2007-09-19: Meryl Tables Nova


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Summary: Yeah, it's hot. You should READ about it.

Date It Happened: September 19th, 2007

Meryl Tables Nova

Hartsdale, NY - Primatech

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN. Time to take over the world! At least, that's what Meryl had in mind when she left her office, but her thought process has diverted so much in the last hour or so that she's not even completely sure why she left her office in the first place. All she knows now is that she's discovered the ultimate accessory to her personal space, and she intends to see to it that it's added, poste haste. Namely, said accessory is a huge lunch table - the kind you'd usually find in school cafeterias. Dragging it through the narrow halls, she makes no shortage of noise as said table knocks into walls, doors, and makes a huge ruckuss as it moves across the tile flooring. Where did she procure such a thing? That's a secret. Let's just say that one of the conference rooms will have a mysteriously missing table, with a piece of blue string left where it used to be. After all, she can't take something without paying for it, and blue string was all she had on her at the time.

Well, that and a credit card, but that had her name on it, and Meryl isn't that stupid. Anyway, people who are trying to work are poking their heads out of their offices to see what all the noise is. Meryl cheerfully waves to them as she passes. So much for anonymity.

Good thing for Meryl, 6'2" worth of muscular Australian is not in her office. Bad thing for Meryl, that's where she's headed. Nova turns a corner, dressed casually in jeans and a sweat shirt, hair bound back as if she's just been for a jog, a striking difference to the usual men and women in suits. Staring, Nova stands on the other side of the conference table, towards her office door which is now completely blocked off by it, and Meryl, who is likely trying to navigate the next corner. The hell? "Oi," she says, brow furrowed and hands on her hips. "Do you mind?"

HEY. Meryl is a muscular Australian, too! She's just not also a giant who could peel your eyeballs out of your face and play basketball with them. You know, the little tble basketball where you— Nevermind. The point is, she's blocking someone's office door. How did that happen? "Someone put this table right in the middle of the hallway," Meryl supplies helpfully. "It was me. I need it. For. Strategic…"


"But yeah, I mind lots of stuff. I mind Basil, I mind kids sometimes, but that doesn't always go well. I mind my manners, I mined for diamonds once, but I didn't find any. Probably because I was digging through a sandbox, but you never know— I mind peanuts. Can't stand peanuts, horrible things. Actually, I'm kidding. I love peanuts. You might say I don't mind peanuts. How about if you pick up the other end of that table and help me carry it to my office?" plz?

Meryl Wolfe. Of course. Nova's been warned against this one, no lie, hence why she recognises who this woman could be. She glances back down the hallway, towards where people are still staring. Well. The table needs to get out of the freaking way, and it's not like people don't pay her money to lift the heavy things (and sometimes smack over people with the heavy things), so Nova shrugs her broad shoulders and wraps her hands around the edge of her side of the table, lifting it up easily. "You sure this thing'll fit inside an office?" Nova says, because she's assuming Meryl doesn't have a big old conference room to herself.

Warned? AWESOME. She has a fan club! At least she would have also heard that Meryl is an AWESOME SECRET AGENT, too, right? Because she is. She can shoot a tin can off a fence post from two feet away. Just, you know, watch out for the ricochet.

Well, she's better than that, but it's something Meryl would definitely try. Indoors. Maybe in Bob's office.

When Nova asks if the table will fit, it's as if Meryl's realising something for the first time. Namely, that it isn't going to fit in her office, because the area of the table is far, far too large to fit inside her room, not because there's no floorspace, but because it's already occupied with other things, like lava lamps and filing cabinets, and, oh yeah, a desk.

"Did I say 'office?'" She laughs the 'oh, silly me!' laugh. "I meant, to the conference room. I was just borrowing it. It was just //in my office, and now I'm taking it back. Out. To the conference room. I'm Meryl. So, if you'll just— Back the way I came. Or— The way I would have come if I was stealing - borrowing - this table. But— That. That way." She gestures, letting go of the table and accidentally dropping leg right on her foot, which prompts a loud and inappropriate expletive.

