2010-03-15: Melon Breaker or MAXIMAN!!!



Date: March 15, 2010


Erin confronts Cody while wielding a stick. Tracy spills the beans about the man in between them.

"Melon Breaker or MAXIMAN!!!"

Top Secret Apartment


She remembers what Cody told her when Erin drew the picture of THAT GUY. She doesn't come home some nights because she's been sleeping with the guy who tortured her. Erin's thought process starts with that, then, she feels guilty, because maybe Cody's just been captured. Then, Erin realizes the fact that her friend and roommate being taken by the AP is somehow better than her having a liaison with Max, and that brings on more guilt.

And it's Cody's fault she's feeling so guilty!

But she's worried! What if something actually happened and the other woman simply disappears without a trace? Erin will have to find her. What if she's dead!? What if she really was just sleeping with the enemy?

Erin hasn't smashed anything, but she's already ready for a workout if and when Cody gets home. If Cody doesn't show some time in the morning, well, Erin's all set to go give a whole bunch of people some awful plagues! It'll just be a win-win situation all around. Standing in the front room, pacing, with broom stick in-hand, she's worked herself into such a ball of stress and-or panic that her eyes are glowing.

The locks turn in the massive metal door precisely an hour before their scheduled sparring time. She's not very well rested, but her hair isn't missing so it must have been a good night. There's not a sound in the apartment as she creeps in, so she slowly makes her way to the kitchen and opens the fridge. How to tell Erin, well there's a serious problem there.

Rubbing her forehead, she cracks open a beer and takes a few long pulls from the can before setting it down on the counter. Who cares if it's still morning? Not Cody. She's an adult and she'll drink whenever she damned well pleases, especially when she's trying to figure her way through a problem as difficult as this one.

It really shouldn't be difficult, Erin is her friend, there should be loyalty there. They've shared a lot more than she and Max ever did, but this is Max. Somewhere some feminine instinct is urging her to coddle him in the fashion that victims of abuse always cling to whenever they're backed into a corner. Maybe he'll change.

Erin is still pacing back and forth elsewhere in the apartment when Cody arrives. Apparently, those lessons are working, at least in part, because everything here is still in one piece. All the meditation in the world can't take away a suspicious nature, though… Erin's never been particularly trusting.

It's not until she hears the fsst of a beer can opening that she even realizes someone else is awake. Cora? Alexandra? Matt? Taking a few deep breaths, because she really doesn't want to freak any of them out, she calms herself to a point where her eyes wouldn't quite light up a room, before heading to the kitchen. Ah. Cody.

"Late night," she says matter-of-factly, crossing her arms and tapping one end of the stick on the floor.

Those two words are almost enough to cause the agent to wince. Almost, but not quite. "I know, I know, alright? I told you that… Damnit," Cody's struggling to keep it all under control as she takes another long pull of the beer. After a few deep, calming breaths, she looks down at the half empty can and squeezes it hard enough to put a dent in the side. "It was supposed to be over but then he called and… He wanted to tell me that he got out. Things got complicated."

She's concentrating hard on something and soon one long tendril of hair can be seen snaking around the can and taking it away. The entire contents get dumped down the sink before the tendril places the empty can into the recycle bin. Yes, they recycle at the McCarty/Baker house.

"Look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gone or I should have left a note or something. But I needed to see him, to make sure he got out and he was alright." Not that Erin would likely care if he was alright, but she should care that he's out. That he wouldn't be used against her and her family.

"He got out?" Wonderful. He deserved to be crushed by the AP at the very least — and Erin doesn't even know he has an ability. Nothing would be horrible enough for him… Not that she can think of, anyway. Give her awhile, and she'll get creative. "What the hell are you apologizing to me for?" she asks. Now that she knows Cody's safe, she's a little less pissed off. Still she was with him. "It's… It's like you're asking for— Look, if I went out and humped the first AP agent I saw, you'd be pretty angry, wouldn't you? security risk? How do you know he wasn't calling you to— To— Jesus CHRIST, Cody, you're a moron."

