2007-08-29: Messages In A jPhone



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Summary: Remember all those messages Elena keeps mentioning in the last couple of logs? She reviews them all after a restless night of trying to study.

Date It Happened: August 29th, 2007

Messages In A jPhone

Cass Aldric's Apartment, Brooklyn, New York

When an effective stimulus is applied to a neuron, local changes in the membrane take place that allow sodium ions to rush through the membrane (see Fig. 1-5). This influx of positive charge counteracts the negative resting potential and the inside of the cell at this location actually becomes positively charged. The appearance of this local positive charge tends to spread and depolarize the adjacent area of the cell, which causes sodium to rush in at this point, repeating the process. As a result of this movement of charged particles, a wave of electrical activity is observed to travel down the axon. This controlled wave of change in the electrical charge that appears across the cell membrane is called the action potential….

Elena sighs, pulling the afghan higher up her legs and twirls her highlighter around. The thick text rests on her thighs, her knees bent and her feet resting on the couch. While Timmon and Hamilton's Drugs, Brains, and Behavior was a pretty dated book, having been published in the 1990s, it still provided plenty of basics. Still, for some reason, she can't concentrate. She sneaks a glance over her shoulder at the hallway leading to Cass's room. It was approaching 11:00 in the evening. She needs to be at school tomorrow. She should sleep.

Rubbing her eyes after taking her cats eye glasses off for a few minutes, she perches them back on her nose and continues reading.

It is important to realize that the electrical action potential is itself a biochemical process. The changes in permeability of the membrane that allow sodium to cross the membrane for a brief period of time require structural changes (usually discussed as opening and closing of channels) rather than the simple movement of charged particles through a medium. Although these changes that are propagated along the axon of the cell are reflected in an electrical signal, it is deceptive to view this as strictly an electrical event. It is a biochemical event that is probably as complicated as the chemical transmission process that follows….

Huh. She didn't know that before.

Her stomach niggles at her. Elena pulls the afghan off her and slides her feet onto the floor. She had prepared herself for bedtime, except she couldn't really sleep. A pair of cotton shorts, and a snug t-shirt with a Hello Kitty emblazoned in the front were her pajamas for the evening. Upon reaching the kitchen, she hunts around for something to eat, and finds some leftovers from the dinner she made for Cass and Lachlan earlier, heating it up for a few minutes and pulling it out from the microwave after. Setting the plate of pasta on the counter, she blinks, spying her cherry-red jPhone resting there. She pauses, and hesitates.

Finally, she takes it and flips it over. The new message light was blinking. She still hasn't gotten rid of all the messages she received over the summer. She had already heard them all, but maybe she ought to actually listen to them this time. Dialing into her voicemail, she reaches for a fork.

You have….eight….new messages. Message one. Sent. July. Twenty-two. At. Seven. Forty-Five. PM.

"Elena— it's Peter. I'm sorry. I never meant for you to leave, and I'm sorry. I want you in my life. No matter what you choose to do, I'll support you. There's some things I need to tell you in person so when you get back home— you can visit me if you want to. I miss you… and I hope to see you again soon."

She digs into her pasta, and nibbles on the end of the fork. July twenty-second felt like ages ago. She props the arm holding the phone on the counter by the elbow as she eats, working food around her mouth. She really should get back on the couch and read. They might have a pop quiz tomorrow. But…

"It's Peter, again. It's Wednesday here— I guess it's pretty late there, though. I hope you're having a good time… I'll talk to you later, I hope… Bye."

July twenty-third. He called her every day that week. "I told him my phone might not work overseas," Elena grumbles under her breath, stabbing her fork into a piece of sausage.

"Hi, it's Thursday here— have you gotten any of my messages? Um— I still…" Sudden break, as if he was interupted. Continues in a rushed sound a moment later. "Hope you get back to New York soon." *click*

That was a little weird. Elena frowns and pulls her ear away from her phone to look at it. What happened on the twenty-fourth that he had to cut himself off so quickly?

"ELENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Nadia's voice rings out while the earpiece is off her ear. She didn't even have to put it back against her face to hear her. "It's Nadia! Guess what? I met this really cool guy at this tattoo place and he gave me the most awesome tatt! I should totally take you there the next time I go! I might get a bellybutton ring. What do you think? Hope you're having fun over there! Call me! Talk to you soon! Mwah! Mwah! Arrividerci!"

Nadia. She almost chokes on her food, and she can't help but grin. Voicemail keeps playing the left-over recordings, and Elena puts the phone back in her ear.

"It's me again— Friday night here." Peter, again. "I stopped by Kirby Plaza today. I wanted to have a few— I'll tell you about it when you get back. But I met someone there and… you looked pretty tonight."