Steely-blue eyes narrow on Meryl, and Nova is about to say something— when the table makes her point for her. Well said, table. "As long as it's out of the way of my bloody office, I don't really care which direction we're taking it," she says, which is Nova-speak for 'sure'. Her end still held up, she waits for Meryl to recover, before stepping backwards to carry it with her. "Meryl. I'm Nova Armstrong," she mutters back, peering over her shoulder to make sure they're not about to kill anyone on their way back.

It hurts, dammit, and the expression is evident on her face as Meryl drops the other end of the table with a thud. Pain is painful, who would have thought? Recovery takes a few moments, but once - after a couple limpy steps - she determines that her foot hasn't shattered into a bajillion pieces, she picks up her end of the table.

Despite the temptation to shove the table backward, Meryl refrains. There's no need floor the poor girl. "Nova, that's a pretty name," she says honestly. She's seen it before, has probably even seen Nova, considering they work at the same facility, but this is the first time Meryl's been decaffeinated enough to say hi, or something. So, to the conference room! At this point, she could ask the usual small-talk questions. How long have you been with the Company, what do you do here… BORING. Instead, she asks, "Have you ever eaten a whole box of Oreos?"

The easy solution here would be to ignore the woman. Nova casts her an irritated glance as she negotiates the table around a sharper corner. It thuds into it, making a big old scratch, but who knows, maybe the Company has someone with paintkinesis. "Maybe," she actually answers. "You know. Over an extended period of time." She takes a hand off the table - while still holding it up - to push open a door. Nope, not that conference room, and Nova clears her throat, closing the door again to the bewildered looking Agents who had been having a meeting in there for she'd interrupted. "Sorry," she mutters, then tugs the table along faster.

"No, I mean all in one go. Like, you have ten minutes to eat a whole box of Oreos." Has Meryl done it before? You bet your ASS she has. And she regretted it instantly after. "I was so sick after, I swore I'd never do it again. Then everyone asked me to prove it, so I had to do it again the next day. THAT time I taped it, so if anyone was all "NO YOU DIDN'T" I could show 'em."

Nodding as Nova opens the door, she looks further down the hall. "You'll 'ave to go farther than that. I got this one from clear across the building. We have a walk yet." All this useless chatter isn't completely useless, mind. It's all part of the grand plan. See, Benjamin gave Meryl and idea, and she's assessing. "How's your track record in the Company?" she asks, seemingly out of the blue, considering her recent inquiry about Oreo cookies. "Like, have you ever been to the proverbial principal's office n' all that?"

All the way across the— sigh. Nova figures she'll get this far from her office and leave it to Meryl, but right now, the hallway is still too narrow to simply walk away and get where she was going, so for now, she's trapped with heavy lifting. This turn of conversation, however, makes Nova raise an eyebrow. "Once or twice," she says with a shrug. "I work out in the field, things're bound to go wrong on occasion. If they don't, you're not putting your heart into it." And a wolfish smile is delivered along with that line, though it fades as quickly as it came.

The way Meryl's eyes light up - it's like a kid on Christmas. The Plan lists certain things that an upstanding Agent would NEVER EVER DO, and that might involve karaoke or something equally as horrid. Thusly is Nova added to Meryl's short list. Idly, she wonders why they call it a short list. Probably has something to do with the pianos.

Anyway. "I remember this one time me n' my old partner were out on this mission and we went clubbing." There's a beat, during which Meryl smiles. "We were only supposed to sedate the guy and bring him in, but he didn't want to cooperate, so I just smacked him over the head." CLUBBING. It's like a pun, only not. "Kinda got in trouble for that one. They said something about an unstable vortex sort of power - I dunno, I didn't listen to the whole thing, but I guess his control relied on him being all conscious and stuff, but he was just making me mad." Somewhere, there is a Company Rulebook. Meryl's was obviously used as kindling. "And you're from Australia." This is good. This is very good.

Well at least they have something apart from accent in common. "It happens," Nova says with a slightly husky chuckle, a flicker of interest. "But they knew what they were doing when recruiting me - I used to be NYPD, but there were one too many trips to the principal's office, as you say. And yeah, I— " And that's when the inevitable happens - they run into someone. Nova casts the man a glare. "We're moving a table," she snaps before he can ask what's going on, and he seems to think it's wiser just to leave than to complain. Good good. "I'm from Perth," she finishes. Shrug. "You?"

