2007-07-24: Mental Floss


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Summary: Yeah, that's what you get for going into Benjamin's mind, Ramon. Regret it now how? Can't unsee that image!

Date It Happened: July 24th, 2007

Log Title Mental Floss

The Streets of NYC and a Deli

Ramon had to do it. Figuring Benji reads the papers, and figuring his friend might be shocked, he called, and, with a hint of mischief in his voice, said, "Hey. Wanna ride in my new hot car?" He sort of left out certain details like being the One Eyed Wonder, though, when he and his Mercedes came roaring up to Benji's door. He also does not run over a single small animal. Not on this grill, baybee.

Benjamin doesn't know what to stare at more. The new car or the fact that Ramon's now missing an eye. WTF. Retreat from the world for a few uh, months, and everything goes to Hell. How'd he miss this happening with his friend? Smiling is still about two weeks away, as is proper speech.. so Ben displays approval for the car by showing two thumbs up for Ramon's good fortune before getting in.

Ramon starts down the street and rumbles, "Tried to call you at your office. They say you're not there anymore, man. You quit?" He doesn't really feel it's necessary to read Benji's mind to vet him for Cass—but that's what he said he'd do for each and every case. So he just simply quietly tunes in and listens.

Benjamin buckles himself in and nods his head. Taking his time to try and form his words best he can, since writing and having Ramon reading is just a bad idea.. be patient with him! "I did. Got a consulting job. Money for Rose's school." All that Ramon will be getting off of Ben at the moment, is about how much his face hurts. The man is deliberately not taking his pain medication now. Not that he knows about Ramon, but on the off chance there's an encounter with Peter.

Ramon decides not to draw attention to his mind reading status, but he takes a glance at Benji's face when he's at the next light. "Everything okay?" he asks. "You don't sound entirely happy about it." Not that Benji is overly emotional about anything most of the time.

"Sorry, hard to sound anything like this," Benjamin says while pointing at his face. "Everything ok." he says, losing his embarrassment at sounding like a special child little by little. It's just a few more weeks like this. Unless something else happens. "Tell me about this!" he pats a hand against the dash. Sure, he read the papers, but this is just great for his friend. "Or about your eye," he accompanies his words with a gesture to his eye.

Now Ramon finds the bruise and frowns in worry. He says, in response to the eye, "Stood too close to something that exploded," as if that was the most reasonable explanation ever. "As for the car, well…I went and asked Jaden Cain for a job thinking he'd give me a slightly better paying computer job and…he…" Ramon shakes his head, not entirely believing it himself.

"It makes you look tougher than you already are," Benjamin says as he tries to grin, only to grimace. Face doesn't want to move that way! "I'm sorry about your eye though. Do you get handicapped parking now?" That's a joke. One that might sound more like one if his words weren't so messed up. "Nice. Congratulations on the job. Sounds like he trusts you a lot."

The boy is crazy, but Ramon doesn't say that out loud. He's going to do the best job ever. Continuing to 'listen', he says, "Yeah well, maybe you'll have to consult on my taxes again, cause they just got way more complicated. Where are you sending Rose off to school?"

It's not difficult to keep the mind occupied with multiple things. Like this face HURTS. I could murder a cow and eat it raw right now.. wait, don't think about solid foods. That just makes you hungrier, Benjamin. "I can do that. Still licensed! She chose NYU. I /want/ to pay for her school. Owe her." For y'know, never knowing about her all these years. It's the least a father can do. Pay for his child's college.

"Who are you doing consulting for, anyway?" Ramon asks. Usually going on one's own is a risky proposition, meaning less money at first, not more. It must be a heck of a chunk of change for Benji, who is the least adventurous guy he knows, to leave his nice, secure, stable job of years and years.

"Can't say, sorry, non-disclosure agreement," Benjamin says, settling back some in his seat. He's trying to not look at some of the finer eating establishments they're passing by. Protein shakes, smoothies and ensure are getting old. Fast. "But they offered good package. I could buy a car now, but would rather pay for Rose's schooling."

