2010-01-18: FB: Memory Message



Date Set: January 18, 2009


Sophie delivers Future Peter's message to his present self, finally.

One Year Ago…

"Memory Message"

Peter's Apartment

The apartment is starting to lose a lot of it's homelyness. The small white dog that once bounced around the rooms barking, so happy to see him, has been given to his nephews to be taken care of. Peter could no longer give Snowy the care that she deserved. There's some books missing from the shelves, the apartment hasn't been cleaned, and the fridge is notoriously understocked. But today, Peter's actually in his apartment, waiting for someone, rather than running around the city and the world trying to do things he physically shouldn't be capable of. Keeping busy seems to be his answer for everything.

There's someone he's expecting, though, whose been given his address finally. He glances at the clock to confirm the time. Any minute now.

Sophie taps on the door. She fianlly got a call, and an address. Its taken long enough, but its not something she felt comfortable rushing anyway.

At the knock, Peter leaves his seat at the small table in the kitchen, walking over to the door and checking, then unlocking it. From the sound, he has at least two deadbolts… When the chain drops, he opens the door and offers a lopsided smile, "Hi, come on in. Sophie right? We only really met once, when… when I was helping Kory. I know I didn't return any of your calls until… sorry. Come on in." He waits til she's inside, and closes and locks the door again. "Do you want something to drink? I have… water and V8, I think."

Sophie pauses, thoughtfully. "That's right, that seems SO long ago." she says, wryly. "Hmm, ice water would be nice." she glances around the room, "How have you been?"

"I've been… okay. I just finished my paramedic exam and should be working for emergency services starting next week," Peter explains, moving over to get a glass, some ice, and the water, as requested. The water comes from a bottle, rather than the tap. He hands the glass over as he adds on, "How about with you?"

Sophie ohhs and smiles, "Thank you." she takes the glass, "That's a pretty admirable job." she winces, holding up her hands. "Trying to adjust to.. stuff, figure out what to do with myself. I might need a job away from people."

"I'm… glad you stuck around this long," Peter admits in a quiet tone, as he settles back down in a chair at the table. He looks at her hands for a time, before he motions to the chair he'd already pulled out, still warm from his body heat. "Is your ability that difficult for you?"

Sophie settles down in the chair, "Thank you. Umm.. you know a little about it, right?" thoughtfully. "Its not always an easy one to describe to people."

"I don't know much," Peter says, shaking his head some. "I know you saw something about my past when we touched the first time. And I know that you helped Kory when she was dying. But…"

Sophie nods, "Well, my ability seems to be mainly in the area of the memory." she offers, "Let's see.. I can read, search, analyze, store, deliver and erase memories. Though for the most part, I don't do the last one." her nose wrinkles. "I can tell real memories from fake or implanted ones, holes where memories may have been damaged and.." she sighs wryly, "My favorite. If I'm not braced for it, if I accidentally brush against someone, I get to experience their most intense memory." she shakes her head, "Its rarely a pleasant one. I guess that's the other thing. I EXPERIENCE the memories, not just watch them."

"I think that could be a very useful power, but… I understand not wanting to experience an intense emotion," Peter says sincerely, leaning forward a bit. Damaged memories. Memories with holes in them. She could be useful for a lot of things… "I have a similar ability, with imprinted experiences on objects. It can… cause confusion."

Sophie hmms, "Well, its rough to experience them, but I seem to come with the ability to keep things straight, luckily. " with a wince, "Otherwise, that'd be ROUGH." she says thoughtfully. "Anyway, some have figured out some.. shall we say interesting applications of what I can do. To use it to store information, and deliver it at a later time."

"Is that what you've been trying to contact me about?" Peter asks, more than aware this probably should have been done months ago… but there was a lot going on, and he couldn't stop doing things. Even normal things. And he'd been trying to find his brother, with no success.

Sophie nods slowly. "Its a weird thing to try to explain to most people..and even weirder in your case." she says wryly, "I have a message for you.. from you."

There's a slow inhale, and Peter closes his eyes for a moment. "From the other me." At least he isn't completely unaware. That might make things easier… When he opens his eyes again, he looks stressed, there's tension around his forehead and jaw. "So what do I have to do?"

Sophie strip off a glove and she says, "Mainly, you probably want to be sitting, and I just need to touch you. The rest.. it depends on the message." she says softly. "This is one of the weirder ones I had to deliver."