The question of where she's from is met with an almost vacant smile. "I have no idea." she admits. Meryl knows damn well where she's from, but that's one of those things she's not supposed to tell people, or something. "No surprise, though. I've been here since I was nine. I bet I could tell you if I had a map." There's a Look there, if Nova catches it, suggesting that it's not the whole truth, but there are too many people around. After all, Meryl is Agent M, and one of the Men in Black, which means she doesn't exist! ONLY SPECIAL PEOPLE MAY KNOW THINGS ABOUT HER. As Nova tells the poor guy that they're moving a table, Meryl calls, "Yeah, check the schedule next time before you barge your bum into the hall!" Because 'table stealing from conference room D' is totally on there. And so is 'returning stolen table to conference room D.' It's… Written in crayon, but it's there, really. "NYPD, huh? D'joo ever KILL anyone?" It's her very best Lilo impression. Then, "Can I call you Cobra Bubbles?"

"You can call me Nova, or Agent Armstrong, or you can deal with this table on your own," Nova states, without amusement, in a tone that suggests she might well ram said table through Meryl's teeth also, for good measure. But then again… that's sort of the tone of voice Nova always has. Clearly, she hasn't seen Lilo and Stitch. The question of whether she killed anyone goes unanswered - Meryl could probably find that information out on Company records, after all.

Meryl mulls this over for a bit, considering the fact that Nova sounds like she means what she says, and she doesn't want to get this table back to the conference room all by herself. That would be a lot of work, and she'd just end up leaving it in the middle of the hall, particularly when something shiny comes along. It always does. And after much deliberation, she says, "How about Agent Nova?"

Because Nova is a pretty name! And putting 'Agent' in front of anything automatically makes it one hundred percent cooler, so Nova's cool factor would be THROUGH THE ROOF.

"Also, I think you should watch more cartoons." Like Lilo and Stitch, which is one of Meryl's favourite. It's very cute, and there are explosions, so… There's that.

At least she's dressed for a work out, aside from the jeans. Nova would be pissed if she were actually wearing nice clothes. "I can live with 'Agent Nova'," she states, through only slightly gritted teeth, as they come to a juncture of two hallways. Choices! "I don't watch a lot of TV," she says, adjusting her grip on the table as she waits to be pointed in a direction. "How the hell did you get this thing all this way?"

HOORAY. Agent Nova it is, then. Agent Nova, the Armstrong. That could be a book title. Meryl jots it down in her memory so she can promptly forget it in two minutes. When they come to the fork in the hallway, Meryl's only job is to remember which way she dragged the table from, and her answer is, "Look for the wall with the dent in it." That's from when she turned it over and tried to scoot it down the hallway while standing on it. Didn't work very well. "I just pulled it along. Or I would have, if I'd taken it in the first place. I'm just— Taking it back. Say, Nova. If the opportunity for a mission came up that'd take you back to Australia, would you go?"

She sets the table down, for now, taking a break and inspecting the hallway for dents. One set of walls, nicely painted, unmarked if a little age scuffed. Another set, scraped all down with dents, paint flaked onto the carpet. It doesn't take Batman to figure it out. Nova turns back to Meryl, then frowns at her, a line creasing between her eyebrows as it's wont to do, and she absently cracks her knuckles. "Depends on the mission. I go where they want me to go," she says. "It'd probably be a good idea, I know the place, so I guess I would. Why?"

The dents in the wall. Yes, fairly obvious, and something maintenance staff will kill her over later. Possibly twice. All Meryl needed, all she wanted, was the answer that there is, indeed, a possibility that Nova would travel to the 'old country' on a mission, because this means 'yes' in Meryl Language, and so it shall be. "Z!" is her answer, because that concludes the alphabet, and much like the conclusion of the alphabet, this conversation is over.

Though it's mostly over because Meryl takes off down the other hall, as soon as she's assured that she's temporarily boxed Nova in the with table. Should Nova pursue, she'll find that Meryl's vanished after the first corner. Either the other Aussie has a power, or she's a better secret agent than she lets on.

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