It's not the first time she's said that, and it won't be the last. "You know what he did to me, and you know what he would do to you if he thought for a second it'd benefit him. Does he know I'm alive?" Selfish question, but understandable under the circumstances. "Does he know you have an ability? If he does, you're screwed, and so am I. So nice work. If he follows you home, I'll kill him. I'll kill him. I'm not asking any questions or playing games with my life. You can do it all you want with yours, but do it elsewhere."

"Yes, he got out. The last time I saw him I warned him. He was slated for two protocols, Zeta and Kappa. Remember what Kappa is Erin? The one where they sell us to terrorists." Cody's calm volley to the barrage of angry questions and lecture is really only a symptom of her guilt. Not that she feels guilty about having him leave the program, more that she didn't keep her promise. "No he doesn't know you're alive, yes he knows I have an ability." She looks up at Erin then her eyes flit to the fridge as she debates cracking open another beer.

"I had to get him out of there, Erin. I saw the plans for the collar they were going to put on him." Then she smashes her fist on the counter as a way to silence her pent up aggressions before turning to head up the stairs. "Come on, I need to fight."

Cody should have gotten him out of there by putting a bullet in his brain. Erin's about to say that when something critical occurs to her - the fact that he was on the list for sale to Kappa. He has an ability! What the hell is this? "You didn't have to get him out of there. You could have - should have - killed him. For what he did to me, and for what he's probably gonna do to a whole lot of other people."

When Cody passes her to leave the kitchen, Erin purposely steps out of the way, curling her nose. Disgusting. Still, Erin follows Cody up the stairs, muttering something along the lines of 'I'm going to kick your ass.' Erin's pretty sure she could do it tonight, too. When she first found out… Their common knowledge of the man was coincidence. Now…

"You make a habit of digging the knife in deeper? 'cuz if you do, tell me now so I can get the hell out of here."

The third room of the warehouse apartment really should have gone to some of their numerous guests, but neither Erin nor Cody had the will to tear down their exercise room to make room for a temporary bedroom. Neither of them knew if the arrivals would be staying, so there was no need. Picking up another broom stick, Cody tosses it between her hands before she begins to stretch out her muscles, continuing until she's properly warmed up. "I told you, I can't kill him. I need him for Sayf Udeen," she says quietly.

Slowly, the woman pivots to face Erin as she bows and takes a defensive stance. Then she flicks her closed hand to summon the other woman to attack her. "I didn't do it to stab you in the back, there's just something about him that… No you probably don't want to hear it." Something about him that what?

As usual, Erin doesn't bow, nor does she have any cares about decorum. Warming up? Erin's been pretty warm for awhile now. More like hot under the collar… In any case, she'll be sore later, but at least she doesn't beat the crap out of Cody while she's stretching. It seems she's learned something from the Tai Chi lessons because she's not blindly swinging at Cody. It's clear that her mind is really distracted, though. "Find someone else. Or snap a collar around his neck and use him that way. Just like he woulda done to me."

Does she want to hear it? Hell yeah! "Tell me what makes him redeemable. I wanna hear it. 'cuz to me, it doesn't sound like there's anything worth saving."

"Sex." Is the one word reply, then she goes on. "Absolutely fantastic, borderline illegal, oh my god makes my hair grow thirty nine feet, sex. With a fringe of conversation." It's not a good redeeming quality, but it's probably the best she can come up with on such short notice. There's the pang in her chest when she thinks of the brutal man disappearing from her life, but that is something that really shouldn't be there.

Each whack with Erin's stick is deflected deftly as Cody concentrates on the fight. "He's dangerous, Erin, if anyone was ever able to use him… For chrissake, he dropped a helicopter on top of another one of us. Pulled it out of the sky and …"

So that catches her off guard. She expected something like 'deep down, he's just hurting!' or 'He's really just trying to help!' The face Erin makes can't even be described, except to say - after she stops swinging the stick entirely - that it's disgusted, appalled, and disturbed all at the same time. "I cannot know that!" she says, every word dripping with revulsion. She doesn't want to think of him in that way, especially because, in her dreams, he looks more draconic than human.


She jabs at Cody with the stick again, turning it, trying to jam the end down into her foot. It's really frustrating that she can never land a hit! "Do you know what he does for a living? Does— Is that like a turn-on or something? Because I— God. God, what the hell!"