"You're a good man," Ramon says gruffly. He heads out onto the bridge, wanting to drive around in the country. "You really helped out with that thing. Protected a lot of women. I sincerely appreciate it, so you let me know what I can do for you in return in the future."

Oh god, that was a delicious Kosher deli over there. Salami on bagels. *sigh* "Got wire cutters?" Benjamin asks as he tries to not look forlornly after the deli. "I try to help. Glad I could. Audit should be ready if you still need it." So no, he hasn't forgotten it. He already asked for it as a favor, it's getting done.

Without thinking, Ramon turns into the deli. "I do, but I don't think they would be good for you." He pulls in and locks up the car. "I'm starved, lets go get lunch." He pauses and says, "Actually I do think I'll want to look at that audit." Follow the money, find the answers.

Benjamin whimpers just a little and is not ashamed of doing so. Evil Ramon. This is gonna be painful to watch. "Good. I'll look it over before I give it to you, highlight a few things, write in my own notes." Now that they're out of the car, he reaches into his jacket pocket to pull out a small notepad and pen for communicating with.

Ramon saunters in and says, "Whatever he wants?" he points to Benji. "You're gonna stick it into a blender until it's a shake." It might be weird but the way he sees it, it tastes the same pretty much no matter what. He then steps back, folding his arms, letting the skinny kid behind the counter make what they will of the scary ass people who just walked in.

Well. It can't taste any worse than the protein shakes that have been forced on Benjamin. Doing his best to grin, he claps a hand to Ramon's shoulder. What a pair they appear to be. Ben looks like he lost a fight (he did) and Ramon's scary anyway, but the loss of one eye adds to that! He writes down his order on the notepad and passes it over to the kid behind the counter.

Ramon orders some sort of monster sandwich and the kid just…blends up the salmon and bagel with a shake of his head and passes it over in a big styrofoam cup. Ramon grins and pays for the order, then takes them to sit down. "Simple pleasures, man, simple pleasures."

"You didn't have to do that, but thank you," Benjamin says to Ramon about paying for the meal in a cup. "I'm happy for your fortune." There's a slight face about having to enjoy things through a straw. But what can you do? "Glad everyone's okay. I've been out of things for awhile."

Ramon nods his head and says, "It looks like you've had your own craziness going on. I mean, you're practically becoming a party animal, going and getting slugged like that. Next you'll be breaking pool cues over people's heads like a good streetfighter."

Benjamin chokes a little on his .. blended bagel. Party animal? He got drunk that one night of his own accord, the other time, it was a freak accident that he can't explain. The whole streaking incident. Not that he knows Elena had anything to do with that! "Don't think so. I'll just put them to sleep."

The thought of Benji streaking is gross enough that he sort of has to put his sammich aside. Um. Ew! And there it is, right in his brain. This whole telepath thing sometimes means "BRING ON THE MENTAL FLOSS" when he's actively listening. A sour twist hits his face for just a moment as he tries to get that image OUT. OUT. OUT WITH BLEACH.

Benjamin has no clue what's going on in Ramon's mind, so blinks and gives the Mexican a questioning look. "Are you okay? Sandwich not good?" Ah, the joy of being oblivious. Does he need to be ready with the Heimlich?

"Uh huh," Ramon says faintly, letting that stand for anything. Gawd. He decides to quit reading the man's mind as of now. "Just bit my tongue is all." He pauses. "You know a good jewelry store? I gotta go buy some jewelry."

Benjamin completely buys that. Happens all the time, right? Particularly with huge sandwiches! "Tiffany's?" That's the first place that comes to mind in NYC when asking about jewelry. "I haven't shopped for jewelry in ages. I should probably get something nice for mom. Maybe Rose too." Although his daughter might prefer musical supplies more.

"I gotta buy an engagement ring," Ramon says. "I'm gonna pop the question to Dezi." His hand shakes a little as he goes for his Coke. That's a big step, and it's a big step sort of…letting go of the whole dead wife thing enough to ask.

