

It was about this time that Megan started to have incredibly vivid dreams. They weren't ever anything out of the ordinary or strange, but extremely real to her. It was like she was simply a passenger in someone's head and watched them go about their night. Mostly these dreams focused around Lachlan and what he was up to over in Canada in the circus. Whenever she would dream that he was in trouble or had done something that he shouldn't have, she would call him just to check and make sure he was alright. Part of it was to check the how true her dreams were. She was scarily accurate as to knowing when and what he had gotten himself into.

As soon as Megan graduated high school, she moved out. She went to a local community college for four years, majoring in philosophy. After graduation, she started working at a law firm in Hoboken, NJ as a secretary and that's where she stayed. It's a comfortable job and one that she actually enjoys.


Lately, however, her dreams are more vivid and she's been sleeping in later. Plus, there are hours in the day that she passes in daydream, only being shaken out of it when she directly talked to or when the phone rings repeatedly loud enough to break her out of a trance. Also, there are moments when someone touches her that she faints and then can actually see herself through the other person's eyes. It's been the talk of work and she's been asked by her concerned boss to take some vacation days to work on her health.


April 2007

  • 28th: Megan happens upon Elena and Lachlan in Central Park talking about contingency plans for what should happen if the Company finds them. She faints, worrying Lachlan and confesses it's been happening to her off and on lately. (Contingency Plans)
  • 30th: Making use of her medical leave, Megan visits Lachlan's new apartment and they talk about what's been happening to her. Lachlan's convinced she's Evolved and Megan doesn't want to believe it. (All in the Family)

May 2007

  • 5th: A nice day brings out Megan to Central Park where she meets Morgan walking his and a friend's dogs. They have a quick discussion about her brother and dogs. (Dogs in the Park)
  • 12th: A not-so-chance meeting between Nova and Megan brings up strange topics that worry and terrify the poor Scot. (How Not to Make Friends)
  • 14th: In a flower shop, Megan meets Benjamin. They have a normal conversation about flowers, Rose, and Lachlan. (Flowers Lead to Friendships)
  • 16th: During a bank robbery, Megan is terrified and sees Morgan in all of his police glory. (Don't Touch the Suit)

June 2007

  • 24th: In attempt to break out of her shell, Megan visits the Den of Iniquity. What she sees is a very drunk Benjamin and Jack. When the beer bong is broken out, she flees. Good girl. (Coyote Ugly)
  • 26th: While on the subway with Lachlan, she runs into Benjamin and Niki. There is a confrontation where no one really wins. (Let Sleeping Dogs Lie)

July 2007

  • 2nd: Out for a relaxing read in Central Park brings her face to face with Benjamin again. They exchange numbers and agree to meet for coffee. (Reading Material)
  • 12th: While her coffee date with Benjamin goes well, the walk home find them ambushed by Max and Nova. Megan gets her wrist broken and is chloroformed while Benjamin gets knocked out. (Stand Down)
  • 13th: After waking up in a Company Holding Cell, she's by both Benjamin and Nova. She's not happy to see either of them. As she learns that Benjamin works for the Company that kidnapped her. (I DID NOT KNOW :()
  • 15th: More happy visitors. Only, not at all. Doug and Benjamin visit and torment the poor Scotswoman. She's eventually tranq'd and tagged. After she wakes up, she finds Mohinder and Mara in her cell. They take a friendlier approach, but find their prisoner still uncooperative. (Friends Forever and No Rights)
  • 16th: Getting her first kind visit, Megan meets Meryl, who brings her a book and a little companion to keep her company for the afternoon. (Not All Aliens and Cows).
  • 18th: Another visitor in the form of Elle comes to Megan and reveals that she wants to help break her out. This is interrupted by a news that there's a leak in the Company. Just as enigmatically as she came, Elle leaves with a message from Megan to Lachlan. (This May Get Messy)
  • 22nd: Round two from Mohinder. Convinced that all Megan needs is more information, Mohinder visits again with scientific evidence of abilities. There is a fight about Lachlan and finally they come to a tentative compromise of getting Megan out of a cell and taking her off her pills and maybe she'll allow him to test her. (Complex Compromising)


  • Benjamin: "Got her mom pregnant with her when I got drunk, like I'm planning on getting now. So ladies.. keep your distance! HEAR THAT? Don't get too close!" Megan: "Hey—" (Insert Benji's yelling, then) "I. Oh. I can. Uh. I can go, if yer…uh…"
  • Nova: "We'd like to help you understand your own ability." Megan: "I dunno what yer talkin' about. The only ability 've got is typin' 80 words per minute."
  • Mara: "Relax. Doctor Suresh here is the nice one. You won't find a more caring bloke." Megan: "Nice. Ha. S'a righ' flippin' riot here. M'sure he's go' flowers for me next and'll jus' lemme walk righ' out the door with a sorry we broke yer arm and shot ye with a tranq gun."
  • Mara: "Humour them, and you'll be out of here in no time flat." Megan: "Too bad I think ye knocked the humor outta me when ye broke my arm."


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