2007-08-26: Memory of Her Attacker


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Summary: Memories stored away for so long finally resurface. Halloween is on the way. AND ALSO FOURTEEN. Everything you'd expect from One Life to Live.

Date It Aired: 26 AUGUST 2007

Memory of Her Attacker

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Previously, on One Life to Live…

A brunete woman yells, "But I love you!" followed by a scene of two people tenderly embracing, before—

A blonde-haired woman yells, "ANNETTE, LOOK OUT, HE HAS A GUN!"

Suddenly, there's a car accident.

An older doctor is operating on one of his patients, then he happens to look over at the chart nearby, narrowing his eyes as he realises that the woman under the knife is his mother, and that her life hangs in the balance. Suddeny nervous, he freezes. Someone says, "Doctor, her pancreatic arch trifunctive whale valve needs stitching, STAT!"

A pretty brown-haired woman walks up to a desk in the Llanview hospital. "My name's Jane Doe. I'm here to see Doctor Pryce. He told me to meet him here, said it was important." The receptionist instantly picks up the phone to page the good doctor.

Another scene, this one of two women, staring intently at each other, before one whips out a gun and fires off a couple shots…"

This eventually melts into the show proper, leaving off from yesterday's episode at some point. It begins at the car wreck, where Annette is slumped over the wheel, her car in a ditch by the side of a rainy road. The sun is setting, the blonde woman who yelled in the promos approaches the car, but the man who was in it before is no longer in the passenger seat. The blonde woman pulls out her cell and dials 9-1-1. "Please be okay, Annette…" she says, just before… "Hello, Emergency?"

Scene change to the local diner. A brunette girl is walking through the door, heading toward a group of other teenagers sitting at a table near the counter. "Hey, guys, sorry I'm late. I got held up after dinner."

It's okay, Jen. Diego was just telling us about the legend of Llanview."

There's a confused closeup of Jen's face, before the scene changes again, this time to 'Jane Doe' in the hospital. "Has Doctor Pryce gotten the message yet?" she impatiently asks the receptionist, to recap from yesterday's episode. "I've been waiting a half hour already." The receptionist shakes her head, and 'Jane' wanders away from the desk, toward a row of chairs outside a double door leading back into the hospital proper. She sits down heavily… Of course, the look on her face speaks of hope, of worry. Perhaps Pryce has come up with something to cure her amnesia!



Or at least that's what the music cues seem to be telling people. There's a dramatic increase in background music when the door opens and a handsome blonde man steps through. The camera zooms in on his eyes, admiring his expression, jaw set seriously. When Doctor Pryce's eyes fall on the young woman, the camera shifts to her, then outwards, far enough that he can walk over and approach her. "Come with me, Miss Doe." With this, he will lead her towards another room.

It's surprisingly close, or at least seems to be. Once the door is closed behind them, he sets down a folder he'd been carrying. "We have some new evidence in your case." There's no one but the two of them. "I requested that I be allowed to handle this personally. The police have located the car, and have identified a possible suspect in your attack." The folder is opened.

A picture is pulled out and held forward, though is not visible to the audience.


Indeed, a hot guy in a lab coat will cure anything on a soap opera. Unfortunately, 'Jane' still looks confused at his approach, following closely behind Pryce as he leads her toward the room. There's a moment of time where she looks around the room, and the camera briefly touches wherever she looks, just to give a feeling of the setting. The camera highlights her reaction, though, when Pryce tells her that they might have found the attacker. As she takes the photo, the show cuts to credits and then some commercials.

When it returns, they're back at the scene of the car accident. Annette looks up with dazed brown eyes toward the blonde outside the car. "Jeanette?" she questions quietly, then allows her head to drop back down, and she's obviously unconcsious. Jeannette is momentarily relieved, then tries to get into the car. The sound of sirens can be heard in the distance as the blonde woman looks upward into the pouring rain.

The scene changes again. It's still raining, still outside, but there's a shovel patting down the dirt around a grave. A phone rings, and a woman in a red dress answers her cell. "Yes, I took care of the cover story. Everyone thinks it was an affair - jealous lover. She's in our hospital, I buried her clothes, left a trail for them to follow. They'll find her in a few days; I'm sure the grave will be dug up by wolves at that point. They'll assume the worst." There's a pause, then, "Thank you, Sir. I'll see you tomorrow morning."

Back in the cafe, the teenagers gather around Diego, who's telling his story now. "It's two months before halloween," he explains spookily, holding up and wiggling his fingers. "And it's been five hundred years since the last attack."

"What attack?" Jen asks.

"There's werewolves in the Llanview Forest," Diego proclaims. Jen is enraptured by this, but a couple of the others snicker. It's pretty obvious that Jen is a little naive at the best of times. Diego goes on. "Once every five hundred years, the spirits allow the werewolves to be free on Halloween night, unless they're stopped."