What? He saw her? HOW? Did he get a new ability? Who did he meet at the Plaza? Friday. Elena furrows her brows a little bit, trying to remember. Where had she been then? She was in Barcelona somewhere - what did she do on the 25th? Was that when she had dinner at that seafood place with the boys? Oh god, did he see her pig out on the crab legs? She groans at the thought.

"I know that sounds— but— I didn't see much, just a flash, but— I'm glad it looks like you're enjoying yourself and… … I should delete this, but… I miss you."

The fork stops its messing around on the pasta, Elena closing her eyes for a moment and sighing. "Ugh," she gurgles, letting go of the fork so she could palm her face and let her digits slide on the slope. She sneaks a glance over to where Lachlan and Cass have shacked up for the night, in Cass's bedroom. Hopefully she won't be hearing anything later in the evening. Hearing Nathan and Heidi had been bad enough earlier that day.

"Me again. Are you not getting any of these? It's Saturday, and I still miss you… especially now. I messed up on something— something else… I'll explain it later. Bye…"

Saturday. Despite herself, Elena can't help but frown somewhat concernedly at the last one. Messed up on something. By the tone in his voice, it sounded pretty bad. What did he do? What happened? Was this why he decided to go to the Future? She jabs her fork back into the pasta in frustration.

"Elena! Nadia again! WHERE ARE YOU?! Aren't you supposed to be back by now?! Listen, I -just- heard about your dad and it's awesome! I guess you can buy real Prada now! Now maybe YOU can take me shopping! Call me back! Miss you! Mwah! Mwah! Bye!"

Right. She'll have to do that now that they were back in school today and it'd be easier to see her. Elena nibbles on her fork again. Nadia did mention dinner at some point so she could meet her mother and Leo. Part of her dreaded it. By the sounds of it, Nadia's entire family was crazy. But she dealt with crazy folks all the time. It was no big deal. She'll probably have a blast. And Nadia, as far as she could tell, was one of the few "normal human" friends she has, aside from Cass and Sam.

But when Voicemail marks the last message on her inbox, she toys with her fork, twirling it around and around and around her fingers. She knew what was coming, she didn't even know what possessed her to listen to all of these again. But…

"It's Sunday now and— it's kind of a long story, but I'm not sure I'll be here when you get back now." Peter's tone was quiet, and a little regretful. "I'm with Hiro and we're going to take a trip— Cass'll explain everything. I'll be back soon."


End of. Messages.

The future. Elena groans again, resting her forehead on the heel of her palm and disconnecting from Voicemail with a flick of her thumb. She knew he was with Hiro when he attempted this. Hell when she asked Cass, she didn't even know Hiro wasn't just a teleporter - he was a space-time continuum bender. Who knew the geeky looking Japanese guy she met months ago had been gifted with that sort of power? It was dangerous in the wrong hands. They were lucky it had been given to a pure-hearted soul. With a katana.

Her eyes wander back over to the couch, where her textbook was waiting. She really ought to get back to work.

She looks at her phone again. With a sigh, she flips up the top and accesses her directory, thumbing over until she gets to near the bottom of the list and hitting the Call button. She doesn't even know if his phone was working over there. Hell, for all she knew, he changed his number. It rings. And rings. And rings. But she knows he won't pick up. It's not like she didn't try to call him after she got all those messages. Finally, she hears the telltale click:

"You've reached Peter Petrelli. I can't answer right now, so please leave a message. Thanks."

She bites back an audible, frustrated sigh. There's a bit of silence at the beginning - until she finally speaks up. "Peter…it's Elena. Hi."

She chews on her bottom lip, tapping her fork absently on the counter as she tries to think of what to say. When she continues again, it's awkward, halting a bit here and there, but it's not so bad as it usually is in person.

"I….Cass and Lachlan talked to me today, and….I know where you are. Well, not -know- know, but Cass was able to tell me. By the time you get this, it'll have been a month since you…you know. Did the Quantum Leap thing. Hope Hiro's been a pretty good Al. Have you even seen that show by the way? It's— "


"Look…I know we didn't exactly part on the best terms ever, but…I got them. Your messages. A couple of ones from Nadia but, I got all six. You called me every day that week. Normally I wouldn't believe anyone this easily. But…you were never really a good liar. I'd like to think I know you that well at least. When you say you're sorry, I know you mean it. When you say you….miss…me, I know you mean it."

She nibbles on her bottom lip again, and continues.

"Just….look. I'm not even mad anymore. I just…even if things're awkward, just….just come home, okay? I know you're trying to pull some cross-time-stream Humphrey Bogart thing trying to figure out this giant Apocalypse mystery, but we're all worried that you might get stuck there so….yeah."

She fiddles with her fork rapidly. God, she was nervous and awkward and it was only his voicemail. She was never gonna make it to her twenties. "I don't know….what we are anymore. But that doesn't matter. If I never find out in this life, I don't care. As long as you just come back…and…and…I miss you too."



She hangs up the phone, and buries her head in her folded arms.

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