"Well, I am sitting," Peter says, taking in a slow breath as he offers his hand forward. This may not be a good thing for him to see, but he wants to see it. He needs to see it, in fact. "I've had so many questions about him that no one could answer— maybe he's answering them for me."

Sophie nods, "I hope so. He's been you, so I guess he has an idea what you need to know." She reaches out, fingers clasping around the hand carefully. Eyes closed, concentrating, she finds the specific memory she is to deliver and begins to.. upload it to Peter.

There's a lot of dark and terrible memories that are being transfered into Peter. They're showing him just how bad he could become, how horrible he could be in the worst situations. It shows him the worst of himself… And it also shows him what he already knew. That him of the future loved someone he considers a friend. By the time the memories finish, his head is resting against his other hand, covering his face and fighting back the tears. It doesn't work so well.

Finally he takes in a slow breath, wipes at his eyes, and looks across at her. "I think… I think I understand what he wanted to show me."

Sophie's face is wet too. She doesn't get to spare herself when doing this. She takes a shuddering breath. "I hope.." she swallows hard, "I hope that this helps you. I'm guessing it is to prevent that from happening? I can.. erase my own copy of that, if it makes you more comfortable."

"He wanted me to see what I could become," Peter says softly, knowing himself well enough to know the answer. He moves his hand away from her, finally. "So I could choose between letting it happen, or stopping it. But— yes. Please erase that memory. I have it now." And, he wonders, if he might indeed have her ability now too…

Sophie nods and says, "I have with most of them. Don't worry, I have no wish to keep it." she puts her glove back on, closing her eyes and, after a moment, she opens them and nods, "Unless I get it back from you, its gone."

"Thank you," Peter says, standing up from the chair and walking over to the counter to grab some napkins. One for himself, to wipe off his face, and a second when he offers over to her. Not as soft as a tissue, but it should do the trick. "So you're thinking of moving away from people? So you don't have to experience those intense memories often?"

Sophie takes the cloth, smiling. "Thanks. Hmm.. well, at least unintentionally, or having to.." I wave a hand at my outfit. The only exposed skin is my face. "I need to avoid unintentional skin to skin contact. Also means dating is out.' with a rueful grimace.

"That would kind of suck, yeah," Peter admits with a grimace, knowing that seeing the most intense moment of a prospective date would be… difficult. "There's ways to get around your ability— maybe you can learn to control it someday. Find a way to turn it off and only activate it when you want. I've seen it with other abilities in the past."

Sophie pauses, thoughtfully. "I could hope. Its touch activated, so.. right now, if I'm not really aware and concentrating, and I touch someone.. its active. And the default isn't pleasant." she sighs, "There's also.. since you experience, not just see the power, there can be a physical impact."

"I can understand that," Peter says, frowning a little. "If I can find anything that might help you control your ability, I'll let you know. At least with your ability I can explain the information to you as I understand it, too."

Sophie blinks, then ohhhs, "Did you.." then she pauses, eyes wide, "Can you turn it off? I mean, I don't want you stuck like I am. I didn't mean to.. I wasn't trying to be contagious." worriedly.

"My ability works different than yours," Peter says, shaking his head a bit. "It won't be always on, cause I have a dozen abilities that would be always on, if that were the case." It's hard to explain, really. "But I still might find a way to help you."

Sophie sighs with relief, draining her water. She rises, "I am glad to know that. Please let me know if you find anything else. I hope what I gave you.. it helped you."

"I hope it will, as well," Peter says, moving toward the door to unlocking it for her. "I'm sorry that it took so long for me to get it."

Sophie shakes her head, "No problem, honestly. You probably got it when you needed to get it. Oh, and if I can help in any other way.. let me know."

"I will. There might come a time when I'll need someone who can catelogue memories. Especially since I never seem to use the power half as well as the person I got it from," Peter admits with a forced grin. It seems very likely he's going to need some time alone, with everything he just gained. "I have your number now."

Sophie nods as she smiles, "Yes, you do." she chuckles heading out. "And please, take care of yourself, ok?"

"You too, Sophie," Peter says, waiting until she's outside the door, before he closes and locks the door again. Once he gets the last lock put into place, he rests his forehead against the door, and closes his eyes. There's half of another life in his mind now— and he knows just how bad he can be.

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