Back to the hospital. A close up on 'Jane's' face as she glares down at the photo. Her eyes flicker back and forth, it seems she's forgotten Pryce is in the room. There's a montage that follows, scenes of 'Jane' that haven't been seen before. She's running from something, she's in the back of a car, there's a close-up on a bat, then a wide scene of her crawling away from the road—

Then, back in the hospital room, she passes out.


Cue dramatic music. As she starts to slump towards the floor, Pryce moves forward and catches her, spinning her so that her back is against his chest as he kneels down on the floor with her. This makes for an excellent shot as he holds her, the contenst of the folder falling to the floor, the picture possibly falling as well. "Jane? Jane?" he calls out the name not her own, the one they've used to replace it. He's often been careful about calling her Miss Doe, but right now… now it's Jane. And he sounds worried. A hand goes up to her head, smoothing back her bangs, and then he looks over her head and stares off, full of worry. The music fades into a commercial break.


Back from the commercial break, they're back in the hospital - a slightly different angle as 'Jane' passes out. It's not too much longer before her eyes flutter open, and she pushes away from Pryce, starting to get to her feet, but only really making it to her knees. Her eyes squeeze shut, an she rubs the back of her neck, raising the picture up so she can look at it again. "I know him," she says, taking a deep breath. She looks from the picture, to Pryce, back to the picture. "It was him. He— He's the best scientist in the United States right now. We had a fight, he… wanted to… His name is Carson." She pauses, as if realising something important. "My name's Morgan. Morgan Starr."

Back to the grave scene, where the woman is walking away, leaving the shovel propped up in the dirt as both a dramatic camera angle and also to leave the necessary evidence behind. She climbs into a brand new car and speeds away as the rain continues to fall.

In the cafe, Jen finally catches on that they're messing with her. "Come on. Werewolves?" she asks as she rolls her eyes and gets to her feet. "Everyone knows there's a few wolves in the forest. Come on. Only grade-schoolers would believe this stuff."

Back in an operating room, the doctor is staring down at his mother, who's having very serious surgery. One slip of the knife could kill her, and yet, he's the only one in the whole world who's ever performed this surgery with any success, and so the curved needle starts its inward descent into the woman's back, before—

The scene changes, back to Pryce's face, with Morgan just visible in the foreground.


"Morgan," Pryce repeats the name outloud, turned to watch her from the distance she's placed between them. He looks down at the paper work. The picture she has, but the paperwork is still on the floor. One of the sheets of paper happens to be a map. With a circle in red. He reaches down to gather them up, pushing them into the folder again, with the map on top. Now he stands, stepping over to look at her. "Morgan," he repeats again, dropping his formal tone, and any use of her last name, even. "We have the location that the car was found— it was abandoned at the edge of the Llanview Forest." There's a music cue. "Your— your brother isn't in custody, we don't have any evidence— but perhaps you can identify him?"


"Yeah. Yeah, I can. I know I can," she says. "I don't know where he's… He could be anywhere. He said it was important to get to Llanview, but I can't remember why." Damn. That little bit of information sure would be helpful right about now! But being beaten about the head and having your leg broken is extremely traumatic, apparently. "We should go to the scene of the accident. We have to. I'm sure I can find something." There's a pause as Morgan picks up her things, looks over her shoulder, and asides to the camera, "Please, Carson, don't do anything stupid." To Pryce: "Lead the way, Doc."

Back in the OR, the older doctor is mopping his brow, leaning back against the nearest convenient wall before the monitors on his mother's vitals all SUDDENLY FLATLINE AT THE SAME TIME. "WE'RE LOSING HER, DOCTOR SULLIVAN!" one of the nurses shouts, then they somehow begin CPR, which looks cool on camera, but any medical student would know that they wouldn't save any lives with THAT technique.

Two people sit on a bench outside the airport in the rain, looking up as planes take off into the distance. "You missed your flight," the blonde says with a smile, looking at her once New Zealand-bound hubby. Evidently, all is forgiven, but as he smiles at her, the sting of music suggests that not all is right, and the camera lingers on his face for just a moment, highlighting a sour expression.

By this time, Annette has been pulled from the vehicle and is lying unconscious on the rain-soaked ground. It's dark by now, as flashing red lights approach. "She's here!" Jeanette calls, waving the paramedics over. One of them reaches the unconscious woman's side, reaches down to take her pulse, then shakes his head.


"I'll call the detective assigned to your case, then— we can head to the station now so you can make an offical statement." That's the way things are supposed to go, after all. Pryce pauses, though, looking concerned. Cue close up. Concerned face stays for a long moment, and then he nods. "All right. Do you think you can drive us?" He's just going to abandon all his other patients and go on a goose chase that should be left to a detective? Looks like! He even leaves his lab coat on, as he opens the door for her, and steps out, folder still in hand.