Now it's Benjamin's turn to choke. His eyes bug a little in surprise. "That.. that is /great/. So many good things are happening for you!" He's genuinely happy for Ramon. A new, well paying job.. a woman he loves. That's just.. fantastic. Briefly, a bit of sadness creeps in, but there's no time to dwell on his pity party.

"They are," Ramon says gravely. "I'm grateful to God but I'm wanting to keep it in perspective too." He picks up the sandwich again and starts eating, watching Benji's eyes. "You'll find someone," he says. "It'll hit you when you least expect it." Oh god. Gods of Puns, I'm so so sorry if Nova is the new love interest.

Megan.. that was a girl a guy could date, maybe propose to.. Even if she's too young for Benjamin. And there's the factor of Lachlan. He shakes his head, "Married once.. won't happen again. Ex-wife's a bitch." Yes ladies and gents, he used the b-word again. "Saw her a few weeks ago."

"Uh oh," Ramon says. "What did she want?" He is happy to listen to whatever went on with Benji's witchy ex-wife, and his brow lowers down. He's never had an ex-wife, but he imagines it would not be pleasant.

"A box of some stuff she left behind. I never even noticed it. And just to be herself." Benjamin says, a note of pride in his voice. "Shoulda seen her face when she saw Rose's things in the apartment." That was quite entertaining. So was her expression over Angie's uh, undergarments in the closet.

"Oh I bet that was priceless," Ramon rumbles, a brief grin touching over his features. "I bet it would have been better had she been there, because your daughter would have had plenty of fun things to say, and you could have just been all like — sorry, didn't raise her."

Benjamin laughs, it happens.. and son of a .. ow. A pained look crosses his face. Cannot.. do.. that.. now. Ow. He nods his head emphatically though in agreement. "My money would have been on Rose." Because Rose is like his mother, and Eileen hates his mother. Priceless.

Ramon winces. "Sorry man," he says, grimacing faintly. "Didn't mean to hurt you there. So will the bitch leave you alone now that she knows you went and did some other woman?" Even if it was years and years ago, the fact remains. Benji is capable of having other women!

Benjamin shakes his head in a no fashion. No worries. It was worth it. Huh.. wait.. what other woma.. oh! "Yeah. She looked upset that I was fine without her. I think she just wanted to gloat at me or something." Aside from reclaiming what she saw as HERS. Eileen is very much a MINE sort of woman. "She found it hard to believe I fathered a child."

"A good woman," Ramon says, "would appreciate a man like you, who works hard for her. You got to find yourself a good woman. I have a whole bunch of relatives. Lots of good women relatives. You date one, you marry them. Not all of them are looking for excitement. They want you to bring home a paycheck, eat their food, father their children. Good women."

"/I/ find it hard to believe too, but I'm glad I did." Benjamin loves Rose blindly. That's /his/ daughter. When he thought he'd never have kids, ever. He chokes a little on the blendered lunch and shakes his head. "I'm not in the market to get married again. Once was enough." He appreciates the suggestion and offer, but he just doesn't see it happening again.

"Okay," Ramon says, nodding in the way that a man who is about to send floods of hot Hispanic women to Benji's door to deliver various things he didn't order nods.

Not that Benjamin wouldn't appreciate a flood of hot Hispanic women. He'd probably faint, or just stare as if thinking what do I do first? "Desiree is very nice. I like her a lot. You're both lucky to have each other."

Ramon lets out a fierce bit of a grin as he polishes off his sandwhich, and that's all he's got to say about that. The man has only gotten a /little/ more talkative. He's gotta find a way to cheer up his friend though, so he holds up the keys. "Wanna drive her?"

Benjamin blinks and shakes his head, "I couldn't. I would be too nervous." Besides, he's only driven that boat of a 70's car that stays parked at his mother's home most of the time. Appreciated and honored by the request, he still turns it down. "That's the kind of car you just look at."

"Alright then," Ramon says, and even though he was being kind his shoulders relax juuuuuust a tad. He doesn't have to share the baby after all, and he still got to be nice and offer. Hot damn. "Lets go drive around a bit more then. Then—I gotta go study."

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