Nevermind the whole helicopter thing. That's much less disturbing.

"…if you're talking about who I think you are, I shoulda killed him five ways from Sunday when I had the chance," a voice that was not there before says coolly.

Heavy metal doors. Locks. Security.

All of these safety measures are bypassed when the warehouse apartment gained a visitor who doesn't need to go through any of them. Why risk being seen anywhere near the front door when there's a much more secure way to pay a visit?

"Am I interrupting?" Led to the room by the sound of Cody and Erin's sticks thwacking against each other, creating a beacon, Tracy stands in the doorway. Her comments are posed matter-of-factly and with a tinge of amusement… and a hint of threat. One hand on her hip, head held high, the woman is soaking wet from top to bottom. She is, however, clothed, in a thin gray tank top — once pale, now dark with moisture — and a pair of white denim jeans. No shoes; no coat. She immediately eyes the unfamiliar of the sparring pair, Cody, with a narrowed, distrustful gaze.

"You asked, I told you that you didn't want to know." Cody says, shrugging off a blow and taking the advantage to touch the other woman in the side with the butt end of her stick. "At least I took a shower before I came home. Never know what wereporcupines can smell." Is that a glint of humor in her words? When Erin is ready to pummel her to a bloody pulp with a broom handle? Oh yes it is.

The stranger's voice catches the agent off guard and she ducks back to avoid one swing of Erin's stick but on her turn has it catching her in the back of the head. "Fu — dge nuggets in my freaking corn flakes, who the hell?" When she looks up again, the woman is all too familiar. A living and breathing but very familiar from a picture that's hung on the wall of building 27 for a very long time.

"Strauss…" she says, rubbing the growing spot on her head. Erin has a wonderful way of maiming Cody's scalp… one of these days it'll be too scarred to grow any hair.

"I thought you'd e insightful or something," Erin argues back, as she continues swinging the stick. It's really the wereporcuine comment that gives her more focus. Of all the things she could lose because of that Guy, losing Afterlife would just… Well. It would just make her want to curl up and cry. Maybe for days.

It's a combination of the focus and Tracy's arrival that allows Erin to make that hit. The voice is familiar, so Erin doesn't need to see who it is, and circumstances just seem to work out to the point where—

"Oh god, I'm sorry!" Then, angry! "You're supposed to fucking block those!" How dare you let Erin hit you, Cody! YOU FAIL IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE! Fail!

But hey, victory! She'd dance around in a little circle if Tracy weren't here to witness it, with the revelation that she knows the guy who made her afraid of quiet. "…You know him?" Erin looks between Cody and Tracy. "Same guy who— What's his name??" Nope! Not even a bit disturbed that Tracy's here!

Reluctantly, wary to let her gaze slide off of Cody, Tracy regards Erin. "Agent who brought down the helicopter? Yeah, you could say we're acquainted," she answers with no shortage of bitterness, though her voice remains even. "Maxwell Swan." The helicopter story got around. Not many people can do that; pull a helicopter out of the sky. Not only did Tracy hear about it, she met its aftermath in the form of Peter after Max pieced him back together right in Building 26.

The out-of-place visitor steps into the exercise room, closer to Erin than to Cody, though she keeps a distance from both. They have sticks. Besides, getting near her virus-mongering friend when she's cranky is never a good idea. "Thought I'd drop by…" But clearly she wasn't expecting what she dropped in on. "…see how things were going." Tracy shoots a look between Erin and Cody, question in her eyes: how are things going? Does she need to be concerned about the horrifying conversation she interrupted?

Cody sucks in a hissing breath as Tracy reveals the name of Erin's torturer. Her eyes narrow at the woman slightly and then she looks at Erin, "Don't. Erin, don't." She can't stop the other woman, she really has no right to, but the look on the agent's face borders on pain.

Cody rests the end of the stick that she's carrying on the floor and leans against it. Flitting her gaze to Tracy, her eyebrows twitch downward for a moment before nodding to her. "Things are fine. I'm teaching Erin how to defend herself." Something that will come in handy eventually. It's good for a girl to know how to protect herself without resorting to surprise squaids or SARS… but squaids is definitely scarier, at least for squirrels.

Maxwell Swan. The grim smile that lights across Erin's face is rather satisfied. Just knowing his name makes her feel better. "Nice guy," Erin says, one hand on her hip at the other holds onto the stick, leaning on it. She's a little tired by now… Fighting is kind of new to her, so she's winded. Glancing over her shoulder, she makes sure Cody's not bleeding from the eyes or something, before turning her attention back to Tracy.

Erin's not nearly as wary as her friend. "You two know each other? Tracy, Moron. Moron, Tracy." AKA Cody. But if Cody wants to introduce herself more rationally, that's up to her. As for doing something to Max… well. Erin's weighing her options. On one hand, he's important to Cody. On the other hand, he's a sadistic asshole.

Not really a tough choice, but she'll give the illusion that it is. "Yeah, well, I'm done. I win." Hitting Cody upside the head was a great stress reliever. "Besides, I don't even want to be in the same room with you."

Tracy has nothing against Erin being taught self-defense, though she may have something against Cody — distrust, at least — and her expression says as much, but she doesn't voice her thoughts. No, she's not getting in the middle of this unless she has to. She says only: "… Baker, I presume."

Stepping back, Tracy takes herself out of the room and watches from beyond its entrance. She flicks a glance from Erin to the right, an ambiguous elsewhere.

"Yeah, Baker…" Cody says rather sullenly, "Otherwise known as Moron." Hey, at least she's not arguing it. There's really no need to since she doesn't even understand the unwarranted sentiment herself. When Erin announces that she can't stand to be in the same room, the agent shrugs one shoulder and turns her back to the two of them. Apparently she trusts both of them enough to do that.

With the fight over, she sits down on the floor in a lotus position and begins to breath deeply. It's practice time and several tendrils of hair begin to move on their own, snaking around her head and waving in the air in a Medusa-like fashion.

Erin follows Tracy out of the room, only turning around when Cody doesn't actually follow. The hair thing still creeps her out a little, but she's gotten more used to it than she was before.

Truth be told, Erin does trust Cody, a lot more than some people. The former agent's in her circle now, along with Tracy, Taine, and Beth. That's why her going off to be with Max hurts so much Besides the obvious risk she's taking… Cody's close with the man who almost tortured Erin into willingly becoming a weapon. Her eyes narrow for a moment, before she throws the stick at Cody's back.

Because that is exactly what mature people do.

It's next to impossible not to stare at Cody… Medusa… at first. Just outside the room, Tracy watches with a vaguely alarmed, vaguely entranced gape before she's pulled away from the unusual spectacle by Erin's… attack. She rolls her eyes a touch before stepping further away from the exercise room. Keeping her voice low, she says, "Swan was the one who took me into AP custody." Along with Micah and Cam. A glance is sent the way of the room they left. "Can you still trust her?"

From the first whistle of the stick in the air, Cody turns her head just slightly and deflects it away with a few of the tendrils of hair that are waving behind her. Perhaps as a joke, perhaps in earnestness, one of the tendrils fashions itself into something that looks like a hand and wags a finger at Erin… apparently scolding her for being a very very bad little girl.

The rest of it, the two of them leaving, is of no immediate concern to the agent. Oddly enough, she feels secure enough to allow them their private time. Better they do it in the apartment than outside of it. At least inside, she knows that Erin is safe from outside attack.

Erin allows Tracy her time to stare, muttering a quiet 'weird' under her breath. Erin didn't expect the stick to hit, but no one could blame her for trying, right? Eventually, she takes Tracy's elbow to pull her farther away, as the question is asked.

"Cody? I trust her with my life. One hundred percent." She looks back over her shoulder. Around the door frame, she can still see the hair waving. "Look, she's being an idiot about… Swan." It's the first time she's said the name, and it's said like a curse, despite the image of the beautiful animal it references. "But we're all idiots about something sometimes. Look, she— " Erin's eyes close, and she bites her bottom lip. "We do fucking stupid things for love. Believe me. If I didn't trust her, she'd already be dead."

Leaving Tracy behind, Erin pulls off her t-shirt; the sports bra she has on underneath is a lot cooler, after a workout. "You can stay or whatever. I'm gonna go break something else before Cody notices."

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