You say, "CLEAR!" They're using a defibrillator on Annette, outside, in the pouring rain. There's a pause, then "CLEAR!" again. The body lurches, the camera zooms in dangerously close on the guest-star Paramedic's face, to reveal that it's actually Alan Rickman. Then he smiles. "We got a pulse, we need to get her to Llanview General ASAP. Let's move, people!"

Jeanette is left standing in the rain.

"Yeah, I can drive," Morgan says back at the hospital. For some reason, having amnesia didn't take away her ability to drive a car. What a relief! They might have had to take a cab to the forest or something, and that would have been inconvenient. She heads for the lot, just as they hit another commercial break. When they return from it, Morgan and Pryce will be getting into yet another brand new car, which the blue-eyed woman will start. "Okay, you're gonna have to tell me where to go. I wasn't familiar with the area before I had amnesia, and I still don't know where half the things are around here."

The group in the cafe is starting to break up, though Jen and Diego linger near the table. Jen looks dejected, having been completely taken in by the story. Diego places a hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry, I didn't know your brother was attacked by wolves when he was seven years old," he says softly, leaning in to kiss her on the cheek. At first, she pulls away, then she pulls him into a romantic kiss. There's another commercial!

When the show returns, Diego and Jen are resting comfortably in a bed together, sheets tossed over the important parts. Jen's eyes close slowly, and Diego smiles smugly. "So how was your first time?" Diego asks.

Jen replies, sleepily, "First time? You're my fourteenth."

The car pulls out of the parking structure and into the rain. Lights pass by the car now and then as Morgan drives them along. "So you're sure this is where the car was found?" she asks, in order to recap for people who are just tuning in. "I can't remember— He must have driven some way after he tossed me out of the car."


How did she get a driver's liscence with amnesia? They didn't even know her name until just now? And one might bet her liscence even says Morgan Starr already. Pryce settles into the passanger side, seatbelt on, and he pulls out the map. The instructions must be really good, because before you know it, they're driving along in the rain, wipers going back and forth. "Yes. The notes said this was the area— pull over here," he points. Once she's pulled over, he opens the door and steps out into the rain. The folder is left behind in the safety of the car. "Wish it'd have stopped raining…" It's a little less than it'd been in other scenes, but still raining. It will make finding anything difficult. "You were found about two miles away."


There's something familiar about this stretch of road, Morgan seems to think as she pushes wet hair out of her eyes. Something /sinister,/ true, but familiar all the same. "He had a bat, he just… I don't know how I survived. I don't think I was supposed to." And, leaving Pryce near the car, she starts off down the road, keeping the trees to her left— but they also look across the street, and it's from there that a dark shape moves in the trees.

In the hotel room, the sheets are stretched out over the newly in-love pair. Somehow pink rose petals have appeared around them. Jen props herself up on one elbow. "I love you, Diego. I always have, ever since we met." But Diego is looking at Jen like she's crazy.

"Fourteen!? FOURTEEN! Weren't you thinking about how I WOULD FEEL?"

"I didn't think this would start a fight!" Jen complains, standing as the sheet wraps around her perfectly, as if someone in a cosmic wardrobe department draped it just so over her shoulders. "I didn't think it would matter!" Diego stares at her, then runs out of the room. Somehow he's become fully clothed in the stretch of time between when the camera was on Jen and when it turned toward him.

The woman who recently buried the clothes is driving along, the rug used to transport the 'body' is visible in her rearview mirror. She smiles to herself, flipping open her phone so she can place another call, this time to the hospital. "See to it that Miss Interloper is given the best medical attention. She has to have healed up before we take her to The Boss. He doesn't like gaping bullet wounds." The phone clicks shut again.

Back in the hospital, Doc Sullivan has finally finished the surgery. He backs away from the table as one of the female doctors touches his shoulder. In the next scene, Sullivan is pushing the female doctor into an adjoining room where they decide to have an impromptu anatomy lesson, right there on an operating table.

Back to Pryce and Morgan, though. "Hey, I think something's wrong," she mutters, turning around toward the forest, then back to Pryce. "Did you hear something?"


"The head trauma alone wouldn't have killed you, but if the driver hadn't found you when they did…" Dr. Pryce sounds worried. Even with the water darkening his hair, plastering it against his forehead. He takes a few steps closer to the woods, looking for the tell tale car imprint in the ground so he can point it out. When she mentions that she thinks something's wrong, he looks up. In the forest, something moves, branches shake a little. He does not notice. "Morgan— I never did— My name. It's Kenneth." Now that he knows her name, he feels it's time for her to know his. There's music cues, and then… There's a loud crashing noise, and he's ripped out of the frame backwards, dragged into the woods. There's not even time to scream. A shadowed form is all that's seen as the tree limbs move back into place.


At first, she's unable to react, but then— "KENNETH!" she shouts as he's dragged off into the forest. She starts to run after him—

Before 'To Be Continued' appears on the screen.

Next time, on One Life to